The Rabbit

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The sign said, ‘Every woman should own a rabbit!’ Kate quickly looked back to see if it was a pet store that they had just passed and was surprised to see that it wasn’t. Rob caught her double take and smiled.

‘Wanna go back and take a look?’ He asked her grinning from ear to ear.

‘Go back where?’ she replied as if she hadn’t seen anything but her blush told him something different. She was embarrassed to admit that she had no idea what a rabbit was but her quick glance showed her that it was an adult store they had driven by so she knew it was something sexual.

‘To that store we just passed. We can check out the rabbits?’

‘No thanks’, she answered still pink from her blush.

‘Too bad, it could have been one shopping spree I wouldn’t have minded!’

‘Let’s just go home and keep your eyes on the road.’

With a big sign, Rob drove the rest of the way home in silence. He had wished that just once Kate would let her hair down. He knew she was a passionate woman but she held it inside her so tight. He was dying to see her just ‘let go’.


A week later, while having coffee with her friend Sally, Kate decided to broach the subject and see if Sally knew anything about ‘rabbits.’

Kate self consciously blurted out, ‘Have you ever heard of a rabbit?’

Sally was startled by her friend’s abrupt question. She knew right away what ‘rabbit’ Kate was talking about but decided to have a little fun with her.

‘Sure, I have heard of rabbits. They are furry little animals that hop around and are seen most often around Easter.’

Blushing, Kate said seriously, ‘No, not that kind of rabbit. The kind sold in adult stores.’

‘Hmm, adult stores huh? When were you in an adult store? Don’t tell me you broke down and got wild with Rob and took him to one?’

“No, I didn’t go into one.’ Kate answered in a stern tone. ‘If I had, I suppose I wouldn’t be asking you if you knew what a rabbit was, now would I?’

‘Oh Kate, you really need to relax a bit when it comes to things that are sexual. I knew exactly what you meant, I was just teasing you. You are pretty easy to tease, you know.’

‘I can’t help it, Sally. I am just not as open as you are. Not all of us can be like you. Do you know what a rabbit is or not?’ Kate pushed because she wanted to know but she also wanted her friend to stop teasing her.

‘Hang on a minute’ Sally said as she ran from the room. ‘I’ll be right back!’

Kate sat sipping her coffee wondering what the hell Sally was doing. Something to make her blush again, she was sure of it.

Sally walked back into the kitchen with what looked like a large pink plastic cock. The cock had a growth on it, and was attached to a hand held remote.

Holding it up as if it were her prized possession, Sally announced, ‘This is a rabbit!’

‘You have one? My God, Sally, you never ceased to amaze me.’

‘And you never cease to amaze me either, Kate! Damn this the 21st century, not the 1800’s. You act as prissy as those women in ‘Sense and Sensibility.’ Women are free nowadays, in case you didn’t know. The dark ages are over.’

Kate smirked at her friend and admitted that she was a little uptight but she didn’t know how to be any other way. She knew Rob wanted her to open up and be more outgoing but it wasn’t in her make up even though she secretly realized that she really wanted to be.

Sally watched her friends face and knew that she was opening up and if she kept teasing her she would make Kate crawl back into casino siteleri her safe little shell. So Sally stopped teasing and took on an excited tone as she showed her friend the ‘rabbit.’

‘Look. Put your hand on the shaft and squeeze it lightly.’ Seeing Kate’s hesitation, Sally grabbed her friends hand and wrapped her fingers around the faux cock and turned it on. Little beads inside the shaft rotated and Kate could feel them in the palm of her hand.

‘Can you imagine what that feels like inside of you, Kate?’

Kate blushed and tried to pull her hand away but Sally was determined to get her friend to see that there was nothing wrong with a toy and it really was something all liberated, well adjusted women should have.

“See this? I can make the shaft rotate too, not just the beads. And the best part is this!”

Taking Kate’s hand she held her first finger under the rabbit ears and turned it on. The ears fluttered so fast it was a blur but the feel even on a finger pad was amazing. ‘Now, think how those rabbit ears would feel on your clit.’

Kate held her breath not even realizing she was doing it and finally let it out in a big whoosh. She looked up at her friend and asked, ‘Does this feel as good as I imagine it feels?’

‘Better!’ Sally answered. ‘Come on, Kate. We are going shopping for your own rabbit.’

Feeling Kate pull back, seeing the girlish inquisitiveness wash away and recognizing the old Kate returning, Sally insisted, ‘Come on Kate, really! Who is going to know? I swear I won’t tell a soul and you can decide if you want to tell Rob or not, I never will. I promise you’ll love it!’

Before Kate could change her mind, Sally dragged her friend off to the nearest adult toy store and parked. In the car, she looked over at Kate and knew she was going to try and find a way out of this but Sally jumped out of the car and headed for the door, knowing that Kate would follow.

Once inside, Kate was surprised to see how ‘normal’ the store looked. Other than the inventory being different she could have been in any store. What surprised her even more was how normal the sales clerk looked. There were two of them. A woman close to her own age and the other one looked to be around 34. The woman her age came over and asked if she could help with anything.

Kate and Sally spoke at the same time. ‘No, thanks we’re just looking.’ ‘Sure, we are looking for a rabbit.’

Blushing Kate felt that the woman knew it was for her but Sally took her hand and dragged her along behind the sales clerk who answered, ‘Sure we have some right over here.’

‘They are very popular. We sell quite a few of these. They come in different colours, with the added beads in the shaft or without, depending on your preference and price range.’

‘We’ll take that one’ Sally pointed at the pink beaded rabbit exactly the same as her own. ‘And we need some batteries and lube too, please.’

‘Certainly, any lube in particular? A favourite brand perhaps?’

Kate turned a brighter pink, she was sure of it. A favourite brand of lube? How many could there be? How would she know which is a favourite? But she didn’t have to worry about it anyway, as Sally was saying, ‘We’ll take that bottle of astroglide.’

Grabbing the batteries, the rabbit and lube, the clerk took their purchased to the counter to tally up the bill but before she did, she asked if there was anything else she could do for them? They had a wonderful selection of XXX videos, or some very lovely lingerie in very sexy canlı casino colours or perhaps a little something for ‘him’?

‘No, thanks’, Sally answered, ‘not today but we will come back again and look around.’ Sally wanted to get Kate out of there before she got so embarrassed she changed her mind. So they paid for their purchases and left the store.

Kate started laughing on the way to the car and collapsed in the passenger seat carrying her back of ‘goodies’. It was a nervous release laugh but it was contagious and Sally started laughing along with her.

‘Girlfriend, you are going to thank me big time. You’ll see.’ Sally said as she started up the car and drove her friend home.


After Sally had gone home, Katie went to the kitchen counter and unwrapped her presents; opening the box of batteries and putting them in the hand remote. She took the rubbery rabbit and poured liquid soap all over it and washed it well, surprised at how much it felt like a cock. ‘They really shape these things like the real thing’ she thought to herself. Drying it off, she took it to her room and laid it on her bed.

Even though she was totally alone, Katie couldn’t help the shiver that ran through her body knowing that she was dying to try it. ‘Thank God, no one knew but Sally.’ She thought, ‘but even Sally knowing was a bit embarrassing.’

‘This is stupid. Sally has one; the woman said they were her best sellers so that meant that a LOT of other women had one too. I am not the only woman doing this!’

With a renewed sense of courage, Katie undressed and lay down on her bed with her head nestled in her fluffy pillow. She picked up the rabbit and caressed it, feeling it, looking it over as she let her mind think of how it will feel inside of her. She turned it on and listened to the gentle hum as the batteries made the shaft rotate and the beads swirl. Turning the other button on, the rabbit ears fluttered at a speed that she knew was going to cause her an exquisite delight.

Flipping the cap open on the bottle of lube, Katie moistened the tip of the pink phallus, and placed it against her clit and turned it on. The shaft rotated and slid along her slit allowing the lube to spread a silky path for further play. Her fingers guided the big pink head to slip inside her and she found the button for the beads to move.

‘Ohhhhhh my God,’ she moaned aloud. “Sally is right, this is unbelievable’

The thick shaft moved back and forth while the beads inside scraped against wall of her vagina creating secretions of her own to mix with the lube. The feeling of fullness took over and she slipped the toy in and out as if it were fucking her. Her own wetness and the lube mixed together to allow the shaft to slide in and out with ease. She felt her orgasm building causing a sensation of passion deep in her belly. Tummy muscles tightened and the spike of heat sparked up her body to every sensual part of her. Her nipples grew hard and reached out to the ceiling, her clit slipped out begging for attention. Her mind soared and she thought of Rob and how he would love to see her playing like this. How she wished she could just relax and share his erotic nature, she wanted to, she really did! She wanted him to see her passion, that she wasn’t cold but hot, really hot. She wanted her slutty side to come out when he was near. She wanted to be brave and just let go.

‘Well at least I can imagine letting go!’

‘If Rob were here, I would open my legs and let him see this big thick cock slide deep kaçak casino inside me. I would love for him to see my wetness flow and seep around the edges of the shaft as is delved inside of me and slipped out only so I could shove it back in. I would want him to suck my nipples while I made myself come. I want him to smell the scent of my excited body because I know he loves the aroma of my heated cunt.’

Turning on the last button, the rabbit ears fluttered over her engorged clit like soft butterfly wings.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhmygod!! Robbbbbbbbbbbbbb! Oh Robbbb I am coming for you. Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!!!!

Her legs clamped shut on the rabbit, the rabbit ears spanking her clit to orgasm. Her legs opened as her head flew from side to side. Her passionate words spoken aloud in the empty room or so she thought. Her orgasm was hard and deep and it took her a moment to recover. Her beautiful breasts heaved up and down as her breathing slowly returned to normal. She closed her open mouth that had shouted those words of passion as her lashes slowly fluttered open. As her eyes focused, she looked up and saw her husband standing in the doorway with such a look of love on his face she almost cried.

“God honey, you are so beautiful. I heard my name on your lips when you came. Do you have any idea how that makes me feel? I love you.’ He said as he stepped further into the room and sat on the bed next to her.

After her orgasm, shyness took over and Kate tried to move away and cover herself. She felt so embarrassed that her naked body turned pink but Rob would not allow it this time. He held her down by her shoulders and he leaned over to kiss her on her lips, telling her again how beautiful she was and how much he loved her. He took her hand and placed it in his lap so she could feel what she had done to him. The erection confined to his pants was painful and he almost spent when her fingers grasped him and tightened.

Rob stood up beside the bed and lost his clothes in record time before he climbed in beside her. Inhaling deeply, the scent of cunt in the room made his cock ache.

‘I have to taste you. I want to lick your juices and I am going to.’ Rob forcefully opened her legs wide and his head burrowed into that scented grotto before Kate even knew what happened to her. His mouth was hot and hungry; his tongue slid in deep to get every drop from her. His tongue danced across her sensitive clit and she screamed. Her ass lifted from the bed but his mouth clung to her like a burr on a sock. He would not let go. She came into his mouth and he drank her dry.

Just when Kate thought she couldn’t come again, Rob straddled her and slid his cock inside her deep and hard. She moaned. He knew he wasn’t going to get many strokes in before he lost it. His mind pictured his wife naked on the bed with her toy in her hand guiding it to her most precious place. He saw her brow frown and her mouth open. He saw her closed eyes and her hips fuck the pink toy just as he was fucking her now. His rock hard cock rammed her again and again until he couldn’t hold back any longer. His hips slammed into her holding himself deep as he poured his seed deep into the core of her. He moaned as it just kept on coming. He felt her legs wrap themselves around him and pull him even tighter. The walls of her cunt gripped him and milked him until he was spent. He knew he had to collapse so he rolled to the side but he took her with him. In his arms he held her tight, telling her over and over again what a vision she was and how much he loved her.

Shy little Kate couldn’t help but smile and wonder what other toy they could shop for the next time. She decided she must thank Sally for bringing her to the 21st century!

© Misty’s Stories 2005

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