Something In Her Eyes Ch. 02

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This is the second chapter in a series. To understand the characters and events presented here, please find Something In Her Eyes Ch. 1 for the full back story. Once again, this story is dedicated to my inspiration and my love. Happy New Year my baby.

——– (_*_) ——–

Glen ran his fingers through Jordan’s hair and grabbed a hand full of it, holding her head back while he pounded her from behind. The lewd sound of his hips crashing wetly against hers filled the room, each of his thrusts punctuated with a virile grunt. His other hand had a firm grip on her waist, pulling her back to meet his merciless thrusts. All of her inhibitions were gone, and she brazenly begged Glen to make her his slut and use her for his pleasure. He slapped her on her ass playfully but hard enough to sting momentarily, making her yelp.

Glen let go of her waist and brought his thumb to his mouth to get it wet. Then, still pulling Jordan’s hair with his other hand, he started rubbing it around her anus, applying pressure intermittently. The added stimulation caused Jordan to moan louder. She used her arms to push her pelvis back forcefully into his thrusts, trying desperately to get as much of him into her as possible. Soon her ass submitted to his demand for entry and his thumb slid into her, making Jordan feel wonderfully full and slutty. He began finger fucking her ass, timing it such that his thumb stabbed into her as his cock withdrew, and his cock slammed into her as his thumb withdrew. Jordan was in heaven.

She was close to cuming but couldn’t quite get there because her fiancé, lying on the bed next to them while they rutted against each other, kept asking her what she was doing. She tried to answer him but the words were lost in her groans and in the obscenities passed back and forth between her and Glen. Then her paralegal assistant walked into the bedroom and asked Jordan to hurry up and make a decision about whether she wanted blinds, shades or curtains to decorate the office. She needed to get the order in right away if they were going to deliver in time for the wedding. Jordan yelled her frustration at all of them and that’s when she awoke.

She looked around for a minute before finally remembering she was at home. She was sweating and panting, and could feel her heart racing. Her sweat was so heavy that the sheets were damp beneath her. Her fiancé, who would usually be snoring soundly beside her, had also been awakened by her tossing and turning.

“What’s wrong?” he asked her quietly as heard her jolt out of her sleep.

Jordan thought about her reply for a minute. “I just can’t sleep,” she said, deciding upon trying to avoid lying by telling a non-descript truth. She glanced at the glowing red lights of the alarm clock next to the bed and saw that it was just three hours after midnight. If tonight was like the five previous ones, she would toss and turn for the rest of the evening, only to finally fall asleep just minutes before her alarm went off.

“Why?” he asked patiently.

“I’m just stressed,” Jordan said finally. Dreams like the one she just had were haunting her sleep and had been doing so for a week now. The guilt and frustration was getting to her. She was irritable and found it hard to concentrate while at work.

She could not stop thinking about Glen and the sex they had in her office the previous week. It was some of the hottest sex of her life, and held the promise of being hotter still. The only problem was that she was engaged to be married, to someone other than Glen, a man who treated her well and loved her dearly; who was now asking her what was wrong. Her body craved Glen’s touch but her mind was conflicted and wracked with guilt. She still loved her fiancé, she just happened to have fallen in love with someone else at the same time. There was no good resolution for this situation.

Her fiancé reached for her to spoon, deciding not to press her and instead just cuddle. It made Jordan feel even worse.

“I’ll tell you about it when I sort it all out,” she said eventually. “Please try not to worry.” He took her at her word and eventually fell back asleep. Jordan remained awake.

After tossing and turning and thinking about it for hours, Jordan climbed out of bed a little after 8 AM, after her fiancé had left for work. She called Glen on his cell.

“I don’t think a meeting in person today would be such a good idea,” she explained after they exchanged hellos.

“I know how you feel,” he responded, “I feel bad, too. I don’t regret it, though.”

“No, neither do I, but I’m not sure that we should do it again. I want to see you, actually, but I don’t think we could control things right now, and I need to stay in control.”

“Is this going to present a problem for us working together?” Glen asked, worried.

“Honestly, I don’t know. If it does, I will recuse myself from the case and recommend another attorney for you.” Glen had sought Jordan’s services because she was the best labor attorney in the region. He ran an educational and rehabilitation organization güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri for people with mental health issues, mostly ex-offenders with a history of drug abuse. Once his clients had cleaned and sobered up, gone to school and learned a skilled trade, most employers continued to discriminate against them because of their record. Glen hired Jordan’s services to challenge these practices in court. Jordan visited Glen’s program and found it a worthy cause. They had been working together for almost two months. An immediate bond and attraction had formed between them.

“Now hold on, we are both adults and we’re professionals,” Glen interjected. “I want you on this case because you are the best. If we can’t work together I will fade into the background. Besides, it is my clients on whose behalf you are working, not mine.”

“Fair enough,” Jordan said, “but as director of the program, you have critical information we need.” She paused for a moment to think. “How about for the time being we have conference calls and meet over the phone? I think that will give me time to sort out my emotions and allow me the distance to remain professional and serve you best.”

Glen thought about exactly how he really wanted her to serve him. The mental image he conjured made his cock jump in his pants. ‘Stop it and get a hold of yourself,’ he thought. Then he said to Jordan, “it sounds like a good plan. Shall I call back at our regular meeting time?”

“I think I need a little while longer to get ready this morning,” Jordan explained, feeling the exhaustion of another restless night. “Let’s say 11 instead of 10, does that work for you?”

“Perfect, I’ll talk to you soon…” Glen caught himself before a term of endearment came out, shocked at how easily one was ready to come forth when he thought of her. He had not stopped thinking of her the entire week and he was having his own crisis of sort at home. Thoughts of Jordan had him in a perpetual state of arousal. It did not matter what time of day it was or what he was doing, if he thought of her, he got hard. And he thought of her often, throughout most of his waking hours, and in his dreams as well. It did not matter where he was or who he was with. She had definitely gotten under his skin. Neither could sex or masturbation curb his constant lust for her. He was masturbating often and still having sex with his live-in girlfriend though when he did he was dreaming that it was Jordan he was fucking. He had to bite his lip to keep from screaming out Jordan’s name when he came with her, the way he did when he masturbated alone. He was a mess, plain and simple.

——– (_*_) ——–

When Glen and Jordan talked later that afternoon, it was awkward. There was none of their usual banter, flirtation, dirty jokes or sexual innuendos. Both of them were struggling not to say what was really on their minds, trying desperately to keep the fire broiling just beneath the surface contained. Their conversation lasted only about a half hour, and when they said goodbye they both felt empty afterwards.

“That was weird,” Glen texted to her cell phone immediately after they hung up. He couldn’t just leave it at that.

“I know, I felt it, too,” Jordan typed. “I haven’t been sleeping well.”

“Me either, been thinking of you,” Glen replied.

Jordan decided not to engage. “Let’s give it another week and see if we can calm down. I’ll fax you the info when I get it. But let’s talk next week.”

“Ok,” Glen typed, feeling a bit disappointed, “try and get some rest, I’ll talk to you later.”


Their phone meeting the following week was indeed much better — at first. They had covered a good amount of ground for the case and managed to keep things professional. After they had attended to all business matters, they just began to chat and get to know each other better. They laughed to find out that they both didn’t like sushi and hated the taste of beer. There were a dozen little quirks like that they shared in common. They talked about their childhoods, and in doing so what they eventually discovered about each other rocked both of them to their core.

They both suffered tragedies when they were 13 and 12, respectively. Their fathers were both killed while serving in the military, forcing them to grow up faster and assume more responsibility at home helping their mothers. They were a year apart in age, so this meant that they lost their fathers in the same year. Talking about it further, they learned that their fathers died in the same week of the same year, serving in the same branch of the military. They froze.

“Are any of your father’s siblings still alive who may know and remember some more details about his death?” Glen asked.

“Yes, my uncle, his younger brother, who looked up to him and remembers every detail,” Jordan replied.

“Put me on hold and call him,” Glen said, pulling out his cell phone and calling his aunt. She was his father’s closest relative and life-long best friend. She would know güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the details he had never thought to ask in all these years.

“Ok,” said Jordan, putting her office phone down and pulling out her cell as well.

When they were done and rejoined each other 15 minutes later, they sat in silence after sharing what they had learned. Their fathers were part of the same unit within the same infantry company of the National Guard. They died as part of the same helicopter crash that killed 15 soldiers in all during a routine weekend training mission. They most certainly knew each other and likely were friends. They died together.

Jordan and Glen sat in disbelief for a moment at the connection they shared. Then they discussed how it had affected them. Jordan was her father’s only daughter and the apple of his eye. Glen talked about the pain of not having said goodbye. They just sat still and quiet as they took it in. In their silence they contemplated the cosmic fate that brought them together.

“You know,” Glen remarked, finally breaking the silence, “this is the longest we’ve talked on the phone since I left your office that day…”

“That day in the rain,” Jordan interjected, knowing exactly what he was thinking. They had been talking for over three hours. Hearing his deep voice had her constantly fighting those thoughts and pushing them out of her head while they chatted. She had been pretty successful keeping her thoughts straight up until now. Finishing their work for the day and talking about all the things they had in common seemed to give her mind license wander.

“Mmmm hmm,” Glen confirmed with growing lust in his voice.

“Yes, that was a very wet day indeed. I had quite the puddle to clean up afterward,” Jordan teased.

“And you were so bad, so very bad.” She could hear his breathing becoming heavier.

“Is that a complaint?” Jordan asked, feigning insult.

“Oh no, you are very good at being naughty, some might even call you wicked. I don’t think Santa would be mad at you at all if he got you across his knee.”

“So if you were Santa I could still get presents for being so naughty?” Jordan was really being bad now, flirting shamelessly.

“Oh, I’d have a gift for you, alright. But I also just may spank you for being so wicked.”

“Hey, my butt is delicate. You need to be good to her!” Jordan pouted.

“You know exactly how good I’m going to be to your ass,” Glen said, his voice going an octave lower. It was a statement of purely sinful intentions. Jordan blushed.

“Mmmm, tell me,” she said in a sultry voice, starting to give over to her desires.

“You already got a taste of what I’m going to do to you,” Glen replied.

“A taste, huh?” Jordan said, smacking her lips. “Interesting choice of words.”

“And you were absolutely delicious, Jordan. So delicious!” Glen admitted, shocked at his own candor.

“So you like the way I taste, huh?” Jordan asked, feeling incredibly sexy at his admission.

“Like is not the word! It was almost as if you knew what I was going to do to you. I have to admire a woman who keeps herself ready like that. Unless you stay ready for your fiancé?” Glen asked, immediately regretting it. If she did, he didn’t want to know. He didn’t want that mental image in his head.

“Actually no,” Jordan admitted. “That’s not really his… thing, if you will. To be honest, I was in a particularly raunchy mood that morning, and I got ready because I had a play date planned with my toys that you found. But what’s your excuse?”

“My excuse for what?” Glen asked.

Jordan wondered if she could actually say what she was thinking. She had never come close to admitting such intimate details of her deepest and darkest desires to anyone; had never put voice to them. ‘What the hell,’ she thought finally. She had already given Glen a demonstration and truthfully, he made her feel safe in exposing her dark side to him. No man had ever provided her such freedom.

“Your ass was also quite delectable, as I recall,” she said finally. Yes, they were having a conversation about preparing one’s ass for a lover’s tongue. She was wet. Being slutty for him made her gush, there was just no denying it. “Is it your practice to keep yourself ready?”

“Well, since we are being honest,” Glen said as his dick swelled at her admission, “I have to admit that I started preparing myself on Mondays for… whatever might happen. I was not planning on what happened with us, but truthfully, my preparation was my subconscious betraying the lie I told myself about keeping our relationship strictly professional and friendly. But something in your eyes told me that we were kindred spirits in our deepest desires.”

“It seems we are,” Jordan confirmed seriously. There was another pregnant pause in their conversation.

“So,” Glen interjected, changing the subject slightly, “where are your toys now?”

“They’re here, in my desk, still where you found them,” Jordan said, nonchalantly. güvenilir bahis şirketleri

“You know, most people keep their sex toys in their bedrooms, in a night table or underwear drawer or something. Why are yours in your desk in your office? I’ve been dying to know, actually. Don’t tell me you keep toys in every room in case of emergency, like a flashlight.”

Jordan laughed while she thought about whether to answer truthfully. “Let’s just say my inspiration has been work related, as of late,” she admitted coyly.

“Who ever thought work could be so good,” Glen replied. His erection was painful in its angry intensity. However, the thought of jacking off in his office was not appealing. The walls were thin and there were too many people around. Plus, he had nothing to use for lubrication and nothing handy with which to clean up.

There was another long pause in the conversation as both of them contemplated whether to take their flirtation any further. They were on the verge of being at the point of no return but not quite there yet. His cock was hard and the moisture of excitement pooled between Jordan’s thighs, but they could stop now and be ok. The next words would probably decide what they would be doing for the next half hour. Glen checked his watch. Most of his office was still out to lunch. ‘To hell with trying to be good,’ he thought.

“So tell me about this new inspiration,” Glen asked.

Jordan smiled broadly, liking the pull she had on him, even in her conflicted state of mind. “That’s a kind of personal question, don’t you think?” she teased.

“It’s only fair,” Glen quipped, “seeing as I’ve been rubbing myself raw for almost two months now, thinking of you.”

Jordan groaned then opened her drawer to take out her toys. She placed a foot up on her desk, opening herself for her touch. “Tsk tsk tsk, shame to waste all that,” she said, smacking her lips so he could hear. It was Glen’s turn to groan.

“That’s right, it seems we both have an insatiable appetite for each other.” Heat was emanating from his tumid cock, pitching a circus-sized tent in his pants. Glen pressed down on his raging erection, trying to calm it.

“I told myself I wouldn’t do this,” she said, easing her panties to the side and sliding a finger in her wetness.

“We are only trying not to have sex,” Glen said, gripping himself and squeezing. “Just talking on the phone isn’t being too bad.”

“Phone sex can be just as bad,” she responded. “Its gateway behavior, you should know about that working with addicts.”

“Gateway to what, baby?” he asked, playing dumb.

“To this,” Jordan said, turning on her large vibrator and bringing it near the mouthpiece of the phone so he could hear it. “I get chills remembering how you used my toy on me, how you played with me, shoved it in my hole, and how you drank from me as I… as I… as I came gushing in your mouth. Yeeeesssssssss!” Jordan cried, pushing the vibe deep into her pussy.

“Aw fuck! Hold on one sec.” Glen tore out of his office on a mission. He figured his assistant must have some lotion buried in one of her desk drawers. He rummaged through three before hitting pay dirt. He squirted a generous amount in his hand and grabbed a few tissues then went back in his office and shut the door, locking it.

“Sorry about that,” Glen said, sounding breathless after running back. “Shit Jordan, if we keep this up you’re going to make me store a bottle of lube in my office.”

Jordan laughed wickedly, slowly shoving the dildo in and out of her dripping pussy, building her excitement. “Is that what you went to go do, find something to wet yourself?” she teased.

“Yes,” Glen said, struggling to undo his belt and unbutton his pants with one hand. “I found some lotion in my assistant’s desk, luckily.”

“Too bad, I’ve got plenty of the natural stuff over here. In fact, I’ve got so much of it I could probably capture it and send you some in a bottle.” Both of Jordan’s legs were up on the desk now and her skirt was around her waist. Her panties were on the floor beside her chair. She had leaned all the way back in her chair and her hand was pushing the vibrator in and out of her tight hole with increasing speed. She could see her lips hugging its girth with every withdrawal. It was positively pornographic.

“Hold on one sec, baby, I’ve got a little surprise for you,” Jordan said, putting down her office phone and picking up her cell phone. She used it’s camera to take a picture of the vibrator wet with her juices stuffed in her pussy. She almost came at how naughty she was being. Guarding her professional career and privacy, she NEVER sent any pictures of herself out over the internet, let alone pornographic ones. But this one was anonymous, there was nothing in it to identify that it was her steamy wet cunt being captured. She scrolled through her contacts to find Glen’s email address then she hit send. She picked her office phone back up.

“Check your email,” she said breathlessly, near orgasm.

Glen turned to his computer and pulled up her email. “OH FUCK!” he said, stroking himself with fervor. He zoomed in on the pornographic picture she sent him. He could see her waxed pussy in explicit detail, could see its glistening wetness. The blood surged into his shaft. “God, I wish that was me thrusting inside of you instead of that toy.”

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