My Wife and Baby Brother

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My wife Dee Dee and I married in 1975. We had known each other for about 3 years and dated regularly and I finally popped the question. During this period, Dee Dee had met my brother Alex many times. We had all gone camping together, eaten many Thanksgiving meals together, and generally hung out together both at our house and his apartment.

Dee Dee and Alex had always gotten along very well. They were both the same age and had attended high school together. They had sat in the same classrooms and shared the same friends. They enjoyed the same music and both enjoyed sports at their high school.

My brother Alex was very athletic and played varsity football as a running back. Dee Dee ran cross country track and was a varsity cheerleader. Every time there was a football game, the two got together and hung out, he in his football gear and Dee Dee in her cheerleader’s uniform.

When Dee Dee and I first got married, I knew that she had grown up in a fairly restrictive home environment. Sex and nudity was something that their parents frowned upon, so she always wore things like high neck sweaters and such. Her only allowable dress in less modest clothing was her cheerleader uniform. Her mom had been a cheerleader in high school and college years before, and she always hoped that Dee Dee would take an interest in that activity also and would be good enough to make the team.

Dee Dee didn’t have any problems making the team as she was very athletic and coordinated and danced well. Because of her mom’s influence over her dad, he had allowed her to be a cheerleader and dress in the short skirts they wore. She was very proud of her school and happy to represent it.

However, after my wife and I got married, we were transferred to El Paso, Texas with my employer. That was about 700 miles from our home town where we grew up. Once there, she began to feel a little freer from their influence, and was actually happy that our families couldn’t just drop in for a visit.

It was during this period that she decided that she really enjoyed being naked around the house. In our backyard was a swimming pool, and she enjoyed swimming nude in it. She had always been an excellent swimmer and loved swimming laps in the pool and playing around in the water. Our home had a secluded backyard on two sides but a fairly low wall on the west side of our home. Off and on she would go out to swim and our elderly neighbor would be out pruning his flowers and would say hello.

Dee Dee had made friends with Mr. Elledge right after we moved in when she took him over a pie. She had found out that his wife had died a few months before and wanted to let him know that if he needed anything she was right next door. Mr. Elledge was in his mid 80s by then and appreciated her concern.

He got to where he knew when she would swim so he would go out to work in the yard when she came out. He had also watched her enough to know she was always naked. She would come out to swim and he would be standing by the wall and tell her hello. Dee Dee would always walk over and say hello and talk to him for a little bit. Dee Dee would tell me that she knew he was lonely, but also believed he really liked looking at her naked body and recalling when he and his wife were young together.

She would always just stand there and visit and let him look at her all he wanted, because she felt so sorry for him. She said many times he never even looked in her eyes but just let his eyes wander over her body.

During the week, Mr. Elledge would also come over a few days during the week and have coffee with us and visit. Dee Dee would always bake a coffee cake on the mornings he stopped in and he enjoyed eating some and drinking two cups of coffee with us. He would never overstay his welcome but enjoyed having company to visit with. Of course, I think it helped that Dee Dee was naked every day he stopped in. I wasn’t that brave and would always be dressed. I don’t think he came over to see me though.

Mr. Elledge was always a gentleman when he came over and would never make suggestive comments to her or try and touch her inappropriately in any way, but he was a “toucher”. By that, I mean he was someone who would touch you when he said hello or good bye. It was usually a touch on the back or something as innocent as putting his hand on your shoulder. Dee Dee got to where she would give him a hug when he arrived and left, which he seemed to enjoy.

It had probably been at least 65 years since he had touched a nude female her age, but she didn’t mind at all. She knew that we all get old sometime and hoped that when we got old someone else would do for us what we did for Mr. Elledge.

By then, my brother Alex had joined the U.S. Navy and was stationed on a U.S. Navy nuclear attack submarine. Alex had also loved swimming and was at home in the water, so when he decided to join a military service to help pay for college he looked at the Navy first. They had offered him Navy Seal casino siteleri training, but he wasn’t interested in that. He wanted to be on the water full time. When they offered him submarines, he jumped at the chance.

That summer, Alex had been assigned to go to a computer weapons school being given at Ft. Bliss Army Base in El Paso. He was going to be there for two weeks in the July. For you that have been to El Paso in the summer, you know it is a hot, hot place. We had some summers there where it reached 110 degrees and stayed over a hundred for 40 days straight. Most people who can afford it have a swimming pool put in to help make it through the hottest part of the year.

Alex said he started to call us and let us know he was coming, but at the last minute decided to just drop in once he got settled in his hotel room. I recall he arrived on a Friday afternoon so he could be in class the following Monday morning. Alex decided to come over and see us and invite us out to dinner to do some catching up.

As it turned out, I was at work that afternoon. I worked either the 6am-4pm or 4pm-2am shift. I had Tuesdays and Wednesdays off, and for that month I was scheduled the late shift. Alex didn’t know that, of course, so just stopped in that Friday afternoon to see us.

Alex parked his rental car in front of our home and came up and rang the doorbell. He was in civilian clothes, but was distinctive in that he had very red hair. Dee Dee heard the door bell ring out in the back yard while she was doing some gardening, so she came inside and looked to see who it was. Since she never wore clothing, she was very sure who it was before she opened the door.

Dee Dee looked outside and saw the rental car and didn’t recognize it, so walked over and looked through the peep hole in the door. She still couldn’t make out who it was so she walked over to our front window and peeked out. That was when she spotted Alex.

By then, Alex had figured no one was home and began walking back to his car. All of a sudden the front door was thrown open and Alex saw this naked girl come running out of our house calling his name over and over. He finally realized it was Dee Dee and ran up to hug her. Alex told me later that he was mesmerized by her bouncing titties as she ran to him.

Alex and Dee Dee hugged for a minute, and Alex for the first time in his life realized he was hugging a soft, warm, naked girl. Alex had had some girl friends in high school, and had played around with them some, but had never made it all the way with them. For Alex, hugging a nude girl was a dream come true, even if it was his sister-in-law.

Dee Dee asked Alex to come in right away since it was the middle of the afternoon and she was in our front yard naked. They walked in and she gave Alex a beer and invited him to come out in the backyard to catch up. All this time, Dee Dee noticed Alex watching her walk and move her naked body. She was not at all embarrassed, as she had embraced the nudist life style, and she was comfortable with Alex as she had known him for quite a while.

When she walked out in the backyard, she noticed Mr. Elledge was in his backyard, so she walked over to the fence and introduced him to my brother. She told me later that it was a little weird standing there talking with two men and her being totally nude, but said she enjoyed it a little. Mr. Elledge excused himself and went back into his house because of the heat, so she and Alex sat down under the umbrella on the patio.

Alex explained why he was in town and apologized for just dropping in like he did. He told her he had forgotten that I worked shifts at work and just thought I would be there. She was not at all concerned about his visit and told him she was glad he came to El Paso, if only for two weeks.

Alex then asked her why she was naked, and was quick to add that he was glad she was. Alex told her that during high school, when she was a cheerleader, he had often fantasized about what she looked like under her uniform. He also admitted to her that when she would perform and end with the splits that he tried to look under her short skirt to see what he could see.

Alex admitted that when we had gotten married he was very jealous of me, because I was getting to see what he had always dreamed of. He told her that he knew his chances of seeing Dee Dee and being with her in a sexual way were over. Alex admitted that for a long time, he seemed “lost” and was depressed. He finally began to get over it and told her he was just happy that his older brother got to have her instead of someone else who didn’t deserve her.

Dee Dee laughed and explained to him her journey from being prim and proper to a young married girl who liked being naked instead of wearing clothes. She told him that she wished she could go out in public and shop and dine while nude, but felt that society would never change enough to allow her to. Dee Dee said she was very comfortable with being naked canlı casino in front of people, but admitted that when our parents first come to visit, she would be clothed, so as to not offend them or make them uncomfortable.

Alex asked her if she was comfortable being naked in front of anyone who came to our home. Dee Dee told him that so far she was. She said she would only do so depending on who it was. Dee Dee told Alex that a few weeks earlier a couple of men from a local heating and cooling company had come out to work on our air conditioner. Because I was there, she let them into our home to work on it. She said it was sort of a turn on knowing that they were looking at her so closely, but she said she knew she was safe because I was there.

She did explain that if someone came to the door that she didn’t know, she would not open the door. She also told him that she had met some of my co-workers when they came over to swim and cook out with us, and she was comfortable being naked in front of them and playing with them in our swimming pool.

Alex wanted to know how many would come over, and she explained it would vary from one guy to 10 or so. She said everyone treated her respectfully and didn’t make any lewd comments or they could not come back. She did admit to horsing around with them in the pool, and said many of them would touch her or squeeze her while in the water, and said she enjoyed it.

Dee Dee also mentioned that on one occasion, she told them if they wanted to swim with her they had to be naked also. She told Alex that they all loved to look at her nude body and she wanted them to reciprocate and let her look at their nude bodies. Dee Dee loved looking at their erections as they swam and said they all became accustomed to being naked in front of each other and of her.

Dee Dee noticed that Alex was sweating a lot because of the heat and asked him if he would like to swim and cool off. Alex said he would but hadn’t brought anything to swim in, and wanted to know if he could borrow some of my swim trunks. Dee Dee asked him if he would be too embarrassed to swim naked with her, and said she would get him trunks if he wanted, but that she would prefer him to swim nude with her.

Alex immediately agreed. Dee Dee had him undress on the patio in front of her. Dee Dee told me later that Alex was really chiseled and had a hard body and was really in shape. She said Alex was embarrassed as he removed his underwear and revealed a large erection. Dee Dee noticed the size and said later it was larger than mine.

They both dived in the pool and began swimming.

Dee Dee said they swam together for a while, and then Alex kept swimming under her and kept trying to see how she looked while swimming. Dee Dee had very strong, muscular legs which were toned from school. Dee Dee noticed Alex doing that, and when Alex came up for air she jumped on him and tried to push him underwater. Alex, being much stronger, pushed her off and grabbed her around her waist and threw her up into the air. She said when she came down he began swimming after her, so she took off and kept trying to evade him.

Dee Dee was doing a good job when Alex caught her on a turn, and pulled her close to him. Without warning, she said Alex kissed her on the mouth passionately while holding her naked body against his. Dee Dee could feel his erection between her legs and said it felt great. Alex was holding her tits as he kissed her. She said they were both sort of shocked and they separated.

After a bit, she and Alex swam down to the shallow end, which had a small cover over the end for shade, and they sat on the steps and talked. Alex apologized for his actions and said he was very sorry it happened and that it wouldn’t happen again. Dee Dee told him that she was ok with it, and that Alex had to realize that they were both young and horny, and being close friends they naturally had desires and urges and that these things happen.

Dee Dee said they were really drawn to each other. She said she was sitting on the top step and was nude from the waist up, and noticed Alex kept looking at her breasts as water ran off them. Dee Dee wore a size 36C bra and had a nice pair of titties, and Alex had noticed that her nipples were very erect and distended. She also noticed that Alex was slowly rubbing his cock underwater while he watched her.

After a short while, Dee Dee noticed that Alex was really getting more excited and kept talking about how his dreams had come true by getting to see her naked. Alex admitted to her that she had a lot more pussy hair than he had realized. He also thought that her pussy hair would have been darker than it was. Alex told her it was a good match for the color of her skin. Alex also told her that because of the color of the hair, he could catch a glimpse off and on of her pussy lips.

Dee Dee told me the more Alex talked sexy to her the more turned on she became. It turned out that Dee Dee was feeling as horny kaçak casino as Alex was, because on many occasions she had also wondered how Alex looked nude, and wondered how he would compare to me.

Because she knew I wouldn’t care, she finally invited Alex to touch her breasts again if he wanted to. She told him we were all family and that she would enjoy his hands on her. Alex slid over next to her and tentatively placed his hands on her breasts lightly. Dee Dee told him that they wouldn’t break and that she wanted to feel his hands on her.

Alex began to rub her tits and massage them. After a few minutes, Alex took her nipples in his fingers and began rolling them until they were more erect than they had been. She said Alex then put them in his mouth and began to suck them and bite them lightly. Dee Dee by then was becoming too horny and was afraid she couldn’t stop.

It was right about then that the house phone rang. She told Alex that was probably me calling her to say hi, like I did every shift. She jumped out and ran naked into the house and answered the telephone. While she was talking to me, she saw Alex walk into the house with his erection and go to the bathroom. Dee Dee told me what had happened, and told me Alex and her were really getting into being naked together. Dee Dee then surprised me and asked if she could fuck him.

She explained that we had talked about it before and wondered if Alex was gay, although he didn’t act like it. She said she had often wondered what he looked like naked, and now she knew. She admitted she had fantasized about his hands on her titties, and now she knew. She said she had also fantasized about what his cock would look like and feel like in her and now she wanted my permission to let her deflower my baby brother.

One of her fantasies had always been that she could teach a young man the ways of how to please a woman from a woman. She was now asking just that of me. She said if I let her that I would never regret it, and I knew that meant something was in it for me, so I said ok. She had to promise me though that she would tell me all about it.

By that time, Alex had walked back into the kitchen where she was talking to me. She laughed and I asked her what she was laughing about. She said Alex was standing in front of her with a silly grin on his face and an erection like a steel pole. When she said that, she said Alex went pale with worry. I told her to milk him for all she was worth, and she promised to do just that.

After she hung up the phone, Alex asked her if he could at least look at her while he masturbated. He said he knew that was as close as he would ever get to having sex with her, but felt that was better than nothing. He told her that he wouldn’t ask her not to tell me, but said at least I wouldn’t be too pissed off at him if he just looked at her and played with himself. He felt he needed to do something before they did something they would regret, and he didn’t want to hurt either one of us.

Dee Dee said she would think about it and led him back to the pool. She told him she wanted to see if a Navy man could swim like they thought they could. She told Alex if he could catch her in the pool, he could have anything he wanted and do anything he wanted to her. At that, she dived in the pool and began swimming as fast as she could.

She said she saw Alex jump in and start after her. As he got closer, Dee Dee would change directions and go down to the bottom of the pool and began swimming on the bottom. She said a few times he had her by her ankle but she would wiggle out of it. Dee Dee said Alex chased her for a few minutes before finally catching her as she turned. Alex pulled her to him and they began kissing and running their hands over each other.

Dee Dee began stroking his very erect cock while Alex began exploring her pussy and ass with his hands. B now both were almost out of their minds with desire. She slowly led Alex to the edge of the pool and got him out. In the yard, we had a chaise lounge sitting on the grass. Dee Dee led Alex there and told him to watch her for a minute. She lay down on the lounge and spread her legs. She said the sun glistened on her soft brown pussy hair as she asked Alex to put his mouth on her pussy.

As Alex began kissing and licking it, she told him softly where her clitoris was and how to reach it and what to do to it. Alex was a very quick learner and began to probe her slit with his tongue. Within just a few minutes she could feel her orgasm building to an explosion.

Alex kept tonguing her and probing with his fingers, and Dee Dee grabbed the back of his head and pulled it down into her pussy as hard as she could as she began to cum. She told me she could feel her juices coming out as he kept putting his tongue in her.

After she had finished, she had Alex lay on the lounge and began to stroke and kiss his cock. Every time she thought it had gotten as big as it could, it got bigger. Finally she put it in her mouth and began to lick the head with her tongue. She had just really began to work on it when he shot his load in her mouth. Dee Dee loves the taste of cum, so she just swallowed it and kept sucking on him.

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