Katie and Amanda are Married Ch. 06

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Amanda had gone away to visit her brother, leaving Katie all by her lonesome self for a week. It was the first time they were separated for more than a few hours since they got together, and especially since they wed. Katie was getting busier at work. Her contract at Xeytmew, the largest computer corporation in town, called for her to do limited work, but a shortage of assistants forced her to take the brunt of the outstanding business.

Being an executive is what Katie always wanted, but the hours were getting longer, and even when Amanda was home, she often didn’t get to see her there until late. And lately she didn’t get to see Amanda much at work, besides their coffee breaks, lunch and any business deals where Katie brought Amanda in to discuss.

Life at the top, well, at the top of her division, was getting hard. But looking at Amanda’s photo in its gold frame was all Katie needed to relax, as she imagined she was with Amanda, their soft lips caressing each other, staring into each other’s eyes, their heart beats increasing and beating at the same time. When Katie was with Amanda in bed, or on their sofa, patio lounger, or even on her desk, Amanda did most of the giving. Katie spent a lot of time receiving pleasure, but made sure Amanda had an orgasm before they were done.

It wasn’t like her though, to get herself off. It just wasn’t what she liked, as her thinking was, “I need to stay ready for Amanda when she is ready. I want to make sure I am as excited for her as I will ever be.”

But that attitude wasn’t holding much longer. Katie knew Amanda would not be returning for several days yet, and she would casino siteleri never stray from her lover, her wife, her everything, and the work piling up on her desk was increasing her stress level. She thought of having a glass of her favorite red wine, but that would be frowned upon at work. And Amanda wasn’t around to give her a shoulder rub, massaging all the knots out and making Katie feel all relaxed and light.

She sat back in her big cushiony mahogany leather executive chair, still staring at Amanda’s photo. Katie gazed deep into the photo, looking at Amanda’s hair as it cascaded off her forehead before her eyes locked on Amanda’s lips pursed in a sweet smile. Without thinking Katie let her fingers do some walking. The first time her fingers touched the front of her panties Katie got a jolt. Her heart fluttered and her breathing stopped as if she was having an orgasm, all from just a light touch of the front of her underwear. It startled Katie, and she knew she had to continue or else be tortured the rest of the day.

Still sitting behind her big desk, Katie looked out her office window to make sure no one was watching what she was about to do, which was to stand up, quickly hike her dress above her thighs and sit down, with only her panties separating her butt from sitting directly against the soft leather seat.

Katie stared at the photo as she moved her left hand between her legs. Pushing her panties to the right side of her vulva, Katie felt how wet she already was which only excited her further. She started tracing the outside of her waxed vulva, going around clockwise a few times, and then reversing canlı casino the motion to counter-clockwise. She was taking shorter breaths as she inserted one finger into her well-lubricated vagina. It gave her a tingle all over her body. She then started stroking herself with two fingers and began to perspire all over her body. She held onto her desk to keep from sliding off the chair.

Feeling brave, she still yelped when she inserted three fingers in herself. Katie tilted her head back into her chair and breathed quicker. She stopped gripping the desk and moved her hand to her breast, massaging her areola and nipple which were sweaty wet. The lubrication let Katie rub her breast with her whole hand, catching her nipple in-between two fingers. It didn’t take long for Katie’s nipple to be rock hard. She pinched it a few times and let a wave of arousal go over her body. Katie closed her eyes and thought of lying next to Amanda on a big white beach towel, their eyes locked on each other as they stroked each other’s body. Katie loved how Amanda held her and touched her and thought of this as thrust her fingers in and out of her until she took a quick breath, stopped, tilted her head back and had an orgasm. Her body shook in her chair as her orgasm prolonged for several seconds.

Katie grabbed a tissue and cleaned her fingers, then patted her vagina dry. She also needed a few tissues to blot the sweat from her forehead and décolletage. She turned to look at a mirror on the wall and saw she was a big mess. Her hair was matted down, her makeup was running down her face and her dress was wet and wrinkled.

Katie kaçak casino grabbed a remote control from her desk drawer and closed her window blinds. She stood up, got undressed and took a shower in her office bathroom. Katie kept an extra set of clothing and underwear in a closet hidden behind a wall panel just in case she got frisky with Amanda at work.

She cleaned up her chair and wiped down her desk before getting back to work. She was now relaxed enough to get back to work. Thinking about calling her secretary to get her a cool beverage, Katie’s blackberry went off. Picking it up, she saw it was a call from the person she treasured most in the world and it gave her goosebumps. She answered the call and heard Amanda’s voice.

“Hey honey, I’ve missed you. Are you OK?”

“Oh Amanda, I have missed you, too. And, I am excellent. I, well, I just rubbed myself to your photo on my desk.”

“You did what?” Amanda said in a sarcastically sly tone.

“I-I, um um, I fingered myself off thinking of you. I was so tight and wound up and I know, I shouldn’t have, but…”

“You are such a love doll babe. I so want to be there with you.”

“You are always with me, in my heart,” Katie said in a soft near whisper.

“That’s nice,” Amanda said as she started to cry.

“If you can squeeze it in your tight schedule, call me tonight at home and we can, uh, we can talk.”

“What do you mean, talk?” Amanda said.

“You know, talk, as in talk and finger ourselves off because I miss you so much,” Katie said with her little girl giggle.

Later that evening, the girls talked, and then talked some more. Both Katie and Amanda had several orgasms, and Amanda kept talking as Katie had her last cum of the night. Feeling weak, Katie dropped her phone to the bed as she passed out and went to sleep, fully relaxed and dreaming of Amanda all night.

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