I Forgot I Had A Dr’s Appointment!

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I woke up this Saturday at my normal time around 7:30 am, showered and got ready for my day. I had a had a few errands to run at the grocery store and pet food store and because I love to tease I decided to dress a little risque.

Today I wore my sexy leopard print push-up bra, a pink blouse with low neckline and a short short black skirt that leaves little to the imagination…but today I decided to walk around with no panties underneath. This is going to be fun!

I went to the grocery store and walked around slowly, having fun bending over at my waist in front of complete strangers, hoping I was exposing myself. I did get a few smiles but nothing more. Unfortunately there weren’t many people at the pet food store. After that shopping trips I got back into my car when my cell phone started ringing. I answered the phone and it was my Dr’s office. I had totally forgotten about my appointment today and now I was late!

I drove over to the office, walked in and was quickly moved to a room. I sat down on the table and suddenly realized what I was wearing… I mean, I love to tease unsuspecting strangers but I did NOT want to flash the Dr. that I’ve had for so many years! I pulled at the hem of my skirt to make it as long as I could. I suddenly felt very anxious.

I heard a knock on the door and the female nurse walked in. As she stood next to me she introduced herself as Katie and then took my temperature, blood pressure and oxygen readings. Katie then sat down on a stool in front of me so she could go through some information on my chart. I made sure to keep my knees pushed close together so I didn’t accidentally show anything. Katie asked me routine questions and filled in the answers in front of her. I absentmindedly looked around the room while she filled in paperwork and realized Katie had stopped talking. I glanced back at her and instantly blushed and felt horrified. She was staring right between my legs! I must have become too relaxed! I closed my legs again and looked away. That was very embarrassing and I do not want to catch Katie’s gaze.

Katie got up and told me she had to examine me, asking me to lay back on the table. I did as I was told, still trying to look in a different direction. casino siteleri She first listened to my heart, pushed around on my abdomen while keeping my chart updated. The next thing was a bit peculiar, I thought….she asked me to remove my bra so she could give me a breast exam. Now – my OBGYN Dr. has always given me breast exams, but never a nurse at my family Dr’s office. I guess since she’s the nurse that I rationalized the test in my head and removed my bra for her. I laid back on the table and put my hands behind my head and Katie pulled my shirt up over my breasts. She started with my right breast farthest from her, holding it in one hand and massaging in small circles with two fingers with the other hand. She had started on the outsides and moved in, but then she did the same circular motion but much softer right over my nipple! My eyes had been closed but when she did that I looked up at her. She was just looking down at my left breast now which she had in her hands, but I swear I saw a small smirk on her face. I just watched Katie’s face as she kept massaging and AGAIN – the end was a rub of my nipple! I looked up at Katie’s face and this time I know I saw the smirk. My nipples were now hard as ever. What was Katie doing?

I watched as Katie stared down at me, not pulling down my shirt so I felt a bit like I was on display. It looked as if she was thinking, scrunching her nose and then declared that because of a few things written on the chart that she had to check my legs out. She told me that her hands might feel cold at first…and then she started lightly kneading my skin above my left knee. This time she kept up a conversation with me. She asked me where I lived, what I did for work…her hands were traveling further up my body. I just closed my eyes and answered her questions. She asked if I was married, if I had kids while answering her own questions after me. She obviously had a target in mind and I was relaxed and very turned on, so I opened my legs a little, enough for Katie to notice. She stopped talking in mid sentence but a few seconds later started talking again. I felt her lightly brush my labia at first so I responded with another inch of room. She was getting more and more bold with her brushes canlı casino and after I let out a soft moan her fingers boldly rubbed up and down my slit. She went to my clit first, rubbing circles around it…..she listened to the way I was breathing and the moans because she soon knew exactly what I loved… and suddenly I felt her tongue! She used her tongue on my clit as she slowly fingered my pussy… it felt amazing! As I arched my back, pushing the back of her head into me I moaned a little louder, completely forgetting where I was.

And then something unexpected happened…

There was a knock and then the male doctor walked in! The nurse stood up quickly, looking toward the door as I tried covering myself up….his eyes were really huge, taking in the scene but after a few seconds he slowly shut the door. He asked us to please continue!

I’m not sure if this was normal for the nurse, but she didn’t need him to ask again so she looked up at me while lowering herself in between my legs. I looked over at the doctor who just stared down at the nurse licking me..and I could see the front of his pants tenting already. I decided not to worry about him as the nurse quickly got me back to the same spot she had me before being interrupted. I was so very close to an orgasm. I pulled up my shirt and started rolling my nipples between my fingers, grinding my pussy all over Katie’s face. I felt it build until all of a sudden I stiffened and curled my toes, letting out much too loud of a moan for a doctors office. I pulled the nurse away from me as I was way too sensitive and tried catching my breath.

Katie walked over to me and bent down and stuck her tongue in my mouth, kissing me deeply and intently. I know she wanted me to taste my own juices which I love. She kept kissing me and then I felt fingers clumsily touching my pussy so I opened my eyes and looked down. The doctor was standing between my legs, cock in hand while using his other hand to play with me.

I was SO horny and ready to be fucked so this made me very happy! The doctor looked at me and asked if he could take his turn on me. I begged him to fuck me and so he came closer. He started really slow which was nice…but I wanted to be taken kaçak casino hard by the end. I gasped as his erection slowly slid inside of me, pausing when in completely. Then slowly out… Katie went back to kissing me and I reached out to find her pussy from the outside of her scrubs. As soon as I made contact with it she tore her pants off. She brought my hand back to her now naked pussy as she went back to kissing me. Wow… no matter what I did to her she moaned and gasped and it was clear that making her orgasm wouldn’t be hard.

I took my hand out of Katie’s pussy and moved it toward my mouth. I licked my fingers off, one by one looking right into Katie’s eyes the entire time. She had such a sexy and lustful look on her face. …this is when Katie climbed up onto the table I was on, facing away from the doctor she lowered her wet cunt onto my face. I started my tongue assault, using my hands to keep her open and clit in my reach.

I felt as the doctor quickened his thrusts. He was also driving himself in much harder. Katie started rubbing herself all over my face, obviously hungry to have that orgasm that was so close…

Within these last few moments of this crazy sexual encounter we were all feeling that orgasm build from deep within. I knew I was close and brought my right hand down to rub my clit furiously as I was getting fucked really hard by the doctor, just as I heard Katie let out a long deep moan while slowly her own hips down over me, I could feel as she dripped her juices all over my face.

That was what did it for me, I moaned underneath Katie as I stiffened and came which must have been what set off the doctor as he pushed deep in me. I felt his cock spasm and squirt everything out.

Katie got off the table, the doctor pulled out of me and they both got dressed quickly. I covered myself back up to the best of my ability and sat up.

The doctor simply asked me if there was anything specific that I had come in for today and I told him just a yearly physical. He said I passed and quickly left the room. I looked at Katie with a questioning face and she just had a huge smile on her face. She gave me a piece of paper on the chart and told me that I could go to check-out. She slowly walked out the door.

I shrugged and stood up, straightening out my clothes. I decided not to even put my bra back on and threw it in my purse. I think I will start visiting the doctor’s office more often…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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