I am His Release

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“Get yourself ready for me baby”.

The message glares on my phone’s screen, glowing through the unassuming darkness as I sit at the back of the bus, on my way to him.

“I want you wet and ready for me from when you walk through the door.”

He’s the classic corporate type. Hard-working, rich, successful. A bachelor. Dominant.

“How far away are you?”

A tense day at the office calls for a night of release. In this case, a tense week. I am the release.

“On the bus – 10 minutes.” I reply.

I get off from being used. Not in the sadomasochistic sense. The pain and humiliation is an add-on, a subsequence. No, it’s more about why I am there. I am there for his pleasure, not mine. To be fucked and used. To be ordered around. To be owned for a night. My phone buzzes.

“You’re sitting on that bus soaking your panties through aren’t you. Such a slut, all wet and ready to be fucked.”

It was true. He didn’t need to tell me to get ready. Reading his text this afternoon telling me to come over, getting dressed, picking out my lingerie, the bus journey. I’ve been wet for the past three hours. My phone buzzes again.

“Tell me when you’re outside.”

I step off the bus and start walking to his door. My dress rides up as I walk but he’ll like that. My long camel coat hides the outrageously tight dress I’m wearing. Black sleeveless bodycon, mid-thigh length, low cut paired with a choker necklace. Matte black four inch heels. Brown, smoked out eye makeup – no lipstick, as per his orders. Long chestnut brown hair curled and left down. I move the lapels of my coat away from my chest and fish my phone out of the pocket.

“I’m at the door.”

Within seconds, I hear him walking down the corridor. I hear the latch on the door release and watch it swing open as he is revealed behind it. He has changed out of his work suit. Wearing relaxed blue jeans and a tight-fitting dark grey t-shirt, barefoot. I smile at the way he makes jeans and a t-shirt look so expensive. His lips are turned up at the corners, exposing a smirk within his dark, trimmed beard. His piercing blue eyes aren’t smiling with his lips. They look right at me, consuming me, plotting a map on my body for tonight’s sexcapades.

He whispers, “Finally”.

He wraps his hand around my arm and pulls me inside. The door slams behind me. He pushes me against it and shoves his whole body against mine. He kisses my neck as his hands find my shoulders and slip my coat off, letting it fall to the ground around our feet. His light cologne sends me off in a familiar haze. The weight of him, the urgency, his teeth at my neck while his hands slide down my sides to my hips. I’m filled with need, my panties are wet from it.

His hands grip at my hips and spin me around. He pushes himself against me, his erection rock hard against my ass. His hands return to my hips and pull my ass up, arching my back down. I steady myself with my hands against the door as his hands travel down to the hem of my dress. He steps back and peels my dress up over my ass. His fingers pull at my panties until my black lace thong is suspended at my knees. He stops. I feel him step further away.

Seconds go by. I’m suddenly aware of my panting breath, my heart racing in my chest. I hear the metal on his belt clink as he unbuckles it. His zip slowly being pulled down. He’s taking his time now. Watching me wait for him. It makes me throb. He steps closer.

“I’ve been thinking about fucking you all day babygirl.”

His finger appears on my inner thigh and starts travelling up. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri

“I can’t wait any longer. You better not keep me waiting.”

It finds the slit at the top of my legs and makes one slow swipe along my clit and up, quickly pushing into me. I let out a soft moan.

“Fuck! You absolute slut. Look how wet you are for me. Barely through the door and you’re soaking wet for my cock.”

He takes his finger away and slams his cock inside me, suddenly filling me up, I moan loud. His hands grip at my hips as he thrusts into me, fucking me fast.

“That’s it babygirl, take my cock. I need to cum now baby but I’m gonna be using you all night like a good little whore.”

He fucks me hard and fast, hearing me moan, feeling me push back up against him. I can feel the tension that has built up, how much he needs a release as his body slams into mine. He fucks me faster. He’s close. I want his release.

“I want you to cum for me daddy, I want you to fill me with your cum.”

That sends him over the edge. His hands dig into my hips as he unloads into me, letting out a long moan. He rests inside me for a few seconds before pulling out, pulling my panties back up and my dress down. As I stand, he spins me around and holds my body against his. He kisses me long and deep.

“Good girl.”

I smile and take his hand as he picks my coat off the floor and leads me into the open-space living room. He folds my coat over a chair and sits on another armchair, pulling me into his lap. He runs his hand up and down my leg as his other arm supports my back.

He pecks at my neck and murmurs, “I hope you know I’m not done with you yet. Not even close. I am going to play with you all night.”

I watch his hand sliding up my leg. His cologne an unfailing aphrodisiac. His brown hair tickling my shoulder as his kisses travel down my neck to my chest.

I whisper, “I hope so daddy, I’m aching for you, I want you to fuck me all night.”

He stops.

He raises his head and his lips meet my ear as he whispers, “Do you need to be reminded who you’re here for?”

With one expert move he flips me over his lap so that I’m resting across it belly down, ass sticking out. His hand slips under my dress and hikes it up just over my ass.

He’s louder now, “Well, who are you here for?”

“You, da-”

I’m interrupted with a firm smack across my ass. He yanks my thong down and rubs where he hit.

“That’s right babygirl. And who owns you?”

“You own me daddy.”


“What are you?”

“Your slut.”

“What else?”

“Your fucktoy to use to cum, daddy.”

“You like my cum baby?”

“I love your cum daddy, I love you using me to cum and making me take every drop.”

Smack. Hard.

“You absolute slut. I’m gonna use you baby, gonna use you all night.”


“I’m gonna use all your holes.”


“Fuck, yes daddy use all my holes.”


“Fucking slut, I’m gonna make you beg for it.”


His fingers travel along my glowing red ass, sliding over my asshole, down to my clit.

“Fuck baby you are absolutely soaking, you love getting spanked don’t you.”


It was true. The spanking, the dirty talk, I was being sent over the edge.

“Yes daddy, I love being spanked, please daddy.”

“Please what?”

I knew I couldn’t ask for it. I wanted it, I needed it – and he knew exactly what I wanted.

All I could do was whisper “Please.”

Smack. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri

“You want to be fucked don’t you?”


“You horny little slut”.


His fingers resting on my clit but immobile, I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter, my ass hot and red, my pussy aching, I let out a defeated whimper.

In a haze I whisper, “Daddy, please.”

“Is this what you want babygirl?”, he whispers.

He slowly slides a finger inside me. I let out a long, deep moan. He slowly pushes in deeper, then all the way back out, then in again, twisting his finger inside me. I forget to breathe, my nerves are exploding, I need more. He pulls away and spanks me again.

Pulling my panties back up he says, “Get up.”

I shakily stand, he pulls me back onto his lap so I’m straddling him with my knees on either side.

“Take it off” he orders.

He watches me as I peel my dress off, revealing a black bralette – all lace – exposing my hardened nipples underneath. He pulls me closer to him and his tongue begins to circle around my nipple through the lace. His hands find my sore ass and squeeze it gently as he bites down on my nipple. His hands go up my back to unlatch the bralette and slip it off my shoulders, then return to my ass.

Minutes go by as his tongue flicks at my nipples, sucking and biting at them, switching from one breast to the other. A finger travels to my lips and he orders me to suck it before it returns to my ass. As he teases my breasts, his wet finger rubs at my asshole and I find myself grinding in tune.

He nibbles at my ear, whispering “I own this don’t I?”

His free hand wraps around my neck and holds it tight.

“You are going to please me with your mouth and your ass first, and then you may have me in your pussy. Understand?”

I manage to breathe out a shaky “yes”.

Suddenly his tongue invades my mouth, we kiss as his grip on my throat tightens. He reaches over to a small box resting on the side table and pulls out an anal plug.

“Suck.” he commands, as he holds it to my lips.

I suck on it, getting it wet. His tongue returns to my mouth, kissing me as his hands travel down. He slips my thong to the side and slowly pushes the plug into my ass. The weight of it makes me throb.

“Get on your knees.” he says.

I clamber down to my knees, in nothing but my thong, kicking my heels off. His jeans are already unbuttoned. Looking up at him, I pull them down off his legs along with his boxers. I watch him as he removes his shirt. His body is lean and toned. His chest hair trails down from his sternum to his cock. He is holding his hard cock, stroking it slowly as he looks down at me.

“Lick my balls.”

I eagerly lick at his balls, lapping at them with my tongue, sucking them as I look up at him. I watch him stroke his cock. He watches me please him.

“That’s it baby, good girl. You like that don’t you.”

I reply honestly, “Yes daddy, thank you.”

His hand runs through my hair and pushes my head down.

“Now be a real dirty little whore for daddy.”

I knew what he wanted. It was, at least for me, the height of my submission. I slide my tongue down his balls to his asshole. Circling around with my tongue, his balls resting on my face.

His hand clutches at my hair, “Fuck yes babygirl, that’s it, you perfect little slut.”

Minutes pass as I run my tongue along his balls and asshole, licking, flicking and sucking. My hips sway up and down as I grind against the güvenilir bahis şirketleri weight of the plug inside me. My pussy is aching for a release. Suddenly, he pulls my head up from my hair. His voice is loud and demanding.

“You want my cock baby? Beg for it. Beg for my cock in your mouth.”

I want it. I want it bad. I can’t help but moan.

“Yes daddy please, please fuck my mouth, please let me take it deep in my throat.”

He holds his cock against my mouth, slapping the head on my lips. I continue begging, squirming now.

“Please daddy, let me suck you, I want to feel you in my mouth.”

Suddenly his hand is on my head, pushing me down onto his cock. I take his whole length deep into my throat. He holds me down as I gag on his cock, then pulls me back up by my hair. I cough and splutter as I catch my breath. His grip on my hair tightens.

“Good girl, that’s it, choke on my cock, you ready for more?”

I nod and he pushes me back down onto his cock. He lets go of my hair but I stay, relishing the feeling of his hard shaft in my throat, choking on his length until I need to come up for air. Gasping for breath as his fingers comb my hair away from my face.

“Fuck, yes babygirl, you are my perfect little slut.”

His words make me want more. I suck his cock, moaning around him as my hand strokes up and down his shaft. He reclines back into his chair, leaving me in control now. I suck him, my tongue running up and down his length, my lips wrapped around his shaft, my hand pumping him into my mouth. I can feel him getting closer, I’m hungry for his cum.

“Stop.” he commands, pulling me away from his cock. “Naughty girl, you’re going to make me cum before I use your ass. Get up.”

He rises from the chair and leads me down the hall to his bedroom. As I get on all fours on the bed he peels off my thong and kisses up my legs.

“You are so wet for me babygirl. Do you need daddy to make you cum?”

I know the answer he wants.

“I can’t cum until you cum daddy.”

His kisses trail up higher. “Good girl” he whispers, before his tongue flicks against my clit.

I gasp loud and shudder.

“Shhh baby.” he whispers, holding me at the hips.

He licks at me softly, flicking his tongue on my clit, dipping it inside me as I shake and whimper. He gently removes the anal plug. His tongue travels higher, licking at my asshole, then back down to my clit. Ass to clit his tongue goes as I continue to moan and shake. He gets on his knees behind me.

I beg him, “Please fuck my ass daddy.”

He slowly enters my ass, pushing deep inside me. I moan as he fills me up and fucks me slow.

“Good slut, you love getting your ass fucked. ”

He moans as he fucks me faster, spanking me, using me.

“Fuck, turn around.” he commands.

His cock fills my throat as his hands grip either side of my face, fucking my mouth, thrusting in and out.

“You’re going to take my cum now baby” he moans as I feel his load pour down my throat.

I swallow his cum and lick his cock clean, relishing his load sliding down my throat.

“Good girl.” he whispers.

He lays on the bed and pulls me close to him. He spreads my legs open and plays with me, stroking my clit and fucking me with his fingers. I moan and tremble beneath his skilled hand. He kisses and nibbles at my neck as he climbs on top of me. He lifts my hands over my head and holds me down. His cock fills me. My head rolls back as I moan loud, finally feeling him inside me.

“Shhh that’s it babygirl, take my cock.” he whispers as he fucks me slow.

He watches me as I climb higher and higher, desperate for release.

“Cum baby.” he whispers.

My body explodes into orgasm. He cums soon after me, then pulls me close and kisses me goodnight. “Thank you daddy” I breathe, as I fall into sleep.

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