Humanities 301: A Lesson in Life

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Dan and Mike where students at the same university, and after 3 years they finally crossed paths in Humanities 301. Dan was a very shy, uptight young man, very serious about his studies and his life goals. Mike on the other hand was a performer, and was the resident pretty boy dancer who knew he had the talent to go somewhere big one day. So what, or shall we say who, would be the tie that bound them together that year, and for a life time as they played out the first of many hidden fantasies? It would be the professor, Professor Taglieree.

She was not your average professor, in her late 30’s she had always been sort of an unorthodox teacher, wearing jeans and t-shirts and shorts in the summer when all the others wore stuffy business suits all day. She was real, and in tune with herself and those around her at all times. But most importantly she was open and honest. Some how you just felt free from all judgment in her presence as if for the first time in your young adult life it was okay to truly be yourself.

Her classes were anything but structured, anything but boring, and nothing less than spectacular. They were the classes from college that you would look back on fondly and describe as some of the best, brightest and most fun days of your life. She believed in allowing everyone to find their own full potential-and that couldn’t be done within the bounds of rigid university walls. So she taught pop culture, taking you to see the rocky horror picture show down by the waterfront. We discussed art and humanity under the trees while picnicking in the warm spring breeze. Put on plays from popular hit movies, all kinds of things that you wouldn’t do in any other normal university class.

We called her Ms. T, not Professor Taglieree, and she was our friend first, and our professor second. She knew each one of us in a different way, knew things about us that we wouldn’t share with parents or friends. We shared with her the things that we were afraid to bring to the light of the world yet in our young budding lives.

It was in this all accepting all knowing environment that Dan and Mike would find and explore their love for each other-for each others bodies and minds and for the professor that allowed them to find themselves and know that being together was okay, that it was who they were-not what they were.

As the days progressed and we got to know each other better as a class. And as in all classes, study groups and little cliques started to form, along with lifetime friendships-such as Mike and Dan’s.

When they both were told by the Professor that they each wanted to come out of the closet, but feared being alone and rejected by their peers, she set them up for an instant friendship…and more. They started hanging out and then staying over at each other’s houses on the weekends, and it was after a night of drinking that things came to a head, literally.

After dancing all night in the hot steam of a Latin dance club they returned to Mike’s loft in the barn. He worked as a farm hand in order to put himself through school and to pay for his dancing and acting lessons as well. The loft was sparsely furnished and there was but one double size mattress on the floor with a few strewn pillows and blankets for the boys to share. Of course at 3 am neither of them cared. Hot, sweaty, tired and frankly quite inebriated they fell onto the mattress in a lump.

It was hours later in the light of the early morning that Mike awoke and laid quietly still, watching Dan sleep. He looked at the contour of Dan’s face with its soft jaw and strong cheekbones, followed by a playfully sweet grin just at the corners of the mouth. Mike had never felt this way before, never felt quite so drawn to another guy. He was still quite aware of the affects of the alcohol canlı bahis that they had consumed, still feeling looser, and less inhibited from it than he did in normal daily life.

It was then that he felt his cock start to stiffen, felt the heat start to rise up from under the blankets, the wetting and sticking of the sheet to his head. In that moment he leaned in and kissed the lips of the softly sleeping Dan. He caressed his cheek, and Dan moaned sweetly and softly in a sleepy acceptance.

Mike let his hands take on a life of their own and he reached down and rubbed his hardening rod, while at the same time he slid the other hand under the blanket and down the length of Dan’s beautifully sculpted chest. Finally coming to rest at the hair just above Dan’s cock, he ran his fingers playfully through the mound of soft fuzz. Then hesitantly he reached for the thing he really wanted-the thing he wouldn’t allow himself to admit that he had be longing after for months now…as his hands came to gently rest upon Dan’s cock, he gently caressed it and began to feel its growing approval beneath his touch.

This was more exciting than Mike had ever anticipated, he knew exactly what to do, exactly how to make Dan’s member respond in ecstasy with his hands, just as he knew how to please himself. As he lay there stroking both his own cock and Dan’s he could feel the precum oozing from the head of his own dick while still feeling Dan’s grow with excitement from each and every touch. Dan moaned softly, trying to act as though he was still asleep, but Mike knew that he was very awake.

Dan turned towards Mike and slid the covers down his chest and waist exposing his thighs and cock. And when he saw it for the first time, saw another man’s cock that way in that heated moment of first lust, he knew he had to have it, had to take it within himself in every way he could. It was long, and it swooped up into a beautiful curve at the end as Dan stroked it with his hands. He felt its heat emanating from within and felt it throb in response to each and every one of his touches.

Finally Dan could take no more as he felt the precum rolling down between his knuckles as he stroked the thick cock in his hands-he knew he had to taste it, taste his first cock and he bent and took its quivering head into his hot wet mouth. Mike moaned in approval and clasped his hand over Dan’s cock and began to stroke, and the more he stroked the more Dan sucked and the faster and harder Mike stroked the deeper Dan took Mike’s cock into his mouth until finally they were both ready to explode. Mike tried to tell Dan that he was going to cum, to warn him so he wouldn’t unload in Dan’s mouth but Dan looked up at him with approving soft, boyishly blue eyes and when their eyes met Dan buried Mike’s cock into his throat as far as he could and with a final suck and a final stroke they moaned out in release together as Mike shot his first load of cum down another man’s throat and Dan lapped up every spurt and swallowed his first taste of another man’s cum. The two young men found parts of themselves they didn’t know existed that morning in the predawn light of the old barn loft.

No doubt that first morning in the barn had been an awakening for them both, a start of a new and exciting chapter in their lives. And each of them secretly hoped that the other would not renege and blame the alcohol once the sobering light of day had dawned. Each of the boys secretly eager to explore more of the hidden pleasures within the other’s body of treasures, their minds rushing full of thoughts of what might come next between them. Both of them locked in lustful fantasy and yearning desire to feel more of what they just had, more of this new awaking and empowering feeling-of finally being free enough to let go and let what bahis siteleri would be just be.

As the days grew longer and spring faded into summer the young men’s sexual relationship grew, as did their fondness for one another. They attended classes and discussed afterwards with Professor Taglieree the wonderful freedom they’d each found waiting within the other.

While seeing The Rocky Horror Picture Show with the class one evening at midnight in the Narrows Theater, they both became aroused as the scene of the cross-dressing-dark-haired-red-lipped-male-lead took the screen dressed in black negligee. And in the darkness of the theater their hands once again found each other’s bodies and started a flame that would burn into the early morning once again.

As Professor Taglieree sat to the left and a seat apart from them and the class discussed the innuendos of the film together she couldn’t help but notice the couple as they drew closer to one another. She was very excited to see that she had indeed found each of them a fruitful friendship. She was quite turned on to think about what it must have been like to see their first look and first taste and touch of each other’s body. To see something so taboo happen before her eyes would be better than any fantasy she could ever dream.

That morning as the guys returned to the loft again they explored even more of each other than they had before. By the time they entered the loft door, kissing and ripping buttons open and shirts off one another they knew that this would be the night that they crossed completely over, into a world of sexual pleasures they’d never known before.

As Mike slid his hand into Dan’s Levi’s he found that Dan had been quite aroused at the theater, for he could now feel the sticky, slimy trail of pre-cum that laced the inside fabric of the jeans. To know that he had excited Dan to this point while surrounded by other people drove Mike wild. To know that all that time Dan had been going commando in his button-fly-501’s, turned him hotter than he had ever been before.

Mike had to have Dan’s cock in his mouth then, at that very instant. So for the first time he swallowed Dan down and felt the hardness and heat of his lover’s member as it slid deeper and deeper down within his throat. He sucked and licked and teased it to oblivion and when Dan could take no more Mike raised his head from Dan’s cock and asked him to blow his load deep in his mouth. He wanted to swallow it, to taste every last drop. And Dan was more than happy to oblige.

Mike finished swallowing Dan down; Dan withdrew from his mouth and lay on the bed to rest. Mike then came up and straddled Dan’s face with his thighs and feed his cock inch-by-inch-by-inch into Dan’s hot, awaiting mouth. But this time when Mike began to be fully erect and aroused to that first tingle of impending cum, he pulled himself completely free of Dan’s mouth. He was ready to explore more of his lover’s body; he stood and raised Dan from the bed. He walked up behind him and began to fully lean his naked body against Dan’s. Dan thrust his hips back against Mike’s hard member and with that Mike put his hand on the back of Dan’s neck and bent him forward over the bed.

When Mike took up position behind his lover he could feel the heat of Dan’s ass as he licked and slid a finger deep inside it. He could hear Dan moan with excitement and feel his body jerk with anticipation and need. Mike leaned forward and kissed Dan’s neck and then he grabbed both of Dan’s shoulders as he licked his neck and thrust his long, thick, hard cock up inside his lover’s body, up inside the dark, previously unexplored tunnel of carnal knowledge.

Dan screamed out with a mix of both pleasure and pain and Mike slid the full length of his member deep inside bahis şirketleri Dan’s hole as Dan himself stroked his cock furiously and screamed out for Mike to fuck his ass, and to fuck it hard and fast. Mike could take no more of that talk and he quickly blew his hot cum-load deep between the tight ass cheeks of his lover. When he pulled his cock from deep inside Dan’s body, Dan’s mouth was there to happily greet it and suck every remaining smidgeon of cum from it tasting his own ass as he did.

Then without a word he laid Mike down across the bed and he lay on top of him belly to belly and slid his hot dripping cock up inside of Mike’s tight ass. As Mike moaned out in acceptance and asked for more, the young men came together simultaneously once again.

As the class progressed so did the young men’s relationship. And for that they knew that Professor T was to thank. So the boys decided to do just that-find a way to thank her for bringing them out, and together.

They knew that she was a very sexually open person from their long coffee house conversations. They knew that she had once been with a man in college who was finding out that he was indeed bisexual. And that instead of running from it as many women would, she was actually intrigued and turned on by it, hoping that she would get to have a chance to be with her lover and one of his new friends, but it was not to be. Her greatest fantasy was yet to be lived out.

So one evening after their play practice the boys invited her to go out with them for a drink to relax and celebrate their having a great rehearsal that evening, Mike of course was the lead in the production and felt that he and the Professor definitely deserved it.

The threesome laughed and joked as usual as they relaxed with their drinks and had a great evening, then Mike invited both Professor Taglieree and Dan back to the loft to have the first look at his newest painting.

When the Professor who was the last to arrive made her way up the stairs and into the loft, she knew that she was there for much more than to view a painting. There were vanilla candles glowing everywhere around the room, and the bed in the one room loft was draped in zebra print velour. The whole room was drenched in the rich warmth of sexual anticipation.

As each of them took a seat on the bed Dan and Mike began to make Professor T’s wildest fantasies come to life before her very eyes as she watched the young men embrace and kiss tenderly. As they began to loose a shirt here, jeans there, and more the Professor could feel the heat building between her legs. She could feel her wetness start to spread and as she watched Dan take mike deep inside himself she couldn’t help but gasp out with excitement, touching herself as she watched them pleasure each other to the fullest.

Thinking then that the treat of the night was over and she’d had seen what they had brought her there to experience Professor Taglieree stood and went to thank both of the young men with a peck, and say her goodbyes-little did she know that minutes later she would be the one laying on the bed striped naked of all her clothes and her inhibitions as well. And these two young men would fulfill every last one of lifelong fantasies She had the chance to take two young hard cocks into her mouth at once, and to be eaten by one while she blew the other.

She was fucked from behind by each of the boys, Dan fucked her pussy while Mike fucked Dan’s ass and then Mike fucked Professor T’s ass while Dan fucked Mike’s ass. The three moved together in the rhythm of a well-oiled machine, both giving and receiving pleasures in triplicate. To top it all off Mike lay back on the bed and took the professor atop himself while Dan mounted her from the top and together the two beautiful young men made a thank you sandwich of their trusted friend and advisor, the Professor who they would always owe their newly found lives-lives of acceptance and happiness and belief in themselves and who they were-not what they were.

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