Hitch Hikers Two

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I suppose you can call this a prequel as well as a sequel to a middle part of my life and Tom’s as related in the story of the Hitchhikers. Tom and I are lovers, male lovers and we make love to each other as only men can, so if this turns you off you might as well close the book now.

I am now twenty four years of age, fair haired, blue eyed and stand just a shade under six feet in my socks. I weigh in around one hundred and ninety pounds and am well built having toned up my arm and shoulder muscles as well as my thighs by my swimming. You wouldn’t have thought this twelve years ago when my sexual experiences began, being somewhat on the skinny side and having found out that the thing between my legs had more uses than for just peeing through. It would get hard at seeing a half naked breast and I would have an ache in my balls that I found I could only relieve by using my hand until I could come and splatter the handkerchief that also became stiff and hard after too much use.

I didn’t dare put this into the laundry basket for my mother to find and ask why was it in that condition, so I would throw it away and say later that I had lost it somewhere. I began to get quite a supply of these as presents because of this habit of mine of constantly losing them.

I lived in a small town where my father owned a drugstore and mother used to work with him, both having gone through school and university together before getting married. They obtained their degrees to become pharmacists and with help from both their parents, got enough money to open their own store. I came along a few years later and they were satisfied with the one child and I must say, gave me a good grounding in my education as I grew up.

I learnt to swim in a pond that was in a meadow just outside of town and this was where I spent most of my summer holidays. An old elm tree grew on the edge and some past boys had rigged a rope up to a convenient bough so that one could swing out from the bank to land right in the middle of the water and then learn to swim back to the bank. A friend of mine, Darren, would come with me and there we would go skinny dipping and then lie out in the sun to dry off afterwards. He was two years older than me and it was with him that I learned more about sex than any book can tell you.

We had no modesty at that age and with the pond being so isolated, swam naked and stayed that way the whole time there, lying on the grass when not swimming. We talked, as boys do about everything under the sun, including girls and then jerk off when we became aroused and even to do it to each other. So I got quite used to holding somebody else’s cock in my hand quite early on in life, to move the flesh under my hand, feeling the strength and watch the sperm shoot out as he writhed under my touch.

With him being older, he started to date girls before I did and when we lay there in the sun he would relate in detail all that he and the current girl friend had done together and would also boast of the sex he’d had with them. I believed him and asked how did he go about it, getting her ready and willing to have sex. The technique, he told me was in the way you kissed and spoke to the girl. Well show me I demanded of him and that’s where it all started for me to be as I am now.

‘Okay. Let’s pretend you are the girl,’ he began and you must remember that we are both lying there naked in the sun in this secluded patch of grass by the pond.

‘You begin by stroking her hair,’ which he proceeded to do to me, ‘saying that it must have been spun from some silken machine for it to be as fine as this. You gently brush it away from her forehead before gently kissing her there.’

He was doing this to me as he spoke, kissing me just below the hair line before kissing me on the lips. I didn’t move as I accepted that first kiss but my body began to react, getting a hard on as he moved his body closer to mine.

‘Your eyes are of a shade of blue that I’ve never seen before in any painting by the Masters,’ kissing me on the eyelids before kissing me on the mouth again. His body was slowly moving half across mine and I could feel that he too had a hard on.

‘We kiss like this for some time, while I’m letting her feel that I’ve got a cock that’s as hard as a rock wanting to be used. If she responds to your words and kisses, you know that you’ll get what you want in the end.’

This took place at the beginning of the holidays, and as we went swimming every day together, he told me more as his relations with his present girl friend developed. He couldn’t wait to tell me one morning that she had actually sucked on his cock the night before.

‘It was the greatest thing I’ve ever known,’ he exclaimed, his eyes shining as we climbed out of the pool to dry off. ‘Look! I’ve even got another hard on just thinking about it.’

‘Do you want me to jerk you off?’ I asked reaching out for him.

‘No, not yet. Let me tell you, it was terrific.’

‘Well tell me for Christ’s sake!’ I said. ‘I’m getting a hard on in anticipation.’

‘I can’t! It’s indescribable, but casino siteleri I can show you.’ His eyes lit up at the thought he’d just had. ‘But if I do it to you, you’ll have to do it to me afterwards, okay, it’s only fair?’ To this I agreed, my erection now beginning to hurt at the thought of having it sucked.

‘Right. I’ll play the part of the girl and you’ve got to kiss me and talk to get me to do it okay?’ To this I also agreed and he lay back and gave me a smile as I leaned into him and kissed him. This took some time and I enjoyed kissing him before I moved so that I was fully on top of him, squashing our erections between us. He then slowly, after a while of deep kissing, began to roll me off of him so that I was then on my back for him to kiss me.

He kissed my lips first and then moved down to my throat and chest, moving slowly downwards and across my stomach, still kissing me and I felt his hand take hold of my hard and rigid piece of flesh. I was trembling in anticipation as I felt his kisses move to the side of it and then felt his hot breath blow across the top of my erection. Then I experienced that thrill of having a mouth take in the head of my cock and begin to suck and lick it. I was in heaven having it sucked, tongued and tickled by another mouth, not caring whether it was male or female giving me this pleasure.

‘I’m…I’m going to come,’ I gasped as I felt it begin to build up before the surge that would soon be coming up that thin tube inside my penis.

‘Let it go,’ was the quick reply from Darren, releasing me briefly for me to feel the cold air waft round the head before being engulfed again in the heat of his mouth. So I let my head fall back onto the grass and bucked my hips as I came, his lips firmly clamped around the head of my cock as I sent out my stream to fill his mouth. Then incredibly, well to me then, he swallowed it all without letting me go from his mouth until he had sucked all that was to come from the eye of my cock.

Then came that cold air again as he let go of me to roll over onto his back and I just lay there in a state of euphoria at having the most incredible experience of my short life up to that point.

‘Well? What do you think of that then?’ I heard Darren say as if from a great distance. ‘Can you describe what you have just experienced?’

‘No,’ I gasped.

‘That’s why I could only do it to show you exactly how I felt. Now when you’re ready, it’s my turn to have the same done to me,’ he said. So after several minutes while I screwed up the courage, I finally rolled over and kissed him and began the downward journey to my fate. His chest was hairless like mine and only had the similar sparse hairs at the crotch and then I was faced with his erection that lay like a sausage on the lower end of his stomach. I could see the head peeking out from the stretched foreskin, pink and glistening and watched it twitch as I took it in my hand. I didn’t close my eyes and I could see his balls contract inside the sac as I took the head of his cock into my mouth. It throbbed and pulsated as the foreskin slid right back so that it was pure flesh I had and I ran my tongue round this rubbery knob and sucked, letting my saliva work its way round the head to make it easier to suck upon. I used my hand to work the skin of his erection up and down that hard flesh beneath and felt his thighs quiver as I did so. He was so keyed up at what he knew would happen that it didn’t take me long in using my hand and mouth before I heard give out a warning gasp.

‘I’m coming Chris, I’m coming now,’ and he began to buck as I had and I felt the extra little bit of stiffening in the hand held cock and the throbbing increase as the underside sperm tube swelled and he came in a great burst of come into my waiting mouth. It came in several gouts, lesser each time but there was enough for me to hold until he stopped momentarily for me to close my eyes and swallow that mixture that had collected in my mouth. It didn’t seem to taste of anything I have ever had in my mouth before and wasn’t unpleasant at all. I then kept on sucking at the last few drops that came out as I squeezed it to the top of his penis and then giving him finally a kiss on the tip of his cock before falling back to lie beside him.

‘That…that was incredible,’ he said leaning up on his elbow. ‘That was better than I got last night! You sure you haven’t done this before?’ he asked with a big smile on his face.

‘No, and as you say, it was incredible. I enjoyed both, very much indeed.’

As I well and truly did. For the first time I had sucked on another man’s cock, the fact that we were still boys didn’t come into it. We had the balls and the cocks to prove that we were men and I had loved the feel of that throbbing flesh between my lips and feel the power that I was controlling inside my mouth. The heat and the pulse that increased as he had come and I was proud that I had swallowed it without spitting it out. I couldn’t wait to have the same experience again. From that day on I loved the feel of a hot throbbing piece of flesh first in my hand that canlı casino I knew I was going to taste and have in my mouth.

We now did this every afternoon and I gloried and revelled at having him suck on me but the best was when I was doing it to him. Until the day came when he gave me the news that he had finally got to fuck the girl.

‘Well? Come on! Tell me,’ I cried, agog to hear of how he did it to a girl.

We lay there wet from the pool as he tried to describe what he had felt in doing it and said that it was as hard to describe as it had been when trying to explain about cocksucking. So it came about that he would fuck me and I would then be able to do it to him. I played the girl again as we kissed there naked on the grass and then after a bit of sucking on his erection, he rolled me over onto my stomach and pulled me up onto my knees.

‘This is the only way we can do it as we don’t have the same number of holes that a girl has, but there’s not a lot of difference except that I think we will be a bit tighter.’ I heard him spit on his hand and guessed that it was for lubrication as I trembled there on my knees, looking down at the grass as I felt him put one hand on my hip and then feel the touch of the head of his erection to the hole of my arse.

‘Are you ready for this?’ he asked, as I could feel the tip of his cock nuzzling my rear entrance.

‘Yes,’ I said, tensing up and he then slapped me on the cheek of my bum telling me to relax as I felt him try to push inside me and found that I was resisting him. Another slap did the right thing and I relaxed and then the head of his erection was suddenly inside me. What a feeling that was in spite of the pain of that first entry before the whole length of him slid inside and his thighs came up to rest against my bum.

Wow. I nearly freaked out at the multitude of feelings that surged through my body at his penetration and filling of me from the rear. I positively drooled at the feeling of that throbbing cock inside me, pulsating in time with his heart beat and making my own cock rise up harder than I’d ever known it as I had his power inside me creating all kinds of turmoil in my mind. Then he began to move and I could feel every vein and ridge of his erect penis as he began to shaft me, only pulling back far enough the let the head of his cock start to expand the entrance for me to feel before plunging back and buffeting me with his body as he fucked me. Both hands were now on my hips as he moved in and out of me, ramming harder and harder at me as he approached his climax and then held me tighter than he had ever done before as only his hips moved as he came, shooting his stuff up inside me.

Even now, twelve years later I can remember with great clarity that feeling of having the first cock up inside me that sent me up to heaven with all the wonderful sensations that coursed through my body at that time, especially when he came. I think I shot half my load before I got a chance to do the same to him which I did a few minutes after he pulled out of me. That in itself was rather an event for I experienced such a loss as he left me, my ring expanded to its utmost and had that feeling of loss as it contracted back to its normal size.

I was in love! Not with Darren especially, but with the erect male organ, be it in my mouth or up inside me, I loved the feel and texture and the thrill that one could give me. This was even before I got to know what it was like to have a woman, and I must say that it was a disappointment to say the least. Yes I loved the softness of a woman’s breast and the small hands that made my cock look bigger than it was, but to stick myself inside a female had no comparison to doing it to the rear end of a male. But it was that a woman didn’t have that flesh that I could get my teeth around, to scratch and then suck on solid muscle and have the end result come into my mouth for me to savour before swallowing. Or use it where I wanted it most, up inside me to ream and pleasure me as well as quell the fire that the sight of one aroused up the desire within my body.

Needless to say, Darren and I for the rest of the summer, sucked and fucked each other like there was no tomorrow, and I loved every minute of the holidays. Summer finished and it was back to school and how I missed those days by the pond, having Darren kiss me and letting me suck his erection before having him put it inside me. We did manage the odd evening but he was really getting into the girls and so I was left out in the cold. It seemed an eternity before the summer came round again and we would spend time swimming and having sex, me taking more than I was giving.

I lost him when he turned sixteen and went off to college and so I was without friend and sex and as yet, still not been with a girl. I was now fourteen and had grown till I was just an inch or two under my height now. I had started to fill out body wise also what with my swimming so I looked quite good when I was in a swimming costume at the school pool. I filled my costume very well and by winning many races started to get some kaçak casino attention from the girls. I could see that when I walked along the edge of the pool, the first thing they looked at was my tackle that made quite a bulge in my costume. Then they would look at my face and start to talk after having a giggle and a few whispers behind raised hands to their mouths.

I am quite shy as a person and I couldn’t pluck up the courage to ask one of them out on a date so it was some time before I got to know one of them. She was in my class and she shyly stopped at my desk one day and asked me if I could help her with her chemistry studies as she was falling behind in her grades. This was my best subject and to have a girl ask me to help was a boost to my ego. Her name was Mary-Ann and had a nice bust for her age and had blond hair like me but was much prettier. I agreed and suggested the next Thursday night as this was when my parents had the drug store open late and we could study without interruption.

She knew where I lived and at six on that evening, she knocked at the door and I let her in and took her books from her to carry them into the parlour.

‘This is a nice house you’ve got,’ she said somewhat nervously. She had her hair tied up in a pony tail and she wore a kind of tank top that left her mid section bare and a short skirt.

‘Can you show me round?’ Well there’s not much you can show anybody of a three bedroom house they all being much the same, but I did anyway.

‘Which is your room,’ she asked when we got upstairs, so I showed her, pleased that I am a really tidy person. She went in and looked round at the posters on the walls and made a point of studying the books on the shelf before sitting down on the bed.

‘This is a lovely room,’ she said, having a little bounce on the bed. ‘Come and sit down and tell me what else you like to do apart from swimming. I like to watch you when you’re swimming. You move more like a fish than a man.’ Flattered, I went and sat down next to her, feeling the heat radiating from the closeness of her thigh to mine.

‘Also, you don’t swagger down the side of the pool like some of the others, and,’ she gave a little giggle, ‘you fill the costume out better too.’ I started to get a hard on at these words and I glanced down and could see it beginning to move the front of my shorts that I was wearing. She noticed it too for she then spoke in a small and coy voice.

‘Would you like to kiss me?’

‘Yes, I would,’ I replied, trying to keep the tremble out of my voice, as this would be my first kiss with a girl. I leaned in and kissed those soft lips, not knowing where to put my hands as with Darren, we’d always been lying down flat. Mary-Ann solved that by taking hold of the sides of my head and holding me close as we kissed, then slowly fell back to be flat on the bed.

That first kiss was delicious and I went in for more which she wanted too and then I felt her hand take mine and slide it up under the tank top to let it rest on one firm breast with the nipple in my palm, hard as a nut.

‘Rub it,’ she whispered in between kisses and when I did so, her hand went down and started to rub my erection through my shorts.

‘Wow, you are big,’ she murmured and then slipped her hand inside the top of the shorts and grasped me. I couldn’t help but give out a groan as she squeezed it and then she moaned as I gave her breast a squeeze back.

‘Let’s do this properly,’ she said, breaking off the kissing and letting go of me to sit up. She swiftly pulled her top up over her head for me to see those wonderful tight breasts, one of which I’d already felt. She then pulled up the bottom of my T shirt and I lifted my arms for her to take it off completely. Then she stood up and undid the clip of her skirt so that it fell in a heap at her feet and I then could see her neat triangle of hair at the top of her legs as she wasn’t wearing any panties. I began to sweat at the sight and didn’t resist as she pulled me up from the bed and tugged down my shorts. My cock bounced free and caught her alongside the face as she went down to help get my feet out of the shorts. She was on her knees now looking first at my swaying erection only inches from her eyes before she looked up at me.

‘This is some weapon you’ve got here Chris,’ but I don’t think she noticed me blushing for she moved her head forward and took me into her mouth. It was hot and soft as Darren’s as her tongue traced round the head as she gave out a sucking sound as she took in some breath around it before her lips clamped on tight as she bobbed her head back and forth on it.

‘No Mary-Ann,’ I cried. ‘Not too much. Let’s put it where it really belongs.’

She released me and came upright with a smile on her face and got onto the bed and lay back, beads of perspiration were on her face and between her breasts as I got on the bed with her. My cock was now really throbbing and my balls were aching as I rolled her over and brought her up onto her knees. I got between her legs and then pushed myself inside her and she gave out a scream. She was tight and I loved the feel of my cock sliding in till our thighs met. I didn’t want to wait too long because I didn’t think I would be able to hold out too long this being my first fuck with a girl, so I started to move myself in and out of her.

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