Hilton Head PGA

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Every year my boyfriend and I, along with a small group of friends, would attend the PGA tournament here at Harbor Town on Hilton Head Island. It is always a huge event and we enjoy getting out and being social.

One year me and girl friend were in line to get more drinks and these three college guys from the University of South Carolina started flirting with us. I had been drinking for a while and get pretty horny so I played along. They were Chris, Steven and Eric. All were very fit and turned out to be seniors. They were pretty smooth talkers too. On a whim, I gave them my number.

We made it back to our boyfriends and I told David, my boyfriend, about my adventure and he just grinned. He told me a hot milf like me should be careful or I could end up full of college cock. I laughed and said I only wish.

A couple of hours later I got a text from one of them asking if I want to hang out. I showed it to David and he said lets have some fun. I texted him that I would have something for him and his friends later and we headed home.

Once home, David initiated a group text with each of them and me. He had me start sexting them and surprise, I got the first dick pic. Honestly it was pretty impressive. Eight inches, thick and clean shaven. That was it, David started having me strip and taking pictures. Then texting them. Soon I was getting pics and video clips from each of them as they stroked their cocks. They all had nice sized cocks and I was dripping at this point. David was sending videos of me fingering my pussy as I was texting how much I wanted to suck and fuck their young college illegal bahis cocks. I came so many times just imagining them all taking turns fucking me.

Then to my surprise, David sends a text telling where to meet us. It was a gas station down the street. They agreed to be there in half an hour.

David told me to get ready while he drove to meet them. He knew I loved cock and he himself was turned on by the idea of seeing me get gang banged. I was turned on by the idea too.

I showered and simply put on a bath robe while having another drink to calm my excited nerves as I waited.

45 minutes later, the front door opened and in walked David along with the four young men. They sat around the living room and David fixed each of us a drink. We chatted and joked for a while, but the tension was too much.

David walked into the room with camera in hand and asked me stand in the middle of our living room. I did and slowly began removing my robe as David was shooting video. I was going around the room asking each young man I he liked my MILF pussy and tits? If each had been jacking off thinking about fucking me? One by one they each replied and began stripping, with some help from me of course. Each was on his feet with hard young cock in hand in no time and I was nervous.

Looking to David, he nodded and I dropped to my knees motioning for the young men to surround me. I now had three rock hard cocks available to me and I was dripping a puddle on the tile floor. One by one I began sucking and stroking their cocks. Each felt so good in my hand and in my mouth. Each was moaning and illegal bahis siteleri Chris was very vocal about how good I sucked cock. That opened the gates. Each of them began telling me what a good cock sucking milf and cock whore I was. This turned me on even more. And knowing David was filming it all made me desperate for their young cocks.

After a few minutes Steven said he wanted to taste my pussy and I was ready. I moved to an armchair and laid on my back. Steven went crazy licking, sucking and fingering my pussy as Chris and Eric stood by stroking their cocks. I came almost instantly and squirted onto Steven’s face. He just licked it up.

I moaned saying now I needed to be fucked and bent over the chair presenting my ass to the group of young men. Eric quickly stepped up and I could feel his bulging cock head press into my aching pussy. Inch by inch he filled me till his balls where against my slit. He started fucking me with long slow stroke. Almost pulling his full length from my then shoving himself fully into my dripping cunt. Fucking me with more force with each stroke. Chris and Steven brought their cocks to my lips and I began sucking one then the other.

Each young man was talking to me. Eric saying he loved my pussy and how tight I felt, how wet I was. Both Chris and Steven encouraged me to take their cocks deeper down my throat and I did. Deepthroating each of them. Eric pulled out of me, not wanting to cum yet and I moved onto the floor.

Chris moved between my legs and looking me in the eyes shoved his dick balls deep into my wet snatch with one hard thrust. canlı bahis siteleri He began fucking me hard and fast. Eric and Steven stood by stroking their cocks as Chris ravaged my MILF pussy. Telling me what a hot whore I was and how much he loved fucking me knowing I just wanted cock. Again, I came in no time. Chris moaned and pulled his cock from my pussy just in time to shoot his thick load across my tits and tummy. I quickly moved my knees to lick and suck his cock clean. He tasted so good on my tongue.

Instantly, Steven had his manhood inside me and was fucking me doggy style as he held my hips pulling me to him with each thrust. Chris moved aside and I told Eric to get his cock over here and fuck my mouth. There I was being spit roasted by a two college studs and loving it. Having one cock pounding my pussy as I deepthroated the other had me moaning and set off another orgasm.

Suddenly, almost in unison Steven and Eric both started to fill me with their cum. Eric’s cum was filling my mouth and dripping onto the floor and as Steven held his cock deep inside me, filling my pussy with his load. It was great just knowing I had satisfied these three young men.

I licked each of their cocks clean and laying on the floor covered in cum and cum dripping my slit thanked them for fucking me.

David left to take them back to their car but took the camera. I quickly bathed and got into bed. When David returned and hooked the camera to the TV and started the video. He stripped and got into bed. We watched the video and I told him how much I loved each cock and how it felt being fucked by them. He was stroking his cock and telling me how hot I looked.

Before long we were fucking and watching the video. David calling me his cock whore and filling my pussy with his load. He is right, I am a cock whore and I am his.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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