Fantasy Bath

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The water is hot…the kind that stings the skin as it adjusts to the temperature. But it’s soapy and slick, just the way I like it, so I sigh and slide down a little deeper. It feels decadent to be hiding away in here. Just my thoughts and my naked skin. It isn’t long before my hand begins to roam. It slides up over the curve of my hip and dives into the nest of hair between my legs. I am addicted to playing with it, tugging it and running my fingers through it. It feels especially wonderful in the water, rising up to stand on it’s own accord.

One solitary thought forms. I wonder what it would feel like to have my own cock? Would I be able to keep my hands from it? I lick my lips at the thought. “Damn those boys have it good,” I giggle. My laughter is broken and turns into a sigh as my fingers find my clit…that glorious little nub that if only bigger, more engorged, would be like a mini cock. I can’t help but let my mind wander. I try and picture my perfect cock and imagine it rising out of the water as I will it to life with the most lust-filled thoughts.

Suddenly you are there with me, lounging against the other side of the bath, legs intertwined with mine. You raise an eyebrow at me as you take in the sight before you; lips fighting a grin.

“My fantasy,” I answer back.

“That’s a fine looking cock you have there.”

“It is,” I say proudly.

“Have you touched it yet?” you ask.

“Nah uh. I’m afraid it might disappear,” I answer honestly.

Your forehead creases as you consider my predicament. “Well how about I touch it for you?” And suddenly your hand is there, coming up through the water to encircle the base.

The sensation solidifies in rush of wet, tight heat and I gasp. “Fuck-” It’s too real and for a second I want to push you away.

“Close your eyes for me.” Your voice is there, soothing me.

I let my lashes drift down as I bite my lip. At this point I am all senses. I don’t think about seeing a woman’s body attached to a cock, I canlı bahis think about my cock. The one I have been fantasizing about for years. Your hand feels softer in the water than it should and for a moment I have the harder, masculine body. My inner boy wants out, I muse.

I feel you move, your hairy legs scratching along side my own as you rearrange yourself to lean over me. My hands grasp the sides of the tub just knowing that your mouth is in close proximity as your other hands takes up my balls and suddenly there is a new sensation in the mix…an electrifying one. Suck it..lick it…anything. I feel a restless tingle began in my balls and thrum up through the shaft and I have an overwhelming urge to bury it inside something…a fist, a mouth, an ass.

“You can say it,” you urge as if reading my thoughts.

“Swallow it.” I say in an almost foreign voice.

You do. Not in the way you gently tongue and lick my pussy but in an all consuming, intense suction where my entire erogenous zone is inside your body. One minute I am aching, untouched and the next you have the entire length of me lodged in your mouth and throat. Without a single thought I have my hands in your hair holding you there, pulling you down further. In that moment I understand how all consideration flies out the window in that kind of singular pleasure. More. Deeper. Swallow. You are resisting against my hands and over power me as you pull off my length with a roar.

My eyes are open now, watching your wild, wet eyes and erratic struggle for breath. I don’t apologize. Instead I have one thought thrumming through my cock. Ass. Yours. Now. “Give it to me,” I lick my lips and verbalize my need.

Without hesitation you are turning, your wet, dripping ass suddenly in front of me for the taking. Sitting up, I pull my legs up and position myself behind you. In our movement, one of us releases the plug and through the haze of my lust I hear water draining. Your asshole looks delicious wet. I bend and dart my tongue around bahis siteleri it…inside of it, loving the taste and smell of you. In moments I will have my flesh buried in here. I want to savor everything but at the same time I want to stuff my cock in every inch of you that’s willing to take me.

As if caught up in the same current you wiggle against me to shake me lose. “Fuck it already. You know you want to.” I love that you talk to me like I’m a guy…no pretty talk or passion…just carnal lust. It ratchets my desire up higher. Something snaps inside me and I am lost to what I was.

“Give your hole a quick fuck for me…jam a couple fingers in and do what you can.” I know without a doubt the second I am inside you I will lose it. It’s so strange to me to feel on the edge before the action has really begun. I reach down and intuitively squeeze my balls to bring myself back a notch. I am turned on in ways that I have never experienced before. Never in my life had I ever had to pull myself back. If anything I was always reaching…chasing that final threshold. “Son of a bitch…I’m about to blow here,” I say in awe.

“Now you know how I feel,” you laugh, giving your asshole a few double-fingered pumps.

Insanity. My cock was leading the way, causing me to pull your hands away from the entrance they were blocking. My cock head is there, kissing the darker wet skin of your anus. CONTACT. This is it, I think…finally!

“Lube!” You shout out, knowing you’re about to be slam-fucked.

I shake out of my haze and spot a container of coconut oil I use for shaving. Grabbing up the jar, I twist the lid off, sending it clattering to the floor and scoop a large amount of the whitish slick onto my fingers. I push them inside of you and groan, my cock lurching against your ass cheek. Pulling my fingers free I smear the remaining lube onto my shaft and line my cock up with your glistening pucker. All I want is to see it stretched tight around me…to know I’m inside of you. One hand on your hip bahis şirketleri I whisper, “Brace yourself.”

“Own it, stretch it, fuck it…it’s your-“

I lunge inside in a single thrust. We both groan out simultaneously. Lodged inside of you I try and gain control over the intense riptide spiraling up my cock. “Fucking…fuck!” It’s beyond tight…every movement and breath you take I feel. I have no choice but to grab hold of you for leverage and let loose. I’m not sure where my strength is coming from but I am pounding into you with such a force your body is struggling for balance. “God damn you feel good,” I grunt out, sending my cock in harder each time, loving the feel of your ass cheeks slapping against my pelvis. “I can feel it building…I…oh shit…oh fuckkkkk!” It’s there…my orgasm grabs hold of me coalesces in a burst off intense pleasure. Seconds later my cock is spasming, sending jet after jet of my cum deep into your ass.

The experience is transcendent and leaves me breathless. I come to slumped over your back, soft groans of my residual pleasure leaving my lips. I can feel my cock soften enough to slide free easily as I sit up. I’m left staring at the sight of my cum seeping from your asshole. “Wow…I did that,” I mumble, studying the loose skin that only minutes earlier was a tight, rosebud. I stick my finger in an pull it out, bringing the shiny digit up to my mouth for a taste. “Oh god…”

“Like that, did you?” You swing your head around to meet my gaze with a satisfied shit eating grin on your face.

I smack your ass playfully. “You bet your well fucked ass I did.” Then I frown…well pout actually. I feel strangely like…myself. I look down and see the glistening lips of my pussy instead of a shriveling cock. “Damn…”

Turning around you resume your original position lounging against the tub. Now it’s your hard cock I see springing up between us. Different from mine but still MINE…my pussy clenches in response to seeing you straining and dripping precum. A different kind of need settles over me and I smile up at you. “Well…at least one of us has one we can play with,” I wink as I lean down to swallow you whole, setting the whole dance in motion again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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