Erectile Dysfunction Pt. 02

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Erectile Dysfunction, Part 2

by The Big Bopper

Continuing this story, as related to me by the wife of a longtime buddy of mine, how the two of them dealt with a problem that will likely face one in every six men over the age of 70. Rob and Evelyn’s story is an insight into the extreme methods ordinary people may feel driven to in pursuit of maintaining a harmonious marriage to the end.

The dangerous choice this couple made for help is not a panacea for every couple faced with this predicament, but my writing about it is a serious attempt to show how severely the loss of erections can affect an otherwise loving relationship.

The preamble to Part One of this true story fully explains the couple’s predicament so I won’t repeat it all again. If you need catching up, check the start of Part 1. Needless to say, the erectile dysfunction that befalls Rob could happen to any of us … maybe it has to some readers. Those of us who haven’t should thank our lucky stars.

In researching this story, my buddy and his wife opened their hearts out to me by providing their intimate details for me to write. To ensure I covered their tale from all angles, I did ask to meet the male surrogate Terry. He was hesitant at first, but once I was able to confirm that I wouldn’t use his full name, he generously gave me his input too. His story is interspersed with Evelyn’s in this part.

Read on…

Terry’s Story starts...

Strange that I’d never played a round of golf with Rob in the two years I’d been a member. When we eventually were teamed in a foursome, he came across as such a nice guy, way more outgoing than me. I can be a bit quiet, reserved until I get to know everybody, happy to sit back and let others do all the talking. Despite our contrasting characters, Rob and I clicked.

We played together again the following week and afterwards, Rob invited me to join he and his wife Evelyn for dinner on the weekend. When my wife Jean died, so did my social life. The many couples we saw a lot, didn’t invite me to join them any more. Had they been our friends more for her than me? I happily accepted Rob’s invitation, although a day later, I switched the location to my home so I could try my newly acquired cooking skills out on them.

I’d seen a photo of Evelyn that Rob carried in his wallet so I already knew her to be quite beautiful. But, when I opened my front door to my guests on Saturday evening, I was taken aback by the mature woman who stood alongside my new buddy. About 5’6″, a redhead … she probably colours it now given her age, but who cares? She must work out, there’s no excess weight. A great figure, with curves in all the right places. Stunning for her age.

The evening could not have gone better. The meal went down well, the wine flowed and there was no lack of conversation. An observer would have thought we’d known each other for years. I didn’t want the night to end, although something odd occurred about 11pm. When Evelyn excused herself to go to the bathroom, I offered Rob a port to round out the night.

I went to my bar in the living room. From where I stood to pour our drinks, I could see down the hallway to the bathroom and bedrooms. Evelyn came out of my bathroom, but instead of returning to us, she turned into my bedroom. I was curious, why would she go in there? I quietly headed down the hallway to peep into my own bedroom.

Evelyn’s back was to me, affording an extra chance for me to check her out from behind; her arse looked great in that dress. She appeared to be staring at my bed, but why? Then, she turned to open the drawer in my bedside table. What did I have in there … a tube of lube for making my cock slippery enough to wank off (I do it most nights in my lonely existence), some Cialis tablets and the packet of condoms I’d needed to buy to use while dating the lawyer.

I chose not to barge in and ask what she was looking for, returning instead to her husband in the dining room, suggesting we adjourn to the living room to sip our ports. No sooner had we sat when Evelyn rejoined us.

I’d observed Evelyn becoming tipsy from the wine through the evening. But when she went to sit, she dropped into a chair so ungracefully that her legs splayed in opposite directions, gifting me a wondrous flash of bare inner thighs … enhanced by a crotch shot of her panties.

A man of manners would have exercised discretion and looked away. But, captivated by both her beauty and her charms, I gawked unashamedly. Having got more than an eyeful, I took too long to look back to my guests and, from the looks on their faces, I could see I’d been sprung, stealing a cheap peep.

What will they think of me? Should I say something, but what? How does a man, so caught perving, attempt to justify staring up under the wife’s dress? I let it go and, thankfully, so did they.

Close to midnight, Rob suggested they should head casino siteleri home. I was disappointed the evening was at an end. I told them were welcome to stay longer if they wished. “I have nowhere to go,” I admitted, “and I’ve had such a lovely night with you two.”

My only plan when I was alone again would be to go to my bedroom, strip off, apply the lube to my cock, and masturbate to the splendid vision of Evelyn’s exposed thighs and panties, now imprinted in my brain.

We said our goodnights at my front door. A handshake and a hug from Rob, and to my delight, a lovely soft lingering kiss from Evelyn. She stood for a moment as if she was about to say something to me … but must have thought better of it, and they left. I wonder what was on her mind.

I was lounging around late Sunday afternoon when Rob called. Admittedly, I hadn’t known him long, but he seemed uncharacteristically nervous as he began to explain the reason for his call, asking me to hold any comments until he had fully explained himself. Well, to say that I was stunned by what he offered me would be a complete understatement. In a quite long-winded way, Rob asked if I’d be interested in helping Evelyn out with some hot sex since he has recently lost his ability to become erect.

I was amazed beyond belief. The moment he reached the key point – that they want me to fuck the gorgeous Evelyn – I wanted to scream out, “YES, YES, of course I will. No need to say any more, name the time and day and I’ll be there.” I’m usually a perceptive person but admit I never saw that coming.

As eager as I was to suggest I come over right away, I managed to behave with some decorum and, acting responsibly, assured him I was happy to help where I could, my cock already twitching and tingling at the mere suggestion I could be inside her soon. Oh, happy day, bring it on. How many 68-year-old men get such an invite?

I nominated Tuesday — only two days away — as my preferred day this week when asked. Rob seemed happy with my choice, mentioning he’d prefer to be busy while I’m fucking his wife (my words — not his). I’m sure I overheard Evelyn saying, “Ooh, that’s a bit quick.” Was she as fully committed as he? I hoped so and that she hadn’t been railroaded into this. Rob had emphasised it was his idea.

I struggled to sleep Sunday night. I beat off for the second night in a row, inspired both times by the image in my head of Evelyn, legs flying every which way, as she tumbled into the chair opposite. Possibly sleepless with expectations of seeing and touching those bare thighs — and more – on Tuesday.

Intending to keep my powder dry, I held off masturbating again on Monday night and woke so excited Tuesday morning, still amazed at the prospect of having Evelyn in my bed that day. How lucky can a guy be? And to think it all came from a chance meeting while playing a round of golf.

I found it difficult to concentrate with whatever I did that Tuesday morning. How often did I check the time … it seemed to go so slowly? I tried some gardening, checked my emails … not enough to reply to or forward on. By 11.30, I decided I couldn’t delay having a shower any longer. As I soaped my cock, feeling it surge, I resisted an urge to get off this close to seeing Evelyn. I need to be good and virile for Evelyn.

What to wear to welcome my guest? Was it worth putting on a casual shirt, slacks and shoes, knowing that in less than five minutes of her arrival, we’ll be in my bed making love. Oh, what a delicious thought! I wondered what Evelyn would be thinking at this exact moment. Is she excited … surely she is? Hadn’t Rob described how distressed she’s been not having a hard cock thrusting inside of her? Boy, I can sure take care of that … I can’t wait.

I bypassed the slacks and shirt idea, opting instead for my dressing gown. Nothing underneath, not even my briefs. If it’s a hard cock she needs, then let’s make it as easy as possible for her to get to it. Still over an hour before she is due … more sitting around, twiddling my thumbs with my freed erection already leaking pre-cum in anticipation.

12.45, only 15 minutes to go. I take my Cialis tablet now, to give it time to do its job. Never needed them when Jean was alive, but I began using when I was dating the lawyer … she was insatiable where sex was concerned and the little blue pill sustained me for our long late-night sessions.

At last, one o’clock! She’ll be here any minute. I leap up, go to the window to peep through the curtains at the sound of every car that drives down my street. Once or twice, a car even slows, as if about to stop, only to drive on.

1.10 … 1.20 … 1.30 … 1.40. What’s happened to her, she must be here soon. I don’t have their home number and certainly not her personal phone number No point in calling Rob, he was going to be out all day. Surely, she wouldn’t just not come. Both of them seem to know right from wrong. It’s only right to call if she can’t make canlı casino it.

Approaching two, she’s unlikely to come now .. not this late. I can’t believe she’s reneged. Worse though, not having the courtesy to call. Maybe she doesn’t have my number just as I don’t have hers. That must be it.

By 2.30, I’ve given up and changed into shirt and slacks. I hung my gown out on the line to dry after my pre-cum leaked all over the inside. The phone rings at last. It is her, she’s very apologetic. Claims she suffered an anxiety attack, actually drove by but couldn’t bring herself to stop at my house. Can that be true? I guess so, they seem an honest couple. The apology comes late, and although she sounds sincere, I won’t get the sex I’ve been expecting. Looks like another lonely wank tonight.

I attempt to deter her emotional apology, offer some calming words. But I can’t hide my disappointment on the phone. She expresses regret, knows she will kick herself later for not coming, let alone what Rob will say when he gets home. None of that compensates for the hot sex I’ve thought of constantly for two days.

We end the call without any promise, any commitment to try again. It looks like the dream is over and I will retire to my dormant unexciting lifestyle.

Evelyn again takes up this Story

Chapter Three

Rob got home at four, he looked surprised to see me at home. I guess he expected his master plan would work so well that Terry and I would still be at it three hours on. I had to confess my last-minute panic attack to him. He was very annoyed that I had let both myself and his buddy down, but he tempered his anger when he saw how distressed I was.

I refused to discuss it any further that night and on Wednesday Rob raised it only once when he asked, “Are you going to try again?” As much as I wanted to reassure Rob in appreciation of his thoughtful generosity to me and for his efforts in planning, I didn’t know what to tell him. I assumed that Terry could now be too pissed at me for us to try another day.

All Wednesday, I thought of little else … of how impressed I’d been by Rob’s choice of Terry after meeting him on Saturday night. My ridiculous anxiety attack while driving to Terry’s house had messed my head, even after committing to cross a line in my marriage. Rob’s annoyance that I failed to go through with the arrangement he had meticulously put in place, coupled with hearing Terry sound shattered when I called to apologise, shamed me into recognising that both men only had the best of intentions for me.

Rob is on the committee at his Golf Club and he’d been summoned to attend an early morning meeting with breakfast on Thursday, at least two hours before his usual tee off time. So, by 8am, he’s gone for the entire day and I am wide awake, laying in bed, reflecting on what I am now convinced was my foolishness on Tuesday.

The debate has raged in my head since Tuesday evening and I have determined I must attempt to resurrect my planned assignation with Terry … as soon as possible, before I change my mind again. So at 8.05 Thursday, I reach for my phone on the bedside table, spool through the call log until I find that number I called on Tuesday afternoon to apologise. There it is, Terry’s number.

I hold the phone to my ear, hear that deep resonant masculine voice answer, “Terry Sharpe here.” It sends a delightful warm palpitation running through my reproductive organs.

“Terry, it’s Evelyn, can you talk?”

“Hello Evelyn, what a pleasant surprise. Yes, of course, nobody else here.”

“I feel so nervous calling you after my foolishness the other day, but I’m a different kind of nervous this morning … fearful you may reject me this time. Terry, are you still talking to me?”

“Of course honey, you are too lovely a woman to feel anger toward.”

“Thank you, you’re so understanding. I had a long think about everything yesterday and I believe I’ve come to my senses. I realise Rob was selflessly thinking only of me, suggesting this wonderful opportunity for me to continue having the sex life I have always enjoyed … and I blew it. Could you find it in your heart to forgive me and give me a second chance? I feel so stupid that I couldn’t do such a simple thing as stop my car outside your home, confidently walk inside and let you do exactly what Rob asked you to? I’m sorry, I have no idea what got into me.”

“Well, obviously not me when you didn’t show up.”

“What? Oh … ha ha, yes, you’re right about that. That’s exactly what I needed, you getting into me, as planned. I am sure I wouldn’t still be as frustrated as I am if you had.”

“That’s ok Evelyn, you don’t need to keep apologising … let’s put Tuesday behind us. I can understand you’d be nervous taking on something as bold as this after only ever having one man your whole married life.”

“So, will you give me a second chance, kaçak casino can we reschedule?”

“Of course I will, I’d be mad not to. When did you have in mind?”

“Are you going to golf today?”

“Yes, I always … err, well … not necessarily. Let’s just say I usually play Thursdays, but if this beautiful woman that I met on the weekend has something different in mind for me then I can drop golf for today and accommodate her desires. Do you?”

Oh my God, he makes it sound so romantic … his wonderful choice of words and his captivating voice. I could melt listening to him speak … well, perhaps not melt but definitely get wet.

“So that I don’t act all silly again and can’t stop my car at your house, maybe you could come here … now, today … that way I cant back out again. Rob’s gone to golf already, he had an early meeting, so he obviously won’t be home until after five. Terry, that should be long enough, don’t you think?”

“I cannot think of a better way to spend a Thursday.”

“I suppose you have to cancel your game, I hope that won’t spoil the day for other players.”

“No, as a matter of fact, I hadn’t yet called to book in, so they’re not expecting me. What time do you want me to come over?”

“Better give me an hour please? I’d like to soak in a hot bath and put on something special. It’s a pity you didn’t get to see what I was wearing on Tuesday.”

“It is, but if it’s as good as you suggest, why not wear it again today?”

“That’s a great idea Terry, I will. And thank you for being so forgiving, I promise to make it up to you today, perhaps fulfil all your expectations and some of mine. It only occurred to me after we talked on Tuesday that perhaps I can do as much for you as you can for me. Shall we say just after nine then?”

Chapter Four

I ran a hot sudsy bath and luxuriated in it. More dabs of the good perfume to those special places. My sexy lingerie is still clean and fresh because I removed it as soon as I returned home on Tuesday from my futile attempt to meet up with Terry. I attach the black garter belt below my waist, sit to draw the sleek stockings up each leg, pull up my flimsy panties, and fit my 34C breasts into the low-cut bra. I won’t need to wear a dress this time. I cover the lingerie with a diaphanous long flowing gown.

I see myself in a mirror, again a fear that this could be over the top on a mature 58-year-old … too sexual? Five to nine, he could be here within ten minutes. I am both excited and apprehensive all at once. This was my husband’s plan, but he is unaware I have rescheduled for this morning. I feel a sudden guilt that I restored arrangements behind his back. I pick up my phone to call him … but it diverts to voicemail. He must have blocked incoming calls while in the committee meeting.

I would have preferred to have Rob know in advance that I am indulging in my initial act of fornication today, but don’t want to tell him in a message … too impersonal. I cannot leave Terry hanging again, so to speak. I am now committed and when the door bell rings at exactly 9.05, I draw a deep breath of courage and purposefully go to open the door to welcome this male visitor into my home and into me.

What must this 68-year-old man’s thoughts be, standing at my front door when it opens to reveal this mature married woman of 58, the sexy black of my intimate lingerie obvious through the transparent folds of my long flowing gown? “Hello Terry, welcome to our home, please come in.”

He stands frozen to the spot, staring, “Wow! Double wow! Evelyn, I thought I got lucky on Sunday when Rob called and outlined the plan … but this…” he waves a hand expressively toward me. “But this … I wish I could take a picture to capture this moment forever. Honey, you look sensational. I’m so glad you called again.”

“I’m sorry you’re going to miss your golf game for me.”

“I could give up golf to have days like this.”

“Don’t stand out there, intriguing my neighbours … come on in. It’s good to see you Terry, I’m glad I plucked up the courage to call you again … and that you gave me a second chance.” Terry steps across the threshold, standing tall, intimately close to me. I close the door behind him, securing us safely inside my home, away from any prying neighbour eyes.

Our first awkward moment … neither of us have ever had a meeting with an almost stranger, planned for hot sex to occur within minutes. He appears unsure whether to shake my hand or sweep me into his arms. I ponder whether to hug him or kiss him. I haven’t considered how we should greet each other before rushing into bed together.

“Err … would you … um, like to sit down,” I offer, pointing to the lounge chairs in the living room at the front of my house. I expect him to choose the two-seater, but he heads to a single chair and sits. Maybe he’s nervous too?

I select a chair opposite his and drop as demurely as possible into it, avoiding repeat of my drunken display the other night. He is dressed smart casual in a striped open-neck shirt and fawn trousers, brown shoes. He appears to be a smart dresser. “You look nice,” I tell him nervously.

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