Elizabeth York Pt. 02

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Removing his hands from her full breasts Elizabeth York eased away from her husband’s embrace.

“I’m sorry Richard, I’m just not the slightest bit interested. I’m really tired and all I want to do is go to bed.” She stifled yet another yawn before giving her husband a quick peck on the lips. “Good night darling and thank you for a lovely evening.”

Richard made a grab for her arm but missed. “I want to go to bed too dear,” he replied suggestively. “Come on, it’s your birthday… and you look so good… and I just thought…”

“I’m sure you did Richard but as I say, I’m not the slightest bit interested in sex with you tonight,” she interrupted. “Besides, we’ve not done it for years anyway, so why now?”

“I don’t know,” Richard replied with just a hint of exasperation, “you never seem interested and life is slipping us by…”

Elizabeth by now had reached the foot of the stairs. She turned back to look over her shoulder. “All the more reason. We’re too old for all that nonsense. Besides, you can’t do IT anyway.” She turned back and climbed the stairs.

Richard watched her retreating back and sighed deeply. Her words whilst harsh were true. He couldn’t get it up, no matter how hard he tried but his enjoyment would have been in getting her to an orgasm. He missed the intimacy of the close contact between them. Fondling her large breasts, sucking on her erect nipples and feeling them swell even more between his lips, squeezing her delightful ass, sliding his fingers in and out of her slick pussy, driving her on towards her eventual climax. And he knew he would have been successful tonight because of the amount of alcohol she’d consumed.

He’d really thought he was in with a chance. It was Elizabeth’s fifty eighth birthday and to celebrate he’d treated her to a meal at the newly opened gastro pub just outside of town. It had been a wonderful evening. The drinks had flowed and the food had been superb. They’d laughed and joked and he’d complimented her all night about how good she looked.

Elizabeth though had made light of his compliments. It didn’t matter what he said, she just brushed them off dismissively. To her she didn’t look good. She wasn’t sexy. Her hair and makeup was a mess. She was too fat and her outfit was boring. But none of this was true and certainly wasn’t as far as he was concerned.

As Richard watched her disappear up the stairs he was still trying to come to terms with how she’d looked tonight and how much she had turned him on.

She’d worn a smart knitted green sweater that clung to her ample bosom together with a simple black skirt which moulded itself round her ass to highlight her remarkable heart shaped ass cheeks. The skirt was perhaps a trifle too short but showed off her legs to great effect, emphasised all the more by her 4″ heel shoes and her sheer stockings.

To Richard she just looked fantastic especially when she sat down. Her skirt rode up to display a delightful amount of her shapely thighs and he’d smiled when he saw her more than once attempting unsuccessfully to pull her skirt down.

But he couldn’t believe how negative she had been. But then again it seemed over the course of the last few months she’d been pretty negative to anything he said to her or for that matter anything he did for her. It was almost like he didn’t match up to what she wanted; whatever that was!

He sighed again and closed the kitchen door behind him. He turned and switched on the TV before walking over to the worktop to switch on the kettle to make himself a coffee. It would be a while before he went to bed now.

Whilst Richard moped about in the kitchen as he came to terms with an unsatisfactory end to his night, upstairs in the bedroom Elizabeth was busy removing her clothes and slipping on her nightie. She realised she’d probably been a little sharp with Richard especially with that last comment about him not being able to do IT but he’d hit a raw nerve.

And it was the raw nerve of guilt. The butterflies in her stomach began to flutter once more as her thoughts drifted back to earlier in the day, a day she’d had off work because it was her birthday and a day when Gary White had popped round to see her.

Gary was a workmate of her sons’ and was also around the same age as him. As she’d got to know him Elizabeth realised that she didn’t really like him as a person and most certainly wasn’t fond of him. For one thing he was a bit too cock sure about himself and seemed to have a bad attitude about most things. And just to make matters worse, for the past few months she’d been having an affair with him. Or more to the point he’d been fucking her.

It had all started when her son Brandon had called in to see her at work to borrow some money. Gary had come with him and he later told Brandon he thought his mum was hot and had a sexy body. A few days later and Brandon had blurted out this revelation to his mother thinking he was being amusing.

To Elizabeth it was ridiculous of course; a younger man saying things like that about casino oyna an older woman, whatever next! But she found it perversely titillating and she was immensely flattered. She’d started to have stupid fantasies that maybe Gary fancied her. And that maybe he fancied her enough to even want to fuck her!

It was stupid of course but after that initial contact, Gary had come into her store to buy a few items for his house. It was then he’d put in motion his plan of seduction and she’d stupidly started to fall for his corny chat up lines. A few days later and he’d groped and kissed her at a Saturday night dance she’d gone to with her husband.

After that, a few weeks passed by, before acting in desperation and having been told by Brandon that Gary used to be a builder, she had him come into her home to put right and complete some renovation work that Richard had made a mess of.

She’d never intended to have sex with him but it had felt so naughty and erotic to have a young, virile man lusting over her, wanting her and desiring her that quite frankly it turned her head. And once he’d started mauling at her body she found she couldn’t resist.

The sex itself was pure unbridled lust. There was no tenderness, no compassion, no lovemaking and no finesse. Gary didn’t do finesse.

What it was, was hard fucking. Quick, energetic and to the point. And Elizabeth had loved it. The first time had been followed almost immediately by a second and then a third. Richard had been working away and Gary took full advantage of this opportunity and virtually moved in with Elizabeth before her husband returned.

They’d fucked so many times she’d lost count. Even after Richard’s return the affair carried on. They met up from time to time when the opportunity arose, usually fucking in the back of Gary’s van. It was dirty, lustful sex and Elizabeth eventually became grateful their sessions weren’t as frequent. Not only was the van uncomfortable, she wasn’t sure her pussy could take the amount of hammering Gary was giving it on a regular basis anyway.

It had been a few weeks since she’d last seen him so she was surprised when he’d rung to make sure she was going to be in today. His voice sounded different somehow. That’s when the butterflies had started.

When she confirmed she would be in he had told her to expect him in half an hour and then he asked her to dress appropriately. That’s when the butterflies had got worse.


Elizabeth climbed into bed, slipping quickly under the covers. Her hands instinctively moved to her large breasts. She quivered as she felt a hot flush rush through her body as she recalled each luscious, delicious, erotic moment of Gary’s visit. Her heart thumped in her chest as she plucked at her hard, erect nipples. Squeezing her breasts together she let her memories take over…


When he eventually arrived she was waiting nervously for him in the kitchen. It was an appropriate location as this was where he had fucked her for the first time. She was dressed in a tight fitting skirt and top and specifically at his request was wearing no underwear except for stockings and suspenders together with 4″ heel shoes.

As the kitchen door opened her heart began to pound loudly in her chest. He was here. Her stomach flipped over as he entered. She waited for him to speak but he just stood in the doorway and stared at her. For so long, she began to feel uncomfortable.

She shifted the weight on her legs and felt the wetness already there between her thighs. She licked her lips feeling a sense of growing panic.

He continued to stare, his eyes taking it all in as he scanned her body from head to toe.

“Turn round Lizzie… slowly,” he finally said, his voice thick with emotion.

Elizabeth swallowed hard as she began to turn slowly as requested. She could feel her face burning.

Gary licked his lips as he reached to unzip his trousers. “Slower Lizzie,” he rasped.

Elizabeth’s heart was now pounding even louder in her chest. She could scarcely breathe as she heard the sound of his zip being lowered.

Gary was loving what he was seeing. The curve of her calves accentuated by her 4″ heels. The sheen and colour of her silky stockings. The swell of her magnificent ass, her superbly shaped cheeks clearly visible due to the tightness of her skirt.

He could feel his cock throbbing and growing as the blood pulsated up into his shaft. Her ass truly was a work of art or indeed even an act of god. He knew he had to see his cock stuffed inside it. As far as he was concerned it would be the ultimate expression of his lust for her body and in particular, her wonderful ass.

She turned more. His heart began to thud harder as her large 38DD breasts swung into view, jutting boldly out of her chest. They were truly superb as well. He stroked his erect cock, which he had finally managed to release from his trousers after a brief struggle.

She finally came to halt in front of him. Her eyes looked down at his cock and canlı casino she gulped. It somehow looked thicker and longer today. Maybe her memory was playing tricks on her. A shudder passed through her body.

The atmosphere in the kitchen was electric, the air thick with the aroma of lust. The only sound was the ticking of the kitchen clock on the wall. She was incredibly turned on and could feel her pussy lips were already slick. Sensing a sudden movement, she glanced up nervously, her stomach in knots as he pressed in closer to her.

She gasped as he raised his hands and took a firm hold of her breasts and fondled them. Her nipples were already swollen and erect and clearly visible as they pressed through the fabric of her top. They felt so tender it was almost painful.

His urgent lips found hers and they kissed passionately. As he pushed at her lips with his tongue her mouth opened and he slipped it inside. Their tongues entwined as they kissed each other more forcefully, mashing their mouths together. Pulling her in closer his hands descended onto her ass cheeks and he ground his bulge into her mound. Her arms coiled tighter round his neck as she kissed him even harder.

Elizabeth made no attempt to stop him and he wasted no time in undressing her. He stripped away her top and as he did her heavy breasts fell into his welcoming hands. He sank his fingers into her flesh, luxuriating in the feel and size of her marvellous orbs. He fondled them, massaged and groped them, running his hand round and round their impressive shape. Her nipples were large and hard. Elizabeth’s eyes were shut tight as Gary flicked at them.

“Ohhhh…” she shuddered as he leaned in and took a rock hard nub into his mouth. He sucked on it loudly as his hand continued to work on her other breast. He swapped over again and again, his hands and lips a blur as he alternated between the two, licking and slurping, nibbling and biting, teasing at each one in equal measure.

Elizabeth could barely stand still. Her legs parted as her arousal grew and threatened to overwhelm her. She couldn’t remember ever being this turned on. Her whole body was on fire.

Her skirt was up and over her hips in an instant as once more his hands descended to fondle her ass cheeks.

He spun her round forcibly and bent her over at the waist. She automatically grabbed hold of the worktop. Even as she grasped hold of the edge he had moved behind her and was already rubbing the head of his hard cock in between her ass cheeks. She parted her legs to give him easier access. As her juices began to flow Gary eased his way inside. And then he fucked her. No messing about and still with no finesse.

Gary let her have it. Full length, deep thrusts, he revelled in watching his shaft disappearing between Elizabeth’s luscious ass cheeks. And when he slowed down he could see his cock was slathered with her juices.

“Fuck yeah!” he moaned as he once more slammed his cock into her, driving it in as hard as he could.

Elizabeth juddered from the force of his actions. He’d never had much finesse but today he was unusually rampant and she wasn’t sure if she could take much more. She screamed as her first orgasm swept through her body.

As Elizabeth came to terms with the aftershocks and waited for Gary to continue, much to her surprise he pulled free of her pussy and dragged her away from the worktop.

“What are you doing…” she gasped. This wasn’t like him at all.

“Come here…” he rasped as he grabbed her hand and led her over to the kitchen table. “Get up on here.”

Clutching her skirt round her waist, Elizabeth clambered onto the top of the table.

“Lay back Lizzie.”

Looking at him with a certain amount of trepidation she complied. This was definitely not like him!

As she lay back Gary took hold of her legs and opened them wide. His cock twitched towards her gaping, moist slit and slid effortlessly inside.

“Oooooohhh… fuuucccckkkkk…” Elizabeth groaned as she felt his thick cock stretch her again.

He flexed his hips forward, driving in deep one more time, lifting her legs up to rest on his shoulders. As he pounded away he brought a finger up to her ass hole and pushed inside.

It barely registered with Elizabeth until it was too late. As she realised there was something there she was already enjoying the sensation. No-one had ever been in there before. She moaned as she felt a second finger join the first.

Gary knew she liked it by the way her hips jolted as he pushed inside. It was really turning her on as she writhed about under him. He continued to fuck her whilst keeping his finger working away.

Her chest heaving, her second orgasm hit her hard. With his cock pounding her pussy and with two digits inside her ass, it was too much to stand when he pushed his thumb over her clit. She howled from the suddenness of his action as he manipulated her clit rubbing ceaselessly round and round until she exploded inside, swamped with wave after wave of pleasure.

She kaçak casino was still recovering when Gary surprised her again. This was not like him at all. Again he pulled free, her pussy giving up his thick shaft reluctantly. With a tenderness rarely seen, he lifted her down off the table and turning her round made her bend over at the waist. She gripped the edge of the table. She knew what was coming.

“Spread your legs wider Lizzie and move back towards me a bit more.”

She shuffled her feet apart causing her back to arch and pushing her ass further up into the air. Gary looked down at her superb ass once more. He sighed inwardly. God her ass is sublime he thought as he licked his lips in anticipation of what he was going to do next.

“Bend over lower Lizzie,” he commanded. He smiled as she bent lower and lower for him.

He brought his cock up to her ass and rubbed the head around her pussy coating it with her free flowing juices.

He pushed at her ass hole.

“What the fuck…” Elizabeth shrieked and jolted upright. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Gary pushed her back down roughly. “Stay down… you’re going to like this…”

He pushed at her ass hole again and was relieved when the head breached her entrance.

“Holy fuuuuucckk…” Elizabeth pulled her stomach muscles in tightly as the pain rippled through her lower regions. “Shittttt… that hurts…”

Gary smiled. He was loving it. Watching his cock disappear into her pussy through her delicious ass cheeks had been one thing but to enter her ass through them was altogether far better…

“Oh fuckkk Lizzie… that feels so good…”

He pushed through again sinking more of his thickness deeper inside, his hands grasping and pulling at her wonderful ass cheeks spreading them so he could see what he was doing.

He drew back slightly before moving forward again. This time it was a little easier. Elizabeth was moaning incoherently but he didn’t care. She would either get used to it and like it or she wouldn’t. It was her choice or her hard luck. And if she didn’t like it… well, so what!

He pulled back again then forward, this time sinking back in a little quicker. He repeated, all the time picking up the pace until he was driving his cock home all the way with every thrust of his hips.

It seemed that Elizabeth too had come to terms with giving up her anal cherry and was now moaning and groaning in time to his thrusts.

Ten minutes later, five minutes longer than their usual sessions and Elizabeth was grunting loudly as she came to her third and biggest orgasm. This was one more than was customary and was the most intense she had ever experienced. Seconds after, Gary gave his trademark bellow as he also came, sending his white sperm laden gunk cascading deep inside her ass.

“Happy birthday Lizzie,” he said as he pulled free. He gave her a slap on the ass cheek.

Elizabeth was still sprawled over the kitchen worktop, unable to move. It always took her a little while to come down from her orgasmic high. This time though, it was taking longer.

She heard Gary zip up his jeans. “Right, I’m outta here. I’ll not be around much from now on as I’m working away most of the time but I’ll look you up when I get back. Okay? Anyway… it’s been fun. See ya.”

And with that he was gone.

* * *

It took Elizabeth a few weeks to come down from the sexual highs of her illicit affair. She imagined that perhaps this was how a drug user felt when they went cold turkey attempting to come off the drug that had a hold of them.

Because that’s how it felt to her. At first she missed the raw animalistic sex with Gary and it took her a while to get over it. But get over it she did and she eventually returned to her pre Gary days with comparative ease.

She refocused on her work and her home life with Richard resumed it’s pleasant, comfortable, boring path of unspectacular drudgery and familiarity.

* * *

Work for Elizabeth was a joy. Employed by a large multi-national company, her particular role and responsibility was the garden centre. Even from an early age she’d always loved gardening but it wasn’t until she got her own house that her passion for it grew. She now spent as much time in her garden as she could taking great delight and satisfaction from watching things grow. So for her to land this job was a dream come true.

After the fling with Gary she threw herself into her work with renewed vigour, even taking on more hours and doing everything she could as she strived to eradicate the memory of her infidelity.

It was around this time that her store was approached by Shane Neville a local landscape gardener. He was entering the small garden design contest at a national gardening show and had come into the store looking for sponsorship in the form of free goods and services.

Belinda, the manageress of the store had been delighted to help as she felt it would give their company great media coverage. Head office agreed with her and gave their blessing to allow her to provide Shane with whatever he wanted. After meeting and discussing his initial requirements Belinda quickly passed him over to Elizabeth.

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