Consoling Mom

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Note: Thanks to many of you who have written back to me with your views and comments about the earlier stories. Here is another one of my stories, hope you enjoy.

My name is Raja, I was studying in an college about a little far away from home in a big town. I was 19 at the time, and an only child. My mom was around 40 and my dad was 46. There were always fights at home and my mom and dad never got along well. It was already a year since I started at this college and I had gone home only once, to see my mom and dad. During the time I was there, they were still fighting and I got real angry and vowed never to come home again. My mom started crying and was very emotional about me. I said sorry to her for being like that, but I wished that there was some peace at home or you should atleast get out of this thing if you cannot be with each other happily.

I had rented a small apartment in the town, and there was just a small kitchen and a small bedroom, and a small bathroom, just enough for one person. I managed with this as this was the only place I could get that was close to my college, and also close to all the canteens. My Mom and Dad had never visited me when I was here and I was glad they did not, as I wanted to be independent just like any other teen who wanted to be away from their parents, to have a chance at scoring with girls.

I used to call home every fortnight and one day my mom started weeping and asked if she could come there and stay there for a few days as she wanted to get away, things between her and Dad had come to a standstill and they were planning to divorce. I was hesitant and said okay.

My mom arrived 15 days later, and I took her to my place, and told her to manage with this small place. She was not worried about it and said she will manage and cook for me there. I was not too happy about this as I was going out all the time and again was forced to be with one of my parents. I asked what happened this time, and she said, they were going to divorce, so she had to stay away from Dad, and Dad had found a fine young lass to play around. I was angry with Dad, but she said, the marriage had already broken down and I really don’t care about it. I felt sorry for mom and was okay with sharing a place with her now.

Days went by and I saw Mom in various states of undress all unintentional, this started exciting me sexually and I was looking forward to this every chance I got. Now Mom was a very pretty woman, though slightly plump, but very very attractive. She was 38D-30-39. She could raise eyebrows wherever she went being the buxom woman she was. Mom made sure I was well fed and I was glad she was here, though I could not banish the thought of her sexually. I was well built myself, having no bad habits and concentrating on making myself fit for my athletic pursuits I was good at. There was only cot in the house and mom used to sleep on the cot and me on the floor. My semester exams passed and finally I had holidays, but I had nowhere to go. Home was where I was and mom was already at home, where I wanted.

I took mom out for the movies and for food outside, Dad used to be generous with his allowance to both mom and me, so money was never a problem for us.

There was lovely romantic movie going on in town and everybody was saying how good it was. Mom was interested to see that and I offered to take her. Mom dressed up in a beautiful yellow saree and matching blouse, her fair skin complementing the dress she was wearing. She look so beautiful, I casino oyna was literally breathless.

“Mom, You look very beautiful”.


“Yes, mom you do look awesome, like a devi (goddess)”.

“Come on, son there are lots of girls who look better than me”

“But you do look beautiful, mom”

“Thank you son, that is the nicest thing I have heard in a long while”.

“You are welcome, mom”.

“Oh, thank you son”.

“Why don’t you dress up as well, Raja?”.

“Ok, mom” I said and started putting on my shirt and pants right in front of her.

She looked at me and smiled.

“You are very athletic, Raja”

“Oh mom” I gushed.

“Lots of girls must go fida(ga-ga) over you, Do you have a girlfriend, son?” she teased.

“No, mom, I don’t have any real girlfriend as such”

“What do you mean real girlfriend?”.

“You know, girls whom you can do some stuff”.

“What stuff?” she continued to tease enjoying my discomfort

“Physical stuff, mom” I shouted

“Okay, Okay, I understand, your mom is not so old fashioned” she replied calming me down.

“Shall we go?” I asked

“Yes, son, I want to see this movie, it is a romantic movie, I have not seen a romantic movie in a long time”

I was happy and as she sat on my bike, holding me tight I drove to the cinema theatre, making sure I go over every pothole intentionally so I can have mom bumping into me.

We arrived at the theatre after a rough ride and I looked at mom, she was still smiling and not angry at all with me.

We took a couple of seats in the balcony, it had already been a few weeks since the movie was released and it was not as crowded. We sat in the last seats and I was thrilled to be watching a movie with mom, that too a romantic movie, after my thoughts had turned very sexual towards mom. In the movie, the hero also rides with the heroine on the bike and goes through all the bumps and potholes on the road, and remarks to his friends he did that to feel her and she could feel him. In the interval, mom looked at me strangely and smiled. I was sure, she suspected why I drove over the potholes, I was a little embarrassed. There were lots of romantic scenes, kisses and few gropes in the movie, I was finding it difficult to sit there, but mom was unmoved and watching the movie intensely. After the movie was over, she thanked me for being nice and bringing her to the movies. I took her to dinner outside and we had our favourite foods, there were lots of people watching us, with mom dressed to kill and me in a good nice dress, we looked as if we were dating each other. It was a place where couples used to haunt a lot, and I was there with mom. The waiter came and said, if we are a couple, it is 10 percent off the tab.

Mom looked at him and asked “What do you think we are?”

He was a little embarrassed and said he will take 10% off the tab.

I smiled at mom’s ingenuity and she smiled back. We had our food and drove back, this time I was conscious of driving over the potholes, but then the roads are a little bad in the city and mom kept falling on me, and kept brushing my hair.

We entered the house and mom thanked me again for the wonderful evening.

“Thank you son, that was wonderful”.

“Why thanks mom, you are my mom, you should not say thanks to your son”.

“No son, I am saying thanks, because it is a long time since I enjoyed an outing outside”.

“Don’t worry, mom, I will take you out regularly”.

“Oh, canlı casino son you are so nice, I wish your father was like you”.

“Don’t worry about him, mom, just get on with your new life”.

“Yeah” Mom sighed.

Mom kissed me on the forehead “Someday you will make a lucky girl very happy”

“Thank you, mom, you brought me up that way”

“So nice of you to credit your mom” and she kissed my cheeks.

I was getting aroused and I hugged my mom tight “No mom, you are the best mom in the world”.

“Thank you son, without you, I don’t know how I will get by, you have been very supportive of me, during this whole episode, I am sorry you had to see the fights earlier” she said.

“Let us get some sleep, son” she said sounding tired.

She turned around and starting removing her saree and blouse and changed into her nightie right in front of me, telling me to close my eyes, I could not help peeping, I also changed removing my shirt and sleeping bare-chested. As we lay down, both of us could not sleep and we started talking.

“Raja, have you ever been in love?”

“No, mom”

“Do you find it embarrassing to talk to me about this?”

“No, mom it is ok”

“It was a nice movie, I wanted my life so much to be like that” feeling sad

“I am sorry mom, you can still find a guy who will take care of you and respect you and love you”

“I am already too old”

“No, mom you are beautiful and you will never be old as long as you don’t feel old”

My mom looked at me and smiled “You are really nice, trying not to hurt your mother”

“I am telling the truth, if you wear all kinds of dresses, skirts, minis you will look like a young girl, even now you are so lovely”

“Thank you son” she kissed me from the bed, giving me a glimpse of those glorious breasts.

I pulled her down on top of me and kissed her on the mouth.

“What are you doing?”

“I cannot not help it”

She lay there on top of me, not moving, looking at me, I was staring at her and my hands pulling her towards me, clutching her ass tight making her feel my hard on as I kissed her again on the mouth, this time more bold.

“It is wrong son”

“Mom, I have been thinking of you for some time this way, we have been living in this small place this close and I have seen you naked and different dresses, plus you cook and take care of me, I want this way to be with you all the time”

“Oh son, but we are mother and son”

“Mom, I want to change that, I want you to be my girlfriend just like in the movie”

“Oh son, that will be so nice, but still…”

“Mom, do you feel attracted to me?”

“Yes” Mom replied as she hesitated a bit

“You are so unlike your father, so handsome, well built and nice, I feel so good being with you, the days I spent with you alone, I was wishing I had a man like you” She continued.

“Oh mom” I replied as I hugged her tight

I kissed mom again, and this time there was no resistance. I kissed her deep as she moaned and rubbed her body on mine, still on top of me, her hand rubbing my hair and neck, I grabbed her ass and pinched her and pulled her boobs towards my face.

I kissed her large sexy boobs and swirled my tongue over her breasts through the nightie as she moaned. I teased her nipples and squeezed it as she screamed, I placed my hand over her mouth to avoid waking the neighbours and looked at her. She just smiled at me, and kissed me on the mouth, kaçak casino I got up while she was still sitting on me and kissed her again, my hands rubbing her back, my mom closing her eyes.

“Son, your hands are magic”

“Mom, I am your boyfriend now”

“Raja, my son, I am your girlfriend now, officially”

“Rukmini, My girlfriend” I shouted

Mom and me kissed each other as got up with mom still holding on to me as I sat on the bed, slowing removing her nightie, the sweet sound of the nightie falling on the floor making my cock rise even higher in anticipation of things to cum. As I got up and kissed her boobs, she took hold of my cock and was amazed “Oh God, it is so big”, I smiled and kissed her nipples “All for you mom”, she started circling her fingers around the top of my cock sending me in raptures, as I licked her navel and belly button, my face touching each portion of her body and me she just closing her eyes and enjoying the sensation of being touched by her son, now her boyfriend. I started licking her cunt after brushing her cunt hair, massaging her clitoris with my tongue and sweeping at her cunt walls with my tongue, she moaned in ecstasy at her son licking her cunt, the cunt through which her son came out. “Take me and fuck me, son, fuck your girlfriend silly, make her cum like a river” She screamed. I put my hand on her cunt and slapped her ass as she shook awake and smiled naughtily at me. “Suck your son’s cock, suck your boyfriend, Rukmini” I ordered her. She knelt down and took my cock in her mouth deftly sucking at it. I was stroking her hair, as she sucked away, my cock straining at her every touch, ready to burst as I came in her mouth, she completely swallowed and kissed me, “You are a young guy, get it up” and she stroked me to a huge hardon as I lifted her and placed her on the bed slowly, as I moved inside of her slowly thrusting as I squeezed and licked her boobs and nipples.

“Make love to me, darling, Fuck me, Screw your girlfriend” She screamed.

“YES, my pretty girl, my fucking woman, my darling babe” I screamed back

My thrusts started getting faster and faster, as she bucked her ass towards me

FASTER, FASTER, HARDER, HARDER as my cock plunged into my mother’s heavenly cunt as our bodies swaying in rhythm to the heavenly beats of my cock against my mother’s sexy all swallowing cunt. “Tear your mother’s cunt, you young stud” Mom was screaming. “Give it a good beating with your monster cock, I am yours from today, all yours, my son’s girlfriend” She cried in ecstasy as I pounded her.

“I am coming, Mommmmm”

“Pour it in your mother’s cunt, you bad boy, put all your cum in me” she screamed

“YES, Rukmini, my mother, my sexy girlfriend, my love” and I poured all my cum into her cunt.

“I love you, Rukmini”

“I love you, Raja” and we kissed each other passionately.

We lay there exhausted, and kissed each other and in a few minutes started going at it again like two wild beasts who had just gotten a taste of the most delicious meal they had ever tasted.

Mom officially became my girlfriend, I asked her to settle with Dad once and for all, and Dad was only too pleased to do that, and I and mom moved to a new place, where no one knew us and we behaved as man and woman. It was been 3 years since, mom is very happy and so am I, who wouldn’t be, if you had a sexy mother for a girlfriend, Dad does not know where we are and I have a good job. Mom wants me to be married after a few years, I am already going with a girl Mom (mom’s young friend she met at a ladies hostel where she works now) selected and approved, she is very kinky and if she can be part of me and mom, then I will marry her!!

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