Caught on Tape

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Carla carried the wax covered tray of cookies she’d just baked to her next door neighbor Julie and Jeff’s house. Cutting through the only opening in the dense shrubs between the two homes. Being careful not to be poked by the pointy brush that pulled and tugged at her tight purple blouse and black mini-skirt. She liked making treats for her friends and neighbors since her recent divorce. Hand delivering them gave her a chance to chat and not feel so lonely. Besides, living far out in the country there wasn’t a whole lot for a retired adult film star to do. Luckily none of her neighbors recognized her or so she thought.

Carla walked under the fragrant canopy of pines surrounding Julie and Jeff’s ranch home. Pine needles crunching under her sandled feet. Carla wondered if she was dressed a little too provocative? She still had the body of a dancer and her mini skirt barely covered her seductive tear drop ass. Carla dismissed her reservations. She still felt sexy and would dress that way until they carted her dead body off. Besides, Julie wasn’t a stranger to dressing provacatively.

The last conversation they’d had was about what kind of lingerie she could turn Jeff on with. Carla found herself flushed with erotic feelings as they talked about panties and teddys. Julie even modeled some of her recent purchases allowing Carla to help straighten out a bra strap here a panty line there. Julie didn’t seem to mind Carla’s mature fingers helping push some errant pubic hair under the waistband. Carla kept cool even though her lonely fingers were touching the young newlywed’s soft flesh. That was the last time they were together and who new what this new day would bring?

Carla checked out her reflection on the sliding glass door to make sure she looked right. Holding the cookies strategically under her 36″ casino siteleri d-cup breasts Carla quickly unbuttoned two buttons revealing more of her hidden cleavage. She could feel her erect nipples fighting to be free of her push up bra. Carla took a deep breath and knocked.

Julie came to the door dressed in a tight mini-skirt of her own. A faded denim one to be exact. She was casually wearing one of Jeff’s white business shirts sleeves rolled up. Carla noticed the shirt was unbuttoned almost the whole way down and to top it off Julie had no bra on. Upon recognizing Carla a big smile came across her face as she quickly fumbled with the lock.

“Hi, come in. I’ve got something to show you!” Julie grabbed Carla by the wrist pulling her inside. Carla barely put the cookies down on the dining room table as Julie dragged her into the living room. “Now I don’t want you to be embarrassed but I found this as I was throwing out some of Jeff’s stuff.” Julie reached in the plain brown packing box resting on the coffee table and produced a vhs tape cover. “You’re Nova Scotia aren’t you?” Julie asked excitedly as she handed the tape cover to Carla. Clearly the photo on the box was Carla. Titled ‘the Secretary Pool” it was one of the few all girl flicks Carla had made. “Yep, that’s me.” Carla replied sheepishly. “So did you watch any of it?”

“A little bit.” Julie replied coyly biting her lower lip. “That’s what I was doing before you showed up.”

“I see.” Carla moved behind Julie letting her manicured nails drag lightly across Julie’s shoulder. “And what were you doing while you watched? I noticed your shirt wide open.” Carla whispered softly as she gently massaged Julie’s shoulders.”What do you say to playing a scene of our own?”

“Maybe.” Julie teased stepping away from Carla’s probing hands. Carla watched canlı casino as Julie hit play on the vcr remote. “This is the scene I was watching before you came over.” The big screen came alive with gentle moaning. In the scene Carla had her business skirt pulled up to her waist as another girl, on her knees, slowly pulled Carla’s panties off. Stepping out of her panties Carla leaned against the desk as the other girl buried her face in Carla’s inviting hairy pussy. “Oh, wow you look like you really enjoyed doing this scene? Julie stared as the close up of the girl eating Carla out came up.

“What I’d really enjoy is showing you.” Carla grabbed the young newlywed’s wrist and pulled her to the couch. Julie fell back surprised at the suddeness of Carla’s advance. Carla wasted no time pushing her mature torso between Julies young soft thighs. Hiking up the faded denim mini-skirt Carla pleasantly discovered Julie was wearing no panties. “Look what I’ve found.” Julie squirmed around but to no avail as Carla put her weight on the Young woman’s thighs. Her face inching closer to Julie’s secret desire.

“Wait! Wait a minute.” Julie tried to protest She could feel Carla’s hair brushing the tops of her quivering thighs. “Wait… Oh, oh my. Oooooh!” Julie moaned as Carla’s tongue sank into the tender folds of her pussy. Julie watched as the mature woman’s nose moved back and forth across her blonde muff. Expertly eating her sopping wet cunt Julie could only dig her fingers into the couch as one orgasm after another shook her yielding body. Julie closed her eyes as Carla circled her pink nub over and over again as if trying to unlock Julie’s naughtiest fantasy. Unlock it did. “Oh, I’m cummmmmming!” Julie’s body tensed up in an earthquaking orgasm filling Carla’s mouth with her sweet nectar.

Julie laid there catching kaçak casino her breath. Carla reached under her own black mini-skirt wiggling out of her panties. Carla’s pussy was more than ready for a licking. Standing up Carla firmly grabbed Julie’s shoulders laying her back on the couch. Julie was still in too much of a euphoric state to protest what Carla did next. Carla climbed up and straddled the entranced girl’s face. Shoving her aroused wet muff into Julie’s mouth. Julie did what came natural and buried her own tongue into Carla’s tingling puss. For Carla, it had been a long time since she’d been attended to and her first orgasm came quickly Unleashing her own womanly juice into the novice lesbian’s slurping mouth. “Mmmmmmm.” Carla moaned swaying her round matronly hips forward and back like a tawdry stripper. Julie’s sweet lips could barely keep up with the porn pro’s undulation.

“You eat my pussy soooo well. Yeah, baby. Fuck me with your tongue.Oooooh, ohhhh!” Carla gripped Julie’s blonde locks and squeezed the young slut’s head with her quaking thighs. Carla rolled off Julie and french kissed her musk soaked mouth. Soul kissing the young newlywed. Carla got situated on the floor on her knees. Her hand pulled up Julie’s denim mini-skirt. Julie sucked the porn queen’s tongue as Carla’s fingers found Julie’s engorged clit.

Carla was rapt in the slow, circling masturbation of Julie’s surrendered love muffin that she didn’t feel the hands that lifted the black mini-skirt over her firm mature ass. “OOOhhh, oh my!” Carla’s sex husked voice muttered abruptly. She could feel something firm and slow penetrating her swollen, wet pussy lips. Looking behind her Carla recognized Julie’s husband: the owner of the porn tape; A big hungry predator; the guy sinking his hard, thick cock into the helplessness of her sinful, pornstar cunt. But, it was what he was moaning that got her to drive her ass back and feed the rest of her hot snatch with his throbbing manhood. Jeff moaned eyes closed.”Nova, Novaaaah Scotiaaaah.”

The end

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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