Catching Amy

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I believe in getting the milk without buying the cow. I also believe that said ‘cow’ should only be grazing in my field — if you know what I mean. I had dated Amy for about 6 months before I moved her in with me so I could milk her whenever I felt like it (or rather, have her milk me. Either way, you get the point).

Amy had the reputation as a freak, and she lived up to every story I had ever heard about her. I probably would have cared if I wanted to marry the girl, but I didn’t, I just wanted to fuck her. And fuck her I did. In every way and in every hole — she is one of the few people that I’ve ever heard who like it more in the ass than in the pussy and meant it. She also like to be fucked a lot, and fucked hard.

So for a few months, everything was peachy. But I soon learned that no matter how much time you spend feeding a woman like Amy cock, it still doesn’t mean you can trust said whore.


I had been a pretty fair basketball player in High School and still enjoyed playing when my busy schedule allowed. Unfortunately that hadn’t been for a while. Then one day, early in the week, while at the gas station filling up I ran into an old teammate of mine. A guy I knew well, Drew.

“Hey man,” he said cheerily as he came out of the convenience store where I was pumping gas. “Long time no see.”

“No shit,” I relied. “How you been?”

“Oh, you know. Living life…”

The conversation went like that until the pump clicked off indicating my tank was full.

“It was good to see you again, Drew.”

“Yeah, you too,” he said and started to walk away. Then stopped and turned. “You still play any ball?”

“A little,” I said. I didn’t tell him how little.

“Well me and some of my friends play every week over at the old Smith Church, you know the place?”

I nodded.

“Anyway, we play every Sunday in a league. It’s really organized and run well and we have a good time. And we could use another player, if you are interested.”

I didn’t even have to think about it. “Sure. Sounds like fun. What time you start?”

“We usually get there about noon, take some time to warm up so us old guys don’t pull anything, then get the games rolling about one.”

“Alright, I’ll see you Sunday at one.”


Amy didn’t care that I was going to be playing basketball. She had been spending her Sundays shopping and whatever else, I don’t know, I tried not to pay that much attention to her. When I told her I was going to play that Sunday, she told me that was fine, that she had plans with Becca, her friend from work.

I arrived on time at the church and found Drew and some of the other guys stretching under the far basket.

“Hey, good to see you made it,” he said when he saw me, “let me introduce you to the team.”

I shook several hands. Chris and Jeff, two brothers who I knew to be good players. Bubba, who apparently got his nickname as a joke aimed his lack of size and stature. Kevin, Charlie, and a couple of others who’s names I can’t recall. The team didn’t look bad and they weren’t. With Chris and Jeff leading the way, we beat all three teams we played that day.

Even my out of shape ass didn’t cause too many problems for us and all around I had a good time. Apparently they didn’t mind me being there, because they asked me if I wanted to be added to the ‘official’ roster and play with them weekly. I readily agreed.

On the way out of the gym, Drew caught up with me.

“So what are you doing now?” he asked.

“I dunno, don’t really have anything going on.”

“Well, after the games we usually go have some beers and take in a little, uh, entertainment, you want to come along?”

The wry smile on Drew’s face told me the ‘entertainment’ wasn’t to be missed and so I left my car in the parking lot and hopped into his truck with him. As soon as we were out of the parking lot we each had an ice cold beer in our hands, greedily slurping down the cool suds.

We made small talk. Talk about work, about sports, about guys we had known back in the day. I wasn’t much paying attention to where we were going until he turned off onto an old abandoned logging road. I wasn’t sure if I should be nervous or intrigued.

“Uh, where the hell are we going?”

“To the entertainment,” was all he would say.

We bounced along the road for a mile or so and then we pulled over and parked the truck. I noticed we weren’t the only ones here.

“Grab the cooler and follow me,” he said leading the way into an over grown path that lead into the woods.

For a few hundred yards we dodged low hanging limbs and pricker bushes until we came to a small cleaning. A couple of the other guys from the team where in the clearing, as well as a couple of people I didn’t know, drinking beer and talking in low, conspiratorial tones.

“So, uh, Drew, what the hells going on here.”

“Toss me a beer, grab a seat and we’ll tell you.” With beer securely in our grasps, he began to explain. illegal bahis

“You know Chris and Jeff, well, after our basketball games they supply the entertainment.” He pointed down through the trees at a house no more than 20 feet from us that I hadn’t noticed until he directed my attention to it. “They like to bring ‘company’ back to their house and take them on that porch right there and well, we sit here and enjoy the show.”

I obviously looked perplexed.

“Think of it as live porno,” he said and the other guys laughed. “Cheaper than renting a video and better than a dingy strip club. The bring some girls back to their house and fuck them while we sit here, drink beer and make lewd jokes.”

“How often do you do this?” I asked, intrigued.

“Every week,” said one of the guys I didn’t know.

“Yep,” another one added, “for a while they were brining back these two blonde chicks with these big fake tits… ugly as sin, but we could hear those big fun bags slapping all the way up here.”

Everyone laughed at that one.

“Yeah,” Drew added, “those two bitches they were fucking were fugly as hell. But for the last month of so they’ve been bringing this one brunette bitch back, a real freak, and tag teaming her.”

Bubba laughed. “Yeah, and to hear them tell it, when they get done she still wants more.”

“Well, maybe you should go down there and lend a hand Bubba,” another of the spectators teased.

“Eh, they couldn’t handle this meat,” Bubba said grabbing his crotch.

“Bubba,” Drew said, “you have less real meat than a ballpark hot dog.”

Loud laughter began to erupt but was quickly dashed as a car pulled into the driveway of the house. Here we go, someone said from behind me.

A few seconds later I saw Chris walk out onto the glass porch. It was a good view, we were so close that I could almost read his lips — I guess it would have helped if I knew how to read lips, but I’m illustrating a point here.

I don’t think I need to tell you who walked out onto the porch behind him (for those of you a little slower on the up-take, it was Amy).

There she was in one of her too short skirts with a thin cotton shirt on with clearly no bra beneath it. For a moment I was paralyzed, not sure just what to do. What to think. What to feel. Then someone said from my right, “Oh yeah, it’s the brunette again” and he and another unknown person clinked beer cans.

Thoughts ran through my head. Its not as if I really cared about the bitch, all I wanted her for was for her physical abilities, but still. Then an old adage came from deep inside my brain. Something my fraternity brother had once told me:1 ‘Whores are whores. And they are always going to be whores. Buy them nice cloths; they are still just whores in nice cloths. Buy them nice jewels; they are still just whores with nice jewels. Nothing you can do is going to change the fact that they are whores.’

I couldn’t change Amy, didn’t want to change Amy. I also decided at that moment that it was time for her to find a new place to live. Also, if the bitch wanted to get herself used by Chris and Jeff fine by me. At least I would have the pleasure of knowing that half a dozen other guys got to watch her degrading herself.

In the time it took me to run through this logic in my head Chris took a seat on the couch, flipped on the TV and cracked open a beer of his own. Amy did what a whore would do; she got down on her knees before him, took out his cock and began sucking on it.

From where we were sitting, concealed in the woods, we could see everything but what was on the TV. Amy had Chris hard in no time and at the same time reached behind herself, lifted her skirt (revealing she hadn’t bothered to wear panties either) and sank her finger knuckle deep in her own pussy.

This was nothing new for Amy. Countless times I had come home from work to find her on my bed, naked as the day she was born, fingering herself while she waited for me to arrive and fuck her. Other times when we were on our way home from dinner or whatever, she would sneak her fingers inside her self, bring them out and put them in my mouth so I could taste how wet she was. Whores being whores.

Just about that time Jeff came into the room carrying a beer of his own. He took a seat next to his brother on the couch and Amy made short work of releasing his cock as well. As she knelt before Chris sucking on his cock, she used her free hand to stroke Jeff.

Things continued like this for a few more minutes then Chris pushed Amy way from his crotch and stood up. She released Jeff’s cock and stood up as well. The two of them helped her out of her shirt and skirt and got naked themselves. Jeff said something to her and she moved the hand that she had been using on herself up to his mouth and put her finger where he could lick her juice from it. He said something else and she put her hand back between her legs, recovered it with her juices and let Chris taste her. Then they illegal bahis siteleri made her taste herself.

They laid her down on the couch and she spread her legs wide. Chris got on his knees and began licking her pussy while Jeff stood on the couch and positioned himself so that Amy could suck his cock. She didn’t do as much sucking as Jeff did face fuck her, but true to form Amy took his entire cock down her throat and never protested the force he was using to jam his tool into her mouth.

Chris didn’t eat her out for long, mainly because who wants to spend time licking a pussy that has had literally hundreds of cocks stuck into it. So while Jeff was busy fucking Amy’s face, Chris got down to business fucking her pussy.

He jammed himself inside of her and the only word I have to describe the way he started fucking her is ‘violently.’ Her full tits swung and slapped as his thrusts shook her body and we could hear the slapping noises all the way up where we sat watching. Despite the fucking she was receiving, Amy’s mouth stayed engulfing Jeff’s cock.

As Chris continued to pound away at her, Amy moved her hand down and began rubbing her clit — something she did frequently while I was fucking her — to facilitate orgasm. It didn’t take her long, it never did, and I saw her back arch as she began to cum.

She slid Jeff’s cock out of her mouth, it was coated with thick saliva that hung down and clung to her lips. Then the peak of her orgasm alone and she began wailing and screaming as Chris’s fucking and her rubbing pushed her to the precipous of pleasure.

Before her orgasm fully finished Chris pulled out of her and Jeff got down from the couch. They helped roll her over onto her knees, with her head hanging over the back of the couch. Jeff inserted himself in her pussy from behind and Chris went around behind the couch and presented his cock for Amy to suck.

She put her lips on his cock and each time Jeff thrust into her, her body rocked forward and took Chris’s prick deep in her mouth.

“Ah, the old finger-cuffs,” Drew said and we all laughed. I cracked another beer and started to enjoy the show. What the fuck, I figured. A whore is a whore.

While he was busy fucking her pussy, Jeff spit on her asshole and inserted a finger. This was something that Amy always encouraged whenever I was fucking her from behind and I always obliged her — if a girl wants my digit in her ass, who am I to argue? Then Jeff slid a second and then a third inside of her ass, something I actually hadn’t done, and began finger-fucking her asshole just as hard as he was plowing her pussy.

Then Jeff stopped fucking her and pulled his cock out. Chris took a step closer to the back of the couch, pushing his cock all the way down Amy’s throat and he then too began to face fuck her.

He put both hands on the sides of her head and really fucked her throat hard — his balls slapping against her chin as we did. Someone in our group told the old, “If I had nuts on my chin, would they be chin-nuts?” joke and we all laughed again.

While Chris was feeding Amy cock, Jeff was working on stretching her asshole. He moved his face down next to his fingers and was spitting repeatedly on his fingers to continue lubing up her back door. When he tried to push a forth finger in her ass, Amy for the first time protested and Jeff must have figured, what the fuck, I’ll just stick my dick in her.

And that’s what he did.

He stood up, put the head of his cock against her gaping asshole and slid in almost as easily as he had entered her pussy. He pushed until his entire cock was inside her backside and then he began to fuck her.

Jeff didn’t fuck her ass as furiously as he had her pussy and this enabled Chris to continue face-fucking her while his brother plowed Amy’s ass.

It didn’t take Amy long to cum again, however, and she pushed Chris away when she started screaming with pleasure as Jeff brought her to an anal orgasm. Jeff just kept fucking her, increased the fervor with which he was slamming into her and she came again almost as soon as her previous orgasm had subsided.

After her second anal-orgasm Jeff pulled his cock out and Amy turned around and sat on the couch. Without hesitation she took Jeff into her mouth and licked and sucked her ass juices off his prick like she was eating an ice-cream cone.

“That’s one nasty bitch,” Bubba said and we all had to agree.

When she had sucked Jeff clean he momentarily left the room. Chris moved around the front of the couch and pushed Amy onto her back, then grabbed her ankles and pushed her legs apart high and wide. His aim this time was her asshole and his aim held true. With her legs on his shoulders, Chris began to pound away at Amy’s ass.

While his brother was engaged in Amy’s ass, Jeff came back in the room carrying three beers. He set one on table, opened one and took a long drink. He looked out the windows in our direction and raised his bottle in salute; we of canlı bahis siteleri course, all saluted him back.

Then he uncapped the other bottle he was holding and stood over Amy’s face. He tilted the beer until it poured out onto her face. She opened her mouth to catch the liquid, but most of it just ran down her chin and cheeks. Jeff and Chris laughed but Amy seemed un-phased; she put her hands on Chris’s ass and encouraged him to fuck her even harder.

While Jeff finished his beer, Chris finished getting Amy off. After slamming himself into her ass a few more times after she had climaxed, Chris dislodged his cock from her anus and sat back against the couch. Amy moved like a hungry animal to get her mouth around his tool, licking and sucking all of her juices from his shaft.

When she had him sufficiently clean she move and positioned herself so that she was straddling Chris on the couch. Putting her hand between her legs, she guided him into her pussy and sat down so that he was all the way inside her. She leaned forward, putting her tits in Chris’s face and also exposing her asshole to Jeff, who was now standing behind her, cock aimed up her back door.

Jeff pushed and Amy’s ass accepted and now she had a cock lodged inside both her holes. She was in heaven. As the brothers moved to fuck her, she moved as well, basically fucking them as much as they were fucking her. She moaned, she screamed, she came so many times it sounded like one long orgasm. She was putting on quite a show, that is, if she had known she was putting on a show in the first place.

At one point, Jeff pulled himself from out of Amy’s ass and she removed Chris from her pussy. She stood up, turned around, repositioned herself on the couch and switched holes — Chris was now in her ass, Jeff was now fucking her pussy.

Amy was now going wild — her body was shaking and bucking uncontrollably as the brothers pounded away at her. Her hands were working on herself too; with one hand she played with her pussy and with the other she pawed at her tits, twisting and tugging harshly at her nipples.

Apparently one, or both, of the brothers had reached their breaking point because all action came to a halt. Jeff removed himself from Amy’s pussy and she in turn stood up freeing Chris’s cock from her ass. She slid off the couch and onto her knees in front of Jeff and took him into her mouth. Chris stood up and took a place next to his brother and Amy alternated cocks, sucking each in turn.

While Amy was working on their dicks, the brothers had a brief conversation that we couldn’t hear, only interpret — they were deciding who was going to get to finish first.

Jeff won (or lost, not sure which) because as Chris was gathering empty beer bottles and taking them into the house, Jeff lead Amy over to a large, overstuff chair. He had her get on her knees on the chair, facing away from him, and then bend over. This caused her ass to hang out over the edge of the chair and put her in the perfect position for the anal assault she was about to receive.

I’ve honestly never seen, in real life, in porno’s, nothing, anyone fuck someone as hard a Jeff fucked Amy in the ass then. He didn’t so much as put his cock in her ass as he shoved himself inside her. And once he was in her, he grabbed her shoulders and used them to propel himself into her ass with amazing force. The slapping sound was so loud, even where we were sitting in the woods watching, that out entire group of voyeurs sat in utter disbelieving silence.

At that rate, it didn’t take Jeff long to reach his breaking point. With an exaggerated thrust and a loud grunt he emptied himself deep in Amy’s ass. He held himself there for a while, his cock entirely in her ass, letting the last of his cum drip out into the depths of her.

When he removed his cock it was covered in his cum so he did the logical thing; he moved next to Amy’s face and shoved his cock inside her mouth. While she was occupied cleaning his prick, Jeff reached back to Amy’s ass, stuck his fingers in her gaping hole and brought them back out coated with even more of his cum. When Amy finished cleaning his cock, Jeff stuck his fingers in her mouth and she licked them as greedily as she had his dick.

“I wouldn’t want to be the next guy who kisses her,” someone in the clearing said and everyone laughed. Well, everyone but me because the way I figured it, I was the next person scheduled to do just that.

As Jeff was finishing up his solo session with Amy, Chris came back in the room. He took Amy and led her from the chair to the couch where he laid her down on her back leaving her head hanging off the edge of the cushion.

Amy opened her mouth and Chris put his cock between her lips and began face fucking her. Luckily he wasn’t as violent to her throat as his brother had been to her ass or she may very well have stopped breathing.

After ten or so minutes Chris pulled his prick free of Amy’s mouth and began firing streams of cum all over her face and hair. He let loose an impressive amount of fluid which Amy tried to catch it in her mouth, but most of it just ended up on her.

“I hear that’s good for your skin,” Drew joked, getting the last laugh of the day out of our group.

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