Business After Pleasure

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Korey woke up disappointed. Because unfortunately, he wasn’t looking forward to work. He knew another obstacle somehow would find a way to be barricaded in his path. As always, he was the first to arrive at work. This would give him time to reflect on his goals for the day. Also, he thought about his life. As he made his way through his maze of thoughts. He finally remembered the conference meeting that was scheduled for later in the morning. He wondered what that was all about? Time had flown by like it had sprouted wings. It was time for the meeting. Unfortunately. Everyone arrived to the conference room promptly.

The boss came in. And everyone etched fake smiles on their faces. They were trained to do their jobs. Some were programmed to kiss ass. Every job has those kind of so-called role players. Those who barely knew how to use a staple. But somehow found their way in executive positions. Corporate positions. Life-changing positions. The boss took command of the room as he stated that some changes were going into effect immediately. Everyone in the room felt their stomach turn. All their hopes and dreams were buried in their throats. They became hard to swallow. Pride turned into a sick feeling. Faces looked like they were suffocating. The boss revealed that he hired a new employee. Angela. More like an angel. Korey wondered what her position was. He knew a few positions he would love to have her in. Sexually. He wondered if he was working under her in the same department. He thought about putting time and work from the back of her. Korey breathed her.

Angela’s attire was very professional. But yet her clothing barely concealed her god given curves. The more gifted body he ever saw. Korey you will be working with Angela. Is what the boss pronounced. Angela and Korey made eye contact. The sexual tension between them was potent and apparent. Her long black hair flowed like an untainted reservoir. Angela and Korey finally stood face to face. Close enough to touch each casino oyna other. They shook hands a little bit longer then usual. They stared at each other like they saw a sight they never beheld before. Korey voluntarily showed Angela around so she could be more familiar with things. Most important, Korey showed her where his office was. That was his most important objective.

The upside to their job is that everyone had a significant amount of workspace to be alone. He showed her the copy room, the breakroom, even where the ladies room was. She asked him how long he worked here? He said forever and three years. They laughed right on key eloquently. And it fit perfectly like beautiful words to music. Korey last aspiration was to show her the fireroom. On floor 19. They made their way inside the elevator. How bad he wanted to press the button. To stop this elevator. So he could touch her in places she never knew existed. Like they were just created at the very instance of his touch. Licking lips and anxious to taste her soul. As long as humanly possible. But somehow. He kept his composure. The fireroom was their destination. But they were one passionate stare away from not making it there.

The elevator made a ding sound. He let her get off the elevator first. He was a gentleman. But he mainly wanted to check out her masterful shape that looked like she was created by a great architect. God was a genius. She was God’s gift. She looked like she was tightly wrapped in her business attire. Her clothes were lucky to touch her so effortlessly. The way she walked. Made that song by Joe starting singing in Korey’s head. All he could think is IF I WAS YOUR MAN. Korey warned Angela to be careful because the fireroom was terribly cluttered. Korey voluntarily held her hand as they squeezed through tight, messy aisles. He briefly explained the company system to her. Angela asked what are these files over her. Her ass that looked like it would take both hands to grip. Mistakenly grinded against canlı casino the middle region of Korey’s zipper. It wasn’t much but it was enough to determine that she felt good. Korey’s manhood slowly but surely woke up like a sleeping giant. His dick was anxious and frantic to fulfill her unexplored mound. She felt his bulge. Her walls simply trembled. She asked Korey was it hard. Korey stuttered when he said, “excuse me.” She repeated herself is it hard working for this company. Korey got even more turned on initially. He replied it’s okay. They made their way out the fileroom. Korey said if you need some help let me know. Angela smiled and said thanks.

And they went their separate ways for the remainder of the day. Later that night Korey laid awake thinking about the brilliant body of Angela. He started at the ceilings. And thought about her delectable walls. And drifted to sleep until his dreams and fantasies submerged into one. Before he knew it the morning had come. Time for the same routine. He did what was necessary to get ready for work. An hour passed. Now he was at work.

He thought about when Angela would be coming in. Then after he thought about his goals and aspirations once again. Something moved underneath his desk. Something reached out and grabbed his leg. He flinched naturally. He heard his zipper unzip. Someone took out his naked being. And tired to suck the life out of him. He looked down between his desk. It was Angela. She paid homage to his manhood like it was a national holiday. Korey had a fistful of her hair. He grabbed the back of her head until he penetrated her mouth farther. He knocked everything off his desk. Until it flew on the floor. In a rage of passion.

Her mouth felt so climactic Korey almost feel to his knees. He felt his knees buck. It felt so damn good that he almost told her that he loved her. She was a beautiful woman and her mouth felt even more beautiful. The intense rhythms of Angela’s tongue made him feel like he was about kaçak casino to erupt. This was like poetry in motion. The greatest stanza ever constructed. He stroked her face and could feel her vocals swarm all over his naked being. He withdrew himself from the clutches of her tongue. He had to close the door. Privacy was the key to ecstasy. He lifted her up off the floor. And he placed her on the desk. And he started to nibble her neck. She unveiled her breasts from her bra. Her nipples became devoured and erected with kisses. Her moaning trembled the both of them.

Korey journeyed down to her precious belly button, showering it completely with affection. Until he finally finessed his way down to where her aching really lied. He elevated her skirt passed her hips until her thighs were exposed. Positioned her lovely panties to the side. His tongue romanced her pussy until he fulfilled her everything. Korey’s tongue pierced her gapping opening. She pushed his head down forcibly so he could penetrate her deeper. He quaking began. She murmured, “Damn you are really eating this pussy so good. The evidence of her climax dripping all over’s Korey’s desk. Korey finally came up to breathe taking a break from inhaling Angela’s essence. Korey manhood stood out noticeably throbbing the peephole of his parted zipper. It was time to enter her. Nothing else really mattered.

Time stood still so did hearts. She grabbed him by his dick and told him to come her. Pulling it like it was so called of sexual leash. Her legs laid broadly upon his built shoulders. He entered, and she shivered. Her pulsation became a ritual more and more with his inclinations. The desk shuddered and thundered with their passion like it was about to fall to shambles. She continued to salute him with her voice of reason. His face buried in her neck and them morseled her neck. Fondling her fragrance. Each thrust bought him closer to fruition. Her legs engaged around his waist. Grind proceeded. His eruption was approaching. He felt a great sense of relieve about to rage from his loins. And arms abruptly touch him on the shoulder. It was Angela saying,”Good morning Korey.” It was all just an early morning fantasy.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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