Ann’s Art Project Ch. 04

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At least she had gotten some rest. Ann’s breasts still hurt from yesterday’s feeble tries, but nothing she couldn’t deal with. Just that her attempts to create replicas of her soft twins haven’t been really successful.

She had gone out clubbing with Sue the day before and her head was still dizzy from all the booze. They had agreed to meet again around noon to finally create something usable. She just hoped Sue would show up. That girl looked pretty hammered!

Ann was still a bit miffed by how Sue took advantage of her, how her friend used those hurting boobs for her own project instead of helping with that mold. Well, now that Sue got what she wanted, she would need to assist her in return!

When the two of them met at the workshop a few hours later, Sue was beaming, “Just checked that recording I did yesterday. Absolutely brilliant! A few hours of work and my best-ever movie will be ready! Do you think I can convince the dean to show it at the exhibition? Maybe as background for your work?”

Ann laughed, “I like that idea! Let’s ask Mr Roberts next time we see him! But now, let’s make those fucking molds!”

The two girls quickly devised a plan, this time taking into account everything they had learned. They even had an idea to take care of the shrinking properties of the resin!

Soon, Ann had to strip naked and climb into her column again, with Sue happily assisting her to get everything in place. She almost forgot how tight that wooden prison was, that her arms only fitted if she had them stretched over her head.

“Finally I get to see how those rollers work,” grinned Sue as Ann pressed her large breasts against the tight holes.

“Indeed. Now watch closely, here they come!” laughed Ann and pressed the switch that was located above her head, right below her fingertips.

An audible hum emanated from within the column, and two soft, squishy objects slowly bulged through the openings.

“Wow, works like a charm! I can see your tits already!” giggled Sue and grabbed a handful of the warm flesh, yanking it roughly through the small holes.

“Oww… Wait!” squealed Ann, but it was too late. Both of her boobs were thoroughly trapped already and began to slowly balloon up.

“Time to get to work, hon!” smirked Sue and grabbed some sheets of resin.

She carefully wetted Ann’s bulging melons and started to wrap them up in the sheets. Sue took special care to squeeze some of the stuff between Ann’s tits and the rims of the openings, so that the replicas would be big enough to be fixed into the holes. Once she had covered everything in saran wrap she chirped, “Time to get the pump!” and left the room.

Ann was alone again, stuck in her column. But this time she didn’t feel so vulnerable. She had Sue to take care of her after all! And she knew that it would only take moments for her to get the pump and those attachments, so they could support her tits properly against the force of the hardening resin.

The door opened again. That was quick!

“Ann? Are you here? I wanted to chat with you about the exhibition! We’ll need to discuss some logistics!”

Fuck, it was Mr Roberts! The dean! Ann’s pulse raced. Hopefully he wouldn’t spot her!

The man looked around, searching for his favorite art student. Ah, there was that incredible column, and apparently Ann already worked on an improved sculpture! The objects were still wrapped in some kind of foil, so the artist was obviously in the process of creating them! He stepped closer, thoroughly inspecting the fine work.

Suddenly, the door bust open and Sue shouted, “I’m back, Ann, time to get your melons ballooning up! Oh… Hi Mr Roberts! What an honor to have you here!”

“Hi Sue, do you know where Ann is? I have to discuss something with her…”

Sue smirked, “Oh, isn’t she in her workshop? I thought I heard her somewhere. She asked me to bring this vacuum pump to expand her sculpture a bit. She said, they’re still a bit too small …”

“Well, she doesn’t seem to be around, does she? I mean, her sculpture is here, but where is our bahis firmaları gifted artist?”

Ann held her breath. Hopefully, Sue didn’t spoil it! There she was again, hidden in that column, tits through holes, in the same room as the dean himself. And he had no clue about it. Just like the last time. Her boobs started to itch. Fuck! Was the resin already setting? Come on, Sue! Just get him out of the room already! Quick!

“Well, looks like she had some urgent matters to attend.” Sue mused, fumbling her phone out of the pocket. She glanced at the screen.

“Yup, got a message from her. Says her mother had an accident and is in the hospital. Ann went there already. No wonder she isn’t around!”

“Oh, poor girl!” whispered the dean, “Hope her mother is ok?”

“Sure hope so! She also mentions her sculpture, and asks if I could use the pump on it while she’s away. Apparently that resin is drying up quickly and she wants to grow them bit before it’s too late and they harden up. But I’m really not sure how to do this. I’m videographer, not a sculptor!”

“Well, I can assist you, if you want,” offered the dean, “Her art very special and I would be honored to have part in it!”

Oh no! What was Sue doing? Ann couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Was Sue really trying to get Mr Roberts to work on her tits? Beads of sweat were forming on her forehead, her hands trembling with anticipation. She desperately tried to breathe slowly, to stay silent. She just hoped he wouldn’t spot her.

“Sue, are you familiar with Ann’s work?”

“Not really, no. Just know that she is working on this breast sculpture. We met a few months ago, and she was kind enough to model for my latest video project, which is also pretty breast-y,” she chuckled, “She told me about the exhibition and I wondered if I could show my movie there, kind of as background to her work. It’s about the same pair of tits after all!”

The dean raised his eyebrows, “Sounds interesting, what is your project about?”

“Well, I really don’t want to spoil it for you, so no details just yet. But it prominently features Ann’s incredible boobs, and it’ll be amazing!” she laughed nervously, looking at the older man.

“Well, I’ll think about it. But now, let’s help our artist. What are we supposed to do?”

Ann groaned under her breath. That bitch was really going for it! But then, it was about fucking time! that itch got worse and her melons already felt the pressure quite a bit!

Sue grabbed the attachments of the pump and handed them to Mr. Roberts. “I guess we just need to put those over the sculpture and slowly pump out the air. That will make them grow. But you need to be careful that the seal is airtight!”

“Sure,” the dean said, inspecting the spherical cups in his hands, “what I wanted to ask you… Do you have a clue what Ann is using as base material? When I… touched… her work last time, it felt so… real! I still can’t believe it!”

He approached the column, touched the wrapped-up orbs, poked them with his finger and said, “Well, these feel quite different though. Maybe she processes the material in a later step?”

Sue shrugged and said, “Honestly, I have no idea. But let’s do our job now. Could you press the cups on it? Let me know when I can start the pump…”

The dean nodded and pushed the large cups over the shiny objects. The cups surely were big ones! The sculpture looked pretty tiny inside there! He made sure to push the flexible rim against the polished wood and said, “Ready to go!”

Ann heard the air being pumped out of the containers. Then she felt the pull on her tits. Wow, that was a weird feeling! She tried to breathe slowly, to not moan or make a sound. Ann heard the dean say, “Seems to work? Look at this, amazing how the material slowly stretches! How far are we supposed to go? Just how big does Ann want her sculpture to be?”

Sue looked at the swelling twins and said, “No clue, but let’s give it a few moments before we shut it off again.”

Both watched intently as Ann’s twins slowly ballooned in front of their kaçak iddaa eyes. The poor girl was panting heavily by now, fearing that her tits would pop from the strain. But then, Sue decided to stop and turned the pump into a ‘maintain pressure’ mode.

“OK, I think that’s it Mr Roberts. Suppose we can leave the sculpture like that and let it set.”

“You think so?” the dean asked, eying the objects closely. Then his gaze fell on his watch and he muttered, “Damn, almost missed my appointment. Sorry, need to go. And Sue, show me your movie when you’re ready. Would love to present it at the exhibition. But deadline is this Friday already!”

Sue nodded, “Sure, will show it to you as soon as it’s ready. You’ll love it!”

Sue closed the door behind the dean and whispered, “He’s gone!”

“Good grief, how could you do that? Invite him to help? I almost fainted in here!”

“Thought you’d like the excitement,” chuckled Sue, “Besides, it worked just fine! I was even able to pitch my new video! So how is it going, in there?”

“Glad you asked! My boobs itch like there is no tomorrow, but at least that stuff is not strangling them again! The pump seems to work well!”

“So you can stand it another few hours? They’re recommending at least twelve, and we have barely passed the two-hour mark…”

“Another ten hours in this thing? You’re kidding me, right?”

“Unfortunately not. Hope you don’t need to pee or something…”

“Don’t even mention that… Just thinking about it makes me want to go to the bathroom. Can you switch on the radio or something?”

“Sure. But I’ll have to leave you soon. Need to work a bit more on that video. I’ll drop by in the morning again to get you out. Here, take your mobile in case there is an emergency.”

Sue climbed up the ladder and handed the phone into Ann’s raised hands. It wasn’t a comfortable position she was in, but dialing Sue’s number should be possible even with her arms stretched like that.

“Alright, so see you in the morning. Hope this works!”

“Yeah… see you!” creaked Ann.

Ten hours! How should she endure this? The itching drove her out of her mind already! She saw the light going dark. The radio was playing one of those light-hearted summer hits. She heard the pump spring to life. Great. That was how she would spend her night?

It was so tiring to stand in there! And so boring! Nothing happened, just that the radio blared an endless stream of music, silly talk and horrible ads. Soon, her feet started to hurt. Ann desperately wanted to get out to stretch her legs. Should she call Sue? But she had to endure this! The phone slipped from her hand and rattled on the floor. Fuck, now she was really stuck. She wouldn’t even be able to call for help! And the itch on her boobs got so bad that she wished somebody, anybody would just enter the room and rip that vile stuff from her!

She had no idea how she survived this ordeal, but finally she heard the door opening, and a familiar voice said, “How are you doing in there? Everything ok?”

“Thank god you’re back! I so need to get out of here! Can you check the resin?”

Sue removed the sucker cups, poked against the hardened shell and grinned, “I think we’re good to go! That stuff is solid as a rock! Want me to rip it from your boobies?”

“God, YES!”

After all those accidents and slip-ups, it was surprisingly easy to get Ann out of the column. Sue removed the hard cast like a pro, and Ann only complained for a moment as her buzzing orbs got separated from the hard shell. Sue had to press against the red, hot balls to make them squish through the tight openings again, but other than a few screams there was nothing blocking progress.

Soon, Ann climbed from the column and the girls thoroughly inspected the molds they created.

“They look fantastic! See how my nipples are replicated in there? We did it!” beamed the naked girl

“Yeah, great work! Finally you can make those replicas!”

“Can’t fucking believe it! I’m so happy!”

“So how are your boobs doing? Itching? Screaming?”

“Oh, kaçak bahis just a bit tender… It was definitely worth it! Now where’s that foam-stuff… “

“So you’re getting busy? It’s middle of the night, hon. Don’t you want to take some rest?”

“No way! I want to see how this works out! I have to try it now!”

“Whatever you like. But I really need to go home. Have fun, Ann. See you tomorrow!”

“Sure. Thanks Sue, Thanks for your help!”

“No problem. Always a pleasure to help such a determined boob-fanatic!”

Ann worked through the night and forgot everything around her. She even forgot to dress. Naked as she was, she dashed around the workshop, mixing chemicals and substances to create the optimal mixture for her breast replica. And she succeeded! When the sun rose again, she had created four different sets of breasts that all looked convincingly similar to her own pair, especially when seen from a distance. Yes, yes, finally this would work!

Ann carefully removed every imperfection, made sure that nothing distracted from the illusion that these artificial objects were indeed her own breasts. She beamed happily as she examined the result of hours of work. Way better than she imagined! But now it was time to get some rest.

Sue was amazed when Ann showed her the squishy objects the next morning.

“Those look so real! This is incredible! A bit on the big side, too!”

She took one pair, held it to her chest and pranced around in front of a mirror.

“How do you like my new tits?” she smirked as she marvelled at the picture in the mirror.

“You look great!” laughed Ann, “My tits would look great on you!”

Sue grinned as she put the objects down again, “So what now? What’s the plan?”

“Well, we’ll stuff them in the holes and be done with it! As soon as those things are fixed to the column we are ready to go!”

“By the way, when is that exhibition taking place?”

“The General Exhibition? This weekend. I have to set up everything on Thursday night. Friday is for the professionals. Journalists from art magazines, collectors and other members of the global art community will show up and use the day for a good look on what our university and their sponsors are offering. Then on Saturday and Sunday the general public will storm the place and marvel at expensive stuff they will never be able to afford.”

“So you have only today and tomorrow to prep?”


“Wow. That means I need to ask the dean immediately if I can show the video, too! Damn. where do I get a projector and a screen?”

“The dean will be able to organize everything. Don’t worry. Now, can you help me with that column?”

Ann took a pair of fake boobs and pushed them into the holes of the column. But they only stayed there for a few seconds and then bounced on the floor.

“Damn. That doesn’t work, does it?”

Sue tried her luck, but the result was the same.

“Can we glue them in?”

“Not really. I still need to be able to use my own boobies, especially when press is coming and people are examining the sculpture from up close. Nothing tops the real thing.”

“Right. So we need something that kind of holds them i place… like a clamp or something.”

“A clamp… Sue, your fucking brilliant! I know exactly what to use! Follow me, I’ll show you!”

Ann led Sue into a hallway of the art school and pointed to a wall with a number of plants that were fixed with what seemed like golden handles.

“I don’t get it, Ann. I just see a bunch of flower pots!”

“Look closer! See how they fixed them to the wall? Those handles are the key! If you push them down, this mechanism clamps around the flower pot and holds it in place. If you push the handle up…”

“Be careful!” Sue shouted, catching the falling flower pot.

“…the clamp opens and releases the plant.”

“Ok, but how does that help with our problem?”

“You really don’t get it, do you? Just imagine my fake foam boobs instead of those pots. We tilt the holders 90 degrees, get the handles fixed to the outside of the column and put the holders right in those holes…”

“Hey, now I understand! You want to use those to…”

“Exactly. Now help me to unscrew two of those so we can use them in my project!”

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