A Visit to Remember

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Rob went to stay with his aunt’s house for a week one summer when his dad and step-mom went out of town on vacation. To put it more properly, it was his “step-aunt’s” house, as it was his step-mom’s sister. His aunt Becky had one daughter, Tara, who was also a newly turned eighteen-year-old and had always had a soft spot in Rob’s world. Rob had met his cousin and aunt before, but he was going to get much friendlier this visit.

Nothing abnormal happened the first few days. One evening, however, when Becky was out at the store, Rob was sitting in the living room reading a book when Tara called for him down the hallway. Rob followed her voice and quickly found that it came from the bathroom, which was left slightly open. Tara’s voice wasn’t urgent so Rob came to the door and asked what she needed. Tara told him to come in, and he was shocked when he opened the door.

Tara was in the bathtub, taking a bubble bath, with her legs hanging out the side and was wearing green stilettos. She had a very devious smile, which only made her look more seductive than she already did. Rob had always thought she looked good, but seeing her covered only in bubbles, her breasts slightly exposed, her arms resting on the side of the tub and her legs up in the air, and even the way her long dark hair contrasted her creamy white skin, Rob was simply speechless. She playfully swayed her legs a bit and cocked her head, and asked him how he liked her shoes. Rob muttered something indistinguishable, and Tara giggled to herself. She asked him to come over and take them off, because she didn’t want to get them wet. Without thinking about it, Rob obliged, sitting next to her legs on the end of the tub and slipped off her shoes. Tara sighed happily as he did this, then started to complain how her feet were hurting her and how much she loved a nice massage.

Rob had never been a foot fetish kind of guy, but something about touching them excited him, if for no other reason than that he was touching this hot naked chick who he was sort of related to. Shoving the objections out of his head, Rob gently touched Tara’s feet, and she slowly pulled them up and put them in Rob’s lap, dangerously close to his already very excited self. She moaned pleasurably as he stroked and massaged her bare feet. Leaning her head back and closing her eyes, a smile came on her face as she extended her legs into Rob’s hands, clearly indicating that she wanted him to go further up. Rob for a second resisted, but just then Tara breathed in deeply and even more of her breasts were exposed. Hot desire shot the resistance right out of him, and Rob rubbed Tara’s shins and calves.

Tara cocked her head to the side slightly, her smile becoming more sexual, and she slowly ran her hands through her hair, which exposed a pronounced curvature to her breasts. Just as Rob’s hands glided up Tara’s legs even further, venturing under the bubbles, there was a noise at the front door. Rob froze casino şirketleri in terror, which Tara didn’t help as she opened her eyes slightly and said in an extremely seductive voice, “Mom’s back, better leave, cousin.” Rob stared at his buxom beauty cousin for a split second before rushing into his room and closing the door. His heart beat slowed only when enough time passed to tell him his aunt suspected nothing.

The next day was one of those perfect days that happen once or twice a summer. The sun was shinning and a few puffy clouds scattered the sky, and there was a soft breeze that kept the heat from getting too hot without making the air feel cold. After a leisurely breakfast, Rob wondered outside to the pool area in the backyard, where he found Aunt Becky relaxing on a lounge, reading a book.

Aunt Becky was definitely his favorite aunt, mostly because she was simply very attractive yet very nice. She had long, straight brownish-red hair that came down a little past her shoulders, with a sharp nose and a beautiful smile. She was fairly tall, slim yet still held a figure that included very nice hips and ass and large breasts like her daughter. She was wearing a fairly low-cut white tank-top that was thin enough to allow her nipples to poke through, and a loose jeans skirt that slid pretty far down her leg as she had one knee bent and the other straight. A pang of guilt struck Rob, as he awoke from having unconsciously stared at her for a few seconds, remembering that he had only the night before was pretty close to having sex with her daughter.

Just as his thoughts started to envision Tara naked in the bathtub again, Becky looked up and smiled broadly, inviting Rob to come join her. She put her book down as Rob came over and pulled her knees up to her chest, incidentally giving Rob a magnificent view in between her legs. Rob sat down at the end of the bench, and as they talked, he had to try very hard to keep his eyes out from between her long, toned, sexy legs… Rob jumped slightly and looked back at Aunt Becky’s face as she chuckled.

“You’re not awake yet, are you?”

“No, not really,” Rob said, glancing down only to look right back up upon seeing the blue material between her legs.

“Are you having fun here?”

“Oh yeah, I’m lovin’ it.”

“Well, I hope it at least’s beats sitting at home all week.”

Rob laughed, thinking about the difference between seeing Tara in the bathtub and doctored images on the internet.

“Yeah, you know, can’t beat not having to cook.”

“Mmmm, glad you are enjoying that too,” Aunt Becky said in a voice and manner that reminded Rob all to much of Tara last night.

“So what book are you reading?” Rob asked politely.

“Oh,” Becky muttered, brushing her book behind the bench and looking quite flushed. “It’s nothing, just something to do.”

“Oh,” Rob said, and there was a brief awkward silence.

“So Tara tells casino firmalari me you’re pretty good at massages,” Aunt Becky said, and Rob snapped his head up suddenly. He started to go pale, but the look on Becky’s face told him she must not have heard about everything.

“I try it when I can,” Rob said, not sure what to say.

“Well, do you want another chance?” Becky asked. Rob was slightly stunned, as she continued. “My back has been aching recently, and I think a nice massage might just do the trick.”

Rob grunted a consent, and, as his Aunt smiled and said “Great!” he wondered at this second strange situation. Becky adjusted the beach bench so it laid flat and laid down on her stomach. Not sure where to start, Rob hesitated for a few seconds before Aunt Becky spoke up.

“Just sit across my backside here,” she said nonchalantly, though Rob’s heart leaped as it appeared she meant sitting right on her ass. Not wanting to over assume, Rob climbed on her, once accidentally grazing her ass with his hand, and lowered himself down onto her on her lower back. He was about to start when she piped in for him to scoot further back. He scooted a little further, starting to feel her soft cheeks with his groin, but she kept saying “further” until he was directly on her ass, highly turned on by the strange feeling of his balls settling between her cheeks.

“Nature’s cushion, that’s what I like to say,” added Aunt Becky proudly.

“It’s very nice,” Rob said, trying to say something to continue conversation but instantly regretting his word choice. Becky glanced back at him without a word, looking again rather flushed. Rob, not knowing what else to do, leaned forward and began to rub her back. He tried his best to be thorough, but the white tank-top was not helping any, as it kept creasing and making it hard to massage.

After what seemed like the tenth time of straightening her shirt out, Becky said “You know what, let me help you.”

Aunt Becky began to move, and Rob instinctively scooted back a bit. Before he knew what was going on, Becky had sat up, her lower legs now still underneath Rob, while she was now sitting on his lap, her back to his face, nearly touching his nose. Rob realized how they were sitting, and also realized, his hands holding the bunched up material, that her skirt had somehow slid up so there was only her panties separating her naked ass to his pants. His heart leaped further when he realized through feeling his very hard and upright self squeezed between two tight yet soft ass cheeks that she was wearing a thong. He was so busy earlier trying not to look in between her legs that he hadn’t noticed it. Just as his closeness to his now incredibly hot and sexy aunt began to sink in, his heart leaped even more.

His nose was less than an inch from her shirt, and sudden movement had made him for a split second not realize what she was doing. It was not until her hair started güvenilir casino disappearing in white and the white was replaced with tan that he realized she was taking off her tank top. As she turned slightly to toss the shirt aside, the side of her breast came into view and the hope beyond hopes that he would see her entire breast shot through his head, Rob felt himself on the verge of bursting being so close to a topless woman, his hard cock still lodged in Becky’s ass crack. He had almost began to wrap his hands around her sides and grab her breasts when she raised herself up off his lap and laid back down, her cleavage sticking out a bit on her sides, and as an added bonus, her skirt still around her waist, her ass naked except for the tiny blue strap going around her waist and between her cheeks.

“Still say it’s nice?” Becky asked, breaking the feeling that the last ten seconds had taken much much longer. She asked it playfully, eying Rob, who was staring at her hump, and taking the edge of her skirt in her fingers. Rob was speechless, his eyes darting from Aunt Becky’s devilish grin to her practically naked ass. After several long seconds passed, she giggled to herself and flicked the skirt back over her ass, adding that he’d seen enough.

Closing her eyes expectantly, it finally sunk in for Rob that his aunt had helped him by removing her shirt and letting him massage her bare back. He scooted forward again onto her ass (being sure to run his hand on her as much as he could in the process), and continued the massage. As he continued for well over ten minutes, he was really thinking about what had happened during those brief seconds. Surprised at his own lack of connecting one and two, he felt suddenly very embarrassed by his aunt very intimately feeling his excitement. He started to slow up a bit as waves of embarrassment, guilt, and ecstatic excitement crashed in his head.

It was then that they both heard the alarm clock coming from Tara’s room. Rob just barely caught himself from leaping up, but Aunt Becky saved him from wondering what to do in front of Tara.

“You’d might want to get off, or else you’ll be doing this for Tara too,” Becky said, smiling back at Rob with a playful smile. As soon as he stood up though, Rob missed the feeling of her ass between his legs and wished he’d stayed on, even with the awkwardness of seeing the woman’s daughter. Rob looked at the patio door, hearing Tara getting something in the kitchen, then glanced back over at his Aunt Becky, who had stood up, with her naked back towards Rob, putting the lounge back the way it was. He watched, intoxicated, as she turned around, with one arm lazily covering her breasts, and sat back down on the pool lounge, reaching down and picking up her book.

With one fluid motion she opened the book and removed her arm, so the book and her hands holding the book at least covered her nipples, but most of her large breasts were still left exposed. She glanced up at him, one part of her bangs falling down in her face oh so seductively, and started reading her book again. Rob, not sure of what Tara would think of him sitting so close to her topless mother decided to go in and see what Tara was doing.

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