A Trip to the Doctor’s Office

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Hello you naughty girls and boys!

Time for another story filled with foot fun! Doreen has already acquired herself a foot slave, and today she has a plan to take him to see the doctor. Can his foot fetish be cured? Or is there a more serious affliction present?


1 Chapter 1: By the Balls

She had me by the balls. Truly she did. I won’t get into the details of how she managed it, but she had a thick collar around the base of my balls and it sported two large electrodes; one on either side. They resembled the business end of two silver spoons on each side of my sac, cupping and trapping my balls.

Honestly it wasn’t that uncomfortable while I was just sitting or standing, and I had even gotten accustomed to walking with it on. But of course the purpose was to be able to deliver painful shocks to my balls. And that was most certainly, uncomfortable. In fact it was really quite painful, and that’s what she used to put me in line.

And with it, she had effectively turned me into her slave. Sure I wanted to remove it, but it was designed to go on, not to come off. And my attempts to remove it proved useless, and any discovered attempts at tampering resulted in excruciating examples of why I shouldn’t. So maybe I should have tried to hide or destroy the remote? She had several and warned she could always pick up a new one. And now would be a good time to read again the line above about tampering and the results that followed.

So naturally some macho guy who hears this account will think that if he were in such a situation, he could handle it. He wouldn’t give in. He would stand up to any woman who tried it. Sounds great when you’re not on your knees, or curled into a fetal position clutching at your balls, which are on fire. I’m just saying; talk is cheap.

So at this point you may be wondering who this woman is and what she wants from me. Her name is Doreen and she’s an older woman. I suppose she is middle aged, but just when does that start? I’d say she has at least ten years on me and I’ve just begun my thirties. Is she mid 40’s? 50’s? Could be. I’m not sure. These days I find it hard to tell, and when I was once bold, or stupid enough to ask, she gave me a zap to my balls and told me it was impolite to ask. I haven’t asked since.

So we have an idea of her age but not much else. Well she is reasonably fit, reasonably attractive, probably an average body size; maybe a little slim but certainly not skinny. A bit outgoing but not loud. She knows how to throw insults with polite precision. She’s likely to be hosting a party or leading a small group.

Oh, and she likes to have her feet worshipped. She really likes it. She loves it. She demands it. And as you may have guessed, that’s where I come in. It’s hard to say how much she may have searched for me or someone else or how much of it was luck or inspiration, but as soon as she had me captured, she put me to work on her feet, and that has been my primary purpose.

Now this whole turn of events was rather shocking to me, no pun intended, and it wasn’t easy to adjust to. I didn’t have any specific aversion to feet and I wasn’t afraid of them the way some people seem to be. However I wasn’t into feet either. They were a good place for one’s shoes, and they made walking and running a lot easier.

But now they were becoming a larger part of my life. My entire face and perhaps more importantly, my entire mouth, had become ever more familiar with Doreen’s feet. Actually my whole head, as she had run her feet through my hair on more than one occasion and her toes had pinched my ears several times.

And while I found this work distasteful, pun intended this time, I did gain a certain degree of acceptance. How, you ask? Well let’s remember just what sort of control she has over me. I learned quickly I would do anything to avoid the pain she could inflict. She could of course alter the setting to milder or more aggressive shocks, but if there was anything she truly wanted the level could go higher and the shocks longer than anything I was able to protest.

And she had made an offhand remark once about having me do something else than lick her feet. It wasn’t even a threat so much as a simple reminder that other possibilities were out there. I won’t say what it was, but that night I did a lot of thinking and realized while my tasks may be unpleasant there was far worse she could make me do and it could happen at any moment if she felt like it. I was ‘happy’ to care for her feet if it kept me safe from more sinister services.

And so I became a good slave, shocked on occasion but usually on a milder setting, and was generally quick to obey and put effort into pleasing her. I was learning what was expected of me and she was settling into having me at her feet whenever she desired. We were coming to an understanding of slave and owner. And I was learning more and more about her feet.

2 Chapter 2: A Trip is Planned

So one morning while she is sitting in her chair reading a magazine, with canlı bahis her feet propped on the footstool and I naked on my hands and knees licking her feet, she came up with an idea. I don’t know if it had anything to do with what she was reading, something she had thought of beforehand, or just an idea that popped into her head.

“I think today I’m going to take you to the doctor’s office.”

I didn’t know what to say, and as a rule I wasn’t to speak unless spoken too anyway. I hadn’t been sick and I had no idea what her intentions were. But of course I had no choice either, so I just listened.

“Yes I think I will take you in and see if there is something that can be done about this foot fetish of yours.”

Saying that, she flashed a wicked grin. I knew better than to argue, and we both knew I didn’t have a foot fetish of any kind. I gathered this was a pretense for some game of hers and I wondered how it would play out.

“We will get you dressed and take you in. You will behave much as you do around me. You don’t have to go wild attacking my feet with your tongue and you may even show a little apprehension, you know, as if you are embarrassed.”

Again that wicked smile, and I began to see the game she had in mind. She wanted to add some humiliation to my service and let someone else be aware of my services to her.

“But I will demonstrate how you just can’t help kissing and licking my feet. You have an attraction for women’s feet that can’t be denied.”

I was going to have to prove my ‘love’ for her feet in front of someone else and I was already feeling embarrassed and truth be told, a little nauseous at such a prospect.

“Now this is your role and I expect you to play it perfectly. You follow my lead and do as I expect, otherwise you’ll get the shock of your life. I hope I won’t have to shock you at the office, but if I do you keep it to yourself, or you will regret it.”

The warning wasn’t much needed, but now I knew I would have to be ready to think on my feet, as it were, depending upon what direction she guided me. This was shaping up to be a memorable day and I wasn’t feeling good about what tonight’s dreams might bring.

3 Chapter 3: The Waiting Room

A couple hours later, we were sitting in a waiting room. It was something like a walk-in clinic so the room was filled with all sorts of people with various non-threatening ailments. If you have been in any sort of medical waiting room you know how exciting they can be. Minutes ticked by like molasses. And yet Doreen seemed rather cheerful.

She brought a book with her to read. I was afforded no such luxury. Soon after we sat down she leaned over and whispered to me. She said I should spend most of my time looking down at her feet, but I should look away every once in awhile. She also suggested I should take a few sneak peeks at the feet of other women in the room. Once instructed, she opened her book and began reading.

I looked down to see her feet. She had crossed her legs and her foot was swinging lightly. She was wearing sandals, basically like beach flip-flops but with more style. Besides swinging her foot, she would flex and extend her toes causing the sandal to lightly slap at her heel and sole.

I stared for several minutes, almost in a trance as I considered how well I had come to know those feet. I knew the texture and taste of her foot. I knew the length of her toes and how to get my tongue between them. I knew the scratch of her nails on my cheeks and tongue. I knew the softness of her sole and the toughness of her heel.

I was brought out of my trance by the sound of a loud cough. It was some random person in the room but it brought me back to the present. To pass the minutes I thought this might be a good time to see what other women were wearing on their feet. I cast my gaze around the room and indeed noticed more feet than I had expected.

Some women were wearing sneakers or other closed shoes, but many were wearing some kind of heel or sandal which exposed much of their bare feet. I saw an older woman rubbing her feet together, bare, outside of a pair of slip on shoes that were pushed back under her chair. I saw strappy heels and pumps, the pumps dangling precariously from a bored foot.

I stretched and yawned continuing my surveillance looking over my shoulder and around the room behind me. There was a girl nearby, late teens or early twenties, with a look that could be described as goth or emo, wearing a black shirt or shirts, and black and white striped leggings. She had one foot tucked up under her in the chair. She was busy on her phone, oblivious to what was going on around her.

Looking at the floor she had plastic shoes, those kind of transparent things that looked to be made of some sort of rubberized gel and they also had a flip-flop look. The pale white foot which was scrunching her toes absently in her shoe, was adorned with shiny black nail polish. She had long toes and her feet looked so smooth and soft. And for a moment I had an bahis siteleri idea what they would taste like. Her feet were definitely nicer than most in the room.

What was happening to me? I realized suddenly that I was rating the female feet in the room based upon what I had seen. They were feet. Clearly my time spent with Doreen was changing how I saw the world. Feeling a bit distressed at the realization I turned back in my chair, my attention once again on Doreen’s feet.

Doreen had been more aware than I would have thought for as she was reading she whispered to me.

“She is cute, but just you remember who has your balls.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

I don’t even know when she saw her as she was practically sitting behind Doreen. But I knew better than to argue or even dismiss her rebuke. I went back to watching Doreen’s feet and waiting to be called, wanting this all to be over and at the same time not wanting to move from my spot toward the unknown.

When we were finally called I had been in another daze. I was watching Doreen’s feet thinking of the various times I had worshipped them and how they felt on my face and tongue. She tugged my arm bringing me to my feet and my senses. We then followed a young nurse down a hallway to an examination room.

4 Chapter 4: Dr. Henderson

“The doctor will see you in a moment.”

The nurse left us in the small room. Doreen decided to sit on the edge of the examination table and she had me kneel on the floor beside her. I knew this would make it easier for her to put a foot in my face or for me to bend over slightly to reach her feet and I was sure that was on her mind.

It was still a little odd for the doctor when she came in and she barely got through hello before commenting that there was another chair in the room. Doreen quickly dismissed it and said this would make it easier for her to explain.

The doctor seemed somewhat reassured and sat down on the rolling stool and crossed her own legs. A female doctor. I hadn’t given much thought as to the specifics of a doctor, but now I was quite aware she was female and wondered if Doreen had orchestrated this somehow. A fear began to grow that things were going to get worse than her embarrassing me in front of a stranger.

“Hello, I’m Dr. Henderson. So why don’t you tell me what seems to be the problem? I see on the form you have marked private, but you should feel comfortable telling me anything and your honesty is the only way we can really help you.”

“Well doctor my name is Doreen and this is Davey, sorry… David. His parents are currently living out of the country and I’m his legal guardian. I’m afraid he hardly ever talks, and you won’t likely get him to answer any of your questions directly. I know that makes things more difficult and I want to apologize right now for him in advance.”

So Doreen had already come up for a way to keep me quiet. I had also noticed how she had worded the apology so one might take it either as she was apologizing on my behalf or apologizing for me as though I was the problem. Also I hadn’t heard her use my name for some time. She usually spoke to me directly or called me ‘Slave’.

The doctor let Doreen know that wouldn’t be a problem, and that everyone was there to help David, me, in any way they could. I think another one of those wicked smiles crossed Doreen’s face but she was careful to conceal it.

“Well doctor, David helps me around the house and I’m the only person he sees regularly. But a short while back I noticed that he seemed to be staring at me a lot. At first I didn’t think much of it and thought he was just daydreaming. Then I noticed that he was most often staring at my feet.”

I saw the doctor involuntarily look at Doreen’s feet, especially the one she now held outward. In fact at that moment, everyone one in the room was staring at her foot. The doctor then looked up but Doreen continued before she could break in.

“Well of course I try to take care of my feet as any woman would but then I noticed other strange things happening around the house. I found my slippers had been moved slightly from where I left them. My socks would go missing and sometimes I misplaced a pair of shoes.”

The doctor sat patiently but showed signs she was a little uncomfortable with where this was going. Doreen on the other hand I knew was fully enjoying herself as she spun her tale.

“All of that is odd enough, and of course boys will be curious, but it went further. He would rub my feet more and more often and for longer periods of time and he would often hold them so close to his face. And then one day I was resting on my bed, with my feet hanging over the end. And he snuck in and started kissing my feet. That’s how I woke up; with David at the foot of the bed kissing my feet.”

“Well Miss I…”

“There’s more. Another time he crawled under the kitchen table and he licked the bottoms of my feet. At first I thought it was my dog, and then I remembered he died three years ago. I thought I would bahis şirketleri just have to be more careful, maybe wear socks around the house. But he would sulk and throw fits if he went for long without seeing my feet. I don’t know how it started doctor, but I tell you this…he has an uncontrollable foot fetish!”

The final statement was spoken in a harsh whisper. By this time I had already turned several shades of red I am sure. The doctor too seemed a bit embarrassed to have heard this tale. But she was a professional and she remained professional.

“Well Doreen I’m sure it’s not that serious, but a foot fetish isn’t exactly something we can treat here at this clinic.”

“This is serious doctor. It isn’t as simple as telling him to stop. Here, let me demonstrate.”

And with that Doreen slid off her sandal and crossed her leg over her knee, putting her bare foot right next to my face.

“Now he knows he shouldn’t because I’ve told him so, but just watch.”

And here it was, my first part to play in this little adventure. The doctor waited patiently and I looked at Doreen’s foot and then up into her eyes. She looked back at me and I knew what she wanted. I looked back at her foot and I moved slightly.

The doctor seemed a bit surprised. No doubt she felt that under such circumstances, someone like myself, even with a foot fetish, wouldn’t be so blatant under this scrutiny to act in any way.

I looked at the doctor and back at Doreen’s foot and shuffled ever so slightly on the floor bringing me closer. Then I slowly brought my head closer to her foot. And then with my cheek nearly touching her sole, I put out my tongue and licked her foot.

The doctor wore a look of awe and I think hesitated a few seconds to be sure this was really happening. But I continued to lick Doreen’s foot, occasionally looking down at the floor and drawing my shoulders in.

The doctor and Doreen both had something to say and for a few seconds they were talking over each other. While the doctor may have started first, I knew it was Doreen I had to listen to.

“David stop that. You really don’t have to…”

“He won’t doctor. He won’t listen to you or anyone else. I can get him to stop, if only briefly, but I can’t keep him from doing it again. You should feel safer. If he wasn’t working on my foot no doubt by now he would have gone after your feet.”

The doctor clearly hadn’t expected to hear that. She drew her feet back instinctively and gathered her thoughts. She was still dismayed at me on the floor in front of her licking Doreen’s foot. Doreen decided to give her and me a break, if only to keep the dream alive.

“David dear, you must stop that now. Thank you for taking care of my feet.”

I stopped licking and sat back, her foot still scant inches from my face. The doctor seemed relieved at the moment but she was concerned. Surely she wasn’t expecting anything like this when she walked back to the examination room.

Doreen waited for the doctor, but I had the sense she was only doing this so she could break in and interrupt her. And that was the case. The doctor was trying to figure out how to handle this. But as she was about to speak I heard Doreen jump in.

“You see doctor I am concerned that he will behave this way toward other women as well, but I don’t know for sure. If I was sure it was only about me and my feet I might be able to better handle this development. So seeing as you are a professional, if you could just remove one of your shoes so we can watch David’s reaction I would really appreciate it. Maybe it isn’t as bad as I have feared.”

I felt a little sorry for the doctor actually. She had found herself in a rather awkward situation, and was unaware of what Doreen was capable of. No doubt she was a bit confused and uncertain as to how to handle this. I could see her struggling with what she should do next. Whether it was for ease, curiosity, or some other reason, she decided to go along with Doreen’s request.

“Well it would be good for me to have a better understanding of his problem, but you mustn’t direct him in any way. I need to make some observations for myself. And I rather doubt he will be interested in my feet.”

Doreen agreed. I’m sure she was confident she was still running the show. The doctor then looked directly at me as she leaned over to reach the heel of her shoe.

“Now David, I am going to remove my shoe. You don’t have to do anything. You can just sit right there. We want you to be happy.”

And after giving her instructions, she pulled off her shoe, revealing her foot, encased in navy blue hose which could not hide the dark red polish she had on her toes. She wiggled her toes, which was probably more reflex than an attempt to gain my attention.

Knowing what was required of me I hesitated but only for a moment. Then I fell forward onto my hands and knees. I was less than a yard from her foot. I waited a second or two and then moved toward her foot.

Once I had closed the distance I leaned forward and put my nose under her toes and pulled my head up, causing the doctor to flex her foot at the ankle and putting her sole in my face. I then took in a few breaths, each one a little deeper than the last.

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