A Rosa in Bloom

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Requested by Rosa Salina.


“Okay, here we go.” Rosa said as she placed a mountain of flowers on the counter, “We have 5 Ageratum, 20 Browallia, 3 purple Crocus, and 30 red roses, hope they do their magic for you, sir.” She said as she presented the massive festival of colors to the client and they parted.

“Nice work Rosa,” came a voice from behind her, “how are you feeling today? Everything well?” It was Sara, her boss.

“Yes,” Rosa said with a lovely smile, “I feel great, today.”

“It shows, you look like a supermodel.” Sara fired back.

“Thank you,” Rosa blushed and arranged her brunette mountain of hair, it had subtle shades of red strands.

“No wonder she looks like a supermodel,” another voice came from across the room, it was the blond Vicky, she came to work at the shop about a year before Rosa did. “Haven’t you seen her show last night?” A little murmur passed across the shop, people gasped and talked amongst themselves.

“I try not to watch,” Sara said, “I think it’s not professional, or polite of me to watch my florists like that.”

“You can watch if you want Sara, I don’t mind… really, see this as a personal invitation to watch.” Rosa said as the red blush faded.

“Last night was something special?” Sara wondered.

“Special is an understatement,” came another soft voice, Jenna. “I don’t remember you doing all that stuff when we were together.”

“What did she do?” Sara wondered as she arranged a bride’s bouquet.

“Well, you won’t believe me, but Rosa here got herself a cock sleeve, a real fancy one…” Jenna said.

“Ohh, she also inserted a bead chain into her…” Jenna added but seemed embarrassed to finish.

Sara stopped, “So she likes anal, what’s the big deal?”

“No, not there…” Vicky said, “It was… Well… She pushed it into her own dick, through the urethra…”

“Wow, Rosa, really?” Sara marveled.

“It felt great, I’m not apologizing for that.” Rosa protested in defense of herself. She greatly enjoyed her newest addition to her toy collection. All had been used at some point or another for her shows. The collection so large now that it is essentially impossible to hide everything in her place when people come over.

“No need to apologize for that Rosa,” Vicky spoke with a smile, “You do have to apologize for not doing me…”

Rosa turned to Vicky. The brown-haired girl was skinny and at that moment seemed like a really good option for that time of the month. “Okay Vicky, you’re next, that time of the month is coming, talk later at lunch? I don’t want to ruin the night show for everyone in the shop.” Rosa said out loud to ensure everyone in the shop heard her.

The day rushed on, and before the girls noticed it, Rosa and Vicky sat down for lunch. Rosa opened their talk with a smile and a loving tone, “How are you feeling Vicky?”

“Super excited, I can’t believe my night is coming so soon, I thought you’d never say yes.” Vicky’s excitement was obvious.

“Well, you thought wrong, tonight is your night, you’re free tonight, right?” Rosa wondered.

“I set a pedicure at 16:15 but that shouldn’t get in our way, right? Your show always starts at 21:00” Vicky explained her schedule.

I start broadcasting at nine, but I need you at my place no later than four, in fact, we leave for my place the moment we finish our shift.” Rosa changed the girl’s timetable without much thought.

“But… Rosa…” Vicky protested, “I waited for months…”

“Listen carefully Vicky,” Rosa slightly lowered her voice, she took on a more authoritative demeanor “If you want me to use you, you WILL cancel your appointment. I am far more important than anything you think you have today… Understand?” Rosa leaned back in her chair, her hands behind her head, “So tell me, Vicky, are you free after work today?”

“Yes Rosa, let me just make a phone call and we’re set…” Vicky approved.

Rosa smiled to herself, “Good girl, that’s how I like you…”

The two girls finished their lunch without much talk. Whenever Vicky tried to ask something about tonight, Rosa quieted her and said all will be clear in due time. The remainder of the shift zoomed by, and before Vicky noticed it, she stood outside Rosa’s apartment, a short walk away from the shop.

“Come in Vicky, feel at home…” Rosa welcomed her companion as the door to the apartment opened. Vicky was glad Rosa told her this was her place, because if she hadn’t, Vicky would have confused it with a sex shop warehouse. Except for a long stretch of floor, there were sex toys everywhere. Vicky recognized some of them, but others she never imagined existed.

“My good Rosa, is all this yours?” She Marveled.

“Yup… Admittedly, I haven’t had the time to give them all the attention they deserve, but I will.” Rosa admitted as she guided Vicky down the open path and to the next room. This room was different. It was just as big as the last one, but It had no toys at all, only a huge bed and a desk.

“Wow, bahis firmaları Rosa,” Vicky approached the bed, “How big is it?”

“It’s an Alaskan King bed,” Rosa answered.

“Why do you need such a huge bed, Rosa? Do you grow to huge sizes you’ve been hiding from the world?” Vicky turned to her and tried to make a joke.

Rosa walked over to the skinny girl and sized her up as she made her way over. Without much warning, Rosa grabbed the girls for a hug and kissed her passionately. Vicky showed no resistance, letting Rosa have her way, she savored the kiss. “The bed is so big because I want to feel comfortable doing you all night, besides, we’re going to need the space, believe me…” Rosa said with a smile.

Vicky gasped suddenly, she felt something pressing hard against her leg. She had no need to look down to know, Rosa’s beast was waking up to her. Rosa gave her a lovely smile, “Not yet girl, you’ll get your toy, just a little more.” Rosa said.

“It’s okay Rosa, I can wait a little more…” Vicky whispered as the embrace was broken.

“I wasn’t talking to you, Vicky… My cock is waking up and we still have a bit more before the show starts.” Rosa explained herself as she walked over to the desk and took a seat, inviting Vicky to join her. “This is the computer I use for the show.” she explained, “We have 6 cameras around the room for viewers to pick. Right now it’s off but I want us to shoot a short thriller for tonight.”

“Okay, what do I do?” Vicky asked, excited that her moment was just around the corner.

Rosa pointed to a camera on top of the screen, “Just look here and follow my lead, you understand?” Vicky nodded. “Hello Internet, Rosa here. Tonight at 20:00 I’ll be broadcasting. I have a treat for us, meet Vicky…” She presented the black-haired woman.

“Hi, I can’t believe this is happening…” She said, excitement clear in her voice. Rosa grabbed her for a deep, mesmerizing kiss which ended all too soon.

“See you at 20:00,” Rosa concluded and started messing around with the computer, ignoring Vicky for a few moments. “Okay, done with that. let’s go and finalize our night girl.” Rosa dictated, she got up and walked back to the sex shop room. “Vicky, I want you to listen closely, I need to be crystal clear about it,” she said as she sat down on a random sex toy she deemed worthy.

“We are going to fuck. Is there anything you won’t do in bed?” Rosa wondered.

“I don’t do anal…” Vicky answered.

“Fair, no anal.” Rosa agreed, “I think I need about three rounds with you, so hang in there, girl.” Rosa guessed her stamina with a smile.

“Use me for as many rounds as you need Rosa, tonight, I am yours…” Vicky confirmed.

“Great, one last thing,” Rosa checked her cellphone, “Right now, almost 3 thousand people are going to watch. You’re okay with that, right?”

“I don’t mind, as long as I get you…” Vicky smiled back.

“Great,” Rosa said as she got up and guided Vicky to another room, “This is the shower, get ready. Meet me in the bedroom in an hour.”

“Thank you, Rosa,” Vicky said with a smile. Rosa embraced her for another kiss. this time, Vicky felt Rosa’s cock pressing against her pussy, the girl was something else…

As they broke the kiss Rosa spoke with a commanding voice, “You can play with yourself all you want in there, but don’t you dare cum, got it, girl?”

“Ye… Yes…” Vicky consented, “By the way Rosa, I’m on the pill… Didn’t ask me about that…”

Rosa looked at the girl and giggled, “Yea, I don’t really care about that, if you’re dumb enough to fuck me without protection it’s your problem…” Rosa said as she went off to another room to clean herself.

An hour later, a much cleaner and hornier Vicky stood in the hallway, covered in a fluffy pink bathrobe she found in the room. She made her way to the bedroom, each step heightened her excitement, the moment she waited for was just around the corner. In the room, Rosa was wearing her own bathrobe, its baby blue coloration constructed with Rosa’s hair. She was at tapping away at the computer.

“Rosa?” Vicky called.

“Had your fun in the shower?” Rosa asked, it took a few moments before she tore her eyes away from the screen to look at the girl, “Big night tonight, over 20 thousand people paid to watch us…”

“Fuck, 20 thousand…” Vicky was surprised so many people cared about her fucking Rosa, “Well, we should give them a show, right?”

“That’s a good girl, Vicky.” Rosa complimented, “let me just set everything up, take a seat on the bed for a moment. I want to make sure there won’t be any issues with the broadcast, you won’t believe what a pain that can be…”

Vicky waited for Rosa to finish her stuff. She was turned on by the thought that the woman next to her had such a giant cock. Vicky’s had glided unconsciously between the folds of the bathrobe and made its way to Vicky’s pink slit. She started to play with herself quietly as Rosa worked away, “Rosa, is it true your cock is 18 inches long?” She kaçak iddaa asked.

“Well, that is a little internet magic.” Rosa said, clicking the mouse a few times, “my cock is 17 and a half inches, but that doesn’t really matter at those size ranges, right? I mean, can you tell the difference? And, 18 sounds much more dramatic…” Rosa finished her explanation as well as her work on the computer. She turned around to find a masturbating Vicky. “Well, well. I see someone here can’t wait…”

“I can’t really help it, you’re so sexy, Rosa. I can’t wait for you to fuck me hard like you did the other girls on your shows.” Vicky said as she opened her legs and exposed her soft skin.

“We have about 30 seconds before the show starts Vicky, stand up and give me a little kiss before it starts…” Rosa ushered the girl.

The two stood embraced in a kiss when a beep sounded, “it’s time to start Vicky.” Rosa said as she broke the hug and undid her belt. The bathrobe slightly opened at the front, exposing a small slice of Rosa’s tan skin. Vicky’s lower jaw almost fell to the floor as she caught a glimpse of the woman’s mega cock. It rested just above her knees, completely limp.

Rosa let her robe slide over her shoulders and onto the floor. She stood naked before her guest. “Now, it’s your turn.” She teased.

Vicky didn’t waste a moment, she almost tossed her robe away with excitement. Her body no less charming than Rosa’s, both had massive breasts. Vicky guessed Rosa was about her size, which meant she was probably an F cup, but that girl had a little something extra Vicky could only dream of.

“Nice body Vicky, can’t wait to enjoy what you have to offer…” Rosa teased.

Vicky didn’t answer, she simply lowered herself onto her knees and signaled Rosa to come closer. Vicky reached for the flaccid rode with unsure hands, she wanted to take a closer look at it. As the delicate hands touched the soft skin of Rosa’s cock Vicky noticed the radiating heat it gave off. She wrapped a hand around it and tried to size it up for a moment before the other hand joined, still, Rosa had place for more…

“Wow, Rosa, I don’t think I ever saw a cock so big…” Vicky mumbled half to herself, “I mean, the biggest I tried hardly had space for both my hands when it was erect. You have space for another hand, and you’re not even semi-hard…”

Vicky gasped as the cock in her hands lurched, she looked up at Rosa to find her smiling. “Are you only here to watch?” She taunted Vicky.

Vicky was hypnotized by Rosa’s amazing body, unaware of the growing cock in her hands. as she lowered her gaze from Rosa’s eyes she noticed the rod, now big enough to add another hand, if its owner so pleased. Vicky knew it was now or never, she had to take the plunge or she would lose her chance with Rosa.

Slowly, she brought her mouth closer to the beast, it’s heat noticeable from afar. With great care, she planted a kiss on Rosa’s tip. The cock pulsated to the gesture and grew bigger still, Vicky watch carefully as it attained its full size.

“You like to tease, don’t you?” Rosa asked.

“Guilty as charged,” Vicky smiled and without warning, took the cockhead in her mouth. It took Vicky a moment to adjust to the invader’s size, Rosa was bigger than anyone she ever knew. Rosa’s cock looked huge in her videos, but Vicky felt they didn’t do it the justice it deserves.

Rosa, on her end, was enjoying Vicky’s mouth. Even though she felt the girl’s teeth scrape against her massive cock, she was used to the feeling. Her cock pulsed and convulsed inside the girl, “Take more of me, Vicky…” Rosa sounded, almost commending. Her nightly fling obeyed, she slowly felt more and more sliding into the wet hole. It went on and on until, suddenly, Rosa felt a block, Vicky’s throat.

Vicky gagged a little and pulled Rosa out, “My goodness, Rosa, your huge… I want to deepthroat you, but I’m not sure I can manage something so big…”

“Have you done deepthroat before?” Rosa asked the girl.

“Yes, many times, but never with something this big.” Vicky expresses her concerns.

“Believe me, it easier with a bigger cock, if you deepthroated smaller you should have no problem with this size.” Rosa encouraged the girl.

“Okay, if you say so, it’s worth a shot.” Vicky agreed and took the cock in her mouth again. Rosa felt as hard as a rock, waiting to fill her up in any way possible. Vicky pushed on and on until she felt the head press against the back of her throat. Vicky thanked god for her luck, she was one of those lucky girls who had no gag reflex. With one fluent gesture, Vicky both swallowed and pushed Rosa deeper into her. Rosa gasped as she realized her cock was not in Vicky’s throat, bliss washed over her entire body at the realization she will get a deepthroat tonight. Vicky tried to smile around the monster cock stretching her lips as in moved deeper and deeper, almost halfway in now. Vicky went on and on for a few moments, sliding the pole down her esophagus.

Rosa was delighted by kaçak bahis the experience. Feeling Vicky’s warmth working along her shaft was electrifying. Suddenly, Rosa felt a change as her advancements into Vicky stopped and she felt her cock leaving the throat. A protest escaped her lips “It felt so good. Why did you stop?”

Vicky took the cock out of her mouth and placed it between her breasts, wrapping in her immense cleavage. she took a few deep breaths before answering.

“Wow, Rosa, you were right, it was easier to take it at that size.”

“So why did you stop? I was getting so close to blowing…” Rosa tried to understand her partner’s motives.

“Well, ummm… Because I need to breathe, Rosa, this might be innovative for you but sexy girls like myself need oxygen to survive.” Vicky explained.

“Oh, honey, you can breathe through your nose while I’m in your throat.” Rosa tried to give Vicky tips.

“I can’t, Rosa,” Vicky objected, “Not with this jumbo cock in me… I mean look how thick you are…”

Rosa looked at her cock, nestled between the girl’s wobbly boobs, it was thicker than her wrist. “Okay, you might have a point there.” Her cock pulsed as an idea came to her, “How about you give me a blowjob like this?”

“You mean you want me to give you a boobjob and a blowjob at the same time?” Vicky made sure she understood.

“Yes, I think I’m big enough…” She teased.

“You know what, I never had anything big enough for both, but I think you fit the bill… “Vicky agreed as she eyed the tip of the cock. Even though it was fully covered by her boobs, it was still at eye level with Vicky. She stretched her neck and raised her lips, just barely reaching the tip. Vicky gave it a passionate kiss before she let the head fill her mouth to the brim. Vicky felt the immensity of Rosa’s tool press against her tongue and she used the opportunity to wiggle her tongue and tease the beast.

Rosa responded with a primal moan, she was enjoying everything the girl had to offer and more. her cock bucked and pulsated without any control. Unbeknownst to her, Vicky worked on another magic trick. She didn’t use her hands to push her breasts together, instead, Vicky used her arms to push the two huge orbs tightly together. leaving her hands free to make their way down to her own cony. She was dripping wet, her body screaming for a decent fuck. A single finger was enough to push her buttons, and lucky Vicky had ten fingers. She started to pry her lower lips open as she inserted another finger.

If Vicky’s mouth wasn’t filled with a huge piece of girl-cock she would have screamed her heart out as waves of pleasure washed over her body. She needed to get off, but Rosa did something that made her stop.

“Wow, Vicky, you feel amazing, I’m so close,” Rosa whispered over her moans.

Vicky felt a new plan formulating in her mind. She wanted, no, needed, to see Rosa cum. She had to feel what this woman could do with her huge rod. Vicky understood that she needed to use all the tricks in her book to give Rosa the biggest orgasm of her life.

Taking a deep breath, Vicky swallowed the cock, lowering her head farther and farther down, until her lips pressed against her warm breasts. Vicky could no longer breath with over 8 inches of the thickest cock she ever saw inside her mouth. But Vicky was not going to hope this alone will do the trick for Rosa. Both her hands left her body and shot up, she cupped Rosa’s balls, almost as big as her breasts. The two sperm factories felt extremely full, almost like water balloons, but Vicky could feel that behind the girl’s reservoir of cum were two massive, rock hard orbs, producing cum at a maddening pace.

It did the trick, Vicky noticed the sign she was looking for, the thing she learned was the first sign of an approaching orgasm. Rosa tensed up, her muscles locking. “Vicky… I’m… I’m cumming!” Was all Rosa managed to say before her mind was lost to the overflow of sexual pleasure.

Vicky felt the cock in her pulse. It was not the regular pulses Rosa experienced so far, they felt like involuntary spasms. This time it was not involuntary at all, the spasm started at the base, progressing slowly throughout the cock, pushing Vicky’s arms apart, then her lips and her throat. Unlike past construction, this time the rod did not shrink after the pulse. The process repeated itself and Vicky felt her body stretching wider to contain the invader.

Lucky for her, after the third pulse, it stopped, bringing her to her limit. Rosa screamed again as a set of smaller construction went off, this time there was no growth, just rapid pulses that seemed to go on and on forever. Vicky needed a minute to understand what was happening, Rosa was cumming directly down her throat, directly into her belly. She released the balls from her hands and moved them down, to her belly. Vicky’s sharp gasp was muffled by the girl-cock in her mouth. Rosa filled her up, she could feel her body, stuffed as if she had a huge meal. It was all Rosa’s love-juice, the girl was offloading a monster load in her, and she could feel her belly growing a little. The thought alone was enough for Vicky, her body gave up, unleashing a pleasant orgasm that swept away time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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