A Fling With Temptation

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I have a steady track record of not being faithful. I don’t set out to break hearts however I crave men – especially the excitement of a new relationship. Derek and I’ve been married for five years and is by far the best fuck I have ever had. He has a cock any woman would die for and has the ability to make me cum over and over, something no other man has ever been able to do. Despite our seemingly picture-perfect marriage I have had hundreds of wild and passionate fantasies about men I work with, only this time one came true.

Dan is an older man, probably in his early fifties. He was one of the few controllers who instead of sizing up my breasts upon introductions, actually took time to ask about my previous controller experience and offered to let me sit in with some of the better controllers in his area. He seemed to have a genuine interest in me. I was immediately attracted to his distinguished and intelligent demeanor. Where as most of the other controllers were bitter, overweight and underdressed, he was polished, slender and had a contagious sense of humor.

This was all that was needed to spark my daddy complex. I’ve always been attracted to older men of importance and I’ve always managed to use my youth, beauty and intelligence to lure them in. He was mine.

Over the next couple months I found myself frequently rushing home after work illegal bahis to fantasize about a chance encounter with Dan. Maybe it was a playful yet unassuming conversation with him in the cafeteria or a simple hello where I returned his greeting with a sexy smile and a lingering glance at the bulge in his trousers and back up to his eyes to catch his reaction.

One particular evening while driving home I was getting hot thinking about an accidental run in I had with him. I was turning the corner at work when he came around and startled me. After a quick gasp I placed my hand on his stomach as if to propel myself away from him and excused myself, except I made sure to leave my hand there a little longer than was needed. I even slid my hand down the slightest bit so It was resting on his belt as we started to pass each other.

Thinking about his sexy abs made me wet. Before long I tilted the steering wheel up a little and unzipped my jeans to let a finger slide into my quivering wet pussy. I put the car on cruise control, spread my legs and started pumping myself furiously.

Instead of continuing on he smiled and asked me to join him back to the cafeteria so we could talk. Even though it was a fairly normal conversation I felt a certain chemistry between us. For the first time I noticed his eyes straying to my 34 D chest which was already heaving illegal bahis siteleri from excitement. I wonder if he noticed me checking him out? I wasn’t too surprised at his glances since I was pretty sure he was accustomed to drooling over my tight ass while walking behind me in the hall.

In my head I twisted that encounter so that out conversation was being held in the hallway so that I had to follow where he was going. Once we turned a corner I knew he was going to the supply room. My pumping got even harder as I imagined him luring me to the back of the room. His voice softened a little as he was pretending to look for a specific form and went around a metal cabinet. I followed and got closer to him but before I did I made sure to adjust my low-cut shirt to that he got a full view of my perky breasts. He turned around to say something and his eyes immediately caught the delicious outline of my breasts but I was looking away pretending not to notice. I turned my face around and saw his beautiful face taken back by full and complete lust. He let out an audible sigh and put his hands around my waist drawing me into him. He gave me a deep kiss. His hot lips made me melt into his arms and the scent of his cologne made me want to cum right away. I ground my hips into his feeling his full erection. As he lowered his lips onto my breast he took his canlı bahis siteleri hand and cupped the other one while pinching my already hard nipple. I slowly moved my hand down to his package and let out a small cry when I realized how big his cock was. A small amount of pre-cum had soaked his pants and I bent down to lick it. He seemed shocked at first but quickly succumbed to my roaming tongue.

He raised me up saying how the supply room was a bad place to do this. We surely couldn’t continue this at work let alone the fact that the door to the supply room had been open the whole time.

I snapped out of my trance finding my pussy on the verge of the biggest orgasm I have ever had. I was on the bridge now which was well lit. At that point I didn’t care who saw me or what anyone thought. I took my drenched fingers out of my pussy and fiercely circled my clit and pinched my nipples with my other hand all while driving with my knees. I dipped three fingers back into my cunt and felt my whole body tense up. I stared screaming FUCK ME DAN! OH YESSSSSS FUCK ME HARDER as my cunt tightened around my fingers so they could barely move in and out anymore. Just then It felt like I lost consciousness as I had my first squirting orgasm! It lasted forever and I kept shouting OH SHIT! OHHHHH YAAAAAA!!

Finally my orgasm subsided and just let my fingers stay inside of my aching swollen pussy – feeling the contractions of the afterglow wishing I could make that fantasy come true. The rest of the way home I plotted how I would make him give in to me. Little did I know it would come true the very next day…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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