A Country Practice Pt. 02

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For all my ambition where Gemma was concerned, there was the small problem of what to do about Lauren. Should I try having two girlfriends at once? Gemma knew about Lauren and seemingly was not bothered. I still felt it was being a little unfair – to Gemma at least. I put those thoughts aside as Thursday evening approached.

The other guests were an Indian couple – Raj and Geetha. He was a big manager at a local factory and she was an accountant with a part-time practice in the district. He was tall and looked the part, rather handsome but with a formal air. Geetha was tiny and seemed a lot more fun. I was fascinated to know how these two came within the circle of swingers in our country town but that night was not the place to ask.

Dinner was pretty much ignored as everyone had more important things on their minds. After a while I saw Pat had slipped her hand inside Raj’s pants and seemed to be stroking him while he tried to maintain a conversation with John. I remembered how she loves watching John suck another guy and wondered if that was what Raj was expecting.

Geetha has getting pretty hot herself. She was rather pretty, probably the same age as Patricia and I didn’t mind the idea of entertaining her while the others did their thing. “My chut needs some attention from a doctor,” she said softly. Her hand was between my legs, feeling my cock. “I want you to lick my chut, doctor,” she was saying but I saw her opening her blouse and exposing her tits for me. I wasn’t sure where to look right then but her tits were winning out – they were a hefty size for a woman so small and her nipples were long and the colour of dark chocolate.

The dinner had been a warm-up for a swinging party. I took advantage and was grabbing and sucking on those dark brown tits. Geetha was breathing heavily and saying, to no-one in particular, things like “I like this doctor”. By the time Raj was on his feet with his pants off, Geetha and I were ready to head to the bedroom. I saw Raj with his cock standing almost straight up as Patricia sank her mouth down over his length. John was on his knees right beside her and it was obvious his turn would be next.

“My chut is on fire doctor,” she said to me aloud as she stripped off. I got undressed as well, noting that some older women manage to keep a good figure even if they do carry a little extra weight. I also noted that Geetha has the thickest and longest bush of pubic hair I’ve ever seen – and remember I am a doctor.

I knelt beside Geetha on the bed and presented my cock for her to suck. My recent experiences had given me a lot more confidence to take charge and I just hoped she would follow the lead. In fact, she very hungrily swallowed my cock and soon was bobbing her head vigorously back and forth along my shaft. “I love this big cock, doctor,” she said in a brief pause. “I’ll need it in my chut soon.”

I wanted to enjoy the full smorgasbord that night so I moved down and ate that tight Indian cunt with gusto. Geetha kind of giggled as I moved in and she reached down and spread her cunt lips for me. She parted the bush, so to speak, and I got a full view of her little clit and her hot hole already thick with her juices.

Geetha enjoyed my oral skills though she made some very strange moaning as I got to work. She loved it when I sucked on her clit even more than sticking my tongue in her hole and I figured it was my place to give her the best. In fact, this older woman knew just what she wanted.

“Put your finger in my other place doctor,” she said in a loud whisper. “My chut loves it when a finger goes back there.” Thanks to Patricia, arse play was no longer such a new experience. So I obliged by pressing a wet fingertip to that dark little anus. Geetha tensed up but I thought I heard her mutter “yes doctor” so I sucked her clit harder and inserted my finger past the first knuckle.

Her reaction was to almost leap off the bed and she cried out “Jesus Christ, do me” as I tasted a surge of cunt juice. It sounded so strange to hear that sort of cursing in a thick, Indian accent. I was feeling even more confident now and I kept working on that clit as I began to finger fuck her tight backside. The deeper I pressed and the more I moved my finger, the harder and louder Geetha erupted. I didn’t let up until I heard her gasp “please doctor, mercy on me.”

Then she wanted to me to fuck her tits. She had the right sized breasts for that – they were like two handfuls each. “I want you to fuck my chut later. If you cum now, you can give me a long one, OK?” She was motioning to me and saying something about “putting my thing” in between her tits. Finally I understood what she wanted and, feeling very horny myself, I was soon astride her with those big brown tits wrapped around my cock. I thrust hard and fast and she seemed to enjoy having a man so much larger give it to her physically. Of course I came with some force and my semen spurted out onto her – hitting her chin, her neck and quite a lot went onto her face. Geetha loved it. “So much stuff doctor,” she said in awe. “I love a canlı bahis nice fertile man, you know.” I gave her a pretty good coating and it ran down her skin, staining the pillow and the sheet. But when I looked around for something to clean her up she resisted and said, “no let it stay there, I am happy to wear your stuff”. I used to think Indians were conservative.

From the other room we could hear sounds of someone being slapped and the familiar noises of Patricia’s sexual pleasure. Geetha seemed to know the script. “She’s going to get a double, that one. You know, both places and both men. Let’s go and watch.”

We crept back to the lounge room and that’s exactly what we saw. For the first time in my life I was amazed to see a woman getting fucked by two cocks at once. Pat was on hands and knees, on top of John who had his cock buried in her cunt. Kneeling behind her, Raj was slowly forcing his dark brown cock into Patricia’s married arse – and she was making those familiar sounds of delight.

Geetha whispered to me, “I like that too, doctor. In my other place. But you’re too big for me.”

Back in the bedroom we were soon at it again. Geetha licked my cock and my balls and then turned me over where she licked my balls but also gave me my first ever rimjob. It was weird having my arsehole licked by a woman I’d only just met but she was very keen to do it and her hand felt great on my ball sack. I didn’t think of it as “gay” since I knew that she was one of those women who enjoy receiving anal play as well. She wanted more “licking of the chut” after that which I happily administered.

Finally we fucked, but she insisted that “we have to use a condom, OK?” I was happy with that and we started out with her straddling me as I sat on the edge of the bed. It was a new position for me but I loved the feeling of her juicy tits squeezed between us. We went through different positions and I was able to fuck her pretty hard, keen to see whether she’d take it. Her big brown tits bounced so nicely as I thrust into her and she kept saying “Jesus, fuck me… fuck me.” She came a number of times – I could tell because each time her cunt muscles would tighten and squeeze so hard I nearly had my cock pushed out of her.

When I got her into doggy position I watched in the mirror as her big brown tits swayed in time to my pumping. That was an amazing sight. Geetha was very verbal still and urging me to “give me everything doctor”. So I had a moment of inspiration and wet a finger with my saliva and shoved it into that dark little hole again.

“Sweet Jesus, doctor,” she almost screamed. But that was not a protest and I felt her cunt contract again as she came anew. I felt a little self-conscious as it was certain the others could hear her noisy climaxes but, then, I figured we were all there for a good time.

Eventually I couldn’t hold off any more and I announced that I was going to cum inside her. I don’t even know if she heard me as there was no response as I kept pumping into that tight cunt. As I shot into the condom I made my own loud grunts of delight feeling my cock pulse with each blast of semen. Geetha actually giggled as she watched and felt my orgasm inside her. And when I finally withdrew she insisted on inspecting the condom. “Ooh,” she cooed as she saw the volume it contained. “Such a fertile man, our new doctor.”

Later on, when it was all done and everyone was relaxing, Geetha asked if “the doctor” made home visits. I actually did, a couple of months later, to their very nice home near the middle of town. It was just the three of us that night and Geetha met me at the door wearing nothing but a silk robe. Her tits looked delectable. In their own home, Raj seemed very bossy and even a little mean towards Geetha but she didn’t seem to mind at all. She just said “yes Sir” a lot and I wondered if that was part of their sex games. Geetha was just as noisy with him as she’d been with me and she was right, she did enjoy having her bottom screwed. I didn’t get to fuck Geetha’s cunt that night but I got lots of oral from her, including some spit roast, and had a great time playing with her lovely soft tits and eating her cunt. I came twice that night, the second time as I was in her mouth while she took Raj up her bum from behind. She even choked a little on my load and after she said “doctor, you have so much stuff in your balls”.

But I am getting things out of order now.


I know it sounds crazy and even ridiculous for me to talk about so many sexual escapades. Its important you understand that this wasn’t all happening at once. Sometimes there were weeks between my different encounters. That could have been due to work or just because the others were busy as well. As it happened, after “the talk” with Gemma I hardly saw her for the next two weeks except at work. I guessed she was getting her usual “fill” of truckers but not with me.

Though during that time my problem with Lauren was sorted out. Actually, it was Lauren who found a solution. I’d gone back to the city after a long night bahis siteleri shift. It was a quick visit to try to do “the right thing” for our relationship.

During the drive Gemma sent me a text with a photo – I could see it was her and that someone else had taken the pic. She was on her knees in what looked like some kind of vehicle. And I could see there was a big shot of semen on the side of her mouth. Gemma had been sucking cock the night before and this time, the first time, she had decided to share something of the experience with me. I was stoked and I thought she looked very sexy in that pose. So I replied with a “thumbs up” and a “smiley face”.

That was the weekend Lauren told me she wanted to end it – she felt lonely and another guy she liked had been paying her attention. She did cry a little which was nice, I suppose. A few months later I found out the new guy is in finance and drives a Lexus – so I imagine he meets her needs just fine.

I drove home really tired and with the knowledge I had an early start the next morning. Gemma arrived soon after me and we didn’t say much. But she stripped and climbed into bed with me and for the first time I really relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of her fit little body and her juicy tits next to me.

That night Gemma gave me one of her best ever headjobs. She was so incredibly sexy and I came loud and hard right in the back of her throat. I know she found it hard to contain all my volume, almost choking on it, but she somehow swallowed the lot. I just thanked her quietly and held her till I fell asleep. In the morning Gemma was gone but we exchanged some very nice smiles at work that day. I felt like this was Gemma’s way of saying she had accepted my proposition.


After that photo, Gemma started finding reasons to come to my place more often. That made me as happy as I’d probably ever been because spending time with Gem, and fucking her great little body, was all I wanted to do all the time.

I still remember the first night she slept there with me till morning. I sucked on her tits and fingered her cunt till she was pushing at me, trying to get my mouth down there. So, of course, I gave her what she wanted and ate and fingered her till she was screaming. Before she had time to recover I shoved my cock into her and humped her like I didn’t care. I knew Gemma loved being fucked like that and she wanted to be treated like a slut. I was so horny and she was so sexy that I didn’t last for long and when I muttered I was “close” Gemma told me she wanted it in her mouth. I almost didn’t make it but I gladly pumped the contents of my balls into her mouth and watched as she did her best to swallow every spurt.

I was tired but still keen to give Gemma some more. So later I put her on hands and knees and took her from behind. I don’t know why but suddenly I had John’s voice in my head – “give that arse a slap”. I’ve never really wanted to hurt a woman but I whacked her on one cheek and then the other and I was amazed at Gemma’s reaction. “Do it harder,” she called out softly. I didn’t hesitate and start really slapping her hard as I kept thrusting into her. Gemma just kept saying “fuck, fuck” and I could feel how much she was loving it all.

I have no idea why but suddenly I was really keen to “go for it” and I reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair and gave it a hard pull. Gemma just made a sound like a squeal and started cumming louder and harder than I’d ever seen her before. I didn’t think she’d ever stop but eventually I couldn’t hold-off and I flooded my exhausted girlfriend.

As we lay together, recovering, Gemma told me that it was the best fuck she’d ever had.

I replied gently that “sluts love getting a good spanking.”

Gemma laughed and punched me in the arm. “I knew I shouldn’t let you talk to bloody John,” she said with a grin.

She curled up next to me, her small hands playing with my cock and balls. It felt really good and relaxing which was a good thing given how tired I was that night. Gemma slowly played with me, like she was trying to learn every vein and ridge on my cock and balls. I finally fell asleep with her little hands still wrapped around me. The next morning I was incredibly pleased to find Gemma still in my bed. That day at work was one of my best days at that little country hospital.


It was around this time that I gave my first ever facial – to Gemma, of course. Pat had told me it was “no deal” with her and for some reason I’d never gone there with Gemma. I knew Gemma liked guy’s cumming on her and even on her face because I’d seen it myself. Then one night I suddenly got the idea into my head to dump my load onto Gemma’s sweet face. It was fantastic.

I didn’t ask her for permission. I don’t think the other guys she takes it from ever have to ask her. We were fucking pretty solidly and I was on the verge of exploding inside her cunt. Suddenly I pulled out and Gemma seemed to know what I was after. She lay really still as I moved up. I had one hand on my bahis şirketleri cock and she reached up to softly touch my balls. I remember we were both breathing hard from our exertion and our anticipation. I was pointing my cock directly at her face and after only seconds I let go and started spurting my semen straight onto Gemma. She kind of giggled and opened her mouth wide as I tried to get every last drop onto that beautiful face.

Gemma wanted to wear my cum that night and I was more than happy to shoot every last drop onto her. I shoot a lot so I easily covered her forehead and her cheeks and got a few bits into her hair. Her tongue was sticking right out and some of the last, big drops landed right there for her to taste.

“Fuck Josh, I thought you were going to drown me,” she said with a laugh. Neither of us moved as she swallowed what was on her tongue. Then she used her fingers to scoop some of my semen into her mouth and licked her fingers clean. It was so sexy that Gemma made no real effort to clean herself before she rolled over and sucked my cock completely clean.

I can’t remember now why I waited so long to give her a facial myself. But there have been plenty more since then.


So, after that, Gemma was basically my girlfriend. We never used that word but Gemma started behaving like we were a couple and she slept in my bed more and more often. I was as happy just spending time with Gem as I was having great sex with her. I felt like my life had never been better.

After my old girlfriend, Lauren, I was learning that female beauty is more about what’s on the inside. And I was counting my lucky stars I had discovered that some women really do love sex and that it not always a duty where they just let a man climb on and hump them a few times.

But that didn’t mean that our sex lives were focused only on myself and Gemma. In fact, Patricia was as keen as ever to get her share of “young meat”. I’ll never forget the night she sucked me off in the carpark of the pub. I knew she’d probably been fucking one of the young guys from the football club but she was still horny for the taste of cock juice. Once or twice a month she found a way to drop-in to my house for sex and, if I wasn’t too tired from work, she always made sure to take her time and have me in both holes.

A couple of times, when John was away fishing or whatever, Pat made sure I promised to visit their place and we spend time in her bed with me sucking her big tits and fucking her. I’d always been happy about my ability to cum twice in a night. But Pat also taught me about stamina and staying power. That was good for her because the thing she liked most of all was having sex with younger men – and I knew she was still fucking guys of my age or below. But the thing she enjoyed second-most was to be fucked in her bum until the guy unloaded his semen deep inside her backdoor. And since I was learning to ‘hold-off” I was able to shoot really big amounts of cum into her big, juicy arse.

It was exciting to be a younger guy with an older woman wanting to fuck me. But I would say the best thing about sex with Pat was that I didn’t have to feel guilty. Right through those months I was just as busy as ever with work and often I went home exhausted. I knew full well that on some of those nights, or the nights when I had to sleep at the hospital, Gemma was catching-up with some of her regulars. I never asked the details but Patricia had told me enough – I knew my girlfriend was still spending time at the truck stop. The way I saw things, I didn’t own Gemma and I knew it kept her happy. So I had no reason to complain.

A couple of times I did ask Gemma about anal sex, knowing that John had done the same thing. She just laughed and swore at me and said that hole is “for exit only”. Gemma has stuck with that which is a real shame considering how taut and sexy her little butt is.

Thanks to Patricia I was still getting some more unusual sexual experiences. One week Patricia asked if she could bring someone to my place on the following Saturday afternoon. Luckily, I wasn’t working that day and I readily said “yes” because I was pretty sure she had something sexual in mind. I was still fucking Pat on occasion but I was quite surprised when Pat arrived with Helen. She is a friend from a nearby town and it turned out that Pat and Helen are lesbian lovers. In small country towns it still must be hard to be gay or lesbian – though Pat would not have bedded Helen as a sympathy fuck. I had seen Pat and Carly together so I know Pat is almost as interested in fucking women as men. And I guess you would say Helen is attractive, although she’s a little older than Pat. Helen is skinny and her tits are about the same size as my ex-girlfriend.

Pat was so excited and so turned-on to be fucking the two of us. Helen is a full-time lesbian but I was pretty sure that Pat wanted to show off one of her younger males. First off she was on her knees sucking my cock to its full length, then she was sucking on Helen’s tits. I watched as she ate Helen’s cunt. When Pat lay back to allow Helen access to her I stuck my cock into her mouth. I was incredibly hard right then and it felt great to feel Pat having a string of orgasms with her lips wrapped around my shaft.

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