A Breakdown of Inhibitions Ch. 01

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My girlfriend and I came home from having dinner with friends. We had had some wine and were having a good night when we got to my apartment. The two of us had only been together a few months so we were just learning each other still. After we left her friend’s dinner we decided to just have a night in, my place was closer so we went there. She didn’t have any clothes at my place yet but we were only going to drink some more wine and lay on the couch so I told her she could just to put on one of my old t-shirts.

Amanda had been a college swimmer and maintained her firm body with regular workouts and pool time. Once again I had to admire her flat stomach, toned muscular legs and arms while she stripped down. I grabbed an old worn out shirt for her and tossed it behind her jokingly so I could look at butt in the little panties that didn’t quite cover her cheeks that always drive me crazy. She knew I did it like that but shook her butt for me anyway but said “Just for that you won’t see these” while she faced away from me bra-less and put on my old shirt.

I laughed and told her to meet me in the living room while I left the bedroom and went to pour us some wine. We curled up on the couch, turned on the TV and started going through the guide. That’s how it all started. An episode of Real Sex on HBO was coming on so I switched to that channel and a segment on some sort of bondage or women taking charge was on. “Now why don’t you ever take charge like that?” I asked Amanda jokingly while I opened the guide again.

“No, wait I want to see that” she said. It must have been the wine but she wasn’t joking and stared at the TV. Because she was laid against me I could feel her heart rate pick up and she started breathing heavier while we watched. She didn’t talk about the show just watched and drank her red wine. “You know I’m a lot kinkier than I’ve been with you, you know”

“Oh really” I replied, “well you should be, we could have some real fun.” Little did I know what I was getting into. What we saw wasn’t canlı bahis anything too crazy and I figured what the hell if here is a girl with a strong sex drive then I need to take advantage. My hand was already on the inside of her thigh so I slid my hand to crotch of her panties and could feel the wetness.

“See,” she asked with a new look in her eye with a smile. She climbed on top of me while sliding out of all her clothes. She took charge that night and stayed on top of me all night until she’d had her fill.

That following week I was out of town most of the week for work but Amanda kept reminding me of what we watched that night. I told her we needed to go with it then if it really got her turned on but we didn’t have any of the accessories and she didn’t want to go to the sex shop in our town. I told her I’d go to one out of town so no one would know us and pick up some stuff. She liked that idea well enough and told me to get what ever and she would make do.

The end of the week came, I had a bunch of new toys and was hoping I hadn’t gone too far for Amanda’s tastes. She told me she wanted to cook for me so that Saturday night I went to her place with all the stuff I picked up not sure if she still wanted to go through with it all. I had picked up some restraints to attach to the bed, some lotions and oils, a little crop thing and one of those wedge pillows.

All night we were both turned on and couldn’t wait to get to the bedroom. Once our food was done it was almost a race to the bedroom. I had set up the restraints on the corners of the headboard already so we wouldn’t have an awkward down moment. I carried her into the bedroom and through her down on the bed and climbed on top. We kissed, nibbled and pulled each other’s clothes off both of us so horny we could barely wait.

I stradled her hips, grabbed her arm and put her first wrist into the restraint. “No!” she declared as she hit me. “I’m in charge here” she said while she pulled free. “Now get on your back, you’ll do what bahis siteleri I want from now on. Understand?” I shook my head yes and laid on my back for her while she tied me up. She wanted to take charge and all I had to do was lay there with my dick hard, I was ready for this!

She smacked me starting at my chest with the crop and worked down to my cock. She didn’t ever hurt me only stung my skin getting me turned on. “You like that don’t you?”

“Yes” I told her. “Please don’t stop, do whatever you want,” I told her with a grin. “I’m here to make your fantasies come true too.”

“I can’t lie, I had to order some toys too while you were gone all week at work. I don’t want you to think I’m some sort of freak or anything though. You won’t will you?”

“Amanda, I think that’s awesome. I can’t read your mind, if you don’t guide me to what makes you feel good then we’ll both be unsatisfied.”

“Okay, but it all stays in here right? It won’t leave the bedroom?”

I assured her I didn’t want to ruin a great sex life by telling stories to my friends. She believed me and pulled out a dildo that she immediately put in her mouth. I could only smile, eyes wide open when she pulled a chair next to the bed and placed her feet beside me. I could see the wetness on her lips as she slid the rubber cock in and out of her sweet pussy. I loved to lick her wet pussy but this was even better watching her play with herself only a foot from my face. A tease but I was in awe of what she was doing and trying to remember so I could do it to her later.

“Good right?” She asked after she pulled three fingers out of her pussy and stuck them in my mouth.

“Mmmmm,” was my only response. I sucked her fingers dry while she rewetted the dildo the pulled it out and spread the wetness on my raging cock. When she asked if I was still having fun I nodded quickly. And with that she stood up. She went to her dresser out of my view and I could hear her rustling getting out something new out. I couldn’t wait.

Then bahis şirketleri she walked to the foot of the bed smiling at me, only now she had put on some lingerie. She walked to the foot of the bed playing with her boobs pinching her nipples, that is when I saw her getting into the bed with me and I saw the lingerie she had on was really a strap-on. I was in shock, I had never dealt with this before but she was smiling. “I told you” she said with a smile. When I tried to scoot back I didn’t realize but it exposed my butt more than I knew. Amanda slid the wedge pillow under me before I realized and grinned.

She took some lube and spread it on my asshole with a finger and smile. “New to this, yes?”

“Uh-huh” was all I could reply. I didn’t know what else to say. When she told me all I had to do was to tell her to stop and she would all I could reply with was “okay”. I didn’t know what to do. It felt wrong, but it felt good too. I was laid in the bed, hands tied and butt propped up I was there but lost.

Then a dildo entered my ass. My ass was lubed, but it was tight having never been penetrated before. The tip went in and I tensed under Amanda. She only put in a little bit and held it there while I got used to having my ass spread. Slowly I was broken in inch by inch each one getting easier and more arousing. Amanda was above me smiling telling me how well I was doing. She would play with my cock as she thought I needed it distracting me just enough. Soon enough her dildo was balls deep in me and my cock was against her belly. She kept telling me how I was doing great for my first time and was able to bend just enough to lick the precum from the tip of my dick.

Her tongue was all that I needed to explode. Amanda felt my dick start to jump and I came like a geyser. I shot ropes of cum straight up some landing back on my chest and some landing on her round perky boobs. She pulled the dildo out in great relief to my virgin hole and collapsed on top of me. We shared our deepest most passionate kiss yet while she used my cum between us to slide back and forth.

We just laid there, her on top of me for some time. “I hope I wasn’t too wild for you babe” Amanda said innocently with that naughty twinkle in her eye.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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