Year of My Discovery Pt. 02

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I go to wash off the suntan lotion in the shower. There is a digital clock in the bathroom; my parents put it there so I would know when I had to leave to get to school. I set it so I can see it while I’m in the shower. I still have time before my folks get home. In there I take time to stroke my penis thinking it was Jonathan doing me as I soap up and shower, I get rock hard but then I stop and don’t cum. I let myself go soft and begin again to masturbate, if I remember correctly from the Net, this is called edging. I use the soap to slick up my penis and I enjoy the sensations of warm water, soap, and edging. Finally, when there is almost no more hot water I wash off the soap still having an erection and the desire to cum.

I dry off and get to my room, still warm, moist, and naked from the shower, and still sporting my erection. I get under the covers and start my homework as I fondle myself.

I eventually hear my parents get home and call me to dinner. I reluctantly find something to wear. I get out some cutoffs and a tee shirt, but no underwear and head off to join them.

After helping cleaning up, I head back to my room, shut the door, lock it, and rip off my clothes. Get on the bed and find more pictures to add to my collection to add to desktop slideshow. Lots of naked girls showing off their pretty asses and their bare pussies intermixed with naked guys, bare butts, the frontal nude shots are half with soft penis, and half with erections.

Then I go back to schoolwork and playful fondling. When I finish my efforts, I go on line and set up the webcam to see if Jonathan is on as well.

He was their waiting for me.

We connect and I see him sitting at a table bare chested.

“Hi,” I say over the cam connection.

“Hi,” He shyly replies. “Did you enjoy today?”

“Oh God yes!”

“Are you naked?”

“Yes I am. Are you?”

“Yes I am.”

“I’ll show you if you show me?”


I set my laptop so that it can see my whole naked body in the bed. “There, see.”

“Great body.”

“Ahhh…thanks. Now you?”

He gets up and steps back and I can see that he is naked; he goes and sits back down at the table.

“Are you in your sitting naked in your kitchen?”


“But your parents…won’t they see you?”

“They turned in for the night. It’s cool. I like being naked at home.”

“Lucky you. My parents would freak out if they found out. They don’t go to bed till much later. You sure they won’t come out to get a late snack or something and find you?”

“I’m sure.”

“Okay. Hey I just thought of something.”

“What?” Jonathan asks.

“I think this is the first time I’ve seen the inside of your house.”

“That can’t be. We’ve known each other for years.”

“This is. We always stay over at my place, sleepovers and stuff. Never at your’s. We hang out in your back yard, you got the big pool, but we are don’t go inside your place.”

“Yes you have.”

“Hmmm…ahhh…okay you’re correct. It’s just we never go inside when your parents are around. That’s it.”

“No big deal. Parents are not cool. So no lose there. Who wants to hang out with such old people?”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. But, you slept over at my place, I’ve never slept over at your place? How come?”

“Oh…I don’t know. Just never came up? Anyway, changing the subject, can we get together tomorrow after school and be naked again together?”

“You want to?” I sure do. My penis starts getting harder at the thought.

“I do. We can hang out at my house this time. My folks have tons of suntan lotion we can use.”

“Okay. “

“Can I ask you a private question?”

“Sure. Anything, anytime. No secrets from you.”

“When did you do your toenails? I saw that they were pink. I won’t tell anybody.”

“Did them when I turned 18, which was months back. Just felt the urge to. Do you like them? I really want to do my hands, but I know that will freak everyone out at school.”

“Does anybody know about this?”


“You don’t have to say if you…”

“No, it’s cool. My folks know.”

“Did that freak them out?”

“Nah. They are old hippy types, so it was cool with them.”

“Lucky for you. Does this mean…you are…you are…”

“Queer? Gay? A fag?”

“I wasn’t going to call you names…I’m sorry. This is private stuff…forget it.”

“What casino oyna if I am, would that freak you out?”

“I…I…liked what we did today. So, Hell. No. I’m cool. I will keep it a secret.”

“Yeah. Seeing naked guys turns me on, but I like to look at naked girl pics as well, so I might be Bi, I guess.”

“I like looking at naked girl pics and even like the naked guy pics as well. Found this one great site…”

When spend time talking, all naked and private together, each of us playing with our penis as we chat.

“It’s getting late. Tomorrow, right?” I ask.


We sign off.

The house is quiet at this hour. Do I dare? I creep off my bed still naked and wait at my door listening. My penis is fully hard. I hear nothing and unlock my door. Still nothing except my own pounding heart. I open the door and the world doesn’t end. I step into the dark hall and listen. Dead silence. My folks must be in bed as well. I creep down the hall as quickly as I can to the bathroom. Shut the door behind me and try to calm down. I am naked and outside my room and my folks are in the house and I would be killed if they caught me and I feel so excited at being naked outside my room and walking around naked with them here in the house.

Whew. I grab a bottle of lotion and listen trying to determine if the coast is still clear. I then open the door and try my best to run and be stealthy as I streak naked back to my room. I have to make sure I don’t slam my door shut. Then I lock it and get back in bed. Feeling all hot and exited and scared and aroused.

A pump out some lotion along my erection, turn off the light and in the darkness of my room, I wank my hard penis till I shoot one last load and then drift off to sleep.


In the morning, I just put on my bathrobe and have breakfast with my folks, feeling all warm and naked under the fuzzy robe.

I get dressed for school without wearing any underwear under my Levi’s. Feels weird but very sexy.

Text Jonathan and tell him that I’ve not wearing any underwear. He tells me we are both going commando. Cool.

School can’t end fast enough and we are both anxious on the bus as we head home.

Once we are dropped off we run to his parent’s house. We are in a cul-de-sac and his parent’s home is dead center, so it has the most privacy. Also, his house is on a bit of a hill, so from the street you it is hard to see the front of the house, so it’s sort of hidden by the hill, and the wooden fence around it, and being set back from the street. You would have to want to crane your neck up to try and see over the hill at the house itself, but normally you would just walk and look at the place eyelevel and couldn’t see the yard.

As we step up onto the front lawn, Jonathan has a funny look on his face. He undoes his shoes and tosses them to me. Then he undoes his jeans and pushes them down off his hips.

“Hey what are you doing?” I ask nervous and excited at his daring display.

“Getting naked! Come one join me!”

“But someone might see us from the street,” Though I know that is not really possible, at least I think so. Maybe they could only see our upper torsos? Not sure. Would have to check this out. Anyway, I’m nervous at being caught, though excited at the prospect of being seen naked.

“Nah…no one’s around, “he says as he struggles to get out of his tight jeans and then finally tosses them to me as well now that he is all exposed from the waist down. He pulls off his sock, flings them at me, and then pulls of his shirt. Now he is completely naked. “Come on get naked. I’ll go get some lotion from the house.”

He gathers his stuff up and walks to the house swishing his hips like a girl showing off his butt. I look nervously around and strain to listen. Hearing and seeing no one, I crouch down on the grass and begin to undress as well. I’m naked and I think safely close to the house so it would be hard to tell I didn’t have any clothes on from the street.

Jonathan comes out with bottles of sun tan lotion still all naked and sits on the grass next to me.

“Hey Jonathan, I’m sorry but I need to go inside.”

“Why? I thought you like being naked outside and maybe showing off to the neighbors? You got my attention that way.”

“I mean I need to take a leak. That’s all.”

“Oh. Just do it out here.”

“What! Are you crazy?”

“Hey, in this heat it’ll probably evaporate. So, canlı casino no big deal.”

“That is really weird.”

“No pissing is not weird. But I know something that is kind of weird, but is also really hot.”

“Tell me later, I really need to go soon.”

“I heard something about this…it’s called golden shower play.”

“Huh. From who?”

“Well, actually I heard it from my folks, they are inquisitive and talk about all kind of weird stuff. I heard it from them.”

“So what’s this golden showers stuff and will you let me go piss after you tell me?

“It’s about piss. Piss is the golden showers. My folks said that some people get off on being pissed on.”

“Ha! They were messing with you.”

“No, they were serious. They knew some friends of theirs who were into it.”

“You’re parents are weird.”

“Tell me about it. Now promise not to tell anybody what I’m about to tell you?”

“Yes…I promise. Hurry up already.”

“I’ve seen them do it.”


“Yeah. I caught them a bunch of times all naked and taking turns pissing on each other.”

“That is too weird. Did they like it?”

“Yeah it got them horny.”

“How do you know that?”

“They went off to have sex right after, that’s how I know. So pissing out here is no big deal.”

“It’s weird.”

“But it could be hot and nasty weird.”

“Well I need to do this soon!”

“Well, then, do it on me.”


“Do me. Piss on me.”

“Here? Now?”

“Yes. I’ll lay down and you get next to me and piss on me. I want to see why they did it.”

“Damn it! If I didn’t have to go so badly,” I’m holding my penis in a tight grip so I don’t just start peeing. I can feel the pressure and the need to pee so badly. “Okay if you want this I’m going to do it really soon…”

“Go ahead do it. I want to understand why they enjoyed doing it so much. Come on, it’s okay, piss on me.”

“Okay…here goes…” I aim my penis at his chest and let go on my grip and then…”Ahhhhh…” it feels so good to piss. I shoot off my stream of warm golden piss onto Jonathan’s chest and then start to get playful, I move so I can piss on his belly and then on his penis. As I piss on his penis he gets hard and starts using the piss as lubricant to jack off.

“Try pissing on my face…mmmmmm…it feels so warm, nasty and good…go ahead…mmmm”

“Okay…” I move and start to piss on his neck, then chin and even in his open mouth.

He is obviously liking this his penis is as hard solid rod that he is stroking and he has this funny happy face as I pee out the last of it on his face.

“Wow…that was weird and really a turn on,” Jonathan says.

“If you say so.”

“Now, how about coming down next to me and I’ll put lotion on you if you do me?” He says with a grin.

“Sure. But wait, I’m going to have get down into the pissed on dirt…”

“So…I’m lying in it. Come on, do me.”

I plop my bare butt on the wet grass and lay on my back all naked and exposed to him and the world as he begins to apply suntan lotion to my bare body. He teases my penis and balls as he works the lotion onto me, fondling them for a bit and then working the lotion onto my arms, chest, belly, and legs. When he is done, I am hot, hard, and all slicked up. He is exited as well, as I can tell from his erection. The smell of piss is strong, but it is kind of a turn on.

I take the lotion from him and begin to do him as well saving his balls and his penis for last. He complains at my avoiding his privates.

“If you don’t cover them soon they’ll get sun burned,” He whines playfully.

“No they won’t. Not this quickly. I will get to them…eventually. Just hang out and be patient.”

“They are hanging out really well as you can see. Come on please do them.”

Finally, I squeeze lotion onto the tip of his penis head and onto his balls. “There you satisfied?”

“Not yet, but almost. Now rub it in, really good.”

I laugh as I work on his balls and dick.

Then we lay back real close together on the lawn, and he reaches out, finds my erection while I reach over to take his in my hand. We begin to slowly wank each other’s hard on as we lay exposed on his front yard under the warm late afternoon sun.

We take our time; both just keep each other on the edge of coming but not letting us cum.

I hear off in the distance, though I can’t tell kaçak casino how far away the sounds of a car and a truck. My heart pounds and I want to run and hide.

“Stay down,” Jonathan whispers while squeezing tight my erection.

We can hear our hearts beating and the sounds of some one or more getting out of a car off in the distance. How far? Can they see us? If I sit up to look will they see me? I stay down and just hold onto Jonathan’s penis as he holds mine.

No one says anything. We don’t seem to be caught. We both relax and let go off each other just lay back and drift off, feeling all naughty being so exposed.

We hear a small dog yapping, and some women’s voice. Then it gets quiet.

We go back to mutual masturbation and this time we both start to work ourselves up into a frenzy. We moan and moan and then we both explode with a blast of white cum falling onto out bare bellies.

“Oh man,” I moan exhausted. “That was great.”

“Yeah,” Jonathan gets up, leans into me and begins to lick all my jizz up. “You goo is so tasty.” Jonathan’s wet warm tongue laps up every bit of it. Then he lays back down. “No you clean me up.”

“Okay.” I go down on his bare body and lap up his goo. It has melt and spread all over his belly. I have to admit I like the taste of it and the nasty idea of eating cum. I get every bit of it.

“Now I have to pee…”Jonathan says.

“Hey…don’t you go getting any ideas…”

“You did me so I get to do you. Lay back you’re going to love it.”

“Oh shit…really? Do I have to?”

“Yup. Now…mmmmm…get ready… Aim…fire!”

A burst of golden warm piss splats onto my chest. It smells weird, but the smell is everywhere and it no longer is so nasty smelling. The warm wetness feels kind of like bubbly warm water on my skin. I do kind of like it. Then he sprays it at my face!

“Oh shit! No!” But as I complain it gets into my mouth. Yuck? It tastes really different. Warm and nutty and tart or some such thing. The idea of it is gross but it is a real turn on, my penis is all hard now. “Stop…Stop…Come on…” I sputter, but that just gets it into my mouth, it flows in and pours back out, I just don’t let myself swallow. Just get the taste as it fills and spill out of my mouth. Then he aims down my chest. The wet stickiness of the piss a real turn on. His stream of piss finally gets to my hard penis and hot balls. I use it as lube to stroke off as I saw him do. Damn I am turned on. He just keeps flooding my penis and balls as I stroke and I’m getting close to cumming again.

“Oh…oh…I’m…getting close…to…uhhhhhh…” I cum again as Jonathan starts to run out of piss. “Ohhhhhh God…that was soooooo goooddd.” I collapse onto the pissing wet grasse.

Jonathan goes back down on me lapping up his piss and my cum. His tongue is all over my balls and flaccid penis. But as he licks my prick it gets aroused again. Wow, having him lick me down there is heaven. Finally, he gets it all and he lays down on his belly next to me in the piss wet grass.

“Put lotion on me.”

I get up and do that, enjoying the feel of his warm smooth skin as I cover it with the lotion. I really work it into his round firm butt, he spreads his legs apart giving me full access to him, and I pull his penis and balls out from under him. I do them and grease up his ass crack. When I finish I tell him to do me.

I really like lying all naked on the wet grass and I’m gotten used to the smell of our piss. It is a damn turn on. He plays with my butt and I am startled when after his finger had circled my butt hole for a bit, he dared to slip it inside me! I was about to yell and tell him to stop but…I had to admit it felt kind of good.

Finally, he finishes and we just drift off to rest facing each other with silly grins as we sleep naked in the sunlight.

I must have fell asleep, because I didn’t hear anyone approach.

But I am startled into fear and fully awake, when I hear a voice say “I think you two should go get cleaned up now.”

It’s his Dad! He gets home earlier than my folks!

I roll over and try to keep myself covered. “I…we…I’m sorry…don’t tell my folks…Oh God…Oh God…Oh no…” I am so a shamed and afraid.

“Don’t worry David. It’s okay. You just need to get your close and get home. I will just have enough time to clean yourself up before your folks get home. You’re not in any trouble.”

I grab my stuff and feeling all guilty and shame and wet and aroused at being discovered run to my front door. Don’t even worry if anybody can see me on the street. I just need to get inside and clean up.

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