Working wife to prostitute-1

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Working wife to prostitute-1

Shalini felt uncomfortable sitting in the room all by herself. By now she knew every inch of the four walls surrounding her where the paint had peeled off, where there was a scribble, where a screw had been hammered in. It was not exactly boredom but rather a strange numbness that occupied her. For the last one hour she had fought against it but slowly and slowly it was overcoming her. Why was she here? What did she expect from this place? She knew not. Only this much she knew whenever she thought of this place she felt paralyzed. Something was drawing her here something over which she had lost control with each passing day. Whenever she thought of it she had a violent urge to give in. Till yesterday she had resisted. But today the urge knew no bounds. It had so completely and hopelessly taken over that she knew there was no way she could fight it. Right from the morning she had been in a trance. She had prepared breakfast for her husband, Rohit and seen him off for office all the time knowing at the back of her mind that there was no way she could escape the urge today. Slowly but steadily she had been drawn into the quicksand.

“Are you through with your thesis?” Rohit had enquired. She hadn’t even dared to turn around to look at him. “Will take me a month or so more.” How easily she lied. But what could she do anyway? Will Rohit ever understand? “I thought you are almost through.” Rohit was intrigued. “I am not too comfortable with the idea of you going there everyday. Had I known before that it will take this long I would have requested Uncle Mitra to talk to your professor and get the topic changed.” He sounded disturbed. “Oh God! Did Rohit suspect her?” Till yesterday she would have told him the truth and asked him to help her out. But today was different there was no way, she had to protect the urge. She turned around facing him. “That’s not being fair to me, Rohit. You know how important the thesis is for me. Uncle Mitra knows Madame too well and believe me neither she nor any of the girls had ever tried to be funny with me. And then Amrik is there too. I never told you how possessive he is about his memsahib. For the first couple of days he would never leave me alone sitting with me all the time. But then the girls weren’t comfortable talking in front of him. So I asked him to wait for me in the car. It required a lot of effort to convince him.” At least, this part wasn’t a lie. After Rohit had left she had wept. How could she forget the love they shared and lie to him. Rohit always revered her. Even after five years of marriage he always went out of the way to make sure that she was happy, both mentally and physically. Even the physical bit…she had no grounds to complain. Rohit was a good lover and would leave no opportunity to make love to her.

Only day before yesterday, when they were getting ready for one of his office parties he had pulled her to him. “I have to make love to you. I can’t help it whenever you put on this dress.” She was wearing a red dress with a plunging neckline and a side slit reaching up to her mid-thigh “Oh Rohit, we just don’t have time.” As always he paid little heed to her excuse knowing that she was pretending hard-to-get. The memories filled her with a strange sadness. She felt happy remembering those incidents. It was as if she existed in both worlds. The first world was her life with Rohit…sensitive, enjoyable and fulfilling. The second one was the world of obscene, naked desire…she had seen in the eyes of customers watching the parading girls. Whenever she remembered those faces she felt that violent urge to submit to the uninhibited display of raw carnal desire. When she had first gone to the bordelo to work on her thesis “Economic depravity and social malady”, she was a member of a world where lust was disguised behind suave looks and articulate illegal bahis siteleri behavior. She had grown up in that world. The second one was more natural…men displaying their true feelings and intentions. Here education, upbringing, status and marriage …nothing mattered. It was only the a****l in man that ruled. With each passing day, she sank deeper and deeper into the cobweb of her second world and the urge of submission grew stronger and stronger.

Today, after Rohit had left, she got out of her clothes and stood in front of the mirror inspecting her. Who was willing to pay such an amount for an hour with her? Or was Madame trying to draw her into this with hefty promises. But then what did she care? She didn’t need the money. Of course, the money was important since it would always remind her that for the agreed time he owned her…he could have her the way he wanted. It was this submission that excited her and there was no way she could deny the urge. At the end of the day she will accept the money so earned. It wouldn’t matter to her whether it was in thousands or just one hundred so long as there was something. She wouldn’t be interested in men like Rohit. She had been used to suave looks and articulate behavior all her life. It’s that look of unbridled lust that paralyzed her with excitement…she wanted men who will neither care for her education, upbringing and social status nor for her preferences, likes and dislikes but treat her only as an object to satisfy their lust. She had seen those stares in the bordelo as well as out in the street. They were from the eyes of men whom she would not otherwise consider to be socially at par. Ordinary people working hard to make a living…the paanwala at the street corner, the truck driver, the rickshaw puller. They were the sort who fuelled her hideous excitement.

She looked at the mirror again. She was in perfect shape. 36dd perfectly conical breasts, flat stomach and long legs…skin flawless except for the dark triangle of hair highlighting her womanhood. Though she was tall at five-six, she decided to put on her high-heeled pumps. High heels always accentuated the aura of sexuality. The sound of the door opening brought her back to her senses. It was Madame. “I thought you were through yesterday.” She was chewing paan. Again she was feeling numb and paralyzed with excitement. She wanted to talk but words failed her. She just stood there staring at the older woman. But her eyes said it all. “So you took the decision at last.” She smiled. “Your decision makes me happy. I wish you will enjoy the time you will spend here.”

“But there’s something I need to tell you.” She found her voice at last.

“Go ahead.”

“Look I’m not doing this for the sake of money. The amount that I will receive from each client is immaterial so long as they are paying something. I will not bother with how much you pay me at the end of the day but at the same time the services won’t be free. Okay, let’s put it straight. I should not be made available to your rich clients only but to anybody who is willing to pay even fifty for an hour.” Shalini halted seeing the shock on the older woman’s face.

“Do you really mean what you’re saying?” She asked.

“Yes. I can be here only so long as things are done that way. Otherwise, there’s no reason for me to be here.”

“Ummm! I don’t understand why you are inviting trouble for yourselves? If you talk to the girls here they will tell you. Well-to-do customers behave themselves. The rest are like a****ls. They have no respect for women. At times they become violent and start physically abusing the girls. Then there are times when two or three of them would share the same girl…”

“Stop it.” Shalini cried. She just couldn’t take it anymore. Eyes closed she was shaking with excitement of making herself available to them.

“Beti, aren’t you feeling well?” Concern was evident in risksiz bahis veren siteler the older woman’s voice.

“I don’t care.” She whispered. “I am available to them.”

The die has been cast, the move has been made. Now, there’s no going back. She felt hot with excitement.

“Follow me.” Madame walked out.

Shalini looked around the room. There was a door and a window but both were closed. The room was barely furnished with a double-bed pushed up against the wall and a dressing table. Products of crude workmanship, they looked cheap. “This will be you room. I will send your customers up here. Over there you have a bathroom.” Madame was pointing at the closed door. Not knowing what to expect, Shalini went in through the door. Immediately, she frooze in her tracks. All that the bathroom had was an Indian-styled toilet, a tap with a bucket under it and a clothes rail. It was clean though. “Let me give you a few tips.” The older woman continued. “We don’t allow our customers to have unprotected sex with the girls. If anybody tries to force you into that raise a hue and cry and we will get to hear it.”

“I will.” She replied curtly. “If you need help, there’s a bell over here which you can ring. By the way, your first customer expects you to be naked when he comes for you.” Without hesitation Shalini reached for her kameez. Shalini looked at her watch. That was all she wore. It was almost half an hour since Madame had left and she sat on the bed awaiting her first customer. The knock at the door brought her back to her senses. She stood up beside the bed, the excitement of submission flooding her again. As the door slowly started opening she straightened herself, tall, proud and naked As the door open Shalini was shocked to see the person who was his customer he is none other the sabjiwala Raghu who comes in his area for selling Vegetables. “You” Shalini Cried. As Shalini suddenly goes under the sheet and tries to hide his body under the sheet. Raghu closed the door and said “Hmmm, what a piece, yes madam it’s me I don’t know that it’s going to be you here. I always wanted to make love with you from day one when I see you”. Get out from here.” Shalini said. But driver was in no mood in listening and start taking his clothes out. Raghu then tries to kiss Shalini and tries to uncover the sheet. But Shalini refuses this made Raghu mad and he slaps Shalini and said “Slut we can do this easy way or the hard way. Since Shalini has no other choice she’s the one who chooses this path and she thinks if I don’t let him now then he will do forcefully which could let any mark on my body and may be seen by husband Rohit, so he let Raghu kiss him. First Raghu kiss the eyes of Shalini then his neck and then he kisses his upper lip and then the bottom lip then slide his tongue into Shalini mouth where Shalini tongue also taste the saliva of Raghu tongue they keep on doing this for 10 min then Raghu sat besides and remove the sheet from Shalini body which where covering his assests.

Raghu was amazed to see 36d melons hanging on the chest he said “Wow, you have nice structure and got nice huge fruits hanging out there and finally it’s all mine” Raghu quickly start taking one boob in hand and with other hand he inserts one figure in pussy he was kissing the boobs and press one boob hard which let Shalini moan “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Slowly ” but Raghu was in no mood of listening he kept on pressing and bite his nipple with his teeth and he do the same with the other boob also this made Shalini breast Red and made her nipples erect pointing towards ceiling. The fingure which was inside Shalini pussy he start to make it moving inside and outside and finger fuck her. This made Shalini moan more “aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, yessssssssssssss, Keep on doing it”, She couldn’t believe this that she actually said this and now keep on enjoying every moment of casino siteleri this great time. Soon Shalini had an orgasm and she cums some of the cum goes on the Raghu finger. Raghu then removes his fingure from Shalini pussy and first put in his mouth and taste Shalini cum.

Then he got up and places his Cock near Shalini mouth and offers Shalini to suck his cock, but Shalini refuses so he catch Shalini nose and press it to make Shalini from breathing so as soon as Shalini opens his mouth he insert his cock in Shalini mouth and release his nose. He keep his both hands on the Shalini head and make him take his more length of his cock in her mouth and now makes Shalini moves his head to and fro. Now Shalini also like to like it and start taking his hand to his balls and pressing it. Now Shalini is doing it fast so he explodes inside the Shalini mouth and fills the whole mouth with his cum which she happily drink it and some of it even come out of his mouth which was now on his jaw. But Shalini still keep on sucking his cock and made his cock dry and makes his cock erect again. Then Raghu gives Shalini the condom and instruct him to wear this condom on his cock which Shalini did. Now Raghu made Shalini on doggy style and places his cock on Shalini pussy and with no warning insert the full length of his cock inside Shalini pussy without warning. This made Shalini cried out loud and some of the tears come in his eyes. “ooooyyyyiiiiiiiiiiiiii mmmmmaaaaaaaaaaa uuuu have killed meeeeeeeeee.” Shalini cried out loud. “takkkkkkkkkke it outtttttttttt”shalini said.

But Raghu said “oh my slut I’m waiting for this moment for a long time what a nice pusssy u have so tightttttttt, looks like your husband has fucked u very less, if I was your husband I never let you wear clothes and always placed my cock inside your lovely pussy at home.” now Raghu slowly tackle his cock out and again put it inside Shalini pussy and increase his speed and kept on stroking Shalini pussy very fast. Now Shalini pain is turned to pleasure and she started enjoying very much now the Shalini was only saying ” Morrrrreeeee yyyyyyyyesssss aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh fasterrrrrrrrrr” Shalini has now endless orgasm and she cummed a lot but she lost the count of the orgasm she had. Now Raghu is also going to cum so he takes his cock out rolls Shalini over on his back. Removes his condom and strokes his cock and shoot on the Shalini body some of the cum also fall on the Shalini face and hair. Now Raghu falls on the Shalini body .both of them remain in the same position for 20 min then Raghu wakes up and start wearing his clothes.

Shalini lies on the bed motionless she doesn’t have the energy left even to sit. After wearing clothes Raghu once again comes near Shalini kisses him on the lips and give him 200 rupees on her hand and left the room Shalini sleeps there for half hour then wakes up and see her in the mirror. She sees all the cum on his body ,face and hair and thinks that now she have become a prostitute as she was about to go to bathroom to wash herself and wear clothes. She received a call from her husband Rohit on her mobile telling her that he is going out of station for 3 days. She said ok and cut the phone. She wash the cum on her body and face and hair and about to were his clothes to leave and idea struck her mind why not to stay here till Rohit returns and enjoy this more. So she called out the madam and said to madam “if u have no problem then I’m going to stay here for couple of days and u can send more customers to me.”

Madam said “ok, as u wish but u look tired so sleep for sometimes I let u know when some customer come” she sleep for 3 hours then madam comes to her room, it was almost the evening and wakes the Shalini and asked him that some customer have come they are two of them and want to do with the same female. Are u ready? Shalini thinks for a moment and agrees but she asks “who r those guys”? Madam said these are truck driver and his cleaner. Madam then leave and tell Shalini to get ready. How Shalini was fucked by this two men to be continued in the next part. To be continued so guys how u liked the story do u want me to continue further waiting for ur response.

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