Wonder Woman 3: The best one by far

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Wonder Woman 3: The best one by far
Lois Lane walk into the room where Lobo waiting, sitting on the bed. She starred at the bulge in his pants, licking her lips a bit. “They’ll be here soon, hun,” she said. She swayed her hips on the way out, knowing full well he was checking out her ass in her tight skirt. She smiled.

As she left, Superman and Wonder Woman were just arriving. The chalky white Czarnian and golden Kryptonian and promised the promiscuous princess a double stuffing. Her hot Amazonian ass and pussy puckered, begging for the huge godlike cocks.

“You guys ready to fuck my brains out?” Diana asked, slipping her wonder panties around her ankles. Lobo’s throbbing cock was out and ready. Diana bent over and devoured the huge dick, sucking it and throating him. Superman dropped to his knees and begin eating her delicious peach. Clark mowed her sweet pussy and licked her crack and butt-cheeks before sliding his tongue into her tight asshole. After butt-banging her with his tongue, Superman stood up and slowly pushed his massive cock into her ass.

“I know this is how you like it, you naughty slut!” Superman was practicing his dirty talk. He was in her backdoor now.

Wonder Woman loved getting spit-roasted. The idea of getting fucked in every hole except the one made for fucking really got her hot. She lifted her legs off the ground, bending her knees. Lobo stood up. Grabbing her hair, he pushed his massive rod deeper into her throat. She was incredible. Superman took this as a challenge, grabbing Diana’s hips and slowly pushing deeper. He pulled his cock about halfway out of her asshole before thrusting all the way in. Lobo went balls-deep into her mouth. If she hadn’t been so tall their dicks would have been touching.

“She does tricks too,” Lobo said, pulling out. Even without his cock, she stayed perfectly suspended in air while Superman fucked her butt. “Show him,” Lobo said.

Wonder Woman then slide her tight ass off of Clark’s dong and spun around, landing on her knees. She stuffed his cock right into her mouth and began to suck it like a woman possessed. Clarke hadn’t really thought of A2M, but he had to admit, this felt incredible.

Lois sat outside the room, peaking in. Watching the live porn show had her touching her pussy. She watched untill she couldn’t take it anymore.

Wonder Woman sat on Lobo’s lap, sliding her pussy onto his hard cock. She still had Clarke in her mouth. She took his dick out and placed it between her ample breasts. Superman quivered with excitement. Diana began bouncing up and down on Lobo’s cock. The bounty hunter responded by thrusting into her pussy every time he booty plops down on him. She held her big boobs hard against Clark’s super-cock, milking it with each bound. He likewise repsonded and tit-fucked her on the way down.

Lois opened the door, but they didn’t see her. Her pussy was soaked. Superman removed his enormous shlong from between Diana’s amazing Amazonian tits and into her wonder-pussy, along side Lobo’s cock. Lois rubbed her pussy while the two powerhouses pounded the Greek Goddess, double stuffing her twat. Then Diana pulled Lobo out of her box and put him into his favorite hole: Her ass.

“Any one want a drink?” Lois asked innocently, setting down the draw she was carrying. She was only wearing panties, pink of course, and a thin see-through nighty that matched her lavender eyes. Her erect nipples poked through the shear material.

“Thanks, illegal bahis siteleri toots,” Lobo said scruffily, downing some water. He patted her ass, then left his hand resting on it for a second. He pulled her closer and used one finger to slide her undies to the floor. With Diana still shoving her rear on his cock, stretching her asshole over it while Clark pounding that Amazon pussy, no one objected. He lifted Lois’s night and planted a rough smooch on her butt. She tossed the nighty aside and mounted his face.

“You like that pussy?” She asked. He nodded as he mowed on her pussy. She smooshed her soaked twat on his mouth repeatedly. Diana stood up, allowing Lobo’s cock to slide out of her ass. Lois immediately grabbed the massive cock and plunked it into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down, sucking hard on the Czarnian cock. He thrust her mouth. She pulled the cock out of her mouth. Lois pushed her face into Diana’s hot ass and placed a sweet but firm kiss right on her anus before stuffing Lobo’s throbbing rod back into it home – Wonder Woman’s perfect asshole.

After rocking back and forth for a few minutes, Diana turned around. Now she was riding Lobo’s dick cowgirl style with her pussy while Superman screwed her in the butt. She climaxed from the two cocks pounding her insatiable love-holes. But she had turned around for a reason. Her and Lois started making out. Lois kissed Diana passionately while Lobo fucked her with his tongue. Lois came on Lobo as her head made it’s way to Diana’s tits. Wonder Woman held her breast in place as Lois sucked hard on the soft-yet-firm wonder-boob. She greedily attacked the other nipple and then alternating kissing and licking Diana’s breasts before finally throwing her face into Wonder Woman’s luscious rack and straight-out motorboated her. The guys got harder.

Wonder Woman reciprocated by sucking Lois’s boobs. Her breasts were less ample compared to a goddess like Diana, but Lois still had a decent pair. Wonder Woman caressed and suckled her tit, squeezing and licking them. After centuries surrounded by only women, Diana knew how to touch a woman. There was no woman she couldn’t make cum. They didn’t call Themyscira Paradise Island for nothing.

Lois had done very few REALLY kinky things in her life. A couple of instances when she was young, maybe. And the time she was hit by a ray from a malfunctioning machine while snooping in one of Lex Luthor’s labs. The incident made it so her had to randomly do tons of anal for a week…or die. She forced poor Jimmy Olsen to service her immediately. Luckily, most of the guys she encountered during the week were completely understanding, and more than glad to help.

Superman pulled his Rod of Steel out of Diana’s cute butt and let her and Lois take turns sucking it and jerking it before Wonder Woman got off Lobo and got doggy-style on the bed. Clark stuffed his Kryptonian cock into her ever-tight princess pussy. Lois launched her head onto Lobo’s cock, just in time for him to blast and inhuman load in her mouth and on her face and tits.

Lois choked and coughed a bit as she got off Lobo. Her face was completely covered in cum almost an inch thick, and it ran down leaving small rivers of jizz all over her tits. And that didn’t include the amount she swallowed which was even more than the time she got drunk in college and sucked off 5 members of the football team after a big game (one of her few perabet güvenilir mi kinky moments).

“Are you alright, honey?” Clark asked, concerned. Woman Woman had already ran to her assistance, but that assistance had come in the form of Diana ravenously licking the sperm of Lois’s tits and face and swallowing as much as she could. Lois let her groom her, being so turned on by participating in something so naughty. During this grooming, Diana had begun to finger Lois’s pussy.

Lois regained her composure. “Okay, so who is fucking my pussy and who’s gonna fuck my ass?” she asked. Diana had made her way down to her knees. Before the guys could answer, she grabbed Lois tight pilates butt, squeezing her lush cheeks and dove her face into Lois’s soaked pussy. Lois moaned as Diana ate her out. Her fingers curled and just as she was about to loose it, Wonder Woman spun her around, bent her all the way over like a folding chair and crammed her tongue into the Pulitzer Prize winner’s ass. Lobo and Clark were in love with Wonder Woman, watching the strongest and most famous woman in the world mow down on the star reporter’s butt.

Superman laid on the bed and Lobo got up. He picked her up like a toy and practically threw her pussy onto her husband’s dick before stuffing his own erect penis into Lois’s butthole. She let out a mute scream. Other than the Lex Luthor incident, she didn’t do much anal and this was the biggest cock she had ever had in her butt by a long shot and a half. Even Diana’s jaw dropped in disbelief seeing this magic act.

“I didn’t think it would fit,” the princess remarked. She walked over and started fondling Lois’s bouncing breasts. Superman and Lobo thrust hard into Lois (well, hard for Lois. If either had let loose even a fraction of their true power, the reporter would be ripped in two). Clark, who had been reluctant about this whole deal, was really getting into it. He held Lois down and he came in her pussy, using his super-skills to perfectly control the intensity of his massive load. Lobo responded by slamming harder and harder, then blowing his semen into her tight backdoor. Lois had climaxed dozens of times and now all of her holes had been filled to the brim with cum. She collapsed on the floor, content with watching the rest of the adventure from there.

Wonder Woman replaced Lois, straddling Superman with her wondercunt and sliding Lobo easily into her battered backdoor. The two men could finally let loose. Each huge erect cock pounded faster and harder. If the middle lady had been anyone other than the legendary Wonder Woman, she would have been atomized. The raw power of each thrust only checked by the trio’s unwillingness to actually rip spacetime or create a black hole. Wonder Woman showed her true strength by tanking thrusts to her ass and pussy, which were being bombarded at light speed by forces each on par with a nuclear blast. She let out a warrior yell as she squirted so hard, anyone but Superman would have been obliterated by the stream of pussy juice.

The three stopped for a second and Diana pulled Lobo out of her perfect butt, and slide Superman’s cock in her ass instead. Still riding Clark cowgirl style (except now taking it anally) she leaned over and gave him a small kiss.

“I want to make sure you both get the same amount of time in my ass. I think you got less,” she said. Then she looked a little puzzles. “Or did you get more tipobet anal than Lobo? I’ve lost track.”

Diana grabbed Lobo’s cock. “Well, only one way to be sure,” she said, pulling him close by the dong. She positioned the head of Lobo’s massive cock by her o-ring, which still had Superman’s cock in it. “I didn’t think Lois could fit you in, but if she did, I should be able to get you both.” Diana slowly pressed the bounty hunter’s huge member against both her tight pucker hole and Clark’s rock-hard rod. She slide it in. She made a face and first, but then miraculously, the cock slipped in. Wonder Woman’s eyes became wide as saucers. They gave her a second to acclimate, then slowly began thrusting. Lois had seen double anal before, but this was unthinkable. Taking one of them would be like double, or maybe even triple anal. But BOTH of them?

Clark and Lobo alternated thrusts. Diana sweated a bit as the to massive baseball bat cocks double-stuffed her perfect ass. Lois grabbed her camcorder and started recording it. She had to. Everyone need to see this. Diana had began to relax and the guys started pushing deeper and their rhythm picked up a bit. Lois left the camera rolling and repaid the previous favors by sucking Diana’s tits, then flicking her clit with her tongue. Diana’s eyes rolled with pleasure. Lois was sucked and licked her pussy while Diana’s ass serviced the massive cocks. They had reached a normal pace now, pounding her butt like a well functioning machine, then together. Wonder Woman never wanted this to end. No matter what evils attacked, she wanted to stay right her getting her pussy and tits licked and played with while getting double butt-fucked but the massive cocks. Lobo slipped out of her ass. Diana grabbed his cock and ultra-relativistic speed and stuffed it back in.

“Don’t ever take it back out of my ass again, baby,” she said, full of sultry. “Just fuck my ass like you two own it, because you do.” She stoked Lois’s hair as the reported did her job. “Good girl. Just keep doing that while they butt-fuck me.” Lois was taken by surprise when Diana pulled her head back by her hair. “Now suck them, like a good slut. Take their cocks from my ass, suck them and then put them right back in my sexy butt where they belong.”

Wonder Woman planted a firm, passionately kiss on Lois. Lois responded equally to the kiss before complying. She pulled each dick from the princess’s rear and sucked it hard before replacing it. The two guys were ravenous now. Lois stepped back and Clark and Lobo slammed Diana’s booty. Her butt-cheeks shook and her ass was mercilessly double pounded. Both men came, filled her ass. When they pulled out, Diana crouched down. Lois laid on her back between Diana’s legs and began to make out this Diana’s perfect, sexy, cum-filled butt. Lois licked and kissed Diana’s ass, swallowing as much cum as she could, but leaving a massive amount in Wonder Woman’s butt.

While Diana was down there, first Lobo then Clark began tit-fucking her. Each guy pounded his slippery cock between her tits and into her mouth. They would pound harder until the finally exploded. Each came on her face and tits. Lois tried to clean her up like Diana had done for her, but there was too much spunk. Both women ending up bathed in jizz. Diana, finally sated, stood up and took Lois by the hand. Both her still bare naked, cum cover their faces and tits, and ran out their asses.

“Roa, that was great,” Superman said, exhausted. “I’m glad you talked me into it. Same time next month?”

“Sure, I’m game,” Lobo said.

“Let’s get ice cream,” Diana said chipperily to Lois.

“Like this?” Lois questioned. Diana kissed her full on the mouth.

“Just like this.” And they did.

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