“Uncle” Bill The Mentor

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I watched through the bay window in the living room as the cab carrying my twenty one year old niece pulled away from the curb on its way to the airport. Although there were still a few days left of winter break, she wanted to get back to college a few days early in order to catch up on some work she had to complete. Her best friend Kate was not quite as conscientious as Jess, instead opting to stay behind for a few more days of skiing. I tried to encourage Kate to leave early, as a storm was rapidly approaching, but she insisted on staying as long as she could.

My vacation home is in Northern Vermont, placed at about the halfway point between Burlington and Stowe. I had invited Kate and Jess to spend the week there, just as I had for several years prior. The three of us are avid skiers, and this had become our yearly ritual during winter break. The skiing had been exceptional this year, so I can’t say that I really blamed Kate for staying behind.

I turned towards Kate, who was reclining on the couch watching television. She was also twenty one, with long, dark hair, light brown eyes, and golden skin. To be blunt, Kate is an absolute knockout. She has high cheekbones to go with her full lips, and a perfect complexion. She is visually stunning, and wears little to no makeup. Kate is also an athlete, and it shows. She has long, shapely legs leading into a perfect ass, curvy hips, and a flat, toned tummy. I should mention that Kate also has a huge, natural set of tits. So huge, in fact, that they are really out of proportion with the rest of her. Some beautiful women embrace and accept their beauty and the attention it gets them. Kate did not. She was quite self-conscious of her body and her looks-especially her body. She took great pains to dress in such a way as to hide her curves as much as possible. She hated feeling that people treated her as a bimbo, and that her giant rack was the extent of her as a person. Kate had dated a few boys, but things never seemed to work out.

“Are you ready to hit the slopes, or are you going to spend the day melting your brain with that crap you’re watching,” I asked Kate.

Kate smiled and clicked off the TV.

“Definitely the slopes, Uncle Bill. I only have a few days left, and I’m going to make the best of them. Give me about fifteen minutes and I’ll be ready to go.”

“Okay, Kate. I’ll get our gear loaded into the truck in the meantime. Don’t take too long. I’m itching to get there.”

I had just finished loading the car when Kate walked outside and smiled.

“Did I do good, Uncle Bill? I got ready as quickly as I could.”

“Perfect timing, Kate. Let’s get on the road.”

We chatted a bit on the short drive to the Stowe Mountain Resort. Kate thanked me for allowing her stay the extra few days, and promised to do the cooking in return. We chatted a bit about school. Kate is an engineering major, and a bright one at that. She graduated top of her class in high school, and has a 4.0 average over her first two plus years of college. I guess it’s a bit understandable why she is so sensitive about the way she is perceived by people.

We spent the day skiing the hell out of that mountain, pausing a few times for a bite to eat and a breather. To the dismay of the resort staff and ski patrol, we had quite a few races down the mountain, with me having a slight edge in the number of victories. We were both exhausted when we got back to the car. I flipped on the radio to listen to the latest weather report, and was bombarded by storm warnings on every station. It was no longer a question of if we would get hit. It was more a question of just how bad it would be. The reports prompted me to stop at the grocery store on the way back. We loaded up on staples, and Kate picked out a steak for dinner. After loading the groceries in the car, we headed back to the house.

I put the groceries away as Kate seasoned the steak. Once finished, I directed my attention to the fireplace, building a blazing fire and then dropping down onto the couch to relax. Kate walked over and handed me a glass of wine.

“That was an awesome day today, Uncle Bill. I haven’t had that much fun skiing in a long time,” she said, dropping down onto the other end of the couch. She, too, had a glass of wine, and she took a sip. “Thank you again.”

“My pleasure, Kate. From the sounds of it, we may be out of luck for the next couple of days. If this storm hits the way the reports say, we’ll be stuck here for a while.”

“HA! A little snow isn’t going to keep me away from the slopes,” Kate shot back. “I didn’t stay here to sit around. I could have done that at school. I want to ski,” she said, pounding one foot on the ground.

“Well, let’s see what we wake up to tomorrow. If it’s safe, I promise we’ll go. If not, we have movies and games and books. We’ll make the best of it.”

“We’ll see,” frowned Kate. “I guess when you get old you get chicken,” she smirked. “You can always stay here and hide.”

“Funny, Kate. Seriously, I’m not kidding. If the weather güvenilir bahis is bad, I don’t want you trying to go anywhere. It isn’t worth it.”

Kate gave me an evil little smirk and took a sip of her wine, winking at me from behind her glass. She got up and went over by the kitchen to begin cooking. I have an indoor grill on the stovetop, and Kate cooked the steaks to perfection. Served with mashed potatoes and a salad, it was a perfect meal.

We ate and chatted, and shared in the cleanup duties after we had finished. Afterword, we moved back to the couch, still sipping wine and watching a movie. By ten o’clock, the wind was howling and the snow began to fall. It was accumulating at an alarming rate, and I knew that any hopes of skiing were fading fast. A short time later the lights flickered and then went out. Kate let out a startled yelp, and I glanced in her direction. She was sitting there in the flickering light of the fireplace, and I was momentarily stunned by how beautiful she looked. We locked eyes, and then Kate glanced away, seemingly a bit embarrassed.

“That scared me,” she said, pouting. “Now I won’t see the end of the movie”.

“Sit tight,” I replied. “That’s why we have generators around here.”

I put on my coat and went into the garage. I threw the bypass switch on the circuit breaker box, and then went out back to start the generator. It started right up, and a few seconds later the lights came on in the house.

“My hero,” Kate exclaimed as I came back inside.

“At your service, my dear Kate. Shall we finish the movie?”

Kate smiled and switched the TV and DVD player back on, locating the spot we had left off. Several movies and too many glasses of wine later, I was in bed, tired and sore from the day’s activities. Kate had fallen asleep on the couch, and I had covered her with a blanket before heading off to bed.

When I awoke in the morning, nearly two feet of snow had fallen. The storm was coming to an end, but I could see that the roads were a mess. Kate was still asleep, so I quietly went outside to clear the driveway. I shoveled the walks first, and then I noticed a bleary eyed Kate standing at the door of the porch. She opened the door and looked out and started talking to me.

“It doesn’t look too bad. I think we could get to the mountain,” she said. Once we get this driveway clear, it will be easy. Look. There’s a plow on the road already.”

“Kate, no. I watched the news this morning. The roads are horrible, and the police are urging people to stay home. There is another storm right behind this one. Within a few hours, we are going to get blasted again.”

“They always say that, Uncle Bill. Look at it. It isn’t bad at all. I want to ski!”

“We aren’t going anywhere Kate. Now go inside. There’s a pot of fresh coffee on the counter.”

Kate growled at me and disappeared into the house. Fortunately, I had already attached a plow to the front of the truck I keep at the house, so I was able to quickly clear the driveway. When I got inside, I found that Kate had cooked up some bacon and eggs with hash browns. This girl could cook!

We enjoyed our breakfast, and Kate cleaned up and dropped onto the couch with a forlorn look on her face. We heard the sound of a truck pass by, and Kate leapt to her feet and looked out the window.

“See Uncle Bill? The plow just went by. We can go! We can go!”

“Kate! I told you we aren’t going anywhere. The last thing we need is to get stuck in a snowbank somewhere. We have food, water, electricity. We are safe here. I know you’re disappointed, and so am I. But we aren’t going to risk getting hurt.”

“Fuddy duddy,” Kate sneered, sticking her tongue out for effect. “Fine. We can sit here in this boring old house and do nothing. Or maybe we can play checkers. Or…I know. We can go down the basement and set up a shuffleboard court. You old fuddy duddies like shuffleboard, don’t you?”

“Keep it up, young lady, and you may well earn yourself a spanking.”

“Yeah, right,” she taunted, again sticking out her tongue. “You wouldn’t have the nerve,” Kate retorted. “Besides, I don’t think you could catch me.”

“We may well, see, young lady,” I replied.

For the first time, the thought that I would very much like to spank her lovely ass crossed my mind. As if she sensed it, Kate blushed as she looked at me, and then looked away. She looked away, but she did not looked at all displeased. Instead, I saw something else in her expression. Something I needed to stop thinking about.

“Well, I’m going to go take a bath. That will be something to do. You get the checkerboard ready, fuddy duddy,” she quipped as she walked past me. I had a dish towel in my hand, and reflexively snapped it at her ass. She let out a yelp and a giggle as it connected with its target and then she scooted up the stairs.

I sat on the couch and let out a deep breath, engaging in an internal conversation. I’d better be careful here, I thought. She is a sweet kid. I’ve known her for a türkçe bahis lot of years, and I don’t want her to feel uncomfortable around me. Besides, I reasoned, I was sure I imagined that look she had. I flipped on the television and watched something on the Discovery Channel as Kate bathed.

It was past noon when Kate came down the stairs. She was wearing baggy cotton pajamas and slippers. Her hair was up in a clip, with a few loose strands flowing down her neck. I tried not to notice, but she looked like a dream. My God, she was a beauty.

“I was going to make a sandwich, Kate. Would you like something?”

“Sure. I’ll help,” she replied.

We stood at the counter and put together our lunches, and then sat at the table to eat.

“So,” Kate said. “What happened between you and Sandy? I never got the full story from Jess.”

“Ah, Sandy. Well, divorce is never easy Kate. Sometimes, neither is marriage. I guess Sandy decided there were greener pastures, or at least decided to see if there were.”

“She was cheating on you?”

“I reckon she was,” I replied.

Kate shook her head and shrugged.

“Well…she must have been crazy, Uncle Bill. You’re…well…you’re awesome,” Kate said as she munched on a chip. She blushed after she said it and looked away.

“Thank you, Kate. Obviously, Sandy didn’t agree.”

“You still love her, don’t you?”

“I think I always will, but life moves on.”

Kate paused for a moment as if in thought. “Would you take her back Uncle Bill? If she asked?”

“At this point? No. You know Kate, I think there are some things you can come back from. If it was just an infidelity, maybe. But Sandy and I were probably never right for each other anyway. She was a party girl. She went to work, and wanted to go out every night when she got home. That’s fine when you’re in your early twenties, but it gets old fast. I like a simpler life. I like to work, but I enjoy getting outside. Swimming, skiing, just enjoying nature. I’m an athlete, much as you are. I’m not interested in ruining that every night.”

“I know what you mean. I’ve only been able to drink legally for a few months, and I’m already bored with the bar scene.”

“Well, I bored her. I guess I really must be an old fuddy duddy,” I said with a grin.

“I already told you that, Uncle Bill,” she quipped as she cleared the table.

I got a fire started again and Kate and I decided to play Monopoly for a while. As I set up, Kate went to the kitchen area and opened a bottle of wine, pouring each of us a glass. She returned and held one out to me, then held up her glass.

“In honor of Sandy. A drunken, snowed in afternoon with my favorite uncle,” she said with a giggle. We clinked glasses and each took a sip.

We played several games, breaking for dinner around six. Each of us had won a pair of games, and we decided to play one more in order to crown a champion. The final game went on for a while, an evenly matched seesaw battle until I ended up with a run of horrible luck, landing on hotel laden North Carolina Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, Park Place and Boardwalk in successive turns. It was all over but the shouting at that point.

A somewhat inebriated Kate looked across the table at me, smiled and said “How old are you, Uncle Bill?”

“Thirty five, Kate. Why?”

“That old age must be affecting your brain. How was a young college student like me able to outwit an important businessman like you, Uncle Bill? Boring, old, chicken, and with a faltering mind too? Oh, Uncle Bill. Whatever will we do with you,” Kate taunted.

“I see that you’re back to trying to earn yourself a spanking again, Kate.”

Kate fixed me with a stare, challenging me with both her expression and her words. She surveyed the room, identifying a path to the stairs. From her position, she had a clear run, where I would have to go around the couch. Emboldened, she bit her lower lip, continuing to look me in the eyes. “There is no way you’d catch me before I reached the bedroom. That’s base, and if I get there first you lose.”

I could see Katie’s chest rising and falling quite rapidly, and I could see her pupils dilating as if they were a cat’s eyes. “And if I catch you, Kate?”

“I don’t think you’ll be able to wrestle me down and spank me anyway.”

“And if I do?”

“Then I probably deserve it,” she said while arching an eyebrow. In a flash, Kate leapt to her feet and bounded for the stairs. I was up almost simultaneously with Kate, and rather than trying to go around the couch, I instead hurdled it. She had just reached the bottom stair when I was on her. Kate gasped as I wrapped my arms around her and easily carried her back to the couch. She struggled and kicked, but could not break free. I sat and laid her across my lap, face down, holding her in place.

“Be still now, Kate. I’m going to administer ten smacks to your bottom. If you struggle, I will add more. Do you understand?”

“Uncle Bill…”

As Kate began to speak, I raised güvenilir bahis siteleri my hand and brought it down on her right ass cheek.

“Ow!,” Kate squealed.

“That’s one, Kate.”

She turned her head so she could look at me. Her face was flushed, and she was panting from the struggle.

“Please, Uncle Bill. You aren’t being fair,” Kate protested.

Raising my hand again, I watched her face as the second smack came down. “Two. If you insist on talking, I will add more.”

Kate quieted and watched my face as I spanked her lovely pajama clad bottom eight more times. When I had finished, I released her and Kate sat up on the couch next to me. At that point I felt a bit foolish for taking it as far as I had, and hoped that I hadn’t ruined things between Kate and Jess and I.

As if in reply, Kate smirked and started into my eyes. “That’s all you have, Uncle Bill? Ten little smacks to my bottom? I thought you were going to spank me,” she challenged.

“Consider yourself lucky that I didn’t do that on your bare ass, young lady. Consider yourself very lucky.”

“I don’t think you have the nerve, Uncle Bill. Go ahead. I dare you. Give me a bare bottom spanking. If you aren’t too chicken, that is.”

Kate was flushed, and she no longer had a playful look on her face. It had been replaced by a lustful glare that was unmistakable. I suppose I should have stopped at this point. We had both been drinking, and I allowed the alcohol and my libido to get the best of me, as had Kate. Instead of stopping, I grabbed Kate and positioned her on my lap again. I used one hand to pull the pajama bottoms down, exposing her incredible ass to me.

“Well? What are you waiting for Uncle Bill? I called your bluff. It’s time to put up or chicken out,” Kate said as she glared at me.

“Twenty, Kate. I’m going to give you twenty.”

“Ha.” That was all Kate had the chance to say before the first blow struck her bare ass. Her eyes opened wide, and I steadily administered four more blows. On the last, Katie had moved a hand to her ass in an attempt to soften the blow.

“Pull those hands around and underneath you so they don’t interfere. Now I have to start over.”

“Uncle Bill!”

I looked her square in the eyes. “Kate,” I said sternly. Kate moved her hands under her body and straightened her arms out. Her hands were now locked out of the way. I began again, taking my time and counting out loud with each blow. After a count of seven, Kate had closed her eyes and was biting her bottom lip again. She was whimpering with each smack to her ass. By fifteen, she was squirming and writhing, and it took me until number nineteen to realize that Kate was rubbing her pussy with one of her hands as I spanked her. Number twenty clearly sent her over the edge, and although she tried to pretend it was the pain, I knew better. I had made her cum, and I could smell her pussy as she lay across my lap.

Coming to my senses, I pulled up her pajama bottoms and let Kate free. There were beads of sweat on her forehead, and her hair was a mess. She girl punched me in the arm.

“I can’t believe you really did that to me,” she said. “I guess you’ve got a little life left in those old bones after all.” She smiled when she said it, and I knew we were alright. “I guess I kind of deserved it, what with the taunting you and all.”

“I reckon so, Kate. I reckon so.”

Kate got up to pee and I poured us both a glass of iced tea, thinking it wouldn’t be a bad idea to quit the wine for a while. When Kate returned, we watched a movie and had some popcorn. We didn’t talk much, but we had both calmed down considerably. When the movie ended, Kate retired upstairs to her bedroom. I went out to check on the generator, and when I returned I heard what sounded like crying coming from Kate’s room.

Crap, I thought. I fucked up. I went up the stairs to speak with her, but as I neared the door I realized I was mistaken. I could hear the rumble of what sounded like a vibrator, and the cries Kate were vocalizing were not cries of sadness. I quietly backed away from the door and down the stairs. I got undressed and dropped into bed, painfully aware that my cock was rock hard and in need of attention. Jesus Christ, I thought. What the hell did I start here?

Morning brought the smell of fresh coffee and bacon into my bedroom. Kate was busy. In addition to the cooking, I could hear the sound of the washing machine going. As I sat naked on my bed, I noticed that the clothes I tossed on the floor the night before were gone. Kate had been in the room as I lay there sprawled naked across the bed. Great.

I threw on some sweats and walked out into the kitchen. “Good morning, Kate. You’ve been very productive, I see.”

“I was up early, so I figured I would get some things done.”

“My clothes from yesterday?”

“In the wash, Uncle Bill. Yes, I saw you were naked, but I didn’t look. Honest. Besides, you saw quite a lot of my ass last night, didn’t you? What’s good for the goose and all that.”

I let out a sigh and poured myself a cup of coffee.

“No skiing today either. Another two feet of snow down, and more on the way. They said on the news that it could be like this for at least a week,” Kate reported.

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