Toys for Toots Ch. 03

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Chapter 3

The girls were trapped but they could just see Jeff and me gesturing towards the ladies’ room as obviously as we dared and they got the hint of our desperate plan.

“Ok, we’ll do whatever you want, but first let Amy go take a piss and let me get this monster of a plug out of my ass. I can’t even walk let alone fuck with this huge thing in me.” We heard Toots loudly say in what had to be a stage whisper meant for us. It didn’t give much time to get our plan underway, but it was better than no plan at all.

I ran into the ladies restroom to see if there was a window. There was one, relative small and high up, but it would be big enough. I ripped off my jacket and wrapped it around my hand and proceeded to knock out the entire window frame, glass and all. I had just barely finished when Toots and Amy came running in. They were still nude and without their clothes, but we at least already had their purses ready for their escape and into the waiting arms of Jeff who had already sped off like a bullet for the front door to get to his car. Their guards, having to choose between recovering the money and their fuckable captives lost a few invaluable moments choosing and split the difference, one haring after Jeff and the other coming in after the ladies.

There was no time to lose. The window cleared, I hoisted Toots up and half pushed, half threw her out the window in just seconds. She might landed upon some of the broken glass but it couldn’t be helped. I had Amy at least hoisted up for her go next when her pursuer came charged in. Possessing of more balls than brains, he stopped to taunt and threaten us first.

Big mistake. A mistake no kid growing up on the wilder parts of the streets of Philadelphia would ever make. The guy was big and had some proper muscle and four times out of five in a proper fight he’d have taken me, so I didn’t give him the chance. Without warning, I kicked him in the balls. Hard. I was the first team punter on my High School varsity football team and it didn’t hurt either that I had some small bits of broken glass from the window still on my shoe. He wasn’t going to be getting up soon and it was likely from the way his testicles splattered like squished grapes that he might not ever get that part of him up again either.

I didn’t take the chance though. As they say on the streets of Philly, “Always kick a man when he’s down.” I gave the thug a solid rabbit punch to the back of his head that probably put his lights out, but I stuck around to give his head a good half dozen face first slams into the porcelain tile floor. He had a hard nose — I think he cracked a couple of tiles with it before it shattered like a ripe tomato.

Amy, being in top Army physical shape, had made the climb out by herself without my help. I had quite overstayed my own welcome too and barely squeezed out the window myself — I have fairly broad shoulders.

In a perfect world, Jeff would have already been at his car with the engine running and our two ladies now safely inside. Instead we had a couple of slight problems. Jeff and Amy had arrived at the Zipper early and had an inside parking space that was now quite blocked in by other cars that were only now slowly leaving the lot. He could get to it, but we wouldn’t be going anywhere in it anytime soon. His other problem was the other Deputy who had at length chased Jeff down in the parking lot and they were going at each other old school. Jeff had the experience of Army training, but he wasn’t Infantry, Rangers or anything else with significant hand-to-hand combat experience. His opponent also had at least five inches and fifty pounds of muscle on him, still it seemed to be a close fight. I went in to help … but I certainly wasn’t going to fight fair.

In the best Philly brawler fashion, I took ample opportunity of my tactical surprise to give the side of the Deputies knee a vicious ligament tearing and cartilage breaking kick. He’d probably never be running after anyone ever again. We really didn’t have much time at all to make an escape but Jeff caught on fast to the ‘kick ’em when they’re down’ philosophy and we got more than a few nice blows in before we realized that we were attracting a good bit more attention than we would have liked. Getting to my car down the street fast was our only hope.

It was right where I had parked it and we had a clear path out for a fast getaway, and we would need it. Toots still had that monster of a butt plug in her ass and really couldn’t run. Even a fast waddle was about the best she could manage. Both girls also had minor cuts from broken glass that also slowed them down. In the end, Jeff and I each grabbed one arm of Toots and we more or less carried her to the car with Amy limping along at our side.

We peeled rubber getting out, and just barely escaped a new pair of Deputies that had just come outside to assist in our capture. I didn’t have a light on my rear license casino siteleri plate (I unscrewed it before we entered the Zipper — nothing beats good prior planning) so I was 99% sure that they hadn’t gotten our license plate number, or even a good look at my car (a dark sedan that looked just like every other car) but still I floored it to put in some distance. We were heading the wrong direction away from the Post but that was likely to be the first place they look for us anyway with a roadblock or ‘sobriety checkpoint’ just outside the gate.

Once I climbed over the first hill, I turned off the car’s headlights and reduced speed a little bit. After a couple of more miles I blew through the next four-way stop sign just before the next town and kept going until I got to the back side of the next hill and looked for a driveway or small turnoff road with some cover that I could pull into and hide. There were flashing police lights about a mile back behind us and they were gaining on us rapidly. Speed wasn’t going to help us much now.

I found a dirt lumber road that had lots of tree cover once we were a bit down it and we hunkered down. It was a dark night with little moon and a good bit of late spring cloud cover that promised rain immediately if not sooner. We didn’t have long to wait.

The Sheriff’s Deputy patrol car sped past us with its lights and sirens going… and they kept going! I guess we had really pissed them off. Too bad — they started it. We stayed put though, and waited for about another half hour until we saw the patrol car heading back, without flashing lights and the siren quiet this time. We gave him another few minutes to get out of the area, and then I started the car up and we continued on our way.

Jeff and Amy didn’t need to be at work until Monday, but Toots needed to be back to work by Sunday Noon. We were sure they’d be watching for us for at least a day or two and they’d have a very good description of the girls and probably also Jeff. Jeff was obviously Army from his close-cut hair. My hair was very much in the uncertainty range, far too long for Army (and really too long for the Air Force), plus I was fairly sure that the big guy whose balls I crushed might not have gotten a very good look at me before I took him down, unlike Jeff’s opponent. The girls could have been from anywhere — they certainly didn’t advertise that they were military personnel and just stripping on the side for the novelty of it.

In the end we decided to drive through the night and take a back-road circuitous trip to Mountain Home to drop Toots off safely. Amy could then borrow some clothes from her and she and Jeff would then take the next Army helicopter shuttle back up to the Camp. I could hang around with Toots here for a few days until our trail became nicely cold.

Speaking of cold, even with the heater on for the entire trip both of our naked companions in the back seat were quite cold. I didn’t have a blanket in the trunk (so much for clever planning) so they just huddled together to conserve heat. There was a good deal of giggling back there as the two ladies compared their tales of slutty victory and triumph and I think they spent a good part of the trip with their fingers busy in each others cunts. Toots was in definite discomfort the entire trip with that plug still stubbornly stuck up her ass. I think Amy tried to help her get it out but without a good deal of extra applied lubricant it wasn’t going to happen.

Toots declared her winnings to be ‘lawyer money’ but I don’t think the $500 of prize money plus another $250 or so in ‘tips’ made the evening particularly profitable or worth the hassle. Toots had really enjoyed the experience, apparently she was quite the devoted exhibitionist now, but she admitted that the entire evening had not lived up to her expectations.

Amy and Jeff were just happy to have escaped at all from this ratfuck and that young lady was quite cured of any tendencies towards exhibition that she might have previously held. Just as well, the thought of Toots and Amy running around together in the future would have given both Jeff and me premature gray hair and ulcers.

Fortunately it was still very dark when we arrived at Mountain Home, otherwise the gate guard would have gotten more than an eyeful as we drove past them. Toots and Amy did the naked fifty-yard dash across the parking lot to Toots’ apartment and mercifully weren’t noticed. Even Toots’ oldest and tightest clothes made Amy look a bit like a bag lady, even with a bit of grunge layering for effect. Still, it was enough to get them onto their shuttle helicopter and back home safely without any more drama.

Getting Toots’ mammoth butt plug out took a bit of doing but after a hot bath and a lot of lovingly applied baby oil I finally coaxed the monster out of its snug warm nest just before it was time for Toots to head to work. Needless to say her butt wasn’t at all in the mood for canlı casino any loving later that night but we found other welcoming orifices that needed their proper share of attention. Toots new toy became the centerpiece of her collection. She later had it gold plated with a short engraving of the date and place of her triumph at the base. She’ll still wear it for special occasions — and we have much less trouble getting it in and out again now. We have yet to ever find a larger one!


I stuck around Mountain Home for another couple of days, and drove back to the Camp Wednesday morning to find a couple of interesting developments. First of all, the Army Base Commander finally got off of his ass and declared the Zipper Lounge officially “Off Limits” to all military personnel, day or night. This suited me just fine and this was an order long overdue in my opinion. Secondly, with two of the Sheriff’s five primary henchmen now more or less out of commission semi-permanently, he had a bit less muscle to keep internal order than he was used to having. Seeing that two strangers had taken out two of his nastier pieces of muscle had emboldened a cabal of locals who hadn’t much liked the way things had been run lately.

There were a couple of suspicious fires over the next week, including one that burned down the Zipper Lounge. The slimy owner, the younger brother of the Sheriff, developed an acute case of lead poisoning that was ruled a hunting accident. One of the remaining Deputies had a vehicular accident where he had been alleged to have been drinking and his car went off the road late at night and crashed at the bottom of a steep cliff. Another Deputy took the hint and suddenly put in his letter of resignation and hauled ass out of town before a similar sort of accident befell him. The last remaining Deputy then figured out which way the wind was blowing and made obeisance as fast as he could to the new cabal that was soon to be running things. A few weeks later the Sheriff took early retirement and resigned on grounds of ill-health.

I wouldn’t say that the new gang running things in the County was any cleaner or more honest than the previous régime. In fact the conventional wisdom around town was things were soon just about the same as before, only that the money was now going into different pockets. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”, as The Who exclaimed in one of their songs, “Won’t get fooled again”.

It didn’t matter much to me. I was now officially “Short”, as in I had just a little time left in my military service. I had no intention of reenlisting, as I didn’t want to take any chance whatsoever that Toots and I would get split up on different sides of the world. We weren’t going to let that happen again with this relationship!

She still had about a year and half of service left. In order to get into the lengthy ATC program she had to sign a longer enlistment commitment of six years, instead of the usual four. Her job was insanely demanding and stressful, but she honestly enjoyed it and she had semi-firm plans to remain in the Air Force and do her twenty before going into the Civil Service and doing commercial ATC work at some large airport. President Reagan had other ideas for her.


I had just three weeks left to go before my discharge when the Air Traffic Controllers Union went on strike in August 1981. Being critical Federal employees, they were expressly forbidden by law from striking, but I guess they thought they could get away with it anyway, since their services were essential and potentially life threatening. Reagan immediately fired the whole lot of them and two days later Toots had military orders transferring her TDY (Temporary Duty) to San Francisco to help work ATC at San Francisco International Airport (SFO).

Those were the longest three weeks of my life. I didn’t have much stuff to pack up and I had pretty much shut down all of my part time work already. I had been doing some serious job-hunting in Boise but nothing solid had panned out yet. Just as well, now I had to make immediate plans to move to California to be with Toots.

There was no military base or housing for her anywhere near the airport, but having TDY orders gave her some flexibility. The Government set her up in one of the local airport hotels (I’d give it two stars at best) and gave her a per diem, plus missed meal allowance and a few other little perks, all in addition to her normal (appallingly low) military pay. It was the longest we had been apart since our reunion but I’d like to think that she was too busy and too tired to miss me as much. They had her on a twelve hour/seven day a week shift and the working conditions were brutal. She said later that it was a miracle that no major accidents had occurred due to an exhausted and badly overworked skeleton staff of ATC Operators trying to keep all of the military and civilian planes kaçak casino safely in the air and not crashing into each other.

She didn’t get her first day off for nearly two weeks after I joined her in her small hotel room. She slept the entire day through, gave me a mournful peck on the cheek and chewed some dinner before going right back to bed again until it was time for work the next day. That kept her going another month before her next day off, when she suffered another near total collapse.

Needless to say, our love life suffered a bit, but I can proudly say that she tried her best to leave all of her monumental stress and anger outside the door when she returned ‘home’. By the time sufficient newly hired ATC’s had come on board the following year and were ready to work a big chunk of the veterans had burned out or had major relationship breakups. Toots was tired beyond exhaustion but our relationship held firm.

Too bad we had such little progress on our other personal fronts. Her divorce was still in interminable limbo with her ex filing one delaying motion after another. We wondered how he could afford to keep fighting us until we found out that one of his closer cousins was handling the case pro bono. Unfortunately this was costing us a fortune! The high-end estimate of $10,000 was now long in the rear view mirror and we were just about to pass the $20,000 milestone. The casino money was long gone, as were both of our savings. We kept writing the lawyers’ checks out of most of our pay every month but our outstanding balance due just never seemed to shrink very much. Even if the divorce miraculously came through tomorrow we’d still be paying off the legal bills for another couple of years.

There seemed to be no end in sight until finally right before Toots’ enlistment was due to be up that we had a string of rather good luck.

Actually, it was by far the best week of our entire lives!


Monday we got a phone call from our lawyer in Virginia saying there had finally been a breakthrough with the divorce and that the shithead Dennis was finally now willing to settle and accept an immediate summary judgment. He had kept fighting and holding out, hoping that sooner or later we’d give up and just pay him off, but now the tables were turned.

Come to find out the randy lad was in more than a spot of trouble or two at the moment and was desperate now for a quick settlement.

Dennis’s longtime girlfriend had long since had their child and was now knocked by him once again. In addition there was now another girl from off-base claiming to be also pregnant with his child. And if that wasn’t enough there was yet a third girl, a seventeen year old High School student and dependant daughter of a full bird Colonel that was now fingering him also as the father of her baby-to-be. The Colonel had access to a lot more scary people with guns than the other brother-in-laws of the other girls had, and if Dennis wanted to have any hope of saving his military career he needed to settle fast. He faced the choice of marrying the Colonels daughter fast or do some serious hard time for statutory rape (she was legally underage, at sixteen, at the time of conception, as he was more than five years older than she was, under the statue at the time). Dennis was looking at pound-you-in-the-ass Military prison where the Colonel was sure to have lots of new friends waiting to greet him there unless he married her. Now.

In short, Dennis needed a fast divorce of his own, which gave us some leverage on him for a change. Toots just wanted the mess over and done with by this point and we couldn’t have cared less about the nitty gritty details, so we let the lawyers settle things among themselves and late that afternoon we received a settlement agreement that paid her a one-time Alimony payment of $5000 cash. The Colonel also apparently ponied up another five grand to settle the fraud part of the lawsuit. It was all we could realistically get (Dennis had already sold the Z to pay off the other child support claims) and we were more than content to be now done with the hassle that had hung over our heads for nearly two years. Toots signed the agreement and immediately faxed a copy back, mailing off the original via overnight mail.

Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. we received the phone call that the Judge in Virginia had accepted the settlement agreement for the fraud portion of the divorce and cleared the Nevada judge to divorce us immediately and without delay. Which he did, Wednesday afternoon about 2 p.m. We received via overnight mail a pair of certified check for the alimony and fraud settlement and she wrote off another check that paid off our final legal fee balance in full. We were left with just $23.74 cents in our bank account after the last divorce bill was paid… but at least it was now all over with!

Twenty minutes later, the same judge in the same courtroom sentenced the former Tanya Tatiana “Toots” Taylor to now become Mrs. Larry Phillips, chained now for life to the man that she had loved for nearly six years. I didn’t think things could get any better, but there were a few slight improvements left to occur.

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