Time and Distance

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It had been a few weeks since Kenneth had seen Brooke. Their constant separation had really caused Kenneth to go insane in some ways. Dirty thoughts seemed to consume his mind at times. His face was flushed and red as he pulled the car into the parking lot. He glanced around the parking lot hoping that no one would recognize his car while he was inside. As he opened the car door his heart began to race. He couldn’t believe that he was here. He couldn’t believe what he was about to do. He knew that Brooke would be angry with him, or at least a little at first. She didn’t really like to spend money on this sort of thing. But the fact remained that it was all that Kenneth could think of and he knew that if she would just give it a chance then she would come to enjoy it as well.

Earlier in the week Brooke had told him that when she was away and he was out of site, that it often made it hard for her to get turned on or even to think about sex. So Kenneth had decided that he would bring it all back to her mind by making it very hard for her to ignore. Plus he had some fantasies that he wanted to fulfill as well. And so it was that he pulled open the door to Seductions and walked quickly in. He would have done this sort of thing online normally but he didn’t have time to wait on the shipping and all of those sort of things. As he stepped inside the store he could smell a strange scent. The scent of too many different perfumes in one place. Then he remembered that there was a perfume store in the same building. He had been here once before and so he walked quickly to the wall where the make your own dildo kits were. He grabbed the first flesh colored one that he could find, stepped around the corner, grabbed the beginners strap on kit, and then grabbed a small anal plug. He had a number of fantasies that he wanted to fulfill with his absent wife and he needed some supplies.

As he got to the counter he paid with trepidation. Kenneth knew that he was probably spending too much money on this stuff, but he also knew that Brooke would really enjoy it and if she were honest with herself, when they had talked about it in the past it had really turned her on.

When Kenneth got out to the car and started home he realized that his cock had grown very hard as he fantasized about all of the things that he had planned for himself and his wife. He knew that it was a good thing that the kids were all out doing stuff tonight with other people because he was going to have to go home and masturbate so that he would not explode. He was so horny his balls actually ached a little, as they had for the past few years when he got really really horny.

Kenneth pulled into the driveway and saw that Stacey’s car was there.

“Shit, I am going to have to figure out what to tell her.” He thought to himself as he opened the door.

“Hey Stacey. How was your day today?”

“It was fine.” She barely looked up from her phone. Kenneth thought it was really kind of ironic how quickly she had taken to playing games on her phone all day. He had set her up a computer in the other room with a comfortable chair, but she seemed to prefer to sit on the couch and play with her phone. With all the kids farmed out do different activities it seemed rather quiet in the house.

“Hey, I had a late lunch and I have some extra work that I need to get done so I am just gonna head upstairs and get to work on it. Is there anything that you need? I figured we would both just kinda fend for ourselves tonight. Its not like there aren’t canlı bahis plenty of leftovers or whatever in the frig that we can grab to help us get through the night.” Kenneth paused, hoping that she would be ok with this suggestion.

“That will be fine with me. I had a late lunch too. Took a nap and only got up about an hour ago. Mudd and I just finished eating about 20 minutes ago so I probably wont be hungry for a few hours anyway.” She shrugged as she said this. “I am just going to watch some TV for a while. I am not feeling great so I will probably head off to bed here pretty early tonight anyway.”

“Ok. Well if you need me I will be upstairs working on stuff. Thanks for doing the laundry today. I appreciate it. I needed some of those clothes for tomorrow.” He said as he walked across the room and picked up the small pile of clothes that were his.

Kenneth then turned and walked out of the room. He was glad that the bag he had gotten from the store fit in his backpack and that nothing looked in any way suspicious as he walked up the stairs, avoiding the many things that were strewn all over the steps.

“I have really got to get these stairs cleaned off,” he thought to himself as he walked. As he got to the door, he let all of the stresses of the day and all of the worries of the household fall to the ground with the rest of his gear. Closing and locking the door he began to strip even as he walked down the hall. He wanted to get that dildo in the mail by tomorrow and he didn’t figure it would take him long to get hard enough to do the kit. Reading the directions, he collected the necessary things. Then came the easy part. How to get yourself hard so that you can create a clone of your cock for your wife. Hmmm. Then it struck him. Brooke had sent him a video of her playing with herself just before she left. That would about fit the bill. He pulled it up on his iPad and then hit the share to Apple TV button. Then it was there. The sound of running water, and the familiar look of Brookes fingers rubbing her clit. Instantly Kenneth got hard as a rock, and plunged his cock into the mold. He was glad the mold didn’t take very long to harden because the video was only a couple of minutes. That and he wanted to cum so badly that he could hardly stand it. Watching Brooke play with herself was almost enough to make him cum without touching himself.

Within an hour Kenneth had finished the dildo and packaged it up to send. He addressed it to his parents house and stuck it in the mail box. That part of his plan was accomplished and no one need know what had happened. He said nothing this time as he walked straight through the living room and walked back upstairs. This time he was going upstairs to take care of a little tension that had arisen as a result of his preparation of a gift for his wife.

A Week and a Half Later

When Brooke got in from Florida the night before she had been too exhausted to even open the box that was laying on her bed from Kenneth. She didn’t really give much thought to it at the time. All she could think about was how glad she was to be back home and not driving. Sometimes that drive seemed like it took forever, and those swamps that they had to drive through almost made her nauseous. It had been a trying week. Not so much because of Haley’s behavior, but because it had seemed so long, and with treatments being at night it was a little difficult to get on a set routine. Brooke was worried about what was going on at home too. So she had laid down and attempted to bahis siteleri push it all from her mind and drifted off to sleep.

Now she was faced with a package from her husband. She knew better than to just open something that had come from him with no warning in front of everyone and so she waited until Saturday night. She had been curios but time had just not really permitted her to break into it. As she opened it she was relieved that she had snuck away to get her PJ’s and stuff when she opened the box. Inside was a note. Underneath the note was a cock. A very realistic looking cock in fact. It had wrinkles and veins and well, it was a little familiar. The note said simply.

I love you beautiful. Here is an exact replica of my cock, that was hard from watching that video you sent me before you left. Thank you for that. Hopefully this will repay the debt just a little bit. Enjoy using it and think of me as you use it.

Your love


At first she didn’t really know how to feel. She was a little upset that he had spent money on something stupid like this. At the same time she thought about how turned on it had made her when he whispered about how he wanted to get her a copy of his cock so that she could remember him while he was away. As her mind drifted to that night she remembered how hard she had cum when he was thrusting his cock into her already sopping wet pussy, and he told her how he wanted her to play with her clit with “his cock” in her wet pussy to remind her of him.

That was enough. Brooke knew what she was going to have to do. She was going to have to go take a bath with this amazing looking cock, that had become a little more appealing over the past few minutes, and see what it felt like to have her husbands cock inside her, even when he wasn’t there. The thought of it actually caused her to feel a familiar warmth begin to spread from between her legs. As she moved to grab some clean clothes out of her bag, Brooke could feel that regardless of how she felt about this new “toy” her pussy had clearly already begun to get wet. She was silently grateful that she had waited till about bath time to see what was in the box. She would have hated to have to walk around all gooey like this all day.

Brooke wrapped her toys up in her clothes and walked downstairs. As she passed the kitchen she grabbed her glass of wine, that she had left sitting there while she went to get her clothes, and headed into the bathroom. She was aware that her face was a little flushed and so she walked quickly and didn’t say anything to anyone, because she didn’t want to give away her secret. That she was sneaking away like a naughty little girl to hide that she was going to play with herself in the bathtub.

The warm water cascaded into the bathtub and hid the sounds of her getting her clothes off and getting ready for the bath. She stopped to use the toilet. It was interesting how water always made you need to pee she thought. When she went to wipe she noticed that she had already become quite wet just with the thought of that new cock laying there wrapped up in her clothes.

She walked naked over to the pile of clothes that had the hidden dildo in it. As she did so she felt a little trickle of wetness run down her leg. She knew she was turned on, because she knew she had just wiped and gotten all that cleaned up.

“Wow, I guess it has been longer than I thought.” She thought to herself as she realized that she was getting very wet very quickly, just thinking about using bahis şirketleri her new toy.

As she stepped into the warm water she could feel warmth coming from both the water, and from her center. As she slipped underneath the water she could feel the cares of the day slipping away. But there was a tension that did not relieve as she slipped beneath the warm water. A tension that made her feel a little tight in her stomach. She reached beside the tub and grasped the new dildo in her hand. It did feel like Kenneth’s cock. The same size and shape. It didn’t quite look like it, but she knew how it felt in her hands. As she slipped it into the water she could almost feel a tingle run up her spine. She never thought that she would be this excited to have a dildo. Especially one that didn’t really do anything by itself. As the tip of the dildo touched the lips of her pussy she felt a tingle run through herself. Taking a deep breath she slowly slipped the head of the cock into her now throbbing vagina. As it slipped into her she remembered the feel of her husbands cock as it slipped into her the last time they had made love. Even though she had been in pain it had felt so good even then. The thought of his cock, and the feel of this cock, that was both an exact copy of his cock, and the thought that he had been hard for her when he had made the cock combined to build a tension in her that she had not known was there. As the cock slid past her g-spot she felt the familiar urge to cum and the wonderful warm sensation of pleasure that spread throughout her loins as she came. It made her smile to think that he could make her cum as he entered her, whether he was actually there or not. Taking her turtle vibrator from beside the tub she drained a little water from the tub. Turning on the water again to refill the tub, she masked the sound of her vibrator with the running water.

She pushed the head of the turtle vibrator to her clit and almost instantly she felt the familiar tingle beginning to build. With her husbands cock inside her and the turtle buzzing on her clit it was a matter of a moment before she was cumming again in the bathtub. She was glad that she had started to drain the water, and went ahead and let the remaining water drain, only refilling it after it had fully drained. Even when she was around Ken she didn’t like to have her own cum on her. As her pussy cried out to be filled she stroked herself in and out with his cock for a few seconds. Imagining him being in the bathroom with her. She flipped up onto her hands and knees in the water and fucked herself with the dildo for a few moments imagining him being there behind her thrusting gently, and yet with a certain sense of urgency. She thought of the feeling of his cock pulsing in her pussy as he started to get faster, how his cock would get bigger and then he would thrust that last time hard and deep within her. How she would feel her insides covered with his cum, as he came inside her. The thought of this caused Brooke to slide over the edge into bliss one last time for the night. Although she did not squirt this time Brooke felt fully satisfied with how her husbands cock fulfilled her. She would have to send him a few pictures to remember this little session by she thought as she cleaned off the dildo and her turtle vibrator. She smiled to herself. Feeling more relaxed than she had in a few days. More satisfied than in a few weeks. And yet as she wrapped up her husbands cock to carry it upstairs and bury it in her suit case, she could tell that a fire had been rekindled in her loins that would not be satisfied until she felt the head of his real cock slide between her legs and make her cum all over him.

To be continued… This is only the first part in a multi part story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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