The Virgin Cuck’s & Bull

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The Virgin Cuck’s & Bull
Nasima seemed to smile more often. Especially on Saturdays, having the fine company, of a lovely Ebony gentlemen, who Loved his friends wife’s Indian Cooking.

(The voices in my head) Telling me) How badly Nasima wanted To give Dwain A sweeter treat.

We were watching television, My Husband was trying to watch, Match-of-the-day on TV. Nasima noticed her Husband was trying to take a peek at us.

Dwain started joking around with Nasima, trying to flirt, He made me feel so naughty, whispering dirty things, into my ear, Dwain was trying his luck tonight, Sitting next to me on the Leather sofa, Dwain alway’s found way’s to make Nasima smile.

Nasima was wearing her Red silk bathrobe, my little legs was pushed up onto my leather sofa.

My Husband stood up, few minutes later, asking if we wanted refills, or something from the kitchen. Dwain quickly shifted away from Nasima, replying to my Husband.

“another glass of Brandy, would be nice, Thank you Sir”

Nasima was panicking a little, Trying to adjust the bathrobe underneath the blanket. Nasima meets her Husband inside the kitchen, Nasima was thinking, My Husband might have worked out what was going on, back in the living-room.

Nasima stood with my Husband speechless, feeling nervous. I knew my husband wanted to talk. waiting patiently. thinking what to say. My husband pours the Drinks into the Glasses.

My Husband told me he saw everything that was taking place in the Living room, My Husband smiled at me. My Husband then tells me, I should join Dwain back in the Living room. he said “I will bring the drinks in”

Husband was now insisting I return to Dwain, Telling me how, “He was fine with it all”.

I asked my Husband, “What the hell, are you talking about”. kaçak bahis I was feeling so Scared now. My Husband said, Nasima its so obvious. my husband laughed at me, “I know what you want, from Dwain baby, I want you to be happy”

Nasima slowly walked back into the Living room, to join Dwain!

My Husband walked in behind me, with the Drinks in his hand. Passing Dwain his drink, and he gave me a spank on my bottom. I knew my Husband can’t say No To his gorgeous Horny wife.

Dwain Sips, from his Brandy glass, placing the glass back onto the glass Coffee Table. Dwain, was looking towards my Husband, for some kind of reaction from him. My Husband gives him the thumbs up.

Dwain pulls Nasima down on to the Sofa. he gave me a massive cuddle. Nasima looked into Dwain eye’s with a shy look, looking back into my eye’s Dwain gave me a Kiss. and we cuddled each other. My Husband went to sit back in his arm chair.

Dwain was Cuddling Nasima, his big muscled arm was tucked inside my silk bathrobe. massaging Nasima 36EE succulent Bobbies. in-front of my Husband, with his approval, I must add.

My Husband noticed, Dwain Belt Buckle was already undone. The top button on his jeans had been removed by Nasima. My husband looking at his Wife, gave me, A big smile, with a cheeky wink.

Nasima legs were pushed up onto the Sofa, The bathrobe was Sliding down my shoulders. exposing my red push up Bra, Nasima wasn’t wearing any panties. giving my husband a cheeky grin, Rubbing my smooth and wet Indian pussy.

Dwain stands up, ready to Pull his Jeans down. ready to expose his manhood to Nasima.

Dwain came closer, towering over my body, he was Touching my Boobs and Squeezing my firm perky 36EE, Boobs. Dwain massaged my Indian Bobbies, I was breathing tipobet güvenilir mi so heavy. Nasima was getting very excited, ready to see Dwain Black Cock. for the first time.

I nervously looked back to my Husband, he gave me a very Naughty smile.

he said “you can have, whatever you want, Baby” with a big smirk.

I grabbed Dwain by his hips. I touched his Boxer shorts, I Stroked his hard cock for the first time. I was rubbing his hard cock over his Boxer Shorts. Dwain was trying to remove my Red Bra.

Dwain knew he was free to have his way with me tonight.

Nasima smiled back looking at my Husband, I slowly slide down Dwain boxer shorts. The Black cobra bounced out, Exposing His Chocolate 10″ cock. (“Oh, Yummy, Yummy”). Nasima wipes his cock and strokes his Black cobra shocked by the size of Dwain 10” Black cobra.

Nasima started Licking his bell-end, Stroking his Black Cobra, my tongue, was circling around his cock-end, his 10” Black cobra felt so amazing in my mouth. Nasima had never seen anything like this before, I looked to both Men, Thinking What the hell, was I doing?

Nasima never imagined doing this for real. Growing up, coming from a very conservative Indian family, Nasima was about to commit a massive Taboo.

“This was so Naughty, we can’t tell anyone about this, please promise me, boys.” Nasima smirked.

Nasima was so shocked, by the size off the Black cobra, stroking his cock. The Black cobra was finally in Nasima warm mouth, making slurping sounds, sucking on his big Black cock, I trying to suck his cock. nice and deep, my juicy lips was sliding & down, over his Black cobra.

Dwain pulled out, Rubbing his Black cobra all over my lips, he was really teasing Nasima when he was doing tipobet this. I massaged his big black balls, my warm mouth was watering, I needed his tasty Black cobra back in my mouth.

My Husband, was sitting in the same room, his eyes glued on His Naughty traditional Indian Wife, ready to watch his Nasima being a Dirty wife tonight. Nasima kissed Dwain big Black cock. watching my Husband.

Nasima mouth was watering, for some Black mans love juice. Nasima was still frightened by the size of his his Black cobra. Nasima wasn’t sure if her Tight little Indian pussy, could handle the Big Black, 10” cobra.

Nasima couldn’t let go, she was in love with the Black Cobra holding him in my hand, Stroking him, my mouth was watering again, all I wanted tonight, was to suck on Dwain Big Fat Chocolate cock.

I was so happy my husband was experiencing this special night with me.

Nasima was licking Dwain Black balls, licking up his cock-shaft, The Cobra Slides into my Warm Black Cock, craving mouth.

Nasima was loving the way Dwain was feeding her, his cock tonight, it was certainly Dwain turn to feed Nasima tonight.

Dwain pushed Nasima back onto the Sofa, spreading her legs open, he bends over to Kiss my Boobs. he sucked on my Dark brown Nipples, Nasima really was in heaven, I can feel Dwain Arm reaching lower down.

Nasima Indian pussy was soaking wet, ready for some B.B.C Loving.

Dwain Sat back down next to Nasima, fondling my Succulent Indian Boobs. Dwain started to Rub My Tight Indian Pussy. Nasima pussy was so wet and juicy. Oh-Lord Dwain was poking his fat fingers into my Pussy, Dwain fingered my dripping wet Indian Pussy, kissing me. making Nasima lick her own cum off Dwain Sticky Fingers.

Nasima enjoyed this so much, she sucked his fingers too, Dwain Nasima was ready for his Big Black Cobra. Nasima looked at her Husband Dwain was fingering my Pussy he was making me moan so much. I was so horny now I wanted his black cock in my tight Indian pussy.

“Let go to the bedroom, Lads”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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