The Love Machine

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“Okay, Elle. You’ve been through this before but let me remind you. This button is the speed control, while this one is the depth control. Please don’t change the depth until you get it started and make sure everything is working right. Okay?”

The woman I was speaking to was one of the most magnificent creatures on this earth. She had an absolutely gorgeous face that had graced magazine covers now for nearly ten years. Her body was to die for, although her boobs were a little smaller than I preferred. Still I wouldn’t kick her out of bed if she ate a whole box of crackers in the sheets. She had a ready smile that lit up a room like early morning sunshine. Her voice was as sweet as the notes of a harp and just as lyrical. She was, in my opinion, a perfect woman except for her boobs and even they weren’t that bad.

This was not the first time Elle had used one of my machines. Right now she was just one of four women in my 13,000 square foot shop, the last of the group she was with to get started on her own machine. She had brought the other three models with her because she had fallen in love with my machines in her previous three visits and told them how marvelous they were, challenging the newcomers to try them. Reka was a tall slender Latino with black hair down to her butt and heftier tits than Elle. Molly was a beautiful blonde with a great figure while Sofia had long reddish-blonde hair and green eyes that I got lost in when I looked at her. All four of them were gorgeous women.

Since the others had not tried the machines before, I had started them each with a long explanation of the hand-held controller, requesting that they leave their machines set at the default until I got back to them after starting everyone. Reka was a little squeamish about letting a strange man insert a dildo into her pussy while the others watched but Elle assured her that it was all right and she would be delighted with the results. And it hadn’t taken more than a dozen strokes before she was feeling good and experimenting with different leg positions. I quickly got Molly and Sofia on a machine and had set up Elle last. Elle knew how the machine worked and was anxious to get it started.

Often an inventor does not realize much if anything in the way of monetary returns for an invention. Frequently it does not sell until after his death and then it takes off and his estate or some speculator rakes in the money for his work. Sometimes he sells it to a speculator for a pittance and the speculator makes millions for what he paid a few hundred or a few thousand. Sometimes, sometimes the inventor gets lucky and gets monetary rewards and side benefits as well. That is what happened to me when I invented The Love Machine.

Women always seem to complain that a man does not last long enough in the love making process to completely sate their thirst for sexual satisfaction. There must be some men who manage to last as long as their partners want but certainly it seems that they are in the minority.

I’ve had mixed reactions from my women companions, of whom there had been maybe three dozen. None of them complained bitterly but most of them, if they would admit it, would have preferred multiple orgasms or at least more of them if I had helped them to multiples. Once a man has an orgasm, there is a recovery time to allow the effects of the adrenaline rush to casino siteleri dissipate before he can do it again and the interim period seems to be like throwing a bucket of ice water on his female companion.

So what if the woman had another option than settle for whatever she got rather than whatever she wanted, without having to go searching for multiple partners? Hey, that seemed like a good idea, and one that was quite within the realm of my abilities … intellectual, that is, rather than physical.

Suppose I could build a machine that could go as long as the woman wanted, as long as she could stand to have sex, and it was totally at her control? That seemed like a great idea. I began working on sketches, making drawings, tossing them aside and making new ones, until I came up with an design that I thought would be workable.

It took me four days to build the first machine but I knew before I ever used it that I didn’t like it. While it would do the trick, there were no provisions for the woman’s comfort. I checked the mechanism to be sure that the cam I had selected did not provide too long a stroke and that the mechanism that controlled the path of the rubber dildo on the working end was consistent with a stroking penis.

I put a little more thought into the design of the frame and came up with a set of movable arms supporting a velvet-wrapped loop, all counterweighted, to support her legs at any height and in any direction she wanted, as long as she did not exert more pull than the weight of the machine. The thought process gave me all kinds of ideas for future bells and whistles for her sexual pleasure but for the initial machine I would stick with what I now had. I pulled the mechanism out of the first frame and installed it into the second frame and performed a test without a subject and everything seemed to work well. Now I needed a volunteer.

I had met Maureen nearly nine months earlier at an outdoor concert in our area. We talked for quite a while and enjoyed each other’s company. She gave me her phone number and I called her … later that night. We dated several times and each time Maureen let me take her to bed, where I ate her pussy, fucked her, rested and then fucked her again. She was appreciative and responded with several orgasms each time but I had the distinct feeling she would have liked more.

Now I called Maureen and asked her if she could come over to the shop that evening, that I had something to show her. She agreed and met me that evening at 7 o’clock. I told her that I had developed a machine for the pleasure of women and asked if she would try it out. At first she was skeptical but she agreed after she saw it working without a partner. She was soon in love with it but wanted speed and depth variations. It wasn’t a big deal to add those and use a remote to control them and I had them added when she came over again three nights later.

Both nights, after she was sated and turned off the machine, she offered me the use of her orifices for my personal pleasure and I took full advantage of her offer. Those nights when we parted we were both very happy. The third night she tried the machine, Maureen asked if she could just spend the night, the first time that had happened. Having fucked her right after she finished with the machine, I was tickled when she suggested I do her doggy style canlı casino right after we got into bed.

When I awoke at 2:30 to take a leak, she was awake when I came back, holding her legs up so I could mount her and once again I got a great piece of pussy. We finally woke up at 7:10 in the morning spooned together with Maureen gently grinding her ass into my crotch. With a little maneuvering, I entered her scissors fashion and got another great piece of ass before she had to hurry to keep from being too late for work. She thanked me for a fabulous night. I didn’t tell her it was one of the best ever for me too.

Maureen continued to test my machine frequently but I also ‘hired’ a whole series of other women who responded to my ads for ‘assistance in testing a personal performance machine.’ To be hired, each of the women had to agree to allow me to fuck her after she had finished each machine session so that she could tell me what she thought of the machine and what she felt in a typical male-female relationship after she had been sated by the machine. It was a “bird’s nest on the ground” type of reward for me, a great treat of wonderful pussy in the name of testing my machine.

Maureen and I continued to date occasionally and just as often she came by to use the machine … I had told her that she would be welcome to use one any time she wanted to … after all that got me another piece of pussy. Several times she asked about spending the night after a session on the machine and they were always good. However we both knew that the other was seeing and screwing other people so we had a casual relationship that might or might not last so we enjoyed each other’s company when we got together but with no strings attached.

About two months after she tried my machine the first time, Maureen called and asked if she could bring a friend over to try The Love Machine and I agreed. It turned out that the friend was a 48 year old owner of a modeling agency named Natalie and she was quite voluptuous. She turned into a regular user of The Machine and just as frequently found herself lying on my bed under me with my cock buried in her twat. I was still telling the women that after they tried the Love Machine, they had to try me to do a comparison while both were fresh in their minds. That little ploy managed to get me a lot of pussy over the months and years.

Natalie also began sending me a steady stream of her models for machine testing, although they were told that it was for their own pleasure so I didn’t have to pay for their services as testers. One of the first ones she steered my way was Elle, and then it snowballed from there, when Elle told Natalie that she also loved the machine and thought that all of her girls could benefit from regular use of it to relax them and make their work more pleasant. It sure as hell made mine more enjoyable as I slipped my cock into each of the well-fucked and lubricated cunts after they turned off the machine. It was amazing how none of the women objected to my use of their wonderful delights once the machine had worked its magic.

As the months passed and different women posed questions or offered suggestions, I made modifications and additions to the original Love Machine. One wanted a clit tickler on the dildoe that fucked her and I added interchangeable dildoes, developing a collection with kaçak casino several dozen sizes and variations, including the clit tickler, an anal cock, and one that incorporated all three in one device. There were size variations all the way from six inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter (the smallest anyone ever requested) to an obscene fifteen inches long and 5.75 inches in diameter. The collection included just about everything in between and all kinds of finishes.

I eventually got a request for a vibrating dildoe for the machine and after a little work, figured out how to make that work. Those became fairly popular devices, as did one designed to rub the lady’s g-spot from both inside and out. I had some rather wild requests for dildoe sizes and became concerned about the lady’s safety should a long device make direct contact with her cervix before finishing the stroke. I figured out how to shut down the motor if a certain foot-pounds of pressure was exceeded, and set the shutoff so that she would not be seriously injured.

However many of the women chose dildoes that were long enough to reach well past their cervix and it took consideration in the design to ensure that the repetitive motion would push the dildoe into the sac behind her cervix rather than damage her reproductive system. While it took some work at the beginning and some patience on the part of those who did the testing for me, once I got it worked out, not one woman ever complained of being inadvertently rammed by a hard “cock” even if she chose one of the very long models.

I learned to just pay lip service to the comparisons between the machine and me, especially when a woman chose a very long cock and I have just a fairly typical seven-inch job. It really didn’t bother me … by then I had my piece of pussy and the satisfaction of knowing that my machine had pleased her even if I hadn’t. As long as it wasn’t rape, the pretext under which I got my share of pussy really didn’t matter … and I was getting my share of pussy (maybe somebody else’s too!)

As the years passed, The Love Machine became a “mature” project, more or less stabilizing in design as the women who used it could find fewer and fewer things to change on it. I did modify it so that the user had a lot more options on positions of her body. The machine became flexible enough to fuck a woman in a standing position, on her back, on her hands and knees, on her side, just about anything as long as the machine could reach her. Sales grew significantly with advertising in a wide variety of adult magazines and they were shipped all over the world.

In the second year of our relationship, Maureen moved in with me and shared my bed. Although that didn’t change my habit of testing the pussy of any woman who came by the shop to test one of The Love Machines, it ensured that I had a sweet willing pussy every night when I went to bed.

My one true regret related to these machines is that sometimes I have not been able to really take advantage of my opportunities. Like the day that Ellie brought Reka, Molly and Sofia by to try my machines, I could not fully fuck all four of them. Oh, I dipped my wick in all four of their wonderful twats and spent several minutes plowing their fertile fields, I was able to cum only twice … once in Molly’s hairless pussy and again in Ellie’s delightful domain. I am enough of a pervert to want to fuck every woman to a climax, optimistic enough to stick my cock into every willing pussy with high hopes, and human enough to only generate X loads of cum no matter how much I try.

Oh, well, I don’t regret the trying!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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