That Shower Only Made Me Wetter

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Wow. You really can turn me on in a matter of moments! Just telling you what I was going to do to you tonight… mmmmm. And to think! You there at work where anyone can walk by the computer screen and see! Hehehe… almost..erotic.

I couldn’t believe how horny I had become in just a few minutes. Just picturing you fucking me tonight; anyway I wanted, anything I said. And don’t think I wasn’t going to try for three times tonight too… hehehe… tonight was going to be fun.

I knew I had to shave my legs, cleaning up the pubic hair would be nice too, so I decided to bring a few toys with me as well.

I grabbed a blue “jelly” vibrating dildo, ribbed and waterproof, and a wireless remote vibrating egg from my room, testing the batteries, and walked back to the shower.

I stood there in the dense steam of the hot rainfall-styled shower and let the water cascade down for a while, feeling the warmth run down the curves of my body.

I picked up the body wash and poof sponge and lathered up a generous amount of soap, until the bubbles started spilling onto my arms. I started at my neck, washing myself, covering my body with the slick, fragrant lather, working my way downward as I caressed my own body, over shoulders, down my breasts, casino oyna rubbing over my nipples slightly harder. I stayed there a moment longer, thinking of you playing with them tonight making the sensation even stronger. Again I washed on, a trail of soap from my breasts went straight towards my pussy.

It started innocently enough, gently rubbing the sponge over my clit in a circular motion. The soap makes it glide much smoother. Sensations erupted as I stated to cum already, and I rubbed even faster and slightly harder, until the entire orgasm was over. I dropped the sponge and slide my middle finger into my soaking wet pussy. I could feel the soap inside me. I put too more fingers inside me and began pumping them. Oh my god, this feels so good. I started rubbing my clit with the heel of my hand. I could feel the water running down my face, my long wet hair clinging to my body as I fingered myself to climax. It came quickly, muscles contracting around my fingers.

I wish you had been then right then. I would have made you fuck my brains out. I would have had you fuck me up the ass, hard. Make me scream, fuck, make me bleed, just fucking me. Over and over and over. Cum in my ass as much as you possibly can, than fuck me again. I wanted canlı casino it hard and I wanted it then.

I stopped fingering myself and got the toys and turned them on. I put the dildo on the floor of the shower. The vibrations sound magnified on the floor, filling the shower with a loud buzz. I wanted the egg. Without a seconds pause, I pushed it into my pussy. I was so horny, it slid right in. I stood there, feeling it vibrate inside me, and my body started to tingle all over. I pulled it out, covered in my own wetness. I couldn’t resist. I pressed it straight into my ass. The vibration was so much more intense. I picked up the blue dildo, and slid that into my much awaiting pussy.

I slowly fucked myself. The ribs of the dildo slid along my clit, vibrations intense. I was going to cum, and soon. The egg in my ass felt huge, and I wished I could be fucking myself as hard as you do. I wished you were fucking my ass as I played with the dildo. That thought did it. I became so aroused, my body tightened around the toys and I sunk to my knees and shook with an orgasm so intense- I couldn’t stop now. I started a faster rhythm, desperate to cum again, I fucked myself harder, as hard as I could on my knees. I put myself in a doggy-style position. kaçak casino Being bent over made the egg feel even bigger, vibrating like crazy, and the dildo slid in and out, each time, going as deep as I could.

I didn’t want to wait any longer. I pulled the egg out and shoved the dildo as far into my ass as I could. I screamed out. I’ve never made myself cry out! The ribs of the dildo felt so good sliding in and out of my ass. I just kept fucking myself, there, on the floor of the shower, over and over. I couldn’t stop thinking of what it was going to be like tonight.

Then I relieved I was still in the shower, and still hadn’t shaved. I reluctantly removed the dildo and turned it off. But then I saw the egg, just laying there, vibrating on the floor. What’s two more minutes? And put the egg back in my ass. I started fucking myself with the dildo again, who cared if it wasn’t on, and I started rubbing my clit with my other hand. Within seconds I felt another orgasm tear thru my body. I didn’t stop. I kept fucking and rubbing harder until instead of the orgasm subsiding, another one hit me. Hard. I let go of the dildo and let it drop to the floor as I rubbed my clit softly, trying to finally calm myself down. Even there in the shower, I could feel my own wetness on my inner thighs before it was being washed away. My heart finally slowed, and I raised to finish showering. By now, the water had started to get colder. Good. I need it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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