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His semi hard cock strains against the fabric of his tight gym shorts. He strokes his cock through the thin fabric and whimpers as his sensitive rod grows to full length. Standing up, he removes all his clothes. He brings the sweaty crotch of his shorts to his nose and inhales the masculine juices that has soaked the fabric. His cock is rock hard now. Glancing at the large wall mirror, he runs his fingers down his rigid cock. Every muscled curve is perfect, well defined and shiny with sweat. His gel slicked hair sits perfectly upon his head as does the light stubble that dusts his intense jawline. He likes to watch himself in the mirror. See the pleasure he inflicts on his body, watch his lean muscle and chiselled face as he brings works his way to climax.

Returning to his spot on the couch he inhales sharply as his sweaty skin glides across the smooth black leather. He lays his head on the back rest and closes his eyes. He runs his hands over his rippling abs and sensitive nipples, finally bringing them down to his hard cock. He tugs on his cock with one hand, whilst tugging on his ball sack with the other. Waves of pleasure ripple down his shaft casino oyna and through his balls. With that, he brings his fingers to his nose. He loves the way his balls smell, only makes him hornier. After smelling the acrid scent on his fingers, a while longer he spits two thick wads of saliva onto his hands. Rubbing the spit over his cock and balls, his manhood is slick, wet and shiny. A devious smile crosses the young studs face. He’s ready.

Pumping his cock slowly, each stroke is slick, smooth and entrancing. He moans loudly as his hand slicks over his swollen shaft. As he pumps, he thinks about filthy things. The dirty things men have done with his body in the past and the filthy things he’s done to them. He replays his many shameful fantasies over and over in his head, whimpering and moaning as he gets closer and closer to climax.

He lifts his feet onto the couch and opens his legs even further apart, to expose his taint and asshole. The hair that dusts his trench are wet and matted to his skin from sweat. But, he ants his ass completely slick. He spits on his fingers again, and moves the wet lubricant up and down his crack, from his hole canlı casino to his taint. In his own world he is lost to pleasure, moaning, panting and whimpering as he continues to explore his body.

But the selfish lad wants more. Continuing to pump and stroke his fat, veiny rod, he starts to focus more on his tight pink hole. He massages the lips of his asshole tenderly, sending shudders through his body. After a while he slowly inserts one his slick fingers into his asshole. He rims his ass like a pro, his face contorting in pleasure. Eventually he inserts another finger, then another. It feels amazing, but he knows how there’s even more to be had. He pushes his fingers further in until he finds it. His prostate. Rubbing his filthy fingertips across his pulsing walnut his eyes widen and he roars with pleasure. The pleasure is intense and disorientating. His body won’t be able to take much more.

Knowing this, he grabs his shiny leather jacket from of the floor, wrapping the smooth leather around his throbbing cock. Leather is his biggest fetish. He’s in heaven. He continues to pump the leather around his cock, as he manically fingers his prostate. kaçak casino He can’t take anymore, he completely loses control.

His eyes roll back in his head. His mouth drops open as his face contorts with pleasure. Waves of intense pleasure, rip through his body as he trembles and quivers with pleasure. As this happens his cock is erupting and his prostate burns red with pleasure. Thick ropes of cum spew from his pulsing cock head. Jet after jet covers his leather jacket, couch, floor, abs and legs. He’s breathing, quick and laboured. It’s one of the most intense orgasms he’s ever given himself. He continues pumping and massaging his sensitive organs. He won’t stop until the orgasm ends. His moans and whimpers fill the hallway as he rides his orgasm to its bittersweet end. The it’s over. He collapses onto the couch, panting from exhaustion.

Eventually he opens his eyes and assesses the scene. Cum is everywhere. Sweat is slicked all over the couch and his body. Looking into the large mirror again he grins. He’s made quite the mess. He closes his eyes again, and relaxes, letting the cum and sweat dry crusty on his body. About 15 minutes pass and he opens his eyes. He looks down to see his cock hard again. No surprise there. 20-year-old boys are constantly horny. Flipping on some hot porn he spits on his hands again, he’s ready to do it all over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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