Nan’s First Time

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Lisa sat on one end of the love seat and I sat on the other with a little space between us. I pressed play on the remote and the movie started. I wondered who was going to make the first move. The sexual attraction had been obvious since dinner, which was agonizingly long, and was only mounting as we sat just inches away from each other.

I was acutely aware of her every movement. When she moved her hand closer to me my heart started pounding. She rested her hand on mine then lightly squeezed it. I couldn’t believe it was actually happening.

For the next half hour all she did was hold my hand, squeezing it now and again to remind me that she was there. As if I needed reminding!

She said something funny about the movie, I turned my head to respond and she leaned in and lightly kissed my lips. I gasped as her soft lips touched mine. It had been so long since I’d kissed another woman and I’d forgotten just how soft their lips could be.

Lisa pulled back slightly and looked into my eyes. “Should I do that again?” she asked in almost a whisper.

“Yes … please,” I stammered. She smiled then leaned in to kiss me again, and this time I kissed her back. I parted my lips and her tongue dove into my mouth as the kiss deepened. Her hands were cupping my face, holding it still.

“Oh god,” I whispered against her lips. “I’ve wanted to do that for a very long time.”

“Me too,” she replied then kissed me again.

I was weak with desire as the kisses got more and more intense. She pulled my body closer and cupped my ass cheek, squeezing and caressing it.

“Shall we move to the bedroom?” she asked suddenly. All I could do was nod, I’d lost the ability to speak coherently. Lisa took my hand and helped me stand up then quickly led me to the bedroom.

She stopped next to the bed and pulled me close. She kissed me again as she started to undress me dropping my clothes on the floor, then she quickly undressed.

I sat on the edge of the bed looking up at her full breasts and shapely hips. She was so beautiful with her long blonde hair and perfect ivory skin. My fantasies of what she would look like undressed paled in comparison to the reality.

I was still in disbelief that she’d said yes to my dinner and movie request. Her standing in front of me fully nude and touching my body was way more than I’d thought possible. What could a beautiful woman like her want with a older dowdy woman?

As I looked at her body I wanted to cover every inch of it with kisses. I reached out nervously and lightly caressed her hip then down to her thigh. She moaned softly then brushed my hand away. Her hands pressed against my shoulders, forcing me to lie down.

She looked down at me and smiled. “Don’t move, I’ll be right back.”

She disappeared from the room and I wondered what she was doing. I smiled at her telling me not to move. I wouldn’t have moved if there was a meteor heading towards me. I was completely at her disposal to do just about anything she wanted.

She returned a moment later with her large pocketbook. I watched as she pulled out several lengths of a soft silky fabric and set them on the bed next to me. I looked up at her expectantly.

“Do you trust me not to hurt you?” she asked as she picked up one. My mind raced. I’d known her for months as my real estate agent and trusted her completely with my personal information and finances. She caressed my cheek as she waited.

“Yes,” I finally managed to croak out. My throat had dried up as all the moisture in my body headed directly to my pussy.

“If you need to stop, say ‘stop now’. I will not stop if you say ‘no’ or anything else to get me to stop what I’m doing. Do you understand?”

“Yes Ma’am,” I replied quickly.

“Good girl,” she said. “Now move to the middle of the bed and spread your legs wide and put your hands up by the back of the bed.”

I moved into position and suddenly felt very exposed and vulnerable. I watched as she deftly tied my wrists to the headboard and my ankles to the footboard, testing them to be sure they weren’t too tight and that I couldn’t easily slip out.

I moaned loudly as she traced the next piece of silky material up my leg and across my stomach to my breasts. She quickly wrapped the fabric around my breasts, pushing them together and causing the large globes to bulge over the edge of the fabric. I swallowed hard as my juices started to gush. I’d tied my breasts casino siteleri up myself a few times but never had a partner who was willing to do it. How had she known that I enjoyed that?

“Hmmm … that will do,” Lisa said as she moved to kneel between my legs. She leaned forward and lightly licked my nipples, moving back and forth between them. Her hard nipples dragged across my stomach as she moved around. She used one hand to support herself as she continued to pay homage to my breasts and the other rested against my pussy. My pussy juices spilled out onto the blanket below and coated the palm of her hand as it pressed against me. She gently parted my lower lips and lightly began rubbing a finger against my clit. I moaned loudly.

I could feel her smiling around my nipple at my response. She slipped two fingers inside me just as she sucked hard on my nipple then lightly bit it. I gasped loudly and she bit my nipple again, harder. She began to finger fucked me as she continued her assault on my nipples, her thumb rubbing against my clit.

“Oh god Lisa! I’m … I’m going to cum!”

“Good girl,” she replied with a smile and started to finger fuck me faster and deeper. I groaned as she slipped a third finger inside me. I was in sensory overload as my body tensed. She redoubled her attention to my nipples, focusing more on the one that was more sensitive.

“Lisa! … Oh god … I’m going to cum!”

Lisa sucked and bit harder on my nipple as her fingers flew in and out of my pussy. I lifted my hips off the bed and grinded my pussy against her hand. I moaned louder as I got closer and closer. Suddenly my body exploded an incredibly intense orgasm. I’d never cum so hard before.

My pussy milked her fingers as she continued to fuck me, her mouth still working on my breasts. Slowly I started to come down from the orgasm and she eased back on her ministrations.

“Did that feel good?” she asked.

“Yes! I came so hard!” I exclaimed.

“I know,” she replied. I could still feel my pussy twitching and tightening around her fingers.

She curled up next to me and untied my breasts. They tingled as they were released and the blood rushed through them. “In a bit, you can show me what you know.”

“I … I really haven’t done much with other women,” I confessed. “Just some kissing and a little exploration.”

She kissed my lips softly then whispered, “Its okay darling, show me what you’ve done and we’ll go from there.”

I relaxed a little but I was still quite nervous. What if I didn’t make her cum? What if I did it all wrong?

Lisa moved so she could untie my ankles then removed the ties around my wrists. She laid back down next to me on her back then reached down and picked up my hand and placed it on her breast.

I rolled onto my side so I was facing her. I lightly massaged her breast as I leaned in to kiss her. She eagerly returned my kiss and moaned against my lips as I lightly tugged on her nipple.

“Show me how you suck on your own nipples,” she suggested as she guided my mouth towards her breast.

I slowly licked all around the nipple then sucked hard on it suddenly. Lisa gasped then moaned loudly. I continued to suck on the one nipple while my fingers twisted and pulled on her other nipple.

She moaned and whispered how good it felt. I switched nipples and she lifted her hips off the bed in response. “OH god Nan! Yes … ohhh … yes!”

Lisa grabbed my hand and pressed it against her mound. I didn’t have to part her lips to feel the juices oozing from her pussy, she was soaked. I slid my finger between the lips and found her clit. It was quite bigger than I expected and very erect.

I held her nipple between my lips, lightly flicking it with my tongue, as my finger rubbed her clit. She bucked her hips as I rubbed her clit faster and Lisa cried out when she came. When she was done I pulled away and looked down at her.

“That was a good start,” she said. “But you’re far from done. I want you to eat me and don’t stop until you’re told to.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I replied and slid down the bed, moving between her legs. I swallowed hard as I parted the lips with one hand. Her clit glistened with her juices and was still standing proud. I lightly licked the tip of her clit several times then ran my tongue around it. Lisa whimpered her approval.

I’d never really licked a clit before, just that one time at the sex party and not for canlı casino very long. I wasn’t sure what to do but decided to treat it like it was a nipple. I licked and sucked on it for several minutes.

“Slip two fingers in me,” she demanded. I glanced up and saw her playing with her nipples. It was one of my favorite things to watch a woman do. I had already been wet but watching her made me even wetter. I crossed my index and middle fingers then pressed them against the entrance to her pussy. She was so wet they slid in with ease.

“OH!” she moaned. “Fuck me … hard!”

She held my head firmly against her mound as I started to finger fuck her.

“Harder!” she demanded. I sucked hard on her clit as my fingers moved faster in and out of her. I could feel her tightening her pussy around my fingers, trying to milk them. I could hear her breathing change and her body start to shake.

“Oh god Nan! I’m going to cum on your face,” she yelled and started to cum. Her hips bucked wildly and she squirted her juices all over my hand and face. I continued to lick and finger fuck her as she came. It was only a moment or two before she was hit with another orgasm, though slightly less intense.

I tried to stop but she held my head in place so I kept licking and fucking her. She had at least two more orgasms before she fell back against the bed and allowed me to stop. My jaw and arm were not used to workouts like that and were quite sore when I moved back up the bed so I could lie next to her.

Lisa licked her juices from my face then kissed me deeply. “That was truly amazing,” she whispered. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close. “You’re a quick learner, I like that. And in a few minutes after my body recovers from all those orgasms I’m going to put my favorite toy on and fuck you senseless.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” I replied. My pussy twitched as I thought about what it would feel like to have her fuck me. She slid her hand between my legs and gently teased my clit as we laid there.

“I’ll be right back,” she said then gave me a quick kiss before sliding off the bed and rummaging around in her bag for the toy. “Here it is.”

I gasped when I saw it. It was at least 12″ long and thicker than a soda can. “That will never fit!” I said. I wasn’t sure I even wanted her to try to make it fit.

“Oh, it will fit and you’ll love it,” Lisa assured me. “But I can only fuck you with it if you can get more than half of it down your throat.”

I swallowed hard. There was no way I was going to be able to get more than the head into my mouth. It was too huge.

“Please … I don’t …”

“No one asked you what you wanted,” she said as she put the toy into the harness then strapped it on. “Now get on your knees and suck my cock.”

“Lisa … please …”

She glared at me then reached out and grasped my left nipple, twisting it then tugging hard on it. I cried out in pain. “On … your … knees,” she ordered.

I slid off the bed and onto my knees in front of her. I had other dominant partners before but no one had ever been this domineering and as much as I didn’t want to react, my juices were dripping down my thighs.

I closed my eyes as she pressed the tip of the cock against my lips then pushed past them until the tip was fully inside my mouth. My jaw was still sore from eating her out and the toy stretching my mouth wide open wasn’t helping that any.

She slowly fucked my mouth, forcing more and more of the toy down my throat. Lisa held my head still with one hand as she used to the other to hold the cock steady. “That’s a good girl … you’re almost there,” she encouraged. “I’m going to shove as much into your mouth as I can then you’re going to hold it there for 30 seconds.”

I looked up at her face and she was smiling as she pulled the toy almost completely out of my mouth then thrust her hips forward. The toy pushed down my throat as far as it could and she held it there, caressing my face as she counted the seconds aloud.

When she pulled it out I was gasping for air. She helped me stand up and kissed me. “Very good Nan. I knew you could do it,” she said. “Now bend over the edge of the bed with your ass high in the air and your legs parted.”

I moved into position and waited to feel her move behind me. She ran her fingers over my mound to check to see how wet I was. “Oh my! Someone seems to be very turned on. Are you ready?”

“Yes kaçak casino Ma’am,” I replied but it was a white lie. How could one be ready to be assaulted by a cock that size?

She rubbed the tip in my juices to coat it then positioned it at the entrance of my pussy. I bit my lip to keep from crying out as she slowly pushed just the tip inside me. It was bigger than any cock or toy cock I had ever been fucked with and it was stretching me wide open.

“You’re nice and tight,” Lisa commented as she slowly pushed more of the huge cock into my pussy. “How does it feel?”


Lisa laughed. “Does it hurt?”

“A little,” I answered. She massaged my ass cheeks as she shoved more of the cock into me.

“You have a nice deep pussy,” she commented. “I think you’ll be able to take it all.”

I groaned as she pulled almost all the way out then slammed her hips forward. I had never been this full before or this wet.

“It’s almost all the way in now. Just a little bit more,” Lisa said then pushed the cock further into my pussy. I gasped when I could feel her hips pressed against my ass and knew the toy was fully inside me. “Good girl! I knew you could take it all.”

Lisa started to fuck me slowly, keeping as much of the cock inside me as she could, as she gripped my hips. The tip of it kept bouncing into my uterus and I whimpered each time. “You’ll be sore tomorrow Nan but it will be a wonderful reminder, don’t you think?”

“Yes … owww … yes Ma’am,” I replied. I could feel my juices increasing with each thrust. I don’t think I had ever been this turned on before.

She leaned over my back, her nipples digging into the skin and her hair tickling me as it slid across my back. “Reach between your legs and rub your clit,” she whispered into my ear. “Don’t stop until I pull the cock out of you.”

Lisa straightened her body and went back to fucking me while I started to rub my clit. It was rock hard and standing at attention. My juices had made it nice and slick. My body started to shake as I deftly rubbed my clit, hitting all the places I knew would trigger my orgasm the fastest.

“That’s it Nan … cum for me … cum on my cock,” Lisa urged as she fucked me faster. She was only using the first six or so inches of the toy now so she could fuck me harder and faster. My body started to shake as my first orgasm hit me.

“Ohhhh fuck Lisa! Oh yes!” I yelled as I started to cum. She kept fucking me as wave after wave of orgasm flowed over me. I fell against the bed but she kept fucking me with the huge cock.

“Don’t stop playing with your clit,” she ordered. I groaned but started playing with my clit again, lightly rubbing the outskirts of it as it was quite sensitive to being touched directly.

Lisa fucked me slowly and deep then suddenly stopped with the toy buried deep inside me. I wished I could turn around to see her face and figure out what she was thinking. She opened the drawer on my bedside table and pulled out my favorite toy. She found the lube that I kept in there and quickly coated the toy with it.

I wondered what she was going to do with it but she didn’t keep me in suspense for long. She pulled the big cock out so only just the tip was still inside me then spread my ass cheeks with one hand.

“Oh god! No!” I cried out as I realized what she was about to do. I wasn’t an anal virgin by any means but I wasn’t sure I could handle a toy in my ass as the same time the huge cock was in my pussy.

“Hush Nan, or I will use this nice big cock in your ass,” she replied then pressed the tip of the well lubed toy against my ass hole. I gripped the comforter as the toy filled my ass. When it was completely encased in the tight tunnel she turned on the vibrations then slammed the cock into my pussy.

“Oh my god,” I gasped. The sensations was more incredible than anything I’d ever felt. She held the toy in my ass as she fucked my pussy. It wasn’t long before my body was shaking and I had the most intense orgasm ever. I came and came as she fucked me harder and faster.

When I woke up she was lying next to me and the toys were gone. “What happened?”

“You passed out somewhere around your third or fourth orgasm,” she replied then kissed me softly.

“That’s never happened before,” I said. There’d only been one other time I’d come close to passing out. “I’m sorry!”

“Nothing to be sorry for darling,” she said and pulled me close. “You were so turned on and cumming so hard, it was to be expected.”

I smiled and kissed her. “Thank you for tonight.”

“My pleasure,” she replied. We fell asleep in each other’s arms, completely sated and exhausted.

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