My Wild Fantasy Pt 2

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My Wild Fantasy Pt 2
For all the Non-Chuukese eyes reading this story, idk how to explain what mochenia means… To me, the way i would define it, mochenia would be horny. or “to want”…. and trust me, i be “mochenia” most of that damn time.

i’m horny when i wake up, horny when i’m about to sleep. horny at the worst times and places… it fucking sucks being wet all the damn time and having no dick to ride on. fan ekkoch, when i know i’m going to go somewhere on the car by myself, i wear a skato. because i know for a damn fact, that skatos give that easy access. lol. i like to drive around or do what i need to do while touching myself. rubbing my clit, or fingering my pussy. kikinamweeeeeeeeee. hahaha. anyways, when i get too turned on and i want to cum. i’ll park at a random park and move to the back seat. mo’ room, mo’ betta 😉
i sit on the middle seat in the back, lift my legs and put my feet on the drivers seat and passenger head rest. i get a rush rubbing my clit when people are walking past. my ass almost got caught a couple of times, but tbh it helped me cum even faster! on God, the adrenaline rush when you’re cumming out in public is fucking amazing.

i have a lot of wants. i want to sample a threesome. with someone to lick and suck on my pussy. to get me nice and wet, slurp up and down my pussy and suck on my clit while they’re fingering me… and the other person fucking me in my ass. wouneee, epwene ian me kinamwein. sad to say nobody has done that, but it’s 2019, anything can happen. hahah. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri when i’m by myself, i can’t help but rub my clit and think about more than one person fucking me.

hope you enjoy this fantasy of mine~


i’m waiting at home, i’m alone and waiting on you to get off work. we’ve been sexting all day and i’m so hot and bothered it’s not funny. uwa akatapwan omw kopwe sar. i’ve already started touching myself. sliding my index and middle finger up and down my pussy lips. rubbing circles around my clit, rubbing it back and forth. i taste myself, and think of all the times i tasted myself on your tongue, your lips… heheh, your cock. mmmm. i want that. i want you. kaito. uwa posituk. mocheniatuk. i want to cum. i smile when i hear your car pull into our driveway. i start to take my shirt off, now my bra and panties; leaving only my skato on. i know how you like it when you slide your hands up my skirt and feel how wet i am for you. i’m sitting on the couch when you open the door and laugh at how one hand is on the doorknob and the other one is unbuttoning your pants. i love it when you’re ready to fuck when you come home.

you lock the door, and tell me to stand up. i fucking love it when you get demanding during our foreplay. telling me to shut the fuck up when i start to choke tipobet on your dick. when you slap my ass during doggy and tell me that my moans and screams turn you on. mmmmmm mmm mmmm. i get up, slide my skato off and get on my knees. i know what you want and how you want it. i made sure to leave my hair down because you like to thread your fingers through my hair when you’re fucking my mouth.
i look up to see you holding that hard, fat cock in your hand. you stroke yourself and tell me that you’ve had just about enough of my teasing today. lol. i can’t help it if i’m wet all the time!
“open your fucking mouth” i open it & automatically gag when you shove your cock down my throat. after about 15 thrusts and me choking on your dick and swallowing your cum, you tell me to get on the couch and face my ass your way. “get up and face the wall babe, what i want you to do is get on your knees and arch your back.” i’m expecting you to fuck my pussy from the back, but when i felt your tongue under me and between my legs… i could only move my hips back and forth. “ride my face baby.. i came in your mouth, it’s your turn. cum in mine.” i can’t think. i can’t breathe… my heart’s beating so fucking fast and all i can focus on, is how fucking amazing your tongue and lips feel on my clit.
“baby!” i breathe, “stick your tongue out like that… mmm just like that baby.” i twist my hips from the side to side and my hands are holding your head in place while i’m going wild. back and forth, side to side perabet and your tongue right there… on my clit. “ouuuuuuuhhh yeah baby! yess yesss! upwene ngan!” my thighs start to shake and both of us know that i’m so close to cumming. you suck on my clit and i cum right there. into your mouth. i shake so hard, but you keep moving your lips back and forth on my pussy lips. slurping me up so good. i fall onto the cushion and you get up, lick your lips and flip me onto my back. “watch me slide it in babe.” and i look down at your fat cock sliding in. my clit is so sensitive, that when you reach down and rub your thumb across it, i cum again. “ooooh baby, look how nice that is. you’re creaming on my dick. ka kunok aa? nuwen fungat non text, nge iei ka wenenen ngan rei.” you smile and lift my legs.
this is your punishment and your reward for getting me off work early.” you pull out until it’s just the tip that’s inside my throbbing pussy, and when you kiss me on my mouth, you shove your dick balls deep into my dripping pussy. i taste myself on your mouth and can’t help but moan from how good it all feels. “choke me babe, fuck this pussy. make me remember you with every step i take tomorrow at work. wejjei wejjei.” i’m breathing hard again. you pound me down into the couch so many times that i start to squirt on your cock. we both love the feeling and moan out loud as we both cum at the same time. i’m always surprised with how many times you make me cum. “epwene fan fite ai nganangan remw. mmm kinamwein” i can’t move. i feel amazing. and judging by how you’re passed out even though you’re still inside me… you enjoyed it too. heheh.

i’m just looking forward to when you leave for work tomorrow, just so i sext you back to me. heheh.

kinisou ina chok.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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