My Wife Journey —4

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My Wife Journey —4

“Memsab, lunch” ravi announced as he entered with a tray.

In the heat of the moment we hadn’t closed our door. I quickly got up to find my short and stayed on bed to get myself dressed.

“Memsab, do you need anything else” ravi called out.

Swetha got out from the other side to greet him with just her t-shirt on. It was big enough to cover her assets but her long legs were enough to get anyone’s attention. Ravi was at least a foot shorter than swetha. He ogled at swetha’s legs as he arranged the dishes on the table.

“No ravi, this is good, how is your hand” swetha asked as she gently grabbed his right hand and examined his elbow.

“It’s fine now. It’s just a scratch” ravi replied flushed

“That’s good” swetha said letting his hand go and settling herself in a chair, crossing her legs.

“So when will yogendarji be back today” swetha asked as she gestured him to sit on the chair

Ravi obediently sat down but instead of the chair he squatted himself on the floor with a nice view of swetha’s crossed legs.

“Hukum, will be back evening” ravi replied eyeing her legs

Swetha felt his eyes on her as she adjusted herself.

“So, did you have enough yesterday or are you still being naughty” swetha asked uncrossing her legs and slowly crossing them back.

I didn’t know what swetha was talking about, but i just sat back to enjoy the show. I wasn’t sure if swetha had her panties on. If not, ravi would be getting a sneak peak at swetha’s pussy.

“No memsab” ravi replied embarrassed lowering his head.

Swetha eyed his crotch as she shifted more in her chair.

“Next time you want to do it. You should ask me first” Swetha said

Ravi remained silent but lifted his head to stop at Swetha’s crotch.

“Ok?” Swetha pressed

“Ji memsab” Ravi replied stuttered.

“Did you like what you saw yesterday, you were staring a lot” swetha asked uncrossing her legs giving him a perfect view.

Ravi’s shifted in his position, staying silent.

“I know you’re young but you need to control yourself” Swetha said moving her legs further apart for him.

Ravi stayed still. His eyes filled with lust.

Swetha continued flirting for sometime and finally let him go. Ravi adjusted his dhothi as he got up and left in hurry.

Once he left, swetha walked over to me “did you see his …..?” she asked excited

“See what? All i saw was you teasing the poor k**” i replied smiling, pulling her onto the bed.

“When he squatted his ..… was out of his dhoti……” she said excited

“It was like a big black snake…… I never seen one like that before” she continued.

“I just got so excited that i got carried away” she added a bit embarrassed now

I moved my hands to her pussy to check if she had her panties on. She didnt, making my cock twitch.

“So, It’s not just yogendarji who can make you wet” i said moving my fingers inside her wet pussy.

“Ahhh… anand…..”

“Ahhh…… “ swetha moaned as i continued to finger her.

“Ahhhh…… “ swetha spread her legs further to let me in.

“anand…. You don’t mind….. a servant right“ swetha asked

I removed my shorts and entered swetha. “No” i replied as i thrusted into her wet pussy.It was late in the evening when we got ready to visit rani aunty.

“Did you install it” Swetha asked as she saw me fiddling with her phone.

“Yes, it’s all ready” I replied handing her phone back.

Swetha wasn’t happy with the arrangement but she promised. I showed her how to switch it on and off. I obviously skipped the part about it always being on. The app was pretty cool with lot of features.The audio is always on and the video switches on when it detects light.I just hoped the battery doesn’t die fast.

“Let’s go” Swetha said as she wore the necklace from yogendarji.

Swetha was dressed in a yellow saree with a matching blouse and a red bindi. Her red bangles clanked as we moved. She was all dressed to play the role of a traditional Indian wife.

Rani aunty greeted us with a big smile and quickly apologised to swetha and me. It was a surprise and a bit scary to see her being so nice. I was sure she was up to something when aunt meera confirmed my suspicion. Rani aunty had talked to the lawyers and realized she can’t fight me in court for the property, she wanted a compromise.

Rani aunty continued being nice as we had our dinner. She went on about how bad it was to sell some of our ancestor property and how well she can take care of it all. I just kept nodding to avoid any confrontation.

As the visit came to an end, rani aunty and others insisted we stay the night. We did our best to leave but ended up staying.

“It was worth coming, just to see rani aunty being so nice” Swetha said kaçak bahis chuckling

“Enjoy it while you can, it’s all going to fade away when I sell our property” I said smiling

We continued talking about rani aunty and her turning over a new leaf when we heard a knock.

“Anand, someone from yogendarji place came” meera aunty called out.

Surprised I opened the door to find ravi.

“Ravi, what happened, why are you here this late” I asked as Swetha called him inside.

I closed the door behind.

“Memsab, hukum asked me to come get you”

“Now?” I asked surprised.

“Ok Ravi, go wait outside” swetha said as he obliged.

“Should I go?” Swetha asked me unsure

“Do you want to go” I asked her back

“Yes” swetha said shyly

“If it’s ok with you” she added

This was a bit unexpected. It was different when Swetha left with him but to send someone to get her this late and to top it off, swetha was ready to oblige. All this should have made me call this off but my perverse mind had different plans.

“Baby, I know it’s a bit sudden. but I will be back in an hour to take care of you” swetha said rubbing my cock.

“Once he’s done with me, you can have me all night” Swetha continued teasing me further.

Swetha got her hand out, as my cock leaked precum.

Swetha just smiled wiping her hand with her palu. “Thanks baby” she said kissing me and left with ravi.I quickly got my phone out and opened the app. It took a few mins to get started as it streamed the audio in.

“You working late tonight?” i heard swetha ask. I could hear an engine in the background probably an auto

“Ji memsab” ravi replied

After several minutes of silence

“Memsab can i see please” ravi asked in hushed tone

“Mmmm .. ravi you’re getting naughtier everyday.”

After a minute of silence

“Ok just looking, No touching like last time. I have to be presentable to yogendarji”

“Thanks memsab” ravi said

After few more minutes

“Ravi, i said no touching and please cover your dhothi properly. Are you trying to tempt me” swetha said laughing.

I heard the engine stop.

I messaged swetha to remind her to turn on the app. This was going to be my first glimpse of them, together.

“Ravi you can go” I heard yogendarji

“I been waiting all evening swethaji”

“Sorry, I am late.” Swetha replied as I heard doors close.

“Ahhh… yogendarji gentle, didn’t you have enough yesterday” swetha said wincing.

“I can never have enough of you” he replied as I heard a thud, like they fell on the bed.

I heard them kissing hungrily while my cock throbbed in response.

“I missed you today” yogendarji said

“mmm I missed you too….” swetha replied

“This one has hooks in the back” Swetha said giggling

“Let me….” Swetha broke off

“You have such beautiful tits” yogendarji said

“Mmm….thanks” i heard swetha reply shyly

“Yogendarji please bite gently …ahhh” swetha winced.

I continued to hear yogendarji sucking on Swetha’s tits as she moaned his name.

“Where are you guiding my hand” Swetha asked mischievously

“Where it belongs”

“mmm…so hard….yogendarji”

“It’s been like that all day. Massage it” yogendraji ordered It continued on for the next several minutes as yogendarji alternated between Swetha’s lips and her tits.

I wished Swetha had placed her phone to face them. She had made no attempt to do it and it was now up to my imagination. I was glad I at least had the audio turned on as I stroked my cock to her moans.

“Yogendarji no…..”

“You’re so wet down here.” yogendarji said

“Ahhh please yogendarji no……”

“I am not letting you get away tonight” yogendarji said sternly

“Yogendarji …. please…. let my hands go…ahhh…..”

I heard a lot of scuffling. Swetha, I think trying to free herself. It continued on for few minutes as the scuffling sound came to a stop and Swetha’s moans filled the room.

“aaaahhhh….. “

“Spread your legs” I heard yogendarji order swetha

My heart skipped a beat as my cock throbbed.


“ahhh…ahhh” Swetha continued moaning with short gasps

“ahhh …. faster…..” Swetha said in a trance

It went on for sometime until all i could hear was Swetha’s loud moans.

Swetha was coming close to her climax. I could almost see it, swetha’s hands gripping the bed, back arched, breathing fast, her hips jerking as the first wave of her juices gush out.

“Ahhhh….hhhh….hhh” swetha let out a deep moan

It was silent except for swetha’s slow breathing.

“I have never orgasmed so fast…” swetha said exhausted

“Yogendarji, you’re very good with your fingers.” Swetha added

I finally relaxed, resuming my breathing as I realised what just happened. I looked at my cock as it throbbed vigorously with precum oozing out.

I heard them move tipobet güvenilir mi again and then i heard the steady clanking sound of swetha’s bangles. The slow and steady sound was unmistakably familiar.

Swetha was giving yogendarji a hand job. Rubbing his cock at a rhythmic pace as she would do to me.

“You have such soft hands. ” yogendarji said complimenting swetha

“And you have hard cock” swetha replied teasing.

“I can’t even wrap my hands around it” swetha added

“Use both your hands” yogendarji ordered. Swetha obliged as i heard her bangles clank more.

“Mmmmm …. It’s so….. ” i heard swetha say as the bangles clanking stopped and I heard a sucking sound.

It was only for a minute, but I was sure. Swetha sucked the top of yogendarji’s cock just like she would do me.

I heard yogendarji moan with pleasure as Swetha continued with her hand, her bangles clanking faster now.

“……Oooo “

“Wow… . That was a more than usual. “ Swetha said slowing down her strokes.

“You really did miss me a lot” Swetha added as the bangles sound came to a stop.

There was silence again for sometime.

“Swethaji stay over tonight.” Yogendarji said

“I want to yogendarji, but Anand is waiting for me. He might come over if I don’t hurry back. Its risky” swetha lied.

“Hmm ok. I will send ravi to pick you up tomorrow morning. The city is few hours drive” yogendarji said

“Ok then. I will see you tomorrow” swetha said with a hint of mischief as I heard the doors open.

I closed the app to focus on my own aching cock. I masturbated myself to a climax.Once I drained myself to exhaustion, my mind was now clearer. It was obvious a lot was happening on these dates than I imagined. I didn’t mind it, in fact it was turn on. But, it was annoying that swetha was not letting me on it. Tonight’s visit was already planned and I wasn’t aware of it until ravi showed up at my doorstep. There were so many unanswered questions. When did Ravi get his hands on Swetha? When did she start giving yogendarji hand jobs? When was going to the city planned? It was getting a bit frustrating especially when I had given swetha my permission and she had no reason to hide. And the most annoying was not turning on the app. I was really looking forward to that. It was getting too much, I had to talk to her once she was back.

“Hi babe” Swetha said exhausted as she entered looking away from me.

“Sorry baby, can we do it tomorrow, I am really exhausted today.” swetha added

“I will make it upto you, i promise” swetha said with a smile.

“why didn’t you switch on the app” I asked, I am really bad at beating around the bush.

“Sorry baby I forgot” Swetha said casually which annoyed me

“Don’t lie, I sent you a text message to remind you” I said a bit too loudly

“Baby, why would I lie” Swetha said stopping at the door.

“Swetha, I know you got my message” I said not backing out

“Why are you trying to lie about it” I pressed on.

“Ok, sorry, I just couldn’t do it” Swetha replied meekly

“Then you should have just told me that. Why are lying and hiding things from me” I said frustrated recalling tonight’s event

“I am not hiding things from you” swetha replied her voice picking up

Swetha stayed silent for a minute as she tried to calm herself but she has the same temper as me.

“you’re the one who lied to me” swetha said taking me by surprise.

“What are you talking about, why the hell would I lie to you” I said raising my voice.

“Don’t play dumb Anand, you think I don’t know about your stupid app” Swetha said raising her voice for the first time

“You think I am some kind of stupid village girl, that doesn’t even know how an app works”

“And your saying I am lying to you?” swetha said scowling.

I was caught off guard, I didn’t expect that. I should have known, Swetha was more into phones than me. Swetha was right, I did lie to her. Now the only sensible thing to do was to apologise to her and put an end to this.

“Well, if you hadn’t hidden things from me. I wouldn’t need to do it “ my ego blurted out before I could stop myself

“Me hiding?…. You think…..” swetha said in anger, stuttering

“You don’t understand….” swetha continued


“Are you accusing me….” Swetha said with tears and anger in her eyes.

“Swetha…..” I said as she cut me off

“I am going to sleep in meera aunt’s room tonight” Swetha said

“Unless you think I am lying about that too” Swetha added, her anger rising up as she left, shutting the door behind.

I slumped over the bed. This was bad. I didn’t think it would explode to this level. This wasn’t the first time we fought as we both had bad temper. But it was different this time. Our fights tipobet usually follow along with few days of silence until somebody caves in. This time it was going to be me, I know I went a bit overboard. I will have to set this right first thing tomorrow morning. Swetha is not going to make it easy but I have to try. I slept thinking of way to undo it all.The next day morning I got up and headed to meera aunt’s room. It was empty. I found meera aunty in the hall

“Hello, where is swetha?. I can’t find her” I asked meera aunty

“Good morning to you too, what did you do” she said with mock anger

“Nothing” I said

“Swetha came to my room upset yesterday. What did you fight about this time” she asked

I stayed silent, unsure what to tell her

“anyway, go apologize to Swetha and make up. She was still upset today morning and headed back”

“Thanks aunt. I will” I said

Swetha was more upset than I imagined. I felt bad about it and quickly got ready to head back. I arrived at Yogendarji’s place to find our room empty, I started looking around the house when I found a servant.

“Hey, did you see Swetha” I asked him

“Ji, Swethaji just left with hukum” he replied

“Are you sure?” I asked him surprised

“Ji saab” he replied

I was getting really mad now. How can she leave with yogendarji after what happened yesterday. I know she is mad at me but this is too much. I got my phone out and called her.No reply. I texted her. No reply. I turned on the app to figure out what she was upto. Nothing. Swetha uninstalled the app.

It was now evening and not a single call or message from swetha. I finally caved in.

“I’m sorry. Can we please talk” I texted swetha.

It was late in the evening when i finally got a message from swetha

“I am staying over tonight, I will be back tomorrow”

Even with everything going on, my cock twitched as I imagined Swetha and yogendarji spending the night together. I tried hard to stop my imagination from going wild and quickly texted her back.

“Swetha, Please, let’s talk. I am really sorry.”

“You don’t even understand why I am mad” came back an instant reply.

“Babe, what’s going on” I texted back unsure now

It was almost 5 minutes when I finally got a reply

“I will call you later”

And just like that the day ended or so i thought.I tried to sleep but to no avail. My fantasies were running wild. I was stroking my cock as I imagined them together. It was so odd that I was thinking more about them together than the fight between me and Swetha. I wasn’t even sure if it was good or bad as I dozed off.

It was around midnight when I got a call as I answered it sleepily.

“Hello, are you awake” I heard swetha’s voice

I quickly sat up “yes babe” I replied

There was silence

“I’m sorry” Swetha said, her voice low

“I’m sorry too” I replied back

“Anand …. I know you think I been hiding stuff from you. But you need to understand why. I just want you to listen to me before you judge me” swetha said, her voice still low

“Ok” I replied

After a minute of silence Swetha continued

It’s been only around 2 weeks since we moved into yogendarji place. Things started moving fast from the first day. I didn’t want to give you all the details because I didn’t want you to think I am slut. I know you like it. But it’s been hard on my conscience. It’s not easy for a woman to shed all the beliefs that’s been beaten into her since young and suddenly start going out with other men. I been a faithful wife for all these years and in just 2 weeks it all changed. I’m not saying I didn’t like it. I’m going to be honest. I liked it. But at the end of the day I was ashamed to face you. I guess I just wanted to be pure in your eyes. I know you’re fine with it all. You might be all excited in your fantasy land but I am the one who’s actually doing it and the reality is just not that simple.

There was silence for a minute as I heard Swetha’s slow breathing.

I never intended to hide things from you. I was eventually going to tell you everything. I just wanted to do it at a slower pace. Now I realize that it was a big mistake. Things turned out ugly between us because of that. I am ready to tell you everything you want to know. No more secrets I promise.

There was silence again. I was unsure what to say.

“I love you” i said, the only that came to my mind

“I love you too” swetha responded with a relief

“I am sorry, i freaked out when i started realizing you weren’t telling me the whole story.” i said

“I understand now. But i think we have to be honest to each other for this to work” i added

“I promise. no more secrets” swetha said with a serious tone.


“When did ravi get his hands on you and when did you get your hands on yogendarjis cock” i asked unable to stop my curiosity

Swetha laughed for the first time “Anand, you’re so shameless”

“Which one do you want to know first?” Swetha asked teasing me.


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