My Sister’s New Power

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I apologize for any inconsistencies between this story and the first; I tried to root them all out but I never intended this to be a series so some of the story elements weren’t thought through for the long term.

Other than that, all characters are 18 or over, and please be aware that this whole story/series, as stated in the first, is not meant to be realistic it’s meant to be hot! If it’s not to you then that’s fine, but I ask you leave the comments about realism for another story of mine.

With that out of the way, enjoy friends!


Emily’s eyes batted open slowly.

The first thing she noticed was the stench of female cum, and it instantly made her pussy drip. Then the memories of last night flooded back all at once, and Emily groaned remembering the nasty things her and her sister had done with all these girls. Chrissy was lying in a wet, naked heap, surrounded by Emily’s lusting fucksluts. But despite all this, her mind couldn’t help but drift to how this all came to be. Was it science? Magic?

She’d narrowed it down to that jellybean she had found. It had to be it… but what actually was it? It couldn’t have been an actual jellybean. Jellybeans don’t give you the power to turn any girl you wish into a sexed-up, lesbian, cum-guzzling nymphomaniac. At least, not the store brand ones.

In reality the truth was simple, from a subjective viewpoint. But to Emily, it could just as well have been magic, as the truth may not have been mystical, but it certainly was more than a little surreal…

Chapter 1

2740 – Outskirts of Vancouver, Canada

Tim Algate thought hard. His best friend Beth had just casually mentioned to him her desire to have the ability to make any girl she wanted feel an unquenchable thirst for women and, being a teen genius, he thought surely it wouldn’t be hard to manipulate a telepathy field to be able to project a thought through a nanobot dispersal system designed to permanently alter brain chemistry and genetic makeup.

After some brief mental calculations, Tim assured his friend that it could be done, but before he could rush away to start his work, Beth asked a favour. Rather reluctantly, she revealed that she had a big fetish for cum; she loved girls who squirted and she loved drinking it. She asked, if it was possible, that he also include something in his design that could also make girls pump out cum, and enjoy drinking it.

But adding an extra challenge only fueled Tim’s creativity! He worked tirelessly for two weeks before, on the third revision of his formula, he successfully witnessed every effect hoped for encased in a little green gel capsule. Excited beyond all belief, Tim ran to catch a wormhole across town! But in his haste, Tim made a grave mistake. Beth lived at 08/02/14 Verance Way. However, Tim blindly typed 08/02/14 and stepped in. Unfortunately, time travel is much a rougher ride than simple spacial displacement, and once he entered the wormhole, the pill was ripped from his grasp as he was sent tumbling through time to his exact location on Saturday the 8th of February 2014.

The pill was so small that the wormhole, designed for human travel, had a hard time keeping track of it as both Tim and the pill tumbled through time. It landed slightly displaced, about 2 blocks away, dropped near a young girl’s laptop on her desk. Tim searched and searched, but soon enough, his two hour default time travel limit was up and he was whisked back to the future, just as Emily entered her room wondering why she hadn’t noticed one of her jelly beans had escaped its bag, and was sitting next to her computer…


Emily ate it without question. After all, it was a lovely looking green jelly bean, and who didn’t love jelly beans? It did taste a little funny, and its consistency was quite off, and Emily worried for a second that she may have just got food poisoning. But she was 18 and a big girl now, and when nothing happened she simply ignored the whole event. It wasn’t long after that that Emily would begin to learn what really happened to her that day.

That same Saturday night Emily retired early, excusing herself from the company of her parents and her older sister, citing excuses like plans with her friends tomorrow and wanting to go for a run in the morning. Emily felt torn leaving them that night; her sister Mikayla looked so cute in her big, baggy night shirt, but she felt that instead of fantasizing about her sister all night she might as well be productive make herself cum hard before bed. Still, Mikayla was only around every so often now that she was in college, but casino oyna Emily consoled herself, saying that she’d spend lots of time with her tomorrow night.

Entering her basement room, Emily prepared herself for a big orgasm. She brought out her favourite vibrator, pulled up a folder of her favourite pornos, and put them on a playlist. These lesbian orgies had been servicing her lust for years, but she had never actually watched all of them in a row before now; she always came before the end. She decided to do the marathon tonight, and if she didn’t have the best orgasm of her life she was going to be quite disappointed. She had about 3 hours of porn to go through, and as time went by, Emily got wetter and wetter, her pussy leaking all over the desk chair as she moaned quietly. At the 2 hour, 35 minute mark, a girl came on screen that looked very similar to Mikayla. Emily loved this part, and she knew that 10 minutes later that girl came, and no matter how hard she tried to resist, her face made Emily cum every time. Soon enough, Emily was growling, trying to be as quiet as possible as the seconds ticked closer to that face she couldn’t resist. When it came, Emily orgasmed instantly, her body tightening and her pussy pouring cum. Her mind exploded with lust for her sister, imagining in that moment that it was her bringing her to that epic climax. But Emily was surprised; she had squirted before, but never like this, and she watched in awe as she sprayed her chair and her floor with hot cum! Satisfied, Emily closed her laptop and went right to bed. She was going to sleep well tonight, and she’d clean up her floor tomorrow.

But just after she got into bed, Emily heard a knock at her door. It was so quiet, she wondered if she’d ever even heard it. Then, her sister’s head popped in.

“Mmm Emily, it smells like cum in here…” Mikayla said with a smile. Emily was a little confused.

“Micky, what are you doing? Why aren’t you in bed?”

“You want me Em. I heard it, I felt it. Oh, god you made me so horny when you did… whatever you just did!”

Emily was shocked. She was dreaming. She knew it.

“Let me taste that wet pussy, Em…”

Mikayla pulled Emily’s blanket off her, and Emily just watched dumbly as her older sister got between her legs, her nightshirt falling down her arched back to reveal her naked ass pointed up into the air behind her. Mikayla put her mouth on Emily’s pussy and started eating her sister out. It wasn’t frantic or hurried, but it wasn’t paced either. Mikayla was on a mission in her sister’s pussy, licking her folds and sucking her clit. Emily came in under a minute, unbelievably turned on by her sister’s sapphic lust. Her sister moaned and groaned as she drank down every drop of cum pouring out of Emily’s pussy, like she was getting off on her sister’s cum! Emily lay in her bed, immensely satisfied, until she realised this was her chance! She may finally get to eat her sister’s pussy. Ever since she had first had sex with her best friend Lindsay a year ago, Emily had been dying to eat her sister’s cunt. She had had a crush on her before then, but once she experienced lesbian sex, she realised that that was her goal!

“Mikayla, can I eat you out?” Emily asked timidly, hoping beyond hope for a yes.

“Mmmya please, Emily, eat me so good!”

A more positive reaction she could not have imagined, Emily dove between her sister’s legs, licking and sucking at a mad pace. She brought her sister to three huge orgasms that night, each time drinking as much of her sisters creamy loads as possible. Again, Emily was pleasantly surprised by the amount of cum her sister produced. She certainly didn’t mind, but it seemed a little odd that everyone seemed to be squirting so much all of a sudden…


The next day, as Emily entered her school, she hurried excitedly over to Lindsay’s locker.

“I fucked my sister! I fucked my sister!”

“I’m sorry!?”

“I did it, Linds, I fucked my sister, just last night!”

A guy walking past gave a very confused look in their direction.

“Ok, ok I heard you, shh! You actually did it? How??”

“Honestly, I… I don’t know! I came really hard last night thinking about her and then she just came into my room like 5 minutes later and started eating me out! The weirdest thing is, we were both squirting a lot last night. I squirted that one time, you remember, but never again and not nearly that hard!”

“Sounds kinda like a superpower,” Lindsay joked. “Cum while thinking of a girl and she instantly turns dyke for you!”

“Oh my god, that’d be so hot!” Emily moaned. canlı casino Her eyes were slightly glazed over; just that prospect was making her horny.

“Into the closet. Now!” Emily commanded.

“You don’t have to tell me twice!” Lindsay smiled.

The janitor’s closet was always empty, and Emily and Lindsay used it semi-regularly to fuck if they got too horny at school. Fond memories of Lindsay’s 18th birthday… The girls looked around quickly before entering, and once the door closed they were immediately all over each other. Emily pushed her tongue into Lindsay’s mouth as Lindsay did the same. She smiled as her hands ran all over Lindsay’s tight, curvy build, squeezing her tits before her hand found its way under her skirt to her crotch.

“If this little power of yours works I should be squirting all over this floor real soon!” Lindsay smiled.

“Then let’s find out,” Emily grinned.

Emily lowered her head under Lindsay’s skirt and started gently sucking and licking her pussy. She loved eating out her friend like this; if Lindsay couldn’t see what she was doing it felt so much better when she did something nasty. Emily picked up the pace and started munching on Lindsay’s pussy faster. The last day had made her really horny, and fucking her best friend in the janitor’s closet wasn’t exactly helping calm her libido.

Emily could taste cum in her friends pussy now and that was just too much. She grabbed Lindsay’s ass in both hands and pushed her pussy onto her face, thrusting her tongue partially inside Lindsay’s hole, then she stuck her middle finger up her ass, feeding it in and out. Lindsay was close to cumming and had to stifle her moans. That finger up her ass was amazing, and Emily was a champ at eating cunt!

Not long after, Lindsay announced her orgasm. Even though she didn’t think it would happen, Emily was really hoping Lindsay would squirt for her. Not only was she so thirsty for girl juice all of a sudden, but it would go big step in proving that Emily might have some kind of sex power!

As if on cue, Lindsay’s body stiffened as that thought was finished, and just as she was on the verge of letting loose, Emily thrust her finger all the way up Lindsay’s ass, and Lindsay poured cum onto Emily’s unsuspecting face. She recovered quickly though, and started drinking down that sweet juice, astounded by how delicious she found it!

Once the girls recovered, Lindsay moved over to where Emily was lying. She held Emily’s face in her hands and started licking the cum off her while Emily lay dazed from the overwhelming new sensation of her best friend squirting for her. Lindsay quickly pulled back, looking surprised at her behaviour, but was quick to return to her task once she realized how much she was enjoying the taste of her own juice.

It wasn’t long before Emily recovered and, realizing how turned on she was that Lindsay was licking her own cum off her face, grabbed Lindsay’s head.

“My turn.” Emily smiled, a look of pure evil on her face.

She lifted her own skirt and wasted no time in shoving her panty-less pussy onto Lindsay’s mouth, pushing her head hard down onto her crotch. Lindsay responded by placing her hands on Emily’s thighs and pushing them apart. She licked and sucked frantically, reveling in the taste of Emily’s wet pussy before she had a thought.

“You know, we pretty much proved you have some kind of power. But you said that Mikayla fucked you after you came thinking about her. Why don’t you try that when I make you cum?”

“Hm, good idea! But who should I get to fuck us?”

“I don’t know it’s up to you really.”

“Oh, the Robin twins! Haley and Sophie are so fucking gorgeous, I wanna turn those straight little Bible thumpers so bad!”

“I hope this works, you’ve got me way too horny right now!”

Lindsay attacked Emily’s pussy, thoroughly enjoying her newfound craving for hot girl cum. After a few minutes of frantic sucking and licking, with a lot of moaning, Emily came hard, squirting in Lindsay’s mouth.

“YES fuck I love your cum!” Lindsay yelled, forgetting where they were. Fortunately, everyone else was in class, and Lindsay continued a lighter assault on Emily’s pussy while Emily leaned back, moaning.

But just moments later the door to the closet opened, and both girls froze in shock. Hayley and Sophie hurried into the closet giggling, then they closed the door quickly behind them and immediately began making out.

“Sorry girls, you don’t mind if my sister and I fuck here do you?” One of the twins smiled at them.

Without waiting for an answer kaçak casino they went back to their frantic groping and kissing. Emily and Lindsay had completely forgotten about what they were just doing; their eyes were glued to the impossible and surreal scene happening right in front of them. The twins were both wearing their regular, ridiculously sexy schoolgirl outfits, complete with plaid skirt and low cut shirt. Emily had always been sure that those girls were hiding a seriously depraved side. Of course, now she could see pretty clearly that it was done hiding!

Emily turned back to Lindsay to find her friend beaming at her. This proved it: Emily had the power to turn any girl she came thinking about into a squirting lesbian nympho! The only thing is, it seemed to Emily that if she tried to turn more than one girl at once they’d be more attracted to each other than to other girls. It was a thought that crossed her mind and she made a mental note to try and prove that theory later. Right now, she hoped she hadn’t just wasted the twins finding that out, so she decided to test.

When she turned back to the twins her pussy spasmed. She was watching one of the twins, on her knees, with her face buried in her sister’s big round ass, one of the features on the twins that Emily loved most. The other sister was smiling and moaning, enjoying the tongue-fuck her sister was performing. Now was as good a time as any to try.

“Haley,” Emily guessed, “you wouldn’t mind if I ate you out while you fuck your sister, would you?”

“Mmm go ahead Em!” Hayley responded. Emily was a little shocked that Hayley called her Em. Even though she just turned her into a raging lesbo, she was still ecstatic to find out that she could turn her worst enemies into her best fuck toys!

Lindsay was just masturbating, watching as Emily slowly sauntered over to the twins. Sophie was pressed against the door, with her sister eating her out on her knees from behind. Emily got on her back and slid her face under Hayley’s dripping wet cunt (it’s a pretty big closet).

Emily was in heaven. This was only the third cunt she had ever eaten and it was delicious! She honestly could not wrap her head around the fact that she could now have raunchy squirting sex with any girl she wanted.

After Lindsay came over and started eating out Emily, it wasn’t long until Sophie started cumming.

“Fuck, I’m gonna squirt!” Sophie squealed.

She came in Haley’s waiting mouth, and her sister swallowed her copious load with a loud gulp and a big grin. Less than a minute later, Haley was cumming, squirting all over Emily’s face. As much as Emily loved drinking cum, she was more than happy to bathe in it this time, letting it wash her face and tits. Of course, this quickly set up Emily for her next orgasm.

“Haley, Sophie, get behind Lindsay! About 2 meters!”

As Lindsay brought Emily to another orgasm, Emily focused all her sick perverted thoughts on Lindsay. With her power she was hoping she could make Lindsay cum on cue. She was oh so happy she was right.

As soon as Emily was cumming in her mouth, Lindsay screamed as a huge, unexpected orgasm tore through her. She began squirting hard into the air, directly on the perfectly placed bodies of Haley and Sophie. The naked twins laughed and moaned as their entire bodies were soaked in Lindsay’s cum, and they took turns catching a small mouthful of cum and spitting it on each other.

After Lindsay had expended herself, the four girls sat in a rough circle, touching themselves and feeling the wetness on their cum-soaked bodies.

“So, girls. Looks like you’re lesbians now!” Emily smiled.

“I honestly don’t know why we hid it so long.” Sophie stated as she reached over to fondle her sister’s wet cunt. “I’ve wanted to cum on Haley’s hot little face forever!” Sophie smiled.

“Sophie, we should totally fuck someone at church on Sunday! I know for a fact there are at least two girls in Sunday school that are total dykes!”

“Oh my god you are so fucking hot when you talk like that!” Sophie growled.

Emily and Lindsay smiled as they got dressed and left the twins kissing and groping each other. They both walked out of the closet and closed the door behind them. Emily just moaned as they walked away. The possibilities were overwhelming and endless. So much cunt and so little time.

Emily started forming a plan in her mind, a show for Haley and Sophie. Lindsay already knew how she turned girls, but the twins didn’t. Emily could be like a goddess to them! Show them her power. It would be so hot. She could tie the girl up, make her watch while they fucked. They couldn’t get in any kind of trouble, as soon as Emily came she was theirs. But who demonstrate on…

“Come on Lindsay, let’s stop by Taylor’s house. I have a plan for the twins…”

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