My New World; The Seduction

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So the lesbian feelings, the desire for other women, the bisexuality or whatever. Is it still there? Yes it is, but as they say, it comes and goes. Sometimes I will go weeks without thinking about it and at others it is in my mind constantly. Occasionally as I masturbate Emma, Jane or Amanda will be in my mind or a vision of being in bed with Kylie Minogue, Sharon Stone or kdLang will suddenly come from nowhere.

I have been naughty about it as well. But then is it naughty? I’m alone so much of my time, my husband largely ignores my needs and I have the desires so what was wrong with me going to a lesbian pub in Soho? What was wrong with going into the club at the back? I’ll tell you what was wrong they were all, well most, fucking ugly, very butch, hard core lesbians who scared the bloody life out of me. None of the sort of nice, feminine, lipstick lesbians that I had imagined. No, leather and denim everywhere, tattoos and piercings and short hair. Bloody horrible and clearly not my scene.

What’s wrong with lesbian chat rooms? Again I’ll tell you. Most are men masquerading as women and the “are you horny?” or “what are you wearing” questions are posed within 5 mins as opposed to the 10 in the straighter rooms!

Was it wrong for me to become a predator? Maybe, maybe not. Whatever, I certainly got it wrong the first time, for the youngish barmaid at the hotel turned me down flat when eventually, after considerable soul searching and two large vodkas, asked if she’d like a drink in my room when she finished. It was so ‘unme.’ I am not that forward and I needed the two large vodkas to pluck up the courage to try it on with the thin, but hugely sexy young Irish barmaid who I had thought had been coming onto me. She hadn’t she was just being friendly I guess.

I didn’t get it wrong the second time I tried some nine months later. No that time I got it right but then it was less blatant.

Richard and I had been talking for some time about buying a house in Tuscany, so I decided to take a four day break at a lovely hotel just outside Florence. I’d been before there with Richard some years before and it really was a delightful place. Stuck half way up a wooded mountainside it was so peaceful and rustic yet reasonably luxurious. The perfect place to relax, get some sun and good food but be by oneself. That can be difficult at many holiday hotels for I didn’t want to be hit on by single, or married come to that, guys and I didn’t like to stand out in the dining room as “the woman by herself.” No I expected to have dinner in my room most nights and to spend the days by the pool or driving around viewing houses.

As it happened almost as soon as I arrived I met another woman for we arrived at the airport on the same plane and shared the courtesy car sent by the hotel to collect us; I was having a rental car delivered to the hotel later that day. She was in her late twenties, fairly plain looking and quite tall and slim with a boyish figure showed off by her tight jeans and loose shirt. She had shortish, blonde hair worn in one of those stylish bobs similar to Denise Van Outen and wonderfully, dark green eyes that almost all the time looked sad and pensive. Her rather prominent nose and thin lips stopped her being classically ‘good looking’ but the slimness of her body and her great arse more than compensated for that. We chatted easily in the car with her telling me that she was staying for a week or so visiting vineyards and restaurants to gather material for a book that her publishing house was going to write on Tuscany. I thought at first that she was a writer but she wasn’t she was a researcher.

We both sat round the pool in the late afternoon just relaxing after the trip and getting some sun that had been sorely missing in England before we left. Karla was easy to talk to and we got on really well and I found myself telling her about my life and she told me how she had a boyfriend but that their relationship was at present a little rocky.

“Well Karla that’s not at all unusual, especially when you’ve been with someone as long as I have with Richard” I advised. We talked about her research work and my writing and just chatted away as the afternoon drifted into early evening.

It seemed natural to dine together in the hotel that evening and when we met in the bar I have to admit that those “feelings” I sometimes get but usually contain well started welling up in me. Although not the most beautiful of faces she had a sort of haunting attractiveness and a very subtle sexiness. Not at all blatant but the way that she flicked the hair that fell over her forehead and her almost total disregard for the way that her short skirt ran up her long, very shapely, but slender legs began to get me. As of course did the fact that we were both alone in a hotel.

We had a great meal, a nice bottle of Borolo and finished off with two Grappas each.

I slept very well and drifted off to sleep with her face in my mind and my breast in my hand.

I didn’t see her until after lunch the next day when she appeared around the pool in a stunning white bikini. Although it wasn’t casino oyna that revealing it showed her slim figure off nicely and of course emphasised the length of her wonderful legs that were undoubtedly her best feature, although that’s a matter of opinion and many would give her bum that accolade.. She told me that she was visiting a local restaurant that evening that was renowned for its regional cooking and that as it was on expenses why didn’t I join her?

I readily agreed and went off to get dressed for the visit to the as she put it “rather dressy ristorante.”

Again we had a superb meal sitting on a lovely table looking out through open doors onto a large lake with the mountains in the back ground. We exchanged more about her failing and my boring relationship both of us admitting that we didn’t really know what we were going to do.

Finishing the meal we caught a cab back to the hotel and fancying a night cap we went to the bar forgetting that in Italy hotel bars tend to close fairly early.

“Oh shit,” she said when we found that it was closed, “I could have murdered a few armagnacs or brandies.”

It seemed as though fate was intervening for just that morning I’d been shopping and had bought a bottle of cognac so that after the meals I’d imagined I’d have alone in my room I would have a little snifter, or two or three. I told her that and suggested that we have a drink in my room. This time that suggestion wasn’t curtly declined.

It really was the oddest and most erotic feeling to be showing a woman that I was aroused by into my bedroom. Probably the sort of feeling that men have when they are hunting their prey for that, I realised, was indeed, what I was hoping to do.

There was a little seating area in one corner of the room. However, as it was still pleasantly warm I agreed with her suggestion to go outside onto the small balcony. We took the bottle and glasses and sat close together side by side on a wicker settee that had cushions on it. It was the only seating on the balcony so once more it appeared that something was coming to my assistance as I sat beside her, our hips touching and our outer legs now and then scraping against the other.

We had two fairly quick drinks as we chatted with me telling her about my children and my work and her telling me about her social life that largely revolved around publishers’ parties and a very active scene in Notting Hill Gate where she shared a flat with an aspiring actress. Karla had put her feet on the wicker table in front of us so that her long legs were out straight and that had caused her dress to climb well up her tanned thighs and she looked so desirable that I almost lost control of myself. But nothing happened. As much as I wanted to do something I just couldn’t pluck up the courage to start anything, for the fear of rejection and the resultant embarrassment was so high; I sort of felt sorry for men having to make such advances. I felt silly really but somewhat relieved yet also frustrated as I said goodnight to her and watched her leave my room. Of course I quickly relieved the frustration.

I saw her at breakfast the next day but then she had some meetings and I went off house viewing so we agreed to meet around four for a late afternoon swim and some sun.

During my exploring I couldn’t stop my mind often returning to Karla and the unusual and unexpected level of desire I felt for her. I knew that it was totally out of character for I had only once in my life really “fancied” another woman sufficiently for the idea of trying to seduce to become paramount in my mind and I couldn’t really put my finger on what had prompted that. Maybe both of us being alone? Possibly a sort of understated, subtle hint of availability from her or could it be that my bisexual tendencies actually were becoming a lesbian desire?

She was already at the pool when I arrived. I was wearing a black bikini with some white markings and she was wearing a nicely brief yellow bikini. Despite my resolve to put any ideas of doing anything with her out of my mind, immediately I saw her those strong feelings returned and I found myself instantly thinking of being with her sexually. She looked very serious as I sat beside her and right away told me that she’d just spoken to her boy friend and that he had told her it was over. She began to cry and I instinctively put my arm around her feeling something like a charge of electricity as my hand touched the skin of her shoulders. I cuddled her to me in an almost maternal way feeling a little guilty at my thoughts about her as she sobbed in my arms. We talked a little but not much as she explained the phone call and as I tried to comfort and reassure her. As I did that I found the warmth and closeness of her very arousing and I found myself quite unashamedly taking advantage of the situation by stroking her lovely blonde hair.

“Anyway, Karla,” I said. “Men just aren’t worth it, they’re all bastards.” This made her smile a little and she replied.

“Yes, I’m beginning to see that.”

We lapsed into silence and slowly and rather reluctantly I removed my canlı casino arms from around her, but we still sat on the same lounger our legs touching.

I took a chance. “I know what you need Karla,” I said brightly and added as she looked at me those big dreamy eyes sending a shiver through me. “A bloody great Armagnac, come on.” I took her hand and we marched off towards my room after firstly slipping our thin, voile wraps around us.

In the room I felt very nervous both from the excitement of her presence and of course from the prospect that I might find the pluck to try to seduce her. I poured us fairly large Armagnac’s and said.

“Here’s to us jilted women Karla.”

“You aren’t jilted, you have Richard.”

“I am he prefers his work to me and believe me that is being jilted.”

We touched glasses still standing there as we sipped the strong liquid. Karla sat on the edge of my bed and I sat beside her as she once more ran over the background to the break-up. As she did she again became a little tearful and I took that opportunity to put my arm around her shoulders again. She was sobbing. Our legs were pressed together, the touch through the thin material being very stimulating. My arm was around her shoulders, her head was on my chest and I started to once more stroke her hair. We stayed like that as she sobbed.

I murmured. “You’ll feel better soon Karla.”

She whimpered a little and said, “You’re so understanding and kind Cat.”

I pulled her a little closer and said. “Don’t worry Karla, women like us can do without men, I do.” She didn’t respond but equally she didn’t move away from me. I held her tighter and ran my fingers through her hair letting it slide down her slim neck. “In any case,” I went on quietly, “you are beautiful and will soon find someone else.”

She replied softly. “Do you really think so Cat?”

I told her that I did and what a wonderful figure she had and how lovely I thought her hair was as I continued stroking it. My heart was now pounding and my entire mind and body was inflamed with a desire for her. I found a boldness I didn’t think that I had. I let my fingertips trail across her forehead and down onto her cheek as I said very softly.

“Ever since I saw you at the airport Karla I have thought how beautiful you are, what a marvellous figure you have and how wonderful you look.” I let that sink in for a moment before adding, “I find you quite irresistible.”

I couldn’t think that she could fail to realise that this was a come on and I hoped for a positive response but none came. I pulled her slightly closer and then whispered.

“Yes Karla totally and utterly irresistible,” as I took her chin in my hand and turned her face up towards me. Those marvellous eyes looked deep into mine as I stared back at her. Plucking all the courage I could possibly muster I whispered.

“May I kiss you Karla?”

At first I thought I’d blown it. At first there was no response. Nothing, no reaction. Either, she was being very astute and keeping the ball well in my court or, she was considering the possible enormity of what I was suggesting. We continued looking into each others eyes and thankfully she showed no signs of moving away or of pushing me off. I slowly moved my face towards hers and still she didn’t move away. My heart leaped as I considered that this was a sign of agreement so I moved my face slowly towards hers. I gently placed my lips in a little kiss on her cheek loving the feel of her soft skin on my lips.

She smelt and felt so lovely and my heart leaped when I realised that I might be near to making love to this exquisitely alluring creature. But I wasn’t complacent. I knew that I hadn’t yet fully persuaded her and that there was probably considerable conflict within her as I gently stroked her face and placed little kisses on her cheek. I let my fingertips run across her face softly touching her forehead, her hairline, eyebrows and her eyelids. I didn’t rush things. That wouldn’t have been appropriate. No Karla had to reach her own conclusion as to what would happen, albeit with my coaxing.

“You smell wonderful Karla,” I whispered as I planted a soft kiss on her forehead. She made a low sigh, almost a moan as she felt my lips on her cheek.

“Oh Cat,” she whimpered as I lifted her face so that I could look into her green eyes, repeating it as she looked into mine.

This time as I moved my face towards hers my lips were directed towards hers and she was clearly aware of that. Turning my head a little when our lips were just a couple of inches apart I slightly opened mine and was thrilled to see that she did as well. It was a perfect kiss. So soft and gentle, loving and enquiring, tentative yet responsive. We sat like that for some time kissing. It was me leading the way of course but Karla certainly played her part. It was not the rough, demanding tongue down throat sort of kiss that men seem to prefer. No, I kissed her lightly, on her lips, her cheeks, her eyes and her chin. I sucked gently on her upper lip and ran the tip of my tongue round her mouth. With each new sensation kaçak casino Karla made little whimpering noises that were both so endearing and exciting. Slowly she became accustomed and, I hoped, receptive to what we were doing.

“Oh Cat,” she repeated; she seemed unable to say much else. She went to say something else but my fingertip on her lips stopped her.

“Don’t say anything Karla, don’t,” I murmured, knowing that she was going to start raising questions. “Just feel, don’t speak just enjoy it.” I kissed her again this time fully on her lips and her response was much more obvious and enthusiastic. Her lips were now moving under mine and were open so that my tongue could slip just inside her mouth and touch the tip of her tongue. As I did this so I pulled her closer and I felt no resistance whatsoever as my fuller breasts squashed absolutely, deliciously against her smaller, firmer chest. Holding and comforting her I let her get used to this more overtly sexual movement and I was thrilled that she showed no signs of withdrawing from what was such an obvious increase in the depth of intimacy between us. In my mind I thanked both Jane and Emma for the ‘good education’ they had given me!

But I still wasn’t sure that this would be anything more than a girly embrace and snog; the sort of situation I had read that a surprisingly large number of women get involved in with friends and acquaintances. I hadn’t the experience to sum her up and to work out yet the level of acceptance she really had to my, what was clearly at the least, bisexual and, at the stronger level lesbian, advance.

But I had to know, I had to try, I needed to test myself and her. I wanted to find out whether I could indeed “pull” a girl and take her on a journey of sexual awakening.

As she sat snuggled up in my arms our mouths exchanging kisses I looked down and through her thin sundress I saw her small breast in the bikini. I knew that I would have to caress her. I knew that I would have to take that chance and seize the opportunity to push the boundaries out a little further. I was aware and scared that I would have to put myself in the position where she might reject me. It took some time as we continued kissing, but slowly I plucked up the courage and then equally slowly I moved my hand towards it. Several times I almost lost my nerve, but the way that she was returning my kisses and the apparently comfortable way that she was lying in my arms gave me the fortitude to carry on. I placed my hand on the small orb very softly, hardly touching it but enough so that I knew her body would tell her what I was doing. I wasn’t too overt with it, no caressing or squeezing and no touching of her flesh, just the material of her bikini top.

What I guess I was doing was making a gesture that she could either accept, hopefully, or could reject and not too much face would be lost. I suppose really I was putting the ball in her court. She could move her body so that her breast came away and then it could be put down as an accident or just a little over eagerness on my part. Or she could stay there in which case she was showing me the green light.

It seemed an eternity that I waited with my palm and fingers just resting on that lovely little lump. My heart was beating with the combination of excitement, worry and anticipation. I was finding it hard to take a breath and my pulses were pounding as I sat there my lips on her neck my hand waiting for her reaction. And then I felt one. Hardly perceptible at first but gradually becoming so, my hand felt a slight increase in pressure. Initially I thought that it must be me, but it became apparent that her body was reacting in the way that mine does when my breasts are touched. She was pushing that sensitive part of her body back against the object that was providing that pleasure, my hand. She was not rejecting me. No, she was saying yes. By that little movement that probably only another woman would both notice and understand Karla was saying for me to go ahead, implying that she was ready for that and indeed wanted me to go further. I readily understood the signal for I had given it myself to both Emma and Jane when they had ‘seduced’ me. My heart leaped as I felt her return the pressure and the feeling of relief was enormous, but mostly the very thought that I was seducing another woman excited me.

I pressed a little harder and slightly squeezed the, wonderfully soft but somehow youthfully firm at the same time, breast revelling in the return of the feelings I hadn’t felt since I had last caressed Amanda.

My confidence now high I started to caress her breast in a clearly stimulating and sexual way as our mouths ground together far more energetically and as our tongues now delved deep into the others mouth. As I did so she naturally I suppose squirmed against me with what seemed to be increasing sexual arousal. I cupped the whole orb in my hand and pressed against it sending a little shudder through her and a shiver of delight through me. I found the nipple under the thin material and noted its natural hardness as I pinched it fairly firmly causing a gasp to escape from her. Now bold with my approach I ran my fingernails and then the tips of my fingers across the little mound working upwards until they were traversing the skin just above the top of the bikini bra.

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