My Hot Neighbours Ch. 01

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All the action in this story are by people 18 years and over. This is my first story here. I would love your feedback.


Hi guys I’m Dani. For those that haven’t read any of my stories, my Mom Mel, Dad Bob and my sister Sam and my Bro Jake.

At our house we and our neighbours are all nudists and we all have large windows and everyone sleeps nude. Jake and Janes bedrooms are close and Jake can also see into their Bathroom. Sams bedroom is close to Kims. My bedroom is close to Jill and Megs bedrooms and Mom and Dads bedroom is close to Dav and Crystals bedroom.

Jane has started to video Skype her girlfriends during the week, looking at each other naked. Jane has a large computer screen and a lot of dildos. Jake is loving it and lets me know when Jane is video Skyping. I am bisexual and Jake and I masturbate together while we watch. I have also encouraged my girlfriends to video Skype Jane as she loves to look at them naked, Jane is a complete lesbian! Mom and Crystal are also bisexual and quiet often have lesbian sex for Dad and Dave.

We have a pool and our neighbours have casino oyna a big backyard that leads out of the bathrooms, that have large glass doors.

As usual on the weekends Dad and Dav go fishing , Jake is the man of the houses. Ok ladies let me watch you having lesbian sex Jake requests! What has Jake got planned for us this weekend?

I have a treat for Jake this weekend, I have invited my two best girlfriends over for the weekend and they are my fav sex buddies apart from my boyfriend. Ladies all I ask is that you shave your pussies, like the rest of the girls Jake is surrounded by they are blondes and have large natural boobs. Oh by the way ladies you have to be nude so pack light and Jake loves lesbian sex.

Jake comes home from work and finds the three of us masturbating and tanning by the pool. So what have we got here ladies Jake said? In the girls usual outgoing nature as they watched Jake undress, they could tell Jake needed to masturbate. As one Jade and Tilla said go down on us if you like. Love milk is good for the skin! Jake wasted no time and covered both of them from head canlı casino to toe with his love milk, then was eating their pussies until they cum.

This was too much for me so I went to get some snacks. Jake went for a swim in the pool to cool off and admire his work. Let me know when to massage my love milk into your bodies ladies? Then come and have a shower with me! 2hr went past then it was time for Jake to massage them.

When it was time for Jake to shower with my friends, Jane yelled out nice show you guys. Jane said come over and shower in my bathroom, I’m running the spa for Dani and I. I really need to have sex with Dani, is that ok with you Jake? You can guess what Jakes reply was!

Looks like you three are sleeping in Janes bedroom this weekend was Jakes remark! Sam will be sleeping in Kims bedroom, Mom will be sleeping in Crysrals bedroom, so l don’t have to get out of bed to watch you guys using the bathroom.

After dinner we spent time swimming in the pool until we were ready for bed. As I went to bed Jake handed me a list of the things he wanted to see go on in Janes bedroom! kaçak casino Jake and Jane were the last of us to go to bed as they were enjoying Mom and Crystal having sex in the pool!

Before Jake and Jane went to bed they went and sat on Sams bed and masturbated together while they watched Kim go down on Sam until she was coved in Sams cum, then watched Kim and Sam having lesbian sex, this was the best view he ever had of Jane masturbating.

Then they went back to Jakes bedroom and they watched the threesome in Janes bedroom. Good night Jake Jane said and enjoy the show while we carry out that list of requests you handed Dani. I love you enjoying me having lesbian sex.

As usual the next morning Sam and Kim went for their early morning run, when they got back they washed each other in the shower giving Jake a great view!

I wake up to Jane eating my pussy and watching my friends playing with Janes dildos. I also noticed that Jake was not the only boy watching us.

Before Jane started to eat my pussy she had video skyped my boyfriend John, so he could watch. It was quite a sight watching John stroking his massive cock.

On Sunday after breakfast we were out by the pool again and Jake requested that we masturbated for him. Jake joined in and we had a great view of him masturbating too!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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