My Boyfriend’s Sister

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Editor’s note: this submission contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sexual situations.


“You’re such an asshole!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, my hands clenched into fists at my sides.

“Babe, stop. You don’t mean that,” my douche-bag boyfriend, Luke, said, trying to calm me down.

It didn’t work very well. “I’m pretty sure I do! I mean, what kind of guy cheats on his girlfriend, not once, but twice?! And expects me to just forgive him?”

His hands reached for my hips, trying to force me to stay put. “Baby, Serena, come on. I told you ’cause I felt bad. That gotta count for something.”

“We’re done, you douche-bag! I’m going home. Don’t come after me,” I stated, stepping out of his grip and storming out of his room before he could argue.

I made it as far as my car, which was parked in a dark corner at the end of the street. But I didn’t go home.

I guess there was a small, tiny part of me that hoped my boyfriend of two years wouldn’t do what I thought he was going to do. Sure, I had just dumped his ass. But I hoped.

Sure enough, he proved me right not five minutes later when he walked out of the house and got into a car and sped off in the other direction. But it was a car I’d seen many times before.

It was my best friend’s car.

I was livid. I had wasted two whole years of my life giving my heart and soul to a guy who didn’t give a shit. He’d told me about two girls he had slept with while we were together. But I was sure there was more seeing as he’d just driven off with my best friend.

I wanted him to feel the pain I was feeling. I wanted him to know what he had done to me.

An idea started forming in my mind. It was wild, outrageous, and borderline cruel. But I knew it would work, and frankly I was too pissed to care if it didn’t necessarily make sense.

I got out of my car and headed back up to his house, letting myself in with my key. Once inside, I made my was downstairs into his sister Tara’s basement apartment.

I’d been down there quite a few times. Tara was fun and spunky, and we used to watch movies together a lot when Luke was at soccer practice. I knew where her room was, and that she would already be fast asleep.

Now, this plan was quite crazy. it relied a lot on Tara not freaking the fuck out. But I was willing to risk it just to see the look on Luke’s face when he found out.

So, before opening Tara’s bedroom door, I stripped out of my jean shorts and tank top, and slipped my bra off as well. Taking a deep breath and gathering all of the anger and confidence I could, I pushed open Tara’s bedroom door to reveal a pitch black room. Carefully tiptoeing across the floor, I made my way over to her bed, peeled back the covers and slipped in beside her.

I would have never even considered what I was about to do if I hadn’t seen Luke get into that car. It was a low move, even for cheating scum. I could only hope Tara would agree.

Beside me, I could see Tara’s sleeping form lying on her back, arms thrown over her head. Slowly, I shimmied close enough to her that I barely had to reach out to press my lips to her collarbone. In turn, she whimpered just a bit in her sleep, but didn’t stir.

I peppered a handful more kisses along her throat and shoulders, starting small. A feeling deep inside me told me that this was wrong, but I told it to shut the fuck up.

Once I was over my initial fear of Tara bolting awake, I felt safe enough to roll over so that I hovered over her, my legs straddling either side of her slim waist.

My hands moved over her torso canlı bahis then, feeling her smooth satin tank top slide beneath my fingertips. As my finger brushed over her chest, I felt her nipples spring to life at my touch. Tara moaned quietly in her sleep, her hips rocking gently beneath me, but she didn’t wake up. I took it as a sign to continue, cupping her soft tits in my hands.

When I’d woken up this morning, I’d never thought I’d be here; in bed, groping my now ex-boyfriend’s sister’s tits while she slept, wearing nothing but my thong.

I’d kissed girls before, usually when I was drunk. I’d even groped some of my friends before when we were clubbing. That was the most I’d ever done with a girl. But I was still kind of curious; which probably explained why Tara was the first person I thought of when my “revenge sex” plan had come to mind.

I’d always thought Tara was hot, sure. I’d thought she was even hotter when I’d walked into their living room one day and found her on the couch, knuckle deep in another girl’s pussy. That same night, I’d had a wet dream that I was the girl she was finger-fucking on the couch. But I’d never taken my fantasies seriously before.

Now, here I was, slowly shimmying down her body as I palmed her tits roughly through her nightshirt. She moaned again, this time wiggling in her sleep just enough that her leg’s parted and her crotch rubbed against mine.

I bit back a whimper at the sheer rush I felt as our panties rubbed together in that brief moment. When it passed, I wasted no time fitting myself between her newly parred legs. I was under her covers now, hidden from the outside world. It was darker there, and all I could smell was the intoxicating scent of sex.

With unskilled hands, I gently managed to tug her panties down to her knees, exposing her pussy to the darkness. She was bound to wake up soon enough, it was a miracle she hadn’t already, so I skipped the forplay drove straight into the action.

I plunged one finger into her opening and heard her gasp above me. Her pussy was warm and wet as it clenched eagerly around my finger. As her hips began rocking back and forth, I dipped a second finger into her and began thrusting them in and out rhythmically. As she moaned and gasped I smiled to myself, revelling in the fact I was the reason she was making those sounds.

With my other hand, I started rubbing circles in her slick, wet folds. I felt myself grow a little warmer when I realized how smooth and bare her mound was under my touch. Feeling bold, I spread her lips, leaned in and gently flicked the tip of my tongue against her clit.

I may not have ever pleased a girl, but I had been pleased before. And I knew exactly what made me cum.

Tara twitched, gasping loudly. “Oh, yes. Fuck me, baby,” she moaned as her hips rocked against my face. “Lick my pussy real good.”

I obliged her dreamy demands, swirling my tongue quicker around her clit before lapping at her lips roughly. I quickened the pace with my fingers too, even thrusting a third finger inside of her with ease.

When I felt a hand latch into my hair, I froze; my tongue halfway through rubbing circles around her clit, and my fingers midway through hammering into her. But she didn’t pull me away. Instead, she pushed my face farther into pussy with a moaned, “Harder, baby! Help me cum!”

In minutes, Tara’s legs on either side of me started shaking and quivering. Her body bucked as I recognized her climax was drawing closer. When it finally hit, I frantically continued thrusting my fingers into her, until I felt her warm juices gush over my bahis siteleri waiting tongue.

Once she was finished, I crawled out from under the covers to face her. She was half dazed, floating in a post-orgasmic fog. She hadn’t realized it was me yet, so I took a chance and leaned down to kiss her.

Tara responded quickly, her hands weaving in my hair and pulling me closer as her lips parted against mine. I invaded her mouth with my tongue, tasting her on her own tongue and shivering with pleasure.

“Mmm, baby, I taste so good on you,” she groaned against my lips before trailing her tongue roughly down my neck. “Let me show you how good you taste.”

Leaving me to support myself on my hands and knees, Tara squirmed under me, making a trail down my body with her tongue. Her first stop was my small tits, suckling on my sensitive nipples before gently nipping at at them once they were hard. Next, was my stomach, as she swirled her tongue around the ring in my belly button.

She crawled out from under me between my legs. I felt her kneel behind me on the bed, taking my hips in her hands before suddenly thrusting her pussy against my ass. I groaned loudly, my face sinking into the pillow below me as she continued to rock her hips against me from behind.

Then, with one hand, she reached around my front and slipped it into my panties.

By this point I was so wet that her fingers glided easily through my folds. I moaned into the pillow as she flicked and tweaked my clit between her fingers until I was just about ready to climax.

“Fuck, Tara. I’m cumming!” I cried out just as her hand slipped out of my panties and my orgasm came to a screeching halt.

“Baby you don’t cum until I say you cum,” she growled as she quite literally ripped my flimsy thong off of my hips and started grinding herself against me again.

With her hands, she spread me from behind and I jumped when I felt her warm, wet tongue glide up my slit. She did it again, more slowly that time, stopping to dip her tongue into my opening as far as she could. My aching pussy clenched as the need for release built up inside of me. I tried rocking against her tongue, but it only resulted in her pulling away again.

She continued like that for what felt like forever; lapping at my slit and tasting my wetness until body was vibrating with the need for orgasm, but she wouldn’t let me. Every time I came close, she would pull away.

Until she pulled away again, only to replace her tongue inside me with the same two skilled fingers I had watched her pound into another girl’s pussy that fateful day. I moaned loudly as I clutched at the sheets beneath me. She thrust her fingers into me hard, each thrust being met with one of my own as I saw my release right in front of me.

This time, she didn’t stop me. I cried out as I started to quiver at the magnitude of the orgasm that rocked through my body.

Sadly, her thrusting eased up as I rode out through my climax. But just as I felt it dimming, her fingers changed their course, slipping out of my opening and pressing, instead, at my ass.

For a second, I considered stopping her. As soon as the tip of her finger dipped into my hole, I groaned loudly as the pain of spreading for her hit me hard.

While girl-on-girl was fairly new to me, this was completely foreign territory. A friend had once told me how her boyfriend had taken her like that before. She said she’d cried the whole time, and I could see why, as the pain ripped through me.

But after a few moments of Tara’s slow probing, the pain gave may to pure, blissful bahis şirketleri pleasure. By the time she had her finger completely inside of me, I could already feel another release calling for me.

Carefully, she began pulling her finger out, and I cried in protest as another wave of Ecstasy coursed through my veins.

She leaned over me then, her pussy forcing her finger back inside of me as her tits pressed against my back. “Baby, did you really think you could come in here and fuck me while I’m sleeping, and not expect me to take you every way I know how?”

Her words alone had my pussy dripping. “God, Tara, please. Take me however you want. Make me cum. Please.”

Her hot breath fanned against my ear this time. “Oh, I’m gonna make you cum like my baby brother’s dick never could.”

My mouth gaped open in surprise. I started to ask her how she knew it was me, but I was cut off as I yelped and writhed on the bed.

Tara had forced another finger into my ass, and her free hand had come back around to stroke my swollen clit. A knot of pleasure was building low in my belly as she teased her fingers around my aching bud as her other hand thrust in and out of my ass.

It wasn’t long before I was gasping and moaning into the sheets as my body quivered uncontrollably. My body shook and shivered as I came hard, soaring through the most explosive orgasm I had ever had in my life.

Tara’s fingers pulled out of me just in time for her to crouch down under me, and pull my hips back so that I was sitting on her face. Her tongue hungrily lapped at my wet lips as my juices flowed freely, squirting all over her face as I screamed her name at the top of my lungs.

She continued licking my tired pussy after I was finished, cleaning every last bit of cum up with her tongue before wiggling out from under me.

I collapsed onto the bed, lying on my face for barely a heartbeat before Tara’s hands were clutching at my tits as she rolled me over and brought her mouth down on mine.

I tasted my cum on her lips and on her tongue as she kissed me wildly. My juices mixed with what was left of hers on my face, resulting in an intoxicating, musky smell of sex and lust.

“How did you know it was me?” I asked breathlessly against her lips.

“I heard you screaming at him upstairs and storming out. I was hoping you’d come down here, but this was much better than I expected.”

I smiled as she nipped and suckled at my neck. “Mmm, apparently I’ve been fucking the wrong sibling. You were right, your brother could never make me cum like that.”

“You know, Serena,” she murmured against my throat. “You could always thank me for those earth shattering organisms by giving me another.”

“I don’t think I can move, honestly.”

“That’s okay,” she said, smiling against me. “I can do all the work.”

Intrigued, I lay there as she slid down my body again. Once she was straddling my hips, she hooked my leg up over hers and I gasped as her warm pussy settled on against mine.

I watched as Tara stripped off her sleep shirt, tossing it aside. “Just relax, and enjoy it,” she murmured as she began rocking her sex against mine, the shadows of her tits bouncing above me.

If the feeling of her tongue against me was amazing, the feeling of her pussy lips sliding around over my still aching clit was exquisite. I couldn’t help but rock my hips in tune with her rhythm, my hands groping at my own tits and pinching my nipples tightly between my fingers.

We were both moaning and gasping as our pussy collided in pure, blissful pleasure, our wetness combining between us as Tara rode me into another mind blowing orgasm.

Only this time, we came together, squirting cum all over each other’s pussies as her bedroom door flew open and a shell-shocked Luke looked on.

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