Mom’s New Job

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As usual, I am open to suggestions for new stories or ideas for current stories. This story could also be continued and have added chapters. This story could fit into a few different categories and future ones might end up in those.

All characters are 18 and up.

Hope you enjoy!


I come home from community college and toss my backpack on my floor, and sink onto my bed. Why couldn’t I have gone away to college like all of my friends. I ask myself. Today had been terrible! Because of traffic I had missed an important test and the professor wasn’t going to let me make it up. I feel tears begin to flow down my face, probably ruining my eyeliner, or what little hadn’t already been ruined when I cried driving home.

I hear a ding from my phone in my backpack and I sigh, leaning down to open it. I grab my phone and see a text from mom, Hey Jess, I’m working late and I won’t be home until late. Love u!

“You’ve been working late almost every Friday. Are you dating again?” I ask no one in particular. Ever since Dad left us shortly after I turned one, Mom had dated several guys, some for several years and other for much shorter, but she never remarried. She always told me I was her main priority, but she always told me about who she was with so I wondered what she was up to.

I finally respond, Alright. See you soon. Before going back to lay on my bed and think about nothing in particular. Without even thinking about masturbating or sex, I slowly work my hand down my body, until it is resting on top of my pussy but not touching it because of my leggings and panties. I look down my body, between my c cup breasts hidden by my shirt and bra and slip my hand under my leggings. I let out a soft sigh as my fingers begin to rub up and down my slit as my wetness begins to slowly grow. I give a small smile, standing up and wiggling out of my leggings. Maybe this will make me feel better. It’s been a while since the last time I think. I go to my dresser and open the middle drawer. After digging under some of my sweatpants, I grab what I’m looking for.

I pull out a purple vibrator, almost a complete cylinder, except for the slightly larger head which is white with a pink heart on it. It is about 6 inches long and about 3/4th of an inch wide. I toss my shirt off to the side, and to the bathroom, pausing to admire myself in the mirror. My toned ass is kind of small, not like Mom’s medium sized ass. I have a thigh gap that my boyfriends all found sexy. My curly brown hair goes to just past my shoulders. I remove my pink panties and bra, reveling my shaven mound and c cup breasts with small pink nipples. I spread the outer lips of my pussy, revealing the soft inner ones and rub a single finger over them, teasing myself.

Turning the water on in the tub, I fill it partially and climb in, enjoying the feeling of soaking in the warm water. It comes midway up my side when I lay down in the tub. I slowly begin to rub my fingers over my entrance, feeling wetness before grabbing my trusty vibrator. I twist the bottom and feel it spring to life with a faint buzzing noise. I lower the toy to my clit, matching the heart up with it and I let out a soft moan. The stimulation in my clit makes my pussy become even wetter. Finally, I can’t resist the feeling anymore. I use my one hand to work my clit and I slip the tip of the vibrator inside me. I lift my head and pull it away slightly and can see the strands of my juices connecting it to my pussy.

Then I begin to slowly slide it in and out of myself, my pussy gripping the vibrator, coating it with my juices. As I feel the wetness grow, I begin to fuck myself with the vibrator faster and faster. My moans fill the room as the urge to cum grows. Soon I close my eyes and let out a half moan and half squeak as I cum. My fingers stop working my clit and I feel my legs begin to shake from my powerful orgasm. After a moment, my orgasm subsides and I open my eyes. I sit up and slowly pull my vibrator out of my pussy. The head pops out and is coated with some of my cum. I open the drain on the tub and take a long hot shower, cleaning myself off and washing away the day. After my shower, I eat dinner and fall asleep, wondering what Mom is up to.

The next morning is the start of the weekend and I sit up and rub the sleep from my eyes. Some light trickles through the blinds and the house is silent. I stretch with a groan and walk out of my door to make some coffee. When I walk into the kitchen, I look out the window and see Mom’s car just pulling in the driveway. That’s weird… she always comes home at night I think as she parks and opens her door.

My coffee finishes and I pour myself some when Mom walks in. Mom is 45 years old and one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. She is about the same height as me and has the same curly brown hair. Her breasts are slightly bigger than mine and her ass is medium in size and fairly toned looking.

“Good morning!” I say, pouring casino oyna cream into my coffee.

“Morning.” Mom says in a tired voice.

I turn and face her. I try not to show it on my face but she looks like a mess. Her hair is disheveled and she looks tired.

“Not sleep?” I ask with a teasing smile, as Mom and I were fairly open with each other when it comes to sex.

Mom sighs, “It’s not important Jess.” Mom says, almost collapsing in her chair.

I frown, “Well it clearly is because you always tell me when you go out with a guy. So I just curious.”

Mom gives me a small smile, “Your persistent, you know that? Fine… I’ll tell you if you promise not to judge me.”

My frown gets bigger, “I promise but your making me worried.”

Mom nods, “Well no reason to get worried. I have a second job. It’s mostly weekend work so it doesn’t interfere with my main job.”

My frown shrinks a little, “What kind of job? Why? You make more than enough money for the two of us normally!”

Mom says, “I took it to try and meet people. You know get out on weekends and stuff. It’s at a club of sorts. Normally I’m just the hostess but last night…”

Some thoughts begin to go through my head, “What kind of club and what happened?”

Mom thinks for a second then says, It’s sort of like a sex club. But I don’t have sex with anyone!”

I feel my frown grow again. What the fuck kind of club does she work at? I think. I ask, “So last night…”

Mom sighs, “Yes… last night I had to fill in for one of the girls and her job is… difficult… to say the least.”

“So what happened?” I ask again, still not satisfied with the partial answers Mom had given so far.

“It’s not important.” Mom says, clearly growing tired of my questions.

“Alright… If you want to tell me anything you know that I’m always here for you.” I say, concerned for her.

Mom smiles, “I know. Don’t worry about me.”

“Would you… could I come?” I ask, honestly curious.

Mom shakes her head, “No, I don’t want you to.”

“Why not? You already told me about what you do and now I want to go see it.” I say, starting to get mad.

“Because I told you no Jess!” Mom says, also getting angry. “Now can you do me a favor and forget I even mentioned it?”

I sigh, “Yes… I’m sorry…”

Mom nods, “It’s alright… I wasn’t sure how to tell you what I was doing so… do you at least understand?”

I fake a smile, “Yeah, nothing wrong with going to meet people.”

Mom nods, “Thanks for understanding sweetie! Now, I’m going to go take a nap.” Mom puts her purse down and walks off to her room to sleep. I sip my morning coffee and quietly say to myself, “Mom works in a sex club…” Trying to get used to how it sounded.

I go through my normal day activities, doing chores, homework and getting a jog in. When I come home from my jog, I hear Mom in the shower. I knock on the door and Mom calls out, “One minute!” I go back to my room and wait for her. Several minutes later, the water turns off and Mom comes out of the bathroom and goes into her room, calling out, “All yours!” I take a quick shower, enjoying the feeling of washing the sweat off of my body. I exit and dress, only to hear a knock on the door.

“It’s open!” I say, finishing putting my bra and panties on. Mom opens the door, dressed in a tee shirt and sweat pants. She sees how I’m dressed and smiles, “How are you single? With a body like that I bet there’s a line of guys!”

I laugh, “I could say the same about you!”

Mom lets out a laugh, then says, “Listen Jess… I think I’m going to work tonight as well. Don’t worry! We’ll have dinner together tomorrow night. Do you mind?”

I shake my head, “No… as long as you cook something really good tomorrow.” I say.

Mom smiles, “Thanks. Think of anything and let me know and I’ll make it for us.”

I nod and put on a pair of athletic shorts. “When are you leaving?” I ask.

“Nowish. Love you!” Mom answers.

“Love you too!” I answer, beginning to think. After finishing getting dressed, I unplug my phone from the wall and pull up my GPS app. Because I connected to the Bluetooth in Mom’s car once, I have its location saved in my phone. I pull it up and see the car is heading away from the house. I make dinner and eat then open the app again. Mom’s car is now parked several towns over and the drive is about 20 minutes. That’s probably the club. I think and silently debate what my plan is for the next few minutes. Finally, I put the address in my phone and get in my car and start to drive.

The GPS was right and it took me a little over 20 minutes to make the drive. I now find myself on what appears to be a fenced in complex, with a gate. There are no surrounding buildings. The fence is tall and made of wood, so it can’t be seen through. The gate has either what is a valet or guard sitting next to it in a small booth. I feel a strong sense of nervousness in the pit canlı casino of my stomach. Do I really want to do this? I ask myself. I feel my promise to Mom and my common sense pitted against my curiosity.

After debating what to do for a few minutes, I chicken out and drive home. I spend the rest of the evening wondering what the hell goes on there. I finally fall asleep thinking of a plan for next weekend. I wake up the next morning and Mom isn’t home again. I begin to go about my day and around the same time as yesterday, she gets home and goes straight to bed. She looks even more tired and disheveled than she did yesterday. We both go through the same routine as the day before, only this time, Mom cooks a wonderful meal of roast chicken, mashed potatoes and stuffing. We both make small talk about our weeks, but neither of us mention Mom’s new job. Finally, I shuffle off to my room to finish some homework. In the back of my mind lingers the thought of Mom and the fenced in compound.

The week goes by and finally it is Friday morning. I make it to my class on time. Before my last class, I get a text from Mom, What are you doing later?

I respond, What I always do now that my friends went away to school.

Mom sends, I was thinking and if you say no I’ll understand…

I ask, What? A small thought begins to grow in the back of my mind. There’s no way that would happen… that’s something out of porn! I think.

After a minute Mom sends, There might be an opening for another hostess here if you want it. I can let my boss know and you can start tonight.

Suddenly the feeling of nervousness from last weekend returns. I type, Would you want me to do that?

Mom instantly sends, Your call. I know you need the money and its pretty good pay.

I sigh and think, Fuck it, why not? Then I send, Ok, I’ll give it a shot.

Mom replies, Ok. Meet you back at home when class ends.

What have I gotten myself into? I ask myself. My last class seems to drag on and I’m actually interested in psychology. Finally, when class ends, I rush home and pull in the driveway. I put my bag in my room and wait for Mom to come home. A few minutes later she arrives and makes her way into my room.

She peeks her head in and asks, “You ready?”

I give a small smile, “Yeah.”

Mom nods, “Then let’s go.” It’s hard to tell from her voice if she is excited or not. We make our way to the car and both get in. Mom starts driving and the nervous feeling in my stomach grows until I almost feel sick. Mom looks over at me and asks, “Are you okay?”

I shrug, “I don’t know. I feel nervous.”

Mom smiles, “Don’t worry, all the girls there are nice! And you’ll be a hostess. Even if you’re not with me it’s pretty easy work.”

“What will you be doing?” I ask.

Mom shrugs, “Depends on what Amy wants. Amy is the boss.”

I nod, and the nervousness goes away slightly as Mom continues to tell me that the only thing I’ll be doing is being a hostess. Finally, we reach the compound again. Above the gate, burned into the wood is the name Hilltop Manor.

“Hilltop Manor?” I ask Mom.

She nods and drives up to the gate. The guard sees her and pushes a button, opening the wood. They slide back on hidden tracks and Mom drives through. There are several buildings, with one large central building. The only signs are for guest parking but Mom takes a turn down a side road and parks at a small, low building. “This is the office. Let’s go inside and I’ll introduce you to Amy.” I nod and open the door, barely able to stand from me nerves. Mom leads the way inside the small building. The inside is surprisingly well decorated. There are several carpets and expensive desks and couches. There is a pretty blonde woman about Mom’s age sitting behind one of the desks.

She smiles up at Mom, “Gwen, how was your week?” Then she looks at me and smiles again “And you must be Jessica!”

Mom smiles back at her, “Good. You?”

I give a small smile and say, “Jess if fine.”

Amy smiles and stands, her body curvy and large breasts fairly easy to see from the tight blue dress she wears. “My week was pretty good. Your both going to be hostesses tonight. Gwen, can you go dress and give Jess and I a minute here?”

Mom nods and gives me an encouraging smile, before opening one of the lockers and putting her purse inside. Then she opens one of the side doors and closes it behind her.

Amy sits back down and motions to the small couch across from her desk. I sit as Amy asks, “So… what do you know about this place?”

I answer, “Not a lot. My Mom said that it is some kind of sex club.”

Amy nods, “In a way it is, however, this place just isn’t about sex. It focuses on fun and experimentation. Doing things you’ve never done before. Does any of that kaçak casino interest you?”

I give a small shrug, “I don’t know really. I have no idea what goes on here.”

Amy nods, and before she can speak, Mom comes out of the changing room. I look at her and gasp. She is wearing a tight white dress, it shows off her body well, hugging her hips, ass and breasts. The low neckline makes her breasts look larger than they really are and the short length of the dress makes her thighs look amazing. “Gwen… change of plans for Jess. I’m going to show her around tonight and then she’ll be a hostess with you tomorrow.”

Mom nods, “If that’s what you want to do.”

Amy nods, “Tonight you’re going to be in…” she examines a paper on her desk “Main building.”

Mom nods, “See you later Jess.”

“Bye Mom.” I say, as Mom walks out, her hips swaying from side to side.

Once the door closes behind her Amy says, “God her body is amazing, don’t you think?”

I nod, “She’s a very pretty woman.”

Amy smiles at me, “So are you. Now come on. Let’s get you in something nice!” She makes sure all of my items are in a locker before handing me a lock and key. “This locker is yours now.” Then Amy leads the way into one of the rooms off to the side. It is a dressing room, with a floor to ceiling mirror and several full racks of clothes. Amy browses them for a minute before selecting a blue dress similar to hers.

“This should look nice on you. Try it on!” She says.

I take it and look at her for a second. I ask, “With you here?”

Amy laughs, “Why not? If you are uncomfortable with nudity, then you probably don’t want to work here!”

I swallow and drop my athletic shorts and then pull my top over my head. Then I remove my bra and add it to the small pile of clothes at my feet. I begin to pick the dress up and Amy says, “Panties too!” I sigh and drop my panties, before stepping into the dress and pulling it up. Amy steps toward me and zips the back of the dress up, her hands brushing past my ass. I shudder at her touch, having never been toughed like that by a woman.

Once I’m in the dress Amy smiles, “You look better than your mother. Just don’t tell her that!” She lets out a laugh.

I turn around in the mirror. This dress shows off my body well, hugging my ass, and hips, making them appear to stand out more. It also shows off my breasts, displaying a large amount of cleavage. “Thanks!” I say to Amy, agreeing with her.

“Alright, let’s show you around!” Amy says, leading the way out of her office. The first stop is the men’s only building, near the office. There is a large replica of the Statue of David outside. “Just letting you know where this is so you can show guests. You’ll never go inside it for obvious reasons. Amy tells me. Then next to the men’s only room is the main building. This is the largest building and Amy opens the door and leads me inside.

This building has a bar in the center where the bartender is a petite redhead, who is completely naked. I stare for a second before she looks up at Amy and I and smiles. Amy smiles back and gives her a friendly wave. I just smile back, feeling unsure about this job. We pass the bar and the building opens up and is alive with chatter. There is a large room with tables and booths set up with a raised platform in the middle. The sides of the platform are glass and have various sex toys inside.

“This is the showroom. Members from the audience can bring you up here or you can ask them. Obviously consent is important. These girls make huge tips if you’re interested. This is also where your Mom works sometimes.” Amy tells me. I look to the side and see Mom talking to an old couple before leading them to a table.

After that she comes up and smiles at me, “You look great honey!”

I smile, “You do too.”

Mom smiles at my compliment before walking back to help another couple who had come up past the bar.

As Mom walks away, Amy goes on to explain, “Upstairs are the private rooms. I don’t think I need to tell you what goes on up there.”

I shake my head, “I have a pretty good idea.”

Amy nods and motions for me to follow. She leads me back outside and takes the next building with a figure of a naked woman on it, similar to the men only building. Amy leads me inside and there only women inside. They vary in age, race and current level of nudity. Most are simply lounging on couches and talking while others are kissing passionately or even undressing each other. Some are leading their partner off to the back of the building. “As you can tell, this is the girls only building. So if your open to it, this is another place you can work.”

She leads me back outside and to the next building, not leading me inside but simply explaining, “This is the BDSM building. These are where some kinky people go so if that’s not your thing… don’t work in here. Some of the more submissive girls love this though.” This building has a sign that has a picture of a woman tied to the wall. The next building has a sign with a depiction of a fist. “This is the large toys area. These members like taking large toys inside themselves and is open to both men and women.”

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