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Melanie gasped, but didn’t overtly protest, which is when I knew I had her. “He wants to do what?” she asked, a bit of disbelief in her tone.

The situation probably did seem a bit surreal to her. After all, here I was, the 19-year-old trophy wife (let’s say Heather Smith, for those interested) proclaiming that I had an open relationship with my 35-year-old millionaire venture capitalist hubby Michael. Whether this was true or not (and it wasn’t), the key was making Melanie believe it was possible.

I nodded, speaking, my lips making a little pink O complete with diamond-shine gloss. “You wouldn’t believe the nasty things he wants us to do with him!!!” My little girl voice lowered, just above a whisper as I continue after seeing the glow in her eyes. “He said he wants to bust open that cute button ass of yours and then have me lick the cum out as shoves his cock down your throat, choking you!”

A deep crimson color on her face, but no protesting, just the reaction I was looking for. The hue of her face matched her hair, currently in a long ponytail resting down her back. Sorry to disappoint, but Melanie was not ridiculously hot (unlike me). Cute, attractive, young (26) but not a sexually charged goddess. Small, curvy breasts could be seen poking through her simple white blouse, and her butt was indeed a nice plump piece of meat lurking behind a knee-length grey skirt. Perfect for the sort of “young hip mom” stereotype seen in Hollywood, but leaving something to be desired if the role called for a sex bomb.

I, on the other hand, am absolutely gorgeous. A difference of 16 years between spouses normally doesn’t mean a great amount of philosophical bantering on the meaning of life. No, I had simply crammed every inch of my lean 5’11” volleyball frame into the skimpiest piece of felt I could find, secured fake ID and hit up every executive hangout on the strip until I could find someone to bankroll my considerable assests (pun intended). A zestful eagerness and a silicon-free 32C separated me from the throngs of other flirts vying for attention.

I digress though. I continued my whispering to Melanie, giggling just a bit for emphasis. “Oh honey don’t be embarrassed, we both think you’re sooooo cute!” I place my hand on top of hers, moving both to her knee, which was still covered by the skirt. I moved up on the couch just a bit, causing my black spaghetti thong to wedge delightfully further into my ass. My little green athletic shorts also bunched up just below the curve of my ass cheeks, and I made no effort to correct such a “problem.”

Melanie didn’t speak for a moment, looking down at her two inch black platform sandals she wore to compensate for her natural height of 5’1″. When she finally did, it was in a soft voice. “You and Mr. Smith really want to do all those nasty things to me…?” She trailed off a bit, too frightened to allow her mind to wander fully. She clenched my hand tighter though, the other hand trying desperately to appear nonchalant by twirling her ponytail.

She wouldn’t escape from my trap by feigning non-interest. “Oh yeesssss Melanie, we’ve talked about it for soooooo long!” I pout, my voice sad yet defiant like a child’s. “I’ve seen all those naughty glances you give him and I feel soooo bad for you!” My other hand moves in for the kill, my fingertips gently rubbing across the skin of her back. “I know how good it feels to have him buried soooo deep in my butt, my ass cheeks choking on his cock, milking it, feeling him blast cum for minutes! Oh goddddd it feels incredible and I’d NEVER deny another woman that opportunity!”

Hooked. Her hand squeezed mine so tight illegal bahis I thought it would pop off as I described the (imagined) details of our sex life. There was no reason for moderation now. “Mr. Smith is soooo raw and brutal too! He always says he wants to hear my little girl voice cry and scream out otherwise he won’t fuck me anymore!” I make a pouting face, moving silently behind Melanie, my legs wrapping around her. “I just want him to cum inside my little cunnie so we can have a baby, but he’s sooooo mean! He shoves his big, thick, nasty cock down my mouth after it’s been deep in my butt!”

I squeeze my legs tightly, pressing my hot, moistening crotch into Melanie. Whispering, “Ooooo it makes me tingle just to THINK about it! He makes me do such NASTY things I would never do otherwise! He makes me suck his cock clean as I’m choking on his jizz!” I shiver, on purpose, although it doesn’t take much imagination given the raunchy scene I just described.

Her voice comes out a bit ragged, her hands playing along my muscular calves. “T-that does sound a bit crazy… But…” (I don’t know for sure, not being able to see her face, but I bet she bit her lip at this pause.) “… I bet it feels incredible…” Her hands start to massage, firm, powerful strokes, the reaction I was hoping to elicit from her.

I whimper. “oooo It’s like a DRUG! I miss it sooooo much when he’s not here, no matter how many new dildos and vibes I try!” Pouting yet again, I lay my head on Melanie’s shoulder so I can speak directly into her ear, my hands now curled around her and resting on the tops of her thighs. “He punishes my round little slut bum, spanking me, pulling my hair, and he wants to do the same to you soooo badly! He screams out your name when he fucks me now, saying I’m not good enough.”

I move my hands just enough from the top of her thighs to feel the wetness in her crevices, delightfully seeping through her skirt. Melanie seemed well past the point of caring about consequences, now only moaning when she hears of each new layer of debauchery. She leaned back slightly, stretching more of her wonderful tummy, a flat, smooth surface which I run my fingertips up, taking special care not to touch her hardened nipples or rapidly expanding chest. Hearing her whimper only encourages me.

“Please…” Rasping, desperate tone. “I need it soooo badly, Heather. I haven’t had it in YEARS. I… I had forgotten what it felt like… like this…”

Few things are sexier than encouragement. Mmm. I leaned in so she could feel my hard nipples on her back, my hands now trailing even closer to the promised land. “Does Melanie wanna play with the slutty toy until the man of the hour gets home?” Another soft whisper into her ear; the quick nod of desire; a quick puff of air into her ear to make her shiver.

My hands snake up, finally connecting with Melanie’s swollen nipples. She withers, rocking back into me as she explodes with a loud moan, succumbing to pleasure. “YES!!! Melanie wants to play with Heather sooooo bad…”

Grinning, I cupped her breasts, feeling them fit perfectly in the palms of my hands. Melanie seemed to be reverting to some sort of teenage fantasy, and I wasn’t one to look a gift horse in the mouth. “Melanie’s a dirty little slut who hides it well, isn’t she? How long has she been fantasizing about my husband’s big fat cock pounding her little cunt, making her cry out?” As I mentioned the pounding, I thrusted forward, my crotch roughly hitting her plump ass, leaving a wet imprint.

Gasping at the sudden sensation, Melanie’s nails dug into my thighs, leaving harsh red marks. She hissed at illegal bahis siteleri me. “I’ve wanted that cock since the first day I met him, wanted to feel it stretching me, filling up my hot little cunt, feeling it spurt deep inside me, holding it in my hand, feeling each strand pelt me in the face.” She turned her head, looking back at me with crazy eyes. “But you, you little piece of fuck meat, you beat me to it, and now I know why.”

I licked my lips, smirking at her. “You horny little cunt, I’ll fuck you so hard Michael won’t want anything to do with you!” Feeling her shake at this, I push her face down into the plush couch cushions. My hand easily grabs her ponytail, pulling up just enough to allow her to breathe. “Are you ready for a nice brutal fucking, Melanie?”

Melanie was still whimpering, but also panting, a wonderful combination. She was reveling in this, lapping it up, feeling years of servitude to the image of chaste businesswoman melting away as she was manhandled by a young slut. “Ohhhhh Heather please be nice, I need it SO badly, I can’t wait any longer!!! I want to be fucked so hard I pass out! I want you to rough me up, spank my thick white ass, make me your anal bitch!”

Pleading, craving, and so delicious.

The time for games was over, and I brought my hand down with a harsh slap against her skirted-bottom. Melanie yelped in pain, but I wasn’t going to be distracted by such a trifling matter, yanking hard on her shimmering red ponytail. She panted, spitting out, “ooooo Please do it harder Heather! I want you to pull my hair so hard, make it feel like you’re fucking my brain! Spank my ass soooo fucking hard, punish me, I’m the filthy bitch who wanted to fuck your husband!!!”

Her body painfully contorted, I began to give Melanie the treatment she truly deserved. I flipped her skirt up, revealing a boring pair of black panties which caused me to scoff. “A slut like you wants to be fucked in such mundane clothing? In these filthy little panties, covered in your own cunt juice? This won’t do at all.” My hand reached under the elastic band of the panties, pulling up from her ass, seeing it snap painfully against her lily white skin.

Melanie howled in pain, but her back arched and her hand instinctively flew to her pussy, which I slapped away. “Cunts don’t play with their own,” I said, smirking.

My hand still held the remains of her snapped panties. I could feel the slimey, damp girl cum covering the patch. For me, this was always the most intoxicating part of sex. I rubbed the patch through my fingers, transfixed upon it for several minutes, the musk of Melanie’s exposed cunt in the air. It was muffled by a small tuft of hair, but still so strong and overpowering. I licked the crotch of her panties, the heavy aroma in the air mingling with the taste of Melanie on my tongue, causing me to shudder.

“You filthy bitch, you haven’t been fucked good in a while, huh?” Another slap on her ass, another whimper, another nod. “I can tell, your cunny is soooo wet, I bet you could fuck an elephant right now! You depraved little bitch, playing soooo nice around the office, but you’re really just a filthy slut like the rest of us when it comes down to it.” I threw the panties in front of her face, so that she could get a nice big whiff of them.

“Yeeessssss Heather, I’m sooooo slutty in private, I dream about being fucked like a filthy whore in alleys and up my filthy slut ass in-” She was abruptly shut up because I had shoved two fingers into her cunt without warning. I could feel her insides squirming as she tried to accommodate them, groans escaping her mouth, followed canlı bahis siteleri by grunts as she quickly tried to swallow my whole hand. Screaming at the top of her lungs now, “Fuck me!!! Fuck me you jailbait cunt!!!”

I pulled the ponytail as hard as I could, stretching her neck at an obscene backward angle, knowing the pain must be excruciatingly sharp. My other hand made a fist, the two fingers plunging deep and hard into Melanie, the remaining kunckles slapping hard against her clit.

“Is that how the office cunt wants it? Does she want it ROUGH and HARD?” I rammed the fingers in, leaving them, and bent down, biting her shoulder as hard as I could. Melanie howled at this new sensation of pain, but didn’t protest, and could only whimper as pleasurable sensations overwhelmed her body.

She might have cum, she might not have. I couldn’t tell by feel, with the constant stream of sticky, runny fluids down her thighs. I couldn’t tell by smell, as the thick scent of her body still hung in the air. I couldn’t tell by sight, the quivering of her cunt and her winking asshole never stopping. I couldn’t tell by ear, as a constant stream of pants, gasps and moans escaped her, each thrust of my fingers seemingly forcing out another filthy expletive. I couldn’t tell by taste, because I was saving that for next.

My tongue dipped into Melanie’s clenching asshole as my hands held her cheeks far apart. I felt her brown eye loosen up slightly as I managed to poke at it. I could tell this sudden switch surprised her, as she stopped screaming and panting. The only sound resonating through the room was a surprised moan, followed by satisfying grunts as I continued to lap at her asshole like a puppy. I only peeked long enough to see her hands digging into the couch, her body out-of-control, shifting in an instant from intense pain to unutterable pleasure.

“Pleeeaaassseeeeee….” She croaked, looking back at me with desperate eyes. “Fuck me Heather, make me feel sooooo good and full!”

I was only too happy to oblige. Grasping a slender wax candle from the table, conveniently placed beforehand by a filthy slut like me, I put it up to her tight backdoor. Melanie’s eyes were closed tightly, and I could tell she really wanted to feel it – Her asshole was tightly clenched, as she refused to relax properly.

I wasn’t going to let a simple thing like that get me down. “You pathetic little bitch! Don’t try to stop now, I’m going to fuck your bubble butt until you can’t sit down!” I slapped her ass, adding to its pink color, again and again until I could see the imprint of my hand and feel the heat radiating off it. Melanie did her part, whining the entire time, but never protesting, finally relaxing her asshole just enough for the wick to slip inside.

Having fucked myself with the candle before, I could only imagine the sensations experienced by Melanie. The wick teased and probed, tickling the tight insides before the shaft agonizingly spread her ass cheeks, causing her to snap open her eyes and shove her ass back. The rest sunk in, slowly, and I left the entire length inside to clench down upon. My now free hands busied themselves, one slapping Melanie’s ass with the candle deep inside, forcing it to jam further inside. With my other hand, I took her ponytail and wrapped it around my fist, pulling hard in one sudden jerk.

“OHHHH GOD!!!” A howling scream filled the room as her entire body went stiff, followed by the orgasmic sight of splatter against her thighs. At that point, we both noticed my husband’s car in the driveway.

If you’re interested in what happened next, let’s just say Michael wasn’t nearly as open to conscience-less fucking as I was. He divorced me within the week, but a prenuptial still pays better than nothing. Last I knew, Melanie had been fired, but didn’t seem to mind as long as she could stay at my place.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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