Meeting Lady Anna Ch. 02

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Melissa lay on the couch between Dana and Bella, looking up breathlessly at Anna. The older girl stood at the foot of the staircase and eyed the three of them hungrily. She reached up with one leather clad hand and tossed her wavy red hair to one side. The black leather gloves matched her thigh-high heeled boots, the perfect accessories to her sheer body suit. Anna’s full lips curled into her wickedest smile as her free hand slid its way down her body to the opening in the body suit between her legs. Her gloved hand wrapped around the huge red dildo that somehow protruded straight out from her pussy and gave it a few rubs.

She raised her long, sleek cigarette holder to her lips and inhaled. “Are you girls ready for this?” she asked, stroking the fake cock. Keeping her eyes on them, she raised her head and blew out a long stream of smoke.

Melissa was in awe…that was the only way to describe it. She couldn’t speak and couldn’t take her eyes off of Anna. The woman was the sexiest sight she had ever seen.

Bella rose up to her knees on the couch, one hand idly stroking her perky tits. She slinked on hands and knees over to the other end of the couch, closer to the redhead. “Yes, Lady Anna,” the petite brunette said. “I think you should fuck Dana first, though. She’s the only one who hasn’t cum yet.”

Anna arched an eyebrow at the request. “Is that so?”

Melissa finally got a hold of herself as Dana stood from the couch and nodded. “Yes, Lady Anna.” The blonde’s eyes never left the huge dildo; she was as awestruck as Melissa was! “I’ve been so patient…taking care of everyone else first. I’m so hot and wet. I need it.”

Anna laughed and looked to Melissa. “What do you think, Melissa? Should I fuck Dana first?” Again her gloved hand stroked at the cock

Melissa was getting wet all over again. Watching Anna and Dana get it on earlier had excited her so much; the thought of watching Anna slam that monstrous dildo into the blonde was almost too much to bear. “Yeah,” she said at last. “I want to watch you fuck her, Anna.”

Bella turned and looked at her, a surprised expression on her face, and Dana inhaled quickly at what Melissa had said. What was this all about? Had she done something wrong?

Anna’s green eyes narrowed at her and the woman stepped toward her. Her hand came free of the dildo and it bounced obscenely as she walked. She reached up to the back of Melissa’s head and grabbed a handful of hair and yanked down hard. Melissa found herself facing the ceiling. She struggled to keep her eyes on Anna.

The redhead took another drag from the long cigarette holder and exhaled into Melissa’s face. The smoke stung her eyes, but she forced herself to meet Anna’s gaze. “I thought by now you would catch on, slut,” Anna said, nearly a hiss. “You are to address me as ‘Lady Anna’.”

Melissa hesitated; she wasn’t sure she liked where this was going. Another hard yank, though, and she answered. “Yes, Lady Anna.”

Dana placed a reassuring hand on Melissa’s shoulder. “Please, Lady Anna,” the blonde pleaded, “she didn’t know.”

Lady Anna looked at the blonde. Finally, she nodded. “Very well….it will be forgiven this once.”

Melissa’s earlier apprehension returned. What had she gotten herself into? Despite the amazing things these girls had done to her earlier, she was beginning to regret her decision to come here. And yet….at the same time, she was excited by the idea of Anna doing whatever she wanted with her.

Anna….no, Lady Anna looked down at Melissa. “Sit up, toy,” she commanded. Melissa didn’t hesitate. “My cock will need to be lubed before I fuck Dana’s tight pussy. Do you think you can handle that?”

Lady Anna stood and took her by the hair, this time much more gently, and sat her up. The huge cock bobbed right in Melissa’s face; up this close she could see that it ran up from underneath and between Lady Anna’s strong legs, and seemed to protrude from her pussy.

Most of Melissa’s sexual experience was with guys. She didn’t need to be told what to do next. She reached up and took a hold of the red cock. It was surprisingly warm, almost like real flesh. She licked the tip a couple of times as Lady Anna watched, smiling around the tip of her slender cigarette holder. “That’s it, you naughty little thing,” she exhaled. “Now suck it.”

Melissa took the big, red cock into her mouth and began to slide her lips up and down its length. Lady Anna pushed it in, trying to get as deep into her mouth as possible. The illegal bahis redhead gasped in delight; it was as if she was getting as much pleasure as a guy would.

Bella moved up beside her, smiling. “Ooooo,” the little brunette said, “she’s good at that, Lady Anna.”

Lady Anna laughed. “She is…I can feel the inner dildo sliding in and out of me, teasing my clit, as she works on the outer one. She’s very good.”

Encouraged, Melissa began to suck the fake cock more aggressively. She reached up with both hands and grabbed Lady Anna’s ass, pulling her toward her. She began to fuck Melissa’s mouth in earnest, slamming the tip of the dildo against the back of her throat. Melissa nearly gagged, but she didn’t stop; she had always loved sucking cock.

After some time, Lady Anna finally pulled the cock from Melissa’s now eager mouth. Retrieving her cigarettes from the table, she placed one in the holder. Dana jumped to light it for her. “Ahhhh,” Lady Anna sighed. “That was very good, Melissa.”

“Thank you , Lady Anna,” she replied, sitting back. Bella slid up next to her on the couch and began rubbing one of Melissa’s nipples.

Lady Anna turned to Dana. “I think you’ve waited long enough, don’t you?”

Dana smiled and nodded in excitement. “Yes, Lady Anna.”

The bossy redhead stepped forward and spun Dana around and threw her over the arm of the love seat. She turned back to Melissa and Bella. “You two may pleasure each other as you watch.”

With one hand still holding her cigarette holder, she placed the other on the small of Dana’s back. She placed the head of the huge, red dildo to the blonde’s pussy lips. Slowly, Lady Anna slid the cock along Dana’s slit. Moisture shone on the shaft of the dildo after a few strokes. She looked back to Melissa and Bella as they watched from the couch. Biting her lower lip, she thrust forward with one rapid motion.

“OH FUCK!” Dana screamed as Lady Anna’s cock entered her. “OH MY GOD!”

Lady Anna turned her attention back to the writhing blonde. “You like that, Dana?” she asked. “You like that, you dirty little whore?”

Dana answered by slamming her hips back onto the huge cock. “Ohhhhhh, I fucking love it!”

“I know you do,” Lady Anna answered. “You made me cum earlier, and now I’m going to take care of you.” She started slamming Dana hard.

Melissa couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Lady Anna took another drag off her cigarette holder as she used her other hand to pull Dana back onto the dildo. The woman was amazing; it seemed like nothing would get in the way of her pleasure. It was easily the most erotic thing Melissa had ever seen.

She gasped in delight as Bella’s hand found her pussy again. The brunette began to slowly stroke Melissa’s slit as she continued to watch the action in front of her. “That is so hot, isn’t it?” she asked.

Melissa’s hand went over Bella’s, urging the girl on. “So fucking hot,” she replied. Bella began rapidly rubbing Melissa’s pussy as she leaned in to plant quick little kisses on Melissa’s neck.

On the love seat, Lady Anna leaned forward over Dana and held the cigarette holder to the blonde’s full lips. Dana sucked eagerly on the holder and then blew the smoke out in excited gasps. Lady Anna discarded the holder to the ashtray and placed both hands on Dana’s hips. She began to fuck the other girl furiously. “Good girl,” she whispered. “Take it deep. Take it so deep for me.”

Dana looked back over her shoulder to get a good view of Lady Anna fucking her. “Give it to me!” she cried. “OH GOD! Give it to me!” Their bodies slapped together in a sweet rhythm that resounded around the apartment.

Bella slipped two fingers into Melissa’s dripping pussy. She began finger-fucking her as they watched the other two girls go at it.

Melissa was ecstatic. The sight of Lady Anna fucking the hell out of Dana had her so aroused that Bella’s slightest touch was pure joy. She was well on her way to her second orgasm of the night.

“I love to watch Lady Anna fuck her,” Bella said as she pulled her fingers from Melissa’s pussy. She brought her hand up to her lips and slid the sopping digits into her mouth. She turned to face Melissa as she licked her fingers clean. “And I can tell you do, too.”

Melissa leaned in and kissed the hot little brunette, tasting her own pussy juice on Bella’s lips and tongue. The sensation was exhilarating and the kiss became quite passionate.

Bella broke the kiss off after a few moments and turned to watch the illegal bahis siteleri action on the love seat. “I want a closer look,” she said and rose from the couch. She took a cigarette from the pack on the table and lit it. Then she bent over and placed her free hand down on the table, leaning closer to the two women as they fucked.

Melissa looked at Bella leaning over the table before her. Her shapely legs were still wrapped in those sheer black stockings and her high heeled boots made her ass stick up seductively. Slowly, the brunette began to sway her hips back and forth. She looked back to Melissa as she took a drag and smiled invitingly.

Melissa barely hesitated. She leaned forward and grabbed the girl by the hips. She brought her face up to Bella’s ass and began to lick her little hole. When Isabel had done the same for her earlier, it had driven her wild; now she wanted to return the favor. “Oh, yeah,” Bella said turning back to watch Lady Anna fuck Dana. “Lick it, baby. Get my ass nice and wet like my pussy.”

Melissa brought one of her hands to Bella’s pussy and began to stroke it while she licked the girl’s asshole. From her vantage point, she could see Lady Anna and Dana from between Bella’s spread ass cheeks.

Lady Anna was now kneeling on the love seat and had a handful of Dana’s long blonde hair which she was using to pull Dana back onto the monstrous cock. Her other hand wrapped around Dana’s waist to play with the girl’s now swollen clit. “Fuck me, Lady Anna!” Dana chanted rhythmically each time the dildo was thrust into her pussy. “Fuck me, Lady Anna! Fuck me, Lady Anna!”

Melissa had Bella’s ass nice and wet while the girl stood bent over the table smoking. She gave it a few more licks and then began to work her tongue into her asshole. With one hand she kept Bella’s cheeks spread, with the other she played with her clit. Her ass loosened up a bit and Melissa began to drive her tongue in and out of the girl.

“Oooooooo, Melissa,” Bella cooed, “You do that so good! Keep tonguing my asshole, baby! I’m loving it!” She inhaled deeply on her cigarette and blew the smoke out in one long stream.

Melissa responded to the encouragement and began to really go to town. Bella’s ass was so tight and it gripped down on her tongue with each thrust. She stopped playing with the girl’s clit and instead shoved two fingers into her moist pussy. Bella squealed in delight and started thrusting her hips back onto the tongue in her ass and the fingers in her pussy.

Lady Anna pulled her cock out of Dana and then roughly bent the girl over the back of the love seat. “Stay right there,” she ordered. “I’m going to really start to go to work on you in a minute.” Her gloved hand rubbed some of Dana’s juices from the dildo and she brought her fingers up to her lips and took a taste. “So sweet.”

She came over to the table and grabbed Bella by her short, curly hair. She took the cigarette from the girls hand and took a drag off of it. Lady Anna smiled and then kissed Bella, breathing the smoke into the girls mouth. When Lady Anna broke the kiss, Bella exhaled the smoke back into her face. Melissa watched this exchange intently, but didn’t stop tongue-fucking Bella’s ass.

“I’ve got something else for your mouth, you little slut,” Lady Anna said and brought the cock up to Bella’s lips. She retrieved her sleek cigarette holder from the table, placed the smoke into it, and raised it to her own lips. “Suck me, Bella! Taste Dana’s cunt on my cock!”

She shoved her hips forward roughly, driving the dildo into Bella’s mouth. Lady Anna’s strong thrusts forced Bella’s slender little frame back onto Melissa’s tongue and fingers. The brunette moaned in delight as they both went to work on her.

Lady Anna smoked and watched Melissa as she shoved her big fake cock into Bella’s mouth. “You like her ass, toy?” she asked. “You like to tongue-fuck her tight little ass?”

Melissa took her tongue from Bella’s ass to answer. “I love it, Lady Anna.” She was enjoying having the redhead order them all around and talk dirty to them. It was a side of her she never realized she had.

“Good,” Lady Anna said between drags. “But you will have to stop and watch while I finish Dana off.”

Melissa reluctantly sat back on the couch. “Yes, Lady Anna.”

The bossy redhead smiled and then grabbed Bella by the hair again. She thrust her cock deeply into the girl’s face a few more times and then pulled her off. Saliva coated the red dildo and a thick string of it canlı bahis siteleri ran from its tip to Bella’s lower lip. “Good girl, Bella. You like how Dana tastes on my big cock?”

“I do, Lady Anna,” she answered, wiping the spit from her mouth.

Lady Anna pushed the smaller girl back onto the couch beside Melissa. “Good,” she said. “Now watch.”

Dana’s head was raised up and she was looking back over her shoulder as Lady Anna came up behind her. The redhead stepped up onto the couch and positioned herself above Dana’s ass. Lady Anna gripped the dildo and guided it down toward Dana’s exposed pussy. She rubbed the tip against Dana’s pussy lips, running it up and down her slit. Suddenly, Lady Anna shoved the cock in full force.

“OH MY GOD!” Dana growled as her mistress began to drive the cock rapidly into her. “YEAH! OH YEAH! YOU FUCK ME SO GOOD, LADY ANNA!”

Melissa and Bella sat on the couch and watched from behind as Lady Anna plunged her cock into Dana’s pussy with reckless abandon. Melissa imagined that getting fucked that hard while bent over the back of the couch must have hurt, but the sounds Dana made were those of pure pleasure.

“OOOHHHHHHH! GOD, YES! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!” She cried, loud enough to wake the whole building. “YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM! MAKE ME CUM, MAKE ME CUM, LADY ANNA!”

Lady Anna increased her efforts by grabbing the back of the couch in each hand and using it to help her pile-drive Dana’s cunt. She clamped her teeth around the tip of the cigarette holder and exhaled the occasional cloud of smoke around it. Spots of moisture could now be seen on the fabric of the love seat as drops of Dana’s pussy juice began to fall onto it.

Bella leaned in and whispered into Melissa’s ear. “Dana’s a squirter. She cums so hard her pussy juice sprays everywhere.” Melissa felt herself grow excited at this news; she couldn’t wait to see that.

She didn’t have to wait long. After a few more minutes Dana’s screams increased in volume, if that were possible. “I’M GONNA CUM! I’M GONNA CUM!”

Lady Anna pulled the big cock out of the girl’s drenched pussy and began to rub her clit vigorously. She turned back to Melissa and Bella and, with her free hand, beckoned the two of them over. They both leaped up from the couch and scrambled over to the love seat.

Lady Anna motioned for them to kneel on the floor with their faces positioned behind Dana’s pussy. Lady Anna’s leather-clad hand was a blur on Dana’s clit.

“Make her cum, Lady Anna,” Bella begged. “Make her cum all over our faces.”

Dana continued to scream with pleasure. “THAT’S IT! OH, FUCK YEAH! I’M GONNA CUM!”

Lady Anna took another drag from her cigarette holder and looked down at Bella. “You are such a little whore!” she said. “You want her to spray all over you little sluts?”

It was Melissa who answered. “Please, Lady Anna! I want her cum on my face!”

As if on cue, Dana went silent and her exposed lower body began to quiver. Lady Anna didn’t stop working the girl’s clit. Suddenly, gouts of cum began to spray from Dana’s cunt. Streams of it struck the two kneeling girls and they both leaned in to get as much as possible. Bella opened her mouth, trying to catch Dana’s cum.


Melissa leaned in and placed her mouth on Dana’s pussy, allowing the juices to spray right into her mouth. Lady Anna took her hand away, giving her better access. She sucked on Dana’s cunt as it spasmed in climax.

“What a dirty slut you are, Melissa!” Lady Anna said with a smile. “I’m so glad I found you tonight.”

Finally, Dana’s orgasm subsided and her pussy juice stopped squirting into Melissa’s mouth. Melissa leaned back and turned to Bella, who moved in and began licking the cum from her lips.

Dana struggled to catch her breath. Lady Anna watched Melissa and Bella kiss as she rubbed Dana’s juices from her fake cock. She licked her glove again and moaned in delight. “Mmmmmm,” she murmured. “That was fucking great!” She smacked her lips.

Dana brought herself back over the couch and sat down amidst them all. “It sure was, Lady Anna” she said breathlessly.

Melissa kept kissing Bella for a few moments more. Dana’s cum tasted so sweet and she was loving it. When they finally broke the kiss, she turned to the redhead. “Thank you, Lady Anna,” she said. “Tonight really was the most amazing night I’ve ever had.”

Lady Anna placed the sleek cigarette holder to her lips and inhaled deeply. She exhaled the smoke toward Melissa and Bella. “And it’s not over yet,” she purred and grabbed the cock again, giving it a little wag. “Who’s next?”

To Be Continued…

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