Married official CockSucker I am not gay

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Married official CockSucker I am not gay
What the hell am I doing? A couple hours ago I was just going out for a drink and now I am driving in my car following a guy to his house. I am a married man, 57 years old and as straight as they come. My hands are sweating, I can feel my heart pounding and I am as scared and nervous as I have ever been. It is like the first time I felt up my date when I was 16 years old in high school. Excited, yet scared to death.

I have been married for 30 years to a gorgeous woman and we have a great sex life. I love women. When we go out to the mall or a restaurant I am always watching the women; the breasts, legs and asses. I love to fuck, eat pussy and just feel the warmth of a soft woman’s skin against mine. Now, I am on my way to what I think will be sex with a MAN.

Now, during my life, I have thought about sex with a man. I truly believe every male has thought about what it would be like to have sex with a man. As I think most women have had thoughts of another woman. When watching a porn movie I have always been awed at the size and shape of the many cocks on the screen. And over the years I have watched a couple gay movies and while surfing the web I have popped into a couple gay sites. It seems so nasty and yet exciting to watch a guy suck another guy’s cock or get fucked. I have jacked off looking at two guys fucking. But that has just been fantasy sex. Not me actually having sex with a man. I have tasted my own cum a couple of times. It was not my favorite thing to do but again it seemed taboo and erotic. Having thoughts of forbidden sexual acts IS very exciting and will get my cock hard every time.

So, how did I get myself in this situation? I am a senior manager and having various groups working around the U.S. During the year, I will travel to those sites, review the work, meet with the analysts and with the local support site and team. I usually stay about five days at each location. While there is the normal hotel stay, happy hours and having dinner with my employees. I actually find out how the work is really going after they have had a few drinks and open up. So, on my visit to Atlanta, Georgia, it was like every other trip. Happy hour, dinner and after dinner drinks.

Tonight was the same. We went downtown to the Peachtree Omni (everything in Atlanta is Peachtree this or Peachtree that). I had a great dinner, good discussions and we were having drinks in the lounge. Around 10PM, all the group had gone either home or to their hotel rooms. Only Jerry and I remained to finish our drinks. Jerry is a local techie and about in his late 40’s. He is probably the most knowledgeable of the project and is very easy to be around. Some people just mix well and you feel like you have known them for a long time.

So Jerry was telling me about his life and about Atlanta. Atlanta is a very updated city and has unique areas around town. Jerry asked if I wanted to finish our drinks and he would take me to a couple other bars. So we closed out our bill and headed out to the street. We walked about 7 or 8 blocks and into a small dark club on a side street. The music was loud and the place was noisy. We found a spot at the bar and ordered a couple of beers. As I looked around the club I noticed it was mostly guys of various ages. There were only two women in the place. I also noticed some of the guys dancing together. I think I saw Jerry watching my reaction. Then he said, “Yes it is.”

“Yes it is what?” I replied.

“Gay bar.” He responded.

I think I said, “Oh.”

In my mind I was thinking, why did he bring me here? Did I say something? Act like I wanted to come here? Do I look or act gay? I did feel a little naughty and bold.

“Well?” he asked looking at me.

“Well what?” I replied.

“Does this shock you?”

“Not really.” I said. “But this is the first time I have been in a place like this.”

“I thought you might find it interesting.” He said.

“Why did you think that?” I said reaching for my drink and taking a gulp.

“You seemed interested in our waiter at the hotel.” He said quite directly.

I almost spit my drink out. I did notice our waiter and I did notice his tight pants and nice butt. But I did not think anyone saw me glance at him. Shit. Now what?

“I just thought he was a good waiter and knew how to handle people.” I said trying to steer the conversation to service versus looks.

“Oh, I bet he could handle people. He was gay and I know him from our racketball club.” Jerry said.

“Are you gay?”, he asked me staring into my eyes.

I sputtered out, “Aaaah, No.” “I’m married.”

“A lot of gay guys are married or married guys that just like guys.” He said.

“Which are you?” he asked with a slight grin.

“I am gay!” I quickly responded.

“So, you are just a married guy that likes guys.” He quickly replied.

“I did not say that.”

“But you didn’t say you didn’t like guys either.” He made his point.

“So, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri which is it?” he continued to press me.

“I am not gay.” I replied again.

“But you find guys attractive, don’t you?” he asked.

“Look, I will admit I have looked at some guys. But only because some are just striking.” I said. “but I have never done anything with a man.”

“Yet”. He said.

“And it is ok to look.” He continued. “There are always two sides of a story and some men can relate to both men and women.”

“What about you?” I asked.

“Yes, I do relate to both. And I have had a couple of moments with a man. Does that shock you?” he asked as he lit his cigarette.

“Can I have one of those?” I asked pointing to his cigarette pack. And I quit smoking 10 years ago. But I was getting nervous where this conversation was going. I lit my cigarette, took a puff and had a quick dry cough. He sort of chuckled.

“A little nervous, aren’t you?” he grinned.

“Look, instead of us spending $10 a drink, let’s get out of here and we can talk elsewhere where it is cheaper.” He said throwing a couple of $20 on the bar.

We walked outside and he said, “Why don’t you come over to my house? It is about 15 minutes from here. You can walk back to your hotel and follow in your car.”

I hesitated. What am I getting myself into? How do I get out of this? Do I want to?

“Look, just come over. You will not be put in any compromising situation. We can just have a couple of drinks and talk.” He said putting his hand on my arm.

“Ok.” I replied and we walked back to the hotel. We went into the parking garage, he got his car, I got in mine and I followed him out onto the street. It was just beginning to rain. So the roads were shiny and my windshield wasn’t cleaning well with the wipers. I kept his taillights in view and we made several turns and ended up in front of a building. There were a couple parking places by the curb so I grabbed one of them. My hands were shaking.

I got out and walked over his car as he got out. “I moved here last year.” He said. “they are remodeling all these old apartment buildings.”

We were getting wet so we half ran to the door. He pressed a code and we went in. We walked up one flight of stairs and he opened the door of his condo. He held the door open and I walked in first. It was very well decorated and the hall led into a rather huge living room.

“This is pretty nice.” I said as I walked around the room. There was a set of French doors that opened to a small balcony. I opened the doors and walked out. It had stopped raining and the fresh smell of clean air was great.

“What would you like to drink?” he yelled from inside.

“Anything would be fine.” I replied.

As I stood outside, I was still nervous and yet excited. My knees were actually feeling weak. What would I do if he came on to me? Would he? God, I was getting scared again.

“Here you go.” He said handing me a glass. “thought you might be a scotch guy.”

“Actually I am.” I said taking a sip. “I like a good single malt.”

“Well, then I guessed right twice.” He said with a slight grin. I think I knew what he meant.

I turned and looked out over the street and into a park. He came a stood next to me, his arm slightly touching mine. I was nervous.

“The park is nice.” He said pointing at it with his glass. “It is nice to not have another building across the street. During the weekends, it is packed with people. Mostly gays and lesbians playing Frisbee or just sitting a having some wine. I enjoy watching them hitting on each other.”

I took another sip of my drink. I could smell his cologne and feel my heart pounding. I know I wanted to try something but then again how would I react? We made small talk for about a half a hour. Then he reached for my glass. “Let me freshen that up.” He said taking my glass and walking back into the room. As I waited my pulse was fast and I think I even began to sweat a little. It was actually getting hard to breathe. I think I just wanted to leave.

He came back to balcony, handed me my drink and he put his arm around my shoulder. “Nervous? He said as he gripped my shoulder. I just shook my head and took a big swallow of my drink. As I pulled the glass from my lips he turned me toward him.

“Look, I enjoy your company and our conservations.” He said staring into my eyes. “Just enjoy your drink and we can watch a little tv.”

I didn’t reply and just stared at him. That must have indicated something because before I could say anything he leaned forward and lightly kissed my lips. Shit. I did not respond nor did I reject it. He looked at me and then leaned in again. This time his kiss was longer and he drew his tongue across my lips. When he withdrew, I took another drink of my scotch. He smiled at me and said, “See, you didn’t die, did you?”. I sort of chuckled.

He pulled me closer and pressed his lips to mine again. This time youwin güvenilir mi when he kissed me, he pressed his tongue against my lips. My lips just opened on their own and his tongue slid in. My cock was straining against my pants as I began kissing him back. I pressed my tongue against his and into his mouth. I was breathing hard and had to stop kissing him to catch my breath. But that was just for a brief moment as our mouths locked up again. He pressed against me and I could feel his hard cock against mine. We started pressing our cocks together. Grinding against each other.

He stopped kissing me and lead me back inside. He closed the doors and pulled the curtains. “It’s a little cool, don’t you think.” He said walking to his fireplace. He flipped a switch and the gas logs lit up. “I need another drink.” He said walking out of the room. I went a sat on the couch. What the fuck just happened? I just made out with a man. I had not even thought about the kissing thing when I thought about men. It was not bad. I could almost still smell him on my lips.

The lights dimmed a little and he walked in and sat beside me on the couch. The room was just a glow from the fireplace logs. “Well?” He asked.

“Well what?” He responded.

“Did you like your kiss?” he said sipping his drink.

“I never even thought about kissing.” I replied. “It was strange kissing a man but it was also very nice.”

“Good.” He said sitting his drink down and leaning over to me. He put his arm around me and kissed me again. I returned his kissed and put my arms around him. He sucked on my tongue and nibbled on my lips. I explored his mouth with my tongue. His lips were wet and hot and I was getting so fucking hot. As we kissed he ran his hand down to my chest and began rubbing me. He actually pinched my nipple through my shirt. I can’t believe my nipple got hard. It felt good. Soon he had unbuttoned a couple of buttons and he warm hand was caressing my chest and nipple. Our mouths continued to bathe each other in wet kisses.

He broke our kiss and pulled me to my feet. He walked us over in front of the fireplace and pulled me down to the rug. He reached back and got a couple of pillows, put them down and we laid back on them. He rolled next to me and began kissing me again. He pressed our bodies together and our hard cocks rubbed against each other. Man, I was so fucking excited and I think I could have cum right there. As we kissed he unbuttoned the rest of my shirt and pushed my shirt open. He slid his lips down my face, under my chin and down onto my chest. I felt his tongue flick across my nipple and then he sucked it into his mouth. He sucked and ran his tongue over my nipple. It felt so good and I wanted him to continue. He moved to my other nipple and proceeded to do the same thing. He then moved back up and kissed me. He reached for my hand and put it on his chest. I knew he wanted me to do the same thing.

While I kissed him, I unbuttoned his shirt. When my hand found his bare chest, it felt a lot of soft thick hair. I found his nipple and squeezed it between my fingers. I could not believe how big his nipples were. He could have been a girl. I then took the plunge. I moved from his mouth to his chest. He smelled good and it was erotic. I kissed his chest and then his nipple. I ran my tongue over his nipple and like him, I sucked it between my lips. I continued doing his nipples for awhile. I was hot and excited. As I kissed his nipples, I felt pressure on my head. He was pushing me lower. Oh, now what do I do? I continued kissing and licking him. His stomach was very tight. I can’t believe I did it but I actually pressed my tongue into his bellybutton. As I kissed his stomach, I looked down his body. I could see the outline of his hard cock pressing against his pants. I continued kissing his stomach and looking down at his bulge. Then, I just ran my hand down his leg and back up slowly. My mind said just do it. I ran my hand up and then over his bulge. God, he was so hard and felt very big. I lightly rubbed it again and then I just grasped it with my hand. My first hard cock. Well, actually my first hard cock on another man.

I slid down and lay my head on his thigh and I watched me rubbing his cock. It felt so exciting and nasty. I felt him moved and little and I watched as he unbuckled his pants with one hand and unbutton the top button. Then he lay back again. I knew what I was to do. I reached up and found his zipper. I pulled it all the way down. A glimpse of white showed through his pants. Here goes I thought. I moved my hand up and into his pants. I found his brief covered cock and grasped it. I stroked it and rubbed it with my fingers. I moved my body up so my head was lying on his stomach again. I pushed my hand further into his pants and found his balls. They were also big. I rolled them between my fingers and cupped perabet them. One of my fingers slipped under his briefs and I felt the warmth of skin and hair. I could see the outline of the head of his cock pressed against his white briefs. I moved my fingers up and caressed the head.

I had thought about this moment before. I slid my hand up and then under the elastic band of his brief. I felt his bare hard cock. I wrapped my fingers around the smooth shaft. He was very big. I moved down and found his hairy balls and caressed them. I didn’t stay there long. I pulled my hand out and slowly pushed his briefs down until the head of his cock was exposed. It was dark purple and seemed to shine. I ran my thumb over the head. It was so smooth and warm. My head seemed to have a life of it’s own. I moved down and kissed the head of his cock. Then I licked it and then I took it in my mouth. Fuck, I have the head of a man’s cock in my mouth. It felt soft, warm, smooth and delicious. I continued to lick and suck on it. I pressed down and took more of his cock into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around his shaft and sucked him. I started doing what I know I like. I moved my mouth and lips up and down his cock. I was sucking a cock. I was sucking another man’s hard cock.

Jerry reached down and pulled me up to his mouth and kissed me. Then he stood up and kicked off his pants, shirt and pushed his briefs off. He was a beautiful naked man. He pulled me to my knees and stood in front of me. His cock was at my face. I just did what came naturally. I reached up, pulled his cock down and sucked it into my mouth. I took more into my mouth until I felt my gag reflex hit me. “Go slow.” He said.

I backed off and then sucked more into my mouth. Each time I began to gag I stopped and moved his cock back. I soon found I could take a little more each time. With one more try, his cock slid into the first part of my throat. I pulled back and did it again, and again. My nose would touch his pubic hair but there was still more cock to go. I did not think I could take all of him and did not even try. What I had in my mouth was delicious, hot and I was loving it.

I pulled his cock from my mouth, pushed it up flat against his body and kissed and licked his balls. They were big and I took one in my mouth. I rolled it around with my tongue, then did the same to the other. Then I thought, why not? I opened my mouth wide and was able to take both of his balls in my mouth.

“Oh man, are you sure you have not done this before?” he said touching the top of my head. His balls popped out of my mouth and I looked up at him.

“No, but it seems I am a natural.” I said returning to sucking his cock. I dropped my hand from his cock and reached both of hands behind him and grabbed his nice ass. His ass cheeks were very warm and soft. I pulled his cock in and out of my mouth by using his ass. I was fucking my mouth with his cock. Salvia was dripping down my chin as a goggled his hard meat. I was loving it. I was giving a man a blow job. Only thing left was his cum. Oh, could I take it? I continued to suck his cock and pull on his ass. I was so into it that I then realized I was able to that his entire cock in my mouth. How did I know? My lips and mouth were totally pressed into his pubic hair. His scent filled my nostrils and my mind.

I moved one of my hands back to his cock and began pumping him as I sucked him. I was jacking him off into my mouth and that thought got my precum dripping from my cock. Then he began to move and knew he was getting close. I sucked and sucked. His wet slick cock pistoned in and out of my tight lips. I pressed my lips tighter around his cock. Making my mouth his cunt. I squeezed his hairy balls and he began to fuck my mouth. I heard myself moaning. Moaning like a fucking whore. I wanted him to fill my mouth with his hot sperm. I wanted to drink from his cock.

Jerry groaned and his first spurt of cum hit the back of my tongue. I pulled my mouth off a little and his next spurt covered my tongue. I slurped and swallowed as he continued to fill my mouth. At first it was hot and watery, then has he continued to cum, it was sticky and thick. It covered his cock moving in and out of my mouth, it was all over my lips and it coated my mouth and tongue. I continued to suck his cock and swallow his hot sperm. Man, did he cum a lot. As his orgasm subsided, his cock lost a little of it’s hardness. I kept it in my mouth and continued to savor his cock and his cum. I licked the shaft and put my tongue in the tiny slit at the end of his magnificent big cock. I let his cock slip from my mouth, I ran my tongue over my lips to collected and remove his cum and even wiped some from my chin. I like it. I fucking liked it. I was now an official COCKSUCKER.

Jerry knelt down and kissed me. His pushed his tongue into my mouth and tasted his own sperm. My face and lips were sticky with his cum. After he stopped kissing me, he reached over and handed me my scotch. I held my glass up and said, “Heres to you. Oh and to your cock.” He grabbed his glass and we clinked them together. I knew there would definitely be a second, third and fourth time. I was hooked.

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