Mannish Girl

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A lesbian tale with natural women, muscular women and body hair involved.


“Please be careful,” Alice Porter said as she stood next to the step stool with her hand on the hip of her neighbor, hoping that the trembling of her fingers wasn’t noticeable as she steadied the woman who was attempting to undo the cover of the light fixture.

Last year the now 50 year old Alice Porter didn’t have to worry about fixing things, because she was a reasonably happy woman with a husband around the house. Now however, the husband was an ex and finances had dictated she moved out of the split level ranch he had fled and into this apartment complex, which was a definite step down.

Having just moved in, Alice was in the process of finding out everything that didn’t work, and not having an overhead light in the bedroom was one of the problems. The thing that held the glass cover on the fixture wouldn’t come loose, and building maintenance didn’t answer the phone.

Alice happened to step out onto the tiny patio and saw the next door neighbor handing a plant. He had his back to Alice, and he was a muscular young man with short jet black hair and wide shoulders that were flattered by the tank-top that looked painted on him.

Looks young, Alice was thinking, although when you’re a half-century old everybody looks like a kid.

Maybe he would be a Good Samaritan and help out a poor old lady in distress, Alice had thought, and although she was usually very shy and meek around strangers she cleared her throat to try and get some information.

Afterward, Alice didn’t recall whether she had actually used the word “sir” when calling over, but she was still mortified when the neighbor turned around and she learned that “he” was a “she”. Not a very feminine woman, to be sure, but a woman nonetheless, but if the androgynous woman had noticed or had and was offended she said nothing.

“Maintenance?” the young woman said with a chuckle when Alice asked when the office was open. “Don’t hold your breath. Better off doing it yourself.”

That was an hour ago, but now the mannish girl had a name – Kyle – and Kyle was in her apartment working to get that light cover unfastened, with Alice as her assistant holding on to her belt loop.

Kyle, despite her androgynous appearance and chiseled Nordic facial features had turned out to be very pleasant, although Alice noticed that she had pretty much taken charge since they met. Was there such a thing as an Alpha female, Alice wondered, because Kyle had a way about her that put shy people like herself in their place before they realized what was happening.

After Kyle had stepped up on the little ladder and asked Alice to help steady her, Alice found herself standing next to Kyle’s side, with the woman’s armpit almost in her face as her muscular arms strained. Kyle wasn’t wearing a bra, although Alice noted Kyle really didn’t need one since her breasts only looked like small swells on her wide chest.

The scent that wafted out from Kyle’s armpit was slightly pungent, although not yet offensive, and it seemed to Alice as if the young woman didn’t use deodorant much more frequently that she did a razor.

Not that Alice was in a position to criticize, since after becoming single again she hadn’t been a diligent as she once was in many feminine ways, but that was different, Alice reasoned. Nobody was going to see what was going on under her arms, while Kyle’s sleeveless t-shirt made not noticing the thick bushy tufts of jet black hair that filled the young woman’s chiseled armpits impossible.

Kyle certainly didn’t care what others would think either, since she had glanced over a couple of times and had noticed Alice staring at her underarms and made no effort to hide the profuse growth from view. It was her ripped arms she had been looking at, Alice was ready to say if asked, but she hadn’t.

The armholes of Kyle’s tank-top were soaked by the time the light cover came free, and after extracting a couple of burnt out light bulbs Kyle took the new bulbs from Alice and voila!

“Let there be light!” Kyle cracked when the room lit up, and after replacing the cover the mannish girl climbed down.

“Oh thank you so much Kyle,” Alice gushed as she found herself touching Kyle’s bulging bicep as she stepped down. “Would you like a drink? You’re all sweaty.”

“Love one,” Kyle said, but as Alice looked into the refrigerator the younger woman nodded toward the bottle of Jack Daniels on the counter and added, “That’ll do fine.”

Alice poured them both a drink and the two chatted in the kitchen, although the conversation was more of a gentle interrogation, and after about five minutes Kyle already knew quite a bit about her.

“A man or a woman?” Kyle had asked after noticing the groove in Alice’s ring finger.

“Oh – um – a man – my ex-husband,” Alice mumbled.

“Just curious,” Kyle said as she leaned on the door jam and with her free hand reached up and grabbed the molding.

“Yes – uh – casino siteleri 23 years,” Alice said as she tried not to look at the Amazon standing a few feet in front of her, but it was like trying to ignore the elephant in the room what with the combination of Kyle’s muscular arm and the jungle of black hair pasted to her sweaty skin right in front of her.

And that aroma, Alice kept thinking. So manly and pungent yet strangely unoffensive, and it sent a shiver down the older woman’s spine as she tried to focus on Kyle’s smoky eyes instead of her musky armpit.

“I said I hope we’re going to become good friends,” Kyle said loudly, apparently repeating herself since Alice’s mind had been elsewhere. “I sense a connection between us.”

“Yes, I would like that very much,” Alice replied.

“You have plans tonight?” Kyle asked and then before waiting for a response continued. “If you want we could order out – Chinese maybe or whatever you want. I could come back over here – your place is nicer than mine already.”

“Oh. Sure,” Alice said.

“Let me go take a shower,” Kyle said as she gave her armpit a sniff before lowering her arm. “I’ll come back over in about a half hour.”

With that Kyle left, and as her lingering scent hung in the air behind her Alice found herself taking a deep inhale of the hearty aroma before shaking her head and getting the place in some sense of order for her company.


“That was awesome,” Kyle said after they devoured the Chinese food Alice had gotten delivered, and as the younger woman leaned back on the couch Alice began to clear the coffee table of the mess.

“That can wait,” Kyle said, but Alice was already in motion and hustling the cartons into the trash. “We can have dessert and relax first.”

“Right back,” Alice responded, the reminder of the two joints Kyle had brought along with the bottle of wine not needed.

My word, what is becoming of me, Alice thought at the prospect of smoking pot, something she hadn’t done in decades.

The older woman peeked out to where Kyle was sitting, and while the younger woman had taken a shower and changed her clothes the sleeveless blouse she wore now was similar to what she had on earlier. It was clearly designed to flaunt her arms and shoulders, although now instead of slacks Kyle was wearing shorts that revealed muscular and smooth calves.

Better get your head together, Alice admonished herself as she prepared to rejoin her company. For whatever reason Kyle had her acting strangely, and while they ate Alice had been caught looking places she shouldn’t have been.

Alice’s eyes had happened to wander when Kyle had leaned over to the coffee table, and was peeking down the girl’s blouse top when Kyle looked up and saw where her eyes were.

“That was an accident,” Alice mumbled to herself, confused as to why she had been interested in looking at Kyle’s nearly flat chest.

Maybe it was remembering back to her college days when she had a roommate who was a bit like Kyle. Tomboyish and another girl who didn’t believe in razors, and while Alice started the semester appalled at Lexi’s appearance, by the end of the first month they were in bed together for Alice’s one and only lesbian relationship.

Alice found herself humming the song that Lexi used to sing in the dorm, some old blues song with the title Mannish Boy, and then forced herself back to the real world where Kyle was out there waiting.


“Been quite a while,” Alice admitted as she tried not to choke on the smoke while handing the joint back to Kyle.

“Like riding a bike,” Kyle chuckled as she got closer on the couch, their knees touching, and the contact of flesh on flesh made Alice jump. “So I’ve managed to find out a lot about you – except I don’t know why a hottie like you is home on a Saturday night.”

“I could say the same thing about you,” Alice commented.

“I had something else to do, but something better came up,” Kyle said.

“It did? What?”

“This,” Kyle said. “So anything you want to know about me?”

“Well, I couldn’t help noticing your arms and shoulders,” Alice heard herself saying.

“I know. I’ve noticed you notice,” Kyle said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Oh. Sorry,” Alice mumbled.

“Don’t be. I love to be looked at.”

“I take it you lift weights.”

“That and other things,” Kyle said. “When I was a kid I had a shoulder problem and started to lift weights for rehab. Guess I enjoyed it.”

“You’re in marvelous condition,” Alice said. “And I do apologize for staring. I meant nothing by it. Guess I’m jealous.”

“No problem. Hey, I’ve been looking at you too. I’ll trade you my arms for those,” Kyle said as she nodded downward, and when Alice saw that she was nodding toward her bosom she blushed.

“Didn’t mean to embarrass you Alice. Always wished I had something up top myself.”

“Well, if I could give them to you I would,” Alice admitted as she looked down at her overdeveloped breasts. “Not only do canlı casino they make my backache but I could do without the stares.”

“Oh. Guess I shouldn’t have said that about looking at you.”

“No, that’s not it. Some men just leer and… ugh! And then there’s some that think I got implants.”

“No, I can tell they’re real,” Kyle said. “Fake boobs are just yuck. Does your back hurt? I’d love to give you a rubdown.”

“No, I’m fine, but maybe I’ll lift weights with you sometime to get my arms in shape.”

“You’re in marvelous shape Alice,” Kyle said. “And your arms are still trim. Here. Make a muscle for me.”


“Here,” Kyle said as she took Alice’s wrist and raised it. “Now make a muscle for me.”

“Okay,” Alice laughed and raised her slender arm, pale and riddled with freckles, and while making a face did her best to make a bulge in her bicep.

“Great,” Kyle said as she put her hand on the modest bulge and smiled, but after a mild squeeze she let her thumb move down until it was sliding into Alice’s exposed armpit.

“Don’t – stay as you are,” Kyle said when Alice’s body jerked away. “I was interested in your muscle but I was way more interested in this when I saw you raise your arm in the bedroom before.”

“Haven’t shaved in a while,” Alice said sheepishly as she looked down at Kyle’s thumb as it rubbed through the burnt orange spray of hairs that sprouted from the center of Alice’s deep pale armpit.


“Lazy I guess,” Alice admitted.

“No, I mean why shave at all? Your armpits look beautiful – womanly. Armpits should never be shaved,” Kyle said. “Got that quote from the book The Joy of Sex. Does this bother you, Alice? Me playing with your pit hair?”

“No. Feels kind of nice, but unlike you I didn’t just get out of the shower.”

“All the better. Lean back for me,” Kyle said, and when Alice hesitated she eased the older woman back against the cushion and climbed onto her knees while extending Alice’s arm back behind the couch.

“What?” Alice gasped as Kyle leaned down towards her and lowered her face under Alice’s arm.

The room spun around for Alice as she leaned her head back and was overwhelmed by Kyle. It wasn’t only the grass that had Alice reeling either. Kyle had her pinned back and had buried her face into the deep crater of Alice’s armpit where she was licking and sucking on the sparse hairs while snorting like an animal.

Alice was pressed against the back of the couch and couldn’t have gotten up if she wanted to, but that was the thing. She didn’t want to. After the initial shock, and despite how strange it might have been, Alice’s whole body was tingling under this unusual oral assault.

Gone was the embarrassment of not having shaved in a while, and Alice didn’t care that her deodorant had likely worn off, leaving her unprotected against offensive odors. Alice’s nipples had popped out even before Kyle’s free hand had started kneading the soft flesh through the layers of clothing.

“Wanted to do that all day,” Kyle gasped when she removed her face from the savaged crater, her face beet red and glistening, and the younger woman grinned and added, “Got a thing for pits obvious, especially hairy ones like yours.”

“Afraid I’m not very hairy,” Alice said as she glanced over at the red hairs plastered against her wet skin. “Not like you.”

“You don’t have to – you know,” Kyle said when Alice started to lean forward.

“Want to.”

“Can we go to your bed and get comfortable?” Kyle said. “Want to see your breasts.”

“I’m an old lady. They don’t look like they used to,” Alice admitted with a shaky voice when Kyle climbed off her lap. “I’m afraid you might be disappointed.”

“Doubt that,” Kyle said as she helped Alice up from the couch and led the older woman into her own bedroom.


“Love this blouse,” Kyle said as the two women stood next to Alice’s bed, a bed where only Alice and her ex-husband had ever been in, but Alice knew that this was about to change.

Kyle’s hands were pulling the flowered sleeveless top out of Alice’s shorts, and as she did Alice began to panic. This was all too much too soon; she hadn’t been with a woman since college and she hardly knew Kyle, and it was way too bright in her bedroom even though the only illumination was coming in from the living room. Too bright for a woman her age to be seen in.

“Relax Alice,” Kyle said and her chiseled facial features softened just before lifting the blouse up and over Alice’s head and tossing it aside. “Mmm… incredible.”

Kyle purred as she put her hands on the worn cups of the older woman’s brassiere and gently kneaded the heavy bosom that filled the insides. Alice’s breasts had filled out over the years even though the rest of her body stayed trim, so the result was that Alice’s breasts dominated her slight frame and looked very out of place on her slender torso.

“Front?” Kyle said as she looked to see how to unhook the harness, and when Alice nodded the kaçak casino younger woman’s fingers went to the front and calmly undid the three hooks.

After the last hook came free the fabric slipped from Kyle’s grasp as the weighty globes lurched out of their confinement. The doughy and pale bell-shaped breasts dropped down to Alice’s waist, their lack of firmness never more apparent and that was embarrassing to the older woman, but if Kyle cared about that her expression and actions didn’t show it.

“Omigod,” Kyle moaned as her muscular hands struggled with the pendulous jugs, the soft flesh warm in her palms as she kneaded the soft globes. “They’re even bigger than I’d guessed.”

Then Kyle was kneeling down and tugging Alice’s shorts down her slender and smooth legs, and after her fingers stroked the front of the older woman’s panties they came down too.

“Knew you’d be hairy down there too,” Kyle said of the wide triangle of burnt orange pubic hair, which in fact had thinned a bit over the years although the bush itself strayed too wide for all but the fullest of panties to contain. “And you’re wet too.”

Alice’s knees buckled a bit when she felt Kyle’s fingers rake through the hair before she was eased down onto the bed.

“You’re so beautiful,” Kyle said as she looked down at Alice while striping off her own clothes.

When Kyle peeled of her tank-top, Alice was a bit shocked even though she had gotten a peek down the younger woman’s blouse before. Kyle’s breasts – in fact her chest – was much like a man’s with the bulging pectorals and the nipples not much larger than a male’s – and her stomach was tight and rippled.

“I’m hairy too,” Kyle was saying while she peeled her shorts over the over-sized thighs, exposing herself completely to the older woman as she climbed onto the bed.

In the brief glance Alice got she saw that while Kyle had a lot of hair around the opening of her sex and the hair spread out wide and high, the hair grew much thinner out there on the sides.

“Shaved for a body-building competition a while back,” Kyle said when she saw Alice’s expression while climbing onto Alice and straddling her thighs, their pussies grinding together while Kyle reached down and resumed kneading Alice’s breasts which remained formidable despite her being on her back. “Miss being really hairy. Feel nice?”

Alice nodded as she felt their pussies rubbing into each other, and above her Kyle’s skin was already glistening with perspiration as she gently rocked on Alice’s mound, little droplets of her sweat dropping down onto Alice and making her pliant tit-flesh slippery in Kyle’s grasp.

“You do it Alice – play with your breasts for me,” Kyle asked as she slid down off of the older woman, and after seeing Alice take her doughy jugs in her hands she worked down between Alice’s legs, parting the lightly freckled thighs as she slid between them.

“Omigod, your pussy is gorgeous,” Kyle sighed as her fingers raked through the large triangle of burnt orange hair, a bush that wasn’t as thick as it once was but was still a very wide V of soft fur.

“Oh my!” Alice gasped as she felt Kyle easily lift her buttocks up while burying her face between her parted thighs, and as the mannish girl tongued her with a talented tongue the older woman writhed on the bed while clutching her own breasts savagely.

Alice came fast and hard, her lithe frame nearly sliding off the bed as first one orgasm and then another raged through her body while she gasped to catch her breath.

“You okay?”

Kyle had come up from between Alice’s legs and was hovering over her with concern.

“Yes – just – omigod,” Alice wheezed as she looked up at her young friend, her face and upper torso reddened and glistening with sweat. “Omigod that was…”

“Good I hope,” Kyle smiled before leaning down and kissing Alice’s forehead while easing down next to her. “I think you needed that.”

“I never… ” Alice panted before Kyle put a finger gently over her lips and told her to catch her breath.

“You cum so good,” Kyle said with a grin as she watched the fleshy globes heave on the older woman’s chest, and while resting on her side traced the perimeter of Alice’s drink coaster sized aureola with her finger. “Am I your first woman?”

“No,” Alice said. “In college. A roommate. Been a while.”

“Was she like me?”

“In a way. Why?”

“I dunno. Just got the feeling that I might have brought back a memory or something.”

“Can’t explain. It’s not like I was expecting this.”

“I know. I liked seducing you.”

“More like bowled me over,” Alice laughed as she turned to face Kyle. “But now it’s my turn.”

“You don’t have to,” Kyle said when Alice put her freckled hand on Kyle’s shoulder.

“Won’t be able to if you don’t let me,” Alice said when Kyle didn’t budge when Alice tried to ease her onto her back.

“Okay,” Kyle said as she let Alice put her onto the sheets.

“Been a while,” Alice said as she knelt next to Kyle and looked down at the Amazon-like torso. “If I do something wrong…”

“No such thing,” Kyle assured Alice who had a trembling hand on the washboard stomach of the bodybuilder. “Don’t hold back – no judgments here.”

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