Mallorca Ch. 02

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Michelle’s clit felt so swollen and sensitive between her fingers. Her eyes were closed, and her left hand rested against the soft stone tiles of the walk-in shower as the elegant rainstorm head enveloped her in cool water. Her mind raced with images of friends new and old but kept returning to the mysterious Dutch woman from the lobby.

She threw her head back, imagining Birgit kneeling in front of her, hands kneading her full, round ass, tongue buried inside her, hissing “come for me dear” in that classy, mannered, but sensuous, accent.

And she came, hard, for the second time in 20 minutes, biting her lip and whimpering, fingers gradually slowing their work on her fat clit. She rested her back flat against the side of the shower, the water still dousing her breasts and sensitive, erect nipples. She clenched her teeth and squeezed them hard. God how she wanted someone, anyone else to be even rougher with them.

Pushing open the clear glass door, she surveyed the cavernous bathroom of brilliant whites and soft browns and topes. Dual sinks, a step-up hot tub and a walk-in shower big enough for 10? She could get used to that. Drying herself with the one remaining towel as she shuffled back into the bedroom, she smiled at the mess at the foot of her bed, hoping never to be forced into eye contact with any maids.

Michelle hadn’t been shocked like that since she and Rob had stumbled on her squirting prowess back in high school. She’d never cum that hard in her life, and that was saying something. In fact, Michelle hardly EVER made herself squirt, and even then, never with such force. She hoped she’d unlocked something. What an incredible feeling.

Her phone was still blowing up. Mixed in with messages from Kerri, Teri, Izzy, Freja and now Linnea AND Kaia, was one from her mom. She felt a moment of panic grip her and she double-checked she hadn’t sent her any videos. Breathing easy, she told her she’d arrived alive and that she loved her. She usually told her mom EVERYTHING, but as far as mom knew, this was a regular old European vacation. Michelle wondered how much lying she’d have to do (or maybe just want to) when they next spoke.

The new neighbours were flooding her with “get your ass back here” texts. She used Freja to blanket-message the group.

“I’m meeting my friends but let this tide you over.” She snapped a selfie over her shoulder of her reflection in the mirror. She was half turned and the phone covered her face. A LOT of booty, a little side-boob and a full view of her back tattoos. She smiled and sent it off.

Immediately, something nagged at her. Getting caught up in the moment with her friends was one thing, but it was awfully flippant of her to treat strangers this way. Strangers that didn’t know her story, to whom she’d probably misrepresented herself, frankly. Maybe the environment and excitement had gotten the better of her and her neighbours wouldn’t like her sexuality or have expectations? Michelle sighed. She hated not being liked.

Michelle took out her favourite bikini, but while tying up the bottoms, had second thoughts. A few days back, she’d realized the prospect of two straight weeks at pools and beaches and the recent weight loss was necessitating a last-minute shopping trip. Michelle being Michelle, she tried on a hundred suits she had no intention of actually buying but, for once, something snuck through her defenses.

Michelle was the farthest thing from a prude, but she’d already taken to calling the item in question her “T and A” suit. It never would have seen the light of day if she hadn’t had to open the changing room door to retrieve an earring she dropped putting it on.

She’d heard a whistle and a “whoa” behind her. Looking back, a saleswoman was nodding her head. “Ok, you HAVE to get that. It looks awesome.”

Michelle straightened up and re-evaluated herself in one of the many available mirrors. She didn’t disagree. “You don’t think it’s too much though?” She’d winked at the pretty girl. “Plus, you were seeing my best side there.”

The saleswoman had laughed and approached her. “I have no doubt. Now, is this a family beach or you going down south?”

“Down south.”

The other woman grinned a little wickedly. “Hoping to ahhh, impress people?”

“Damn right.”

The saleswoman had been outright eye-fucking her by this point. “Then do it.”

Michelle was hardly wanting in self-confidence. Thing was though, Birgit, Teri, practically every damn woman she knew at this resort was clearly swimming in it and in an environment in which they were entirely comfortable. Michelle wasn’t sure she quite possessed what they had, but… “Fake it ’til you make it,” Michelle mumbled. She was inspired.

It was a white one-piece made up of less material than most of Michelle’s bikinis. With thin straps and a SUPER-plungey neckline, the only thing that kept her tits from popping out were a series of strappy ties that ran down the front that held things in place, but also created a gap in casino oyna the suit from her cleavage to just above her belly button.

Under each arm, the same strapping ran all the way down to her hips. It plunged similarly in the back and had cheeky bottoms, always risky with an ass like hers. Michelle did more than a few 360s in the mirror and decided that anyone who didn’t love her body in the suit, didn’t deserve to see her out of it. She threw on a short, floral kimono cover-up, stepped into her sandals, hung the service sign on the door and headed out.

A bunch more texts from the neighbours. She glanced up at the Swedes suite as she reached the landing and saw everyone milling around the table. No time like the present. Michelle was always over-explained everything, and knew she was about to again. No matter, she sighed and turned right.

As she made her way over, she texted Izzy and Kaia, letting them know she’d be right there. As she climbed the stairs, Michelle got more and more nervous. “Awww, everyone’s got their clothes back on,” she joked as she reached the deck.

The group whooped as one and turned in their chairs. Linnea hopped up and made a beeline for the bar. “I had a feeling you couldn’t stay away long, what can I pour for you?”

She waved her hand and tried not to seem rude. “Sorry, I’m not staying.” She paused and sighed. “I need to make a bit of a speech and I’m uncomfortable so bear with me.”

Teri furrowed her brow. “Are you dumping us already?”

Michelle smiled and shook her head. “Shut up you goof. About me being alone in that villa…”

“Is it really that important?” asked Freja. “Whatever it is, I can’t imagine it mattering to us.” She meant it in a polite, “we don’t need to invade your privacy” way. Everyone’s head nodded in agreement. Their body language was one of concern.

“Well it’s important to me is all, and I feel uncomfortable about sexting the hotties next door without having…I guess, represented myself properly.” She was trying to be laid back. It felt awkward already. She plowed through though and launched into the story of her breakup, her sexuality, and the couple that was supposed to occupy her hut. She felt silly the whole time and made sure to make it the shortest version possible.

“Anyway, this is all new and I was suddenly hit with this guilty feeling and I do this thing where I over-explain and need to shut up, so…” Teri suddenly hopped up and embraced her. It was almost tender. So much so, Michelle suppressed a laugh.

“So, you got all serious to tell us, basically, you like us but because this is new, you may not want to fuck us right away?”

Kerri gave her ass a hell of a smack. “Shut up T, good grief! The point of stuff left unsaid is the unsaid part.”

Teri yelped, smiled and slapped Kerri’s hand. “Oh, take it easy, she’s one of us, I could tell right away. Michelle totally gets me.”

Michelle nodded. “And, shameful as it is, you obviously get me.” She motioned back toward the main resort. “I’m gonna go to my friends, but I’ll be back either later today or tomorrow, depends what they want to do. But you guys are very sweet, and I’d like us all to hang out.”

Teri smirked. “Are they as hot as you?”


“Sold.” Teri downed a shot.

Linnea walked up and handed Michelle a glass of wine. She started to protest but the young Swede waved her off. “I know you aren’t staying, just allow me one moment.” She looked at her friends. “Ladies raise your glasses and admit the newest member to our group. Congrats to Michelle and welcome to a wonderful community.”

Michelle was genuinely moved. She choked down her sip of wine and wiped her eyes. “Damn Linnea, take it easy on a wuss like me.” She leaned in and kissed her cheek as the Swede took back the glass. “Thanks ladies, have a wonderful afternoon.”

“Hate to see you go, love to watch you leave,” came the catcall from Teri.


Kaia and Izzy were waiting on the landing as Michelle walked up. The three friends smiled wordlessly for a moment, glancing around at each other. Kaia stifled a laugh, shook her head and stepped forward to envelop Michelle in a bear hug. Izzy briefly joined in. It was all that needed to be said…still, that didn’t stop Izzy.

“So, anything to talk about?” she asked obnoxiously. The ladies started their walk toward the pool.

“What? You guys have been hitting on me for over 15 years. I throw you a bone and you give me a hard time?” Michelle looked at Kaia and winked.

“A bone? You bitch,” laughed Izzy.

“Hopefully this is a pattern on this trip, but again…let’s get settled with a drink and I’ll tell you a good story.


“Have we been going about this all wrong?” Izzy asked. “Should we be taking notes from YOU, you slut?”

She was joking, but Michelle canlı casino also knew her well enough to sense a tone. “What are you pissed about?”

Izzy sighed. “It’s not that I’m PISSED.” She paused. “And I’m not jealous, at least not in the usual sense, I just…” And she let out a frustrated grunt.

Michelle frowned. She WAS jealous. She glanced awkwardly at Kaia. “Don’t look at me like that. My girl’s been dying to fuck you since high school at least. I came to terms with that a long time ago.”

Izzy reached over and caressed her wife’s leg. “Shelley you were the first girl I ever had a crush on. I’m not in LOVE with you, but I’ve loved you longer than anyone else and I’ve always thought that when this happened it would happen with us I guess. I’m not MAD or upset, I’m just conflicted about it is all.”

Michelle took a long draw from her mojito. “Ok, fair, but the three of us are best friends. You’re HONESTLY telling me there would be ZERO conflicting emotions once THAT happens?”

“Why would there be?”

Michelle snorted. “Oh, come on. I know the sick shit that you guys get up to, and I know it because it’s a lot of the same sick shit I like. You mean to tell me you’d have no issue watching me do that stuff to Kaia?”

Kaia’s ears perked up. “Mmmm, what is this stuff you’re doing to me?” Michelle smacked her on the knee.

Izzy motioned toward her partner. “No, I’m with her. Example?”

Another long draw from the mojito. “You know what, fuck y’all. Fine.” She sat up and leaned toward them. Some older women had moved in a couple of chairs down. “Let’s say Kaia and I tie you to a chair next to the bed. You’re naked, you’re gagged, you’re clamped. I tie Kaia down and you have to watch me go to town on your woman for an hour or two?”

Kaia raised her eyebrows and smiled, turning to Izzy. “Do I get a vote on that?”

Michelle actually thought she saw Izzy blush a little. “Well uhhh, maybe that wouldn’t be where we’d start?”

Michelle shook her head. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

Izzy started to protest but Kaia put up her hands. “No, no, no. I’m squashing this nonsense right now. Weirdness and drama are NOT part of this trip.” She looked at her wife. “I know how badly you want to fuck her. I also know that you love her more than that. I know that cuz we’ve talked about it and I feel the same way.”

Kaia turned to Michelle. “So, for the next two weeks, I don’t care who you are, German lobby ladies, flirty neighbours or my wife. If she wants to fuck everything that moves, wants to just fuck us, sext complete strangers and rub one out, or go home a virgin, that’s what she’s gonna do. And ain’t no one gonna make her feel bad for any of it. Least of all, us.” Izzy was nodding her head and pulled Kaia on top of her.

“And everyone told me not to marry you”

“Argh, you’re such hard work,” Kaia grunted. She kissed Izzy tenderly and popped to her feet. “More drinks required.”

Michelle nodded at her as she headed to the bar. “She makes a good speech.”

Izzy shrugged. “And she’s always right. It’s so fucking annoying.” She walked over to Michelle, pulled her to her feet and hugged her. “I’m proud of you, you know.”

Michelle rubbed her friend’s back tenderly. “You’re the best friend a weirded-out, emotional, horny bi-girl could ask for.”

Izzy broke the embrace and put her hand to Michelle’s cheek. “Promise that’s on my tombstone or I’ll never speak to you again.”

“If I ask you to rub some oil on my back, will you be all weird and take it as an invitation to finger me?”

Izzy slapped her ass. “Lay down idiot.”


About 90 minutes had passed and the trio had barely moved. They had quickly come to the realization that an empty glass meant a lovely girl would strut over offering them a new one, but the drinks were catching up now. They had girl watched, planned their week a little, discussed which gourmet restaurant to try first for dinner, and tanned. Your basic first day at a resort.

Michelle handed her latest empty glass to a plain, but sweet young brunette named Leija who’d been serving them off and on. “One more my good woman,” she smiled. “Ladies, I’m running back to my hut, need me to grab anything on the way by if it’s open?”

“What do you need?” asked Izzy. “I have my bag here.”

“Yeah, that’s just it, in my afterglow I didn’t bring a damn thing down. I’d like my glasses, hat, a book, my headphones. I can only handle you fools for so long and we’re not going to eat again until the sun is almost gone I take it?”

“You are so right.” Kaia hadn’t moved or opened her eyes. “We’re good, hurry back.”

As she made her way up her stairs, Michelle saw that Freja and Linnea’s deck was empty and couldn’t help but think about what could be going on inside. Lost in those thoughts, she failed to notice the other person standing in her bedroom until she nearly ran her over. kaçak casino

“Omigod,” she shrieked. She nearly fell back into the ornate glass sculpture decorating the corner of the room, but a hand steadied her. “Lucy? What are you doing in here?” Her first thought is that she’d forgotten to bring her a bag from the cart earlier, but all her things were accounted for.

“I’m so sorry Ms. Marks, but you hung your sign on the door and I was going to tidy a little after leaving you some fresh towels.” Michelle saw her gazing around at the scene and quickly pieced things together.

“Lucy?” She started.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Ok, so first, I’m Michelle. Any rules against addressing me by my first name?”

“Not at all Michelle, I’d be delighted.” She smiled and nodded.

“Good, because anyone surveying this scene should be on a first-name basis with me.” Michelle rubbed her forehead and sighed. “I’m guessing you brought towels in and then were looking around and debating how much tidying up to do so it wouldn’t embarrass me?”

Lucy’s smile was gone, but not Michelle’s. “Well, umm, I mean…” She turned and looked at the bed. Derek sat smack dab in the middle of what could only be described as a puddle.

Michelle laughed. “Well Lucy, we are homies now, no doubt.” There was an uncomforable pause. “Listen, I just forgot about the thing on the door and I didn’t think it would be YOU…”

Lucy waived her hand. “Ma’am…Michelle I mean. You misunderstand. Each villa at our resort gets someone like me at their service for the entirety of their stay. There is nothing here…”she glanced at the streaks on the mirror. “Well, almost nothing…I haven’t seen before. I just didn’t want YOU feeling uncomfortable and was looking for the words to ask how discreet you’d like me to be.”

Michelle tilted her head. This girl was impressive, intelligent and clearly good at her job. It made her even more attractive. Izzy and Kaia found this lesbian blog about the festival and the writer kept referring to all the “classical Mediterranean beauties” on Mallorca and it had become a running joke with the trio. But looking at Lucy now, Michelle understood exactly what it meant.

Her skin was an absurdly golden brown, her eyes deep and dark and huge. As she stood there, her long jet-black hair cascaded down her torso and over her large breasts. Michelle had thought her a supermodel earlier, but she was more filled-out, less bony than that description brought to her mind. But still quite slim, tall, with beautiful long legs.

“I’m very lucky you’re the one at my beck and call aren’t I?” Michelle picked up her bag and tossed in the items she needed.

Lucy pursed her lips and batted her eyes playfully. “Indeed you are, indeed you are.”

Michelle started back toward the door and waved Lucy with her. “So, for the future, I trust you to do what you think is best.”

“Consider it done.” She held the door for Michelle, and they started down the stairs. “Where are you joining us from by the way?”

“My hometown is Toronto.”

“Ah, I should have known, Canadians are wonderful.”

“Aren’t we though!? And what about you?”

“My hometown is Porto.” And she smiled. Often guests took no interest.

“Ah, you’re Portugese.”

“You know Porto?” Lucy was utterly charmed.

“I work for a professional basketball team and, it’s not my area, but I take note of where the players come from, where our scouts go, and all that. We have employees watching games everywhere and that fired something way back in my brain.”

“Oh my gosh, I love basketball!” And Lucy mimed her best jump shot.

It was Michelle’s turn to be charmed. “That was totally weird, but actually nice form.”

Lucy was laughing at herself. “Weird is ok?.” They had reached the pool area.

“More than ok,” Michelle assured her. Lucy nodded and headed back toward the administrative buildings. “Hope your next task is as fun as me.” The brunette turned and shot her a flirty look.

“Oh, I’m still working on yours Michelle, I just didn’t expect to need a mop.” And with that, she winked, turned heel and did a little skip while she walked away.

Izzy and Kaia hadn’t seemingly moved. Michelle flopped back down and sank almost half her new drink straightaway. “I think I’m in love with my driver.”

Kaia didn’t hesitate. “Who the fuck AREN’T you in love with right now?”


Hours lounging about had left the trio stiff and stir crazy, so they had donned their cover-ups and gone exploring.

They made appointments at the gorgeous spa, took brochures about the off-resort activities, read menus for the various restaurants, had a peek at the two night clubs, the activities centre with volleyball and basketball courts, and the apartment buildings. No Birgit sightings around building three however.

By the time they got to the beach, they were ready to get lazy again. They resolved to walk the full length of the sand once and flop back down again until dinnertime. Lifeguards dotted the beach at uniform distances and Kaia ambled over to the next one they encountered.

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