Making Her Cum and Cum and Cum Pt. 02

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If you’ve come to me for sweatin’, clawing, screamin’, neighbors-pounding-on-the-walls, dogs barking, car alarms going off, earth shaking, headboard banging, toes curling, hot, raw lesbian sex…welcome! You’re right where you belong!

If you’re looking for soft porn/erotica, you’re in the wrong place. I will never waste your time, telling you about the movie we saw, what we had for dinner or what grows in our garden! (We live in the desert. We have rocks, cactus, hard dirt and tumbleweeds.)

If you must have an hours-long build-up to sex, I advise you to run…now…while there’s still time.

Everything I write is always real and is recent. I don’t have to make this stuff up.


I let all of Blue’s cum out of my mouth and into my hands, then I drove her crazy by letting her watch me spread her cum all over my body…oh fuck…she came so much!

She always does…both of us do. If you’ve been reading my entries long enough, you already know that.

She watched intently while I sat on her tummy and spread her luscious Bluecum all over my breasts and my shoulders, all over my tummy and my thighs…

“Fuck Sunny! You’re going to make me cum again!”

She had her legs bent at the knees, and I sat there, leaning back against her thighs with my legs spread for her…I smiled at her while I finished spreading her cum all over my sloppy-drippy pussy.

My juices were already flowing from my pussy and down to my ass, forming a wonderful puddle on her tummy…

Blue reached out and started massaging my large outer lips…I threw my hair back…my breasts rising…my breathing getting deeper…

“That’s it, lover…you always know what how to treat your baby’s pussy…oooohhhh, fuck yes…”

I purred and whimpered for more…my juices were flooding her body…my head was way back and Blue was finger-fucking my throbbing pussy while playing with my swollen clit…

I was squealing now…I was totally under Blue’s control, letting her have her way with me!

“Fuck me, Blue! Make me your hot slut!”

Blue smiled, propped up her head and grabbed my ass with both hands, pulling me to her mouth…my ass easily slid through all my juices on her tummy…

“Sunny is my slutty little sextoy isn’t she? Feed me your pussy, baby”

“Fuck yes! You KNOW my pussy belongs to you!”

Blue pulled my pussy closer to her mouth…lubricated one finger and slid it between my ass cheeks…


In one motion, Blue POUNCED her mouth onto my pussy and plunged her finger deep in my ass!!


From somewhere other than my pussy, somewhere deep inside me from the inside out, I felt my orgasm casino siteleri building…deep tremors causing my body to tremble…


Blue was sucking my entire pussy…she had her finger in my ass as far as it would go, wiggling her finger…shocks ran through my body…I was about to cum SO FUCKING HARD!

In the same way I had a layer of Bluecum all over my body, Blue wanted a layer of Sunnycum all over hers…I had already drenched her in my juices…now she slid me backward through all my juices onto her tummy.

She kept fucking my ass…and now, she rubbed my hungry clit with her fingers…

“Cum for me Sunny! Give baby your cum! I want it all!”

I sat on her finger inside my ass, grinding on it…my body was in violent spasm!


Fuck! Did I EVER cum! I screamed like hell and flooded Blue with my cum! She kept fucking me…I thought I’d never stop cumming! Flowing like a river, my hot cum covered her breasts and tummy and ran down to her neck…

I FINALLY stopped cumming…FINALLY…with all my muscles still quivering, I slid down between Blue’s legs and spread my cum all over her…there was enough to cover her shoulders, neck, breasts, tummy and her thighs to her knees. I held her hands and helped her to her knees so I could spread my cum all over her back and her ass.

Then I held her in my arms, my fingers caressing her cum-slippery back…we kissed so, so deeply, purring for each other…our tongues playing.

I kept holding her and let our bodies fall to the mattress where we wrapped ourselves around each other and kissed a lot more. Then we applied a LOT of musk oil everywhere on each other’s bodies…

Oh fuck…that scent drives me wild…

I knew Blue and I, covered in a sexy layer of each other’s ladycum and musk, would be fucking more that day.

I was headed outside to bake my nude body in the sun.

I was quite sure my baby would come out there, shortly after I’d drenched myself in banana-scented oil…

And she was NOT coming out there to soak up some rays…

Later that day, I was lying by the pool, sunning my body. I may be addicted to that…my tan is already dark over my entire body, including my bald pussy, but it just feels so good…the oil, so hot from being in the sun, feels sooooo good when I squirt it on my pussy…so does my sweat rolling down between my outer lips and further to my ass.

I always have to fuck myself when I’m out there…if I don’t, I can’t relax. I spread my legs wide and massage my large outer lips and big, swollen clit, so slippery-covered with oil. In no time at all, my whole body canlı casino is in spasm and I cum so fucking hard!

But, I didn’t fuck myself out there today. I knew Blue would be coming out there. She often comes out there to play with me, and today, we haven’t been able to keep our hands off each other.

I laid there, my tan body glistening in the sun. To refresh your memory, I was completely covered with Blue’s cum and a LOT of musk…I was now drenched in suntan oil.

I had fallen asleep, then I awoke to her tongue softly licking my lips…she was up by the top of my head, looking at me upside down.

When my eyes opened, she sank her lips harder on mine and fucked my mouth with her tongue…I closed my eyes and whimpered for more and she devoured my lips, fucking her tongue to my throat…and sending shockwaves to my pussy.

Fuck! I had to have her!

I gently held her face and spoke hotly. “My love? Sunny wants baby’s pussy…real bad.”

Blue is such a fucking tease sometimes…

“Oooooooo! Perhaps I should make you wait.” She bit my lip with both of hers and pulled on it, then turned around and got on her knees right over my face…just out of my reach.

I gripped her ass and got serious. “Blue…if you don’t feed me your pussy, I WILL attack you and play as rough as I have to!”

Blue lowered her pussy to my mouth. I got my mouth so close, then she pulled away. “Oh! You almost had me!” She giggled. “Try again, baby!”

My pussy was throbbing hard because I WILL cum while eating her, without her touching me.

I could feel the throbbing throughout my entire body…little jolts of electricity…

I was beyond “horny”…deep, primal urges and needs were taking over…I was about to play VERY rough with Blue…

“My sweet baby, you know I love you very much, right?”

“Yes! And I love YOU, Sunny!”

“Good thing.”

I literally threw her off me. She landed on her back, squealing with absolute delight! I grabbed her body and THREW her onto her tummy…she squealed some more, totally loving it…she spread her arms and legs, all ready for me…

In one flash, I backed off, crouched with my knees bent and launched with my feet.

My oil-drenched body was completely airborne…and headed for Blue…

I landed on Blue’s back, my hips on her ass…my wide-open mouth landed squarely on the back of her neck, my teeth firmly on her skin…I growled loudly and pushed my hips roughly against her ass, keeping her arms and legs pinned down…


I momentarily released the grip of my teeth on her neck, threw my hair back and yelled out loud…


I pounced my mouth onto the back of her neck again, harder this time, growling with my breath on her skin…I raised my hips off her ass, then slammed them back onto her with a little scream, still with my teeth hard on her neck…

Blue was absolutely loving every second of it! She bucked her ass up at me, then kept her ass in the air, begging for more…


Rough as hell, I fucked my hips hard onto her ass…I sunk my teeth harder onto her neck…then raised my head…


Blue screamed with delight and stuck her ass in the air again, wiggling it against my oily body…my hot juices were flowing between her ass cheeks…my body was building a huge orgasm.

Then, I sat up and held onto her while I rode her ass real hard with my pussy on one of her firm ass cheeks…


She bucked her ass at my oily pussy and I rode her hard! I came very quickly in hard spasms that only made me fuck harder!


I spread her cheeks and let my cum flow into her ass, burning inside her…she screamed out loud!


I slid my still cum-oozing pussy down her leg, the POUNCED my mouth between her cheeks, fucking my tongue hard in her ass while my finger fucked into her pussy and wiggled like crazy against her g-spot…Blue screamed like hell!


Her head was resting on her forehead and she had her ass in the air, meeting my face as I buried my tongue deeper in her ass, forcing all my cum out of her and making it flow down to her pussy where my finger was making loud sloppy-squishy sounds, savagely fucking her!

Her body spasmed violently and she came fucking hard while I rode her with my tongue and finger…she screamed and screamed, filling my hand with her cum!

When her body collapsed, she slowly rolled over with a lot of effort and laid there limply…I laid beside her and wrapped my arms and legs around her and kissed her deeply and lovingly, rubbing her cum all over her back and thighs, deeply massaging her quivering muscles.

Blue wrapped her arms around my neck and had her lips almost touching mine…she spoke breathlessly…

“Ya know, Hotstuff…ya got me all oily and messy and stuff…”

I gave her lip a little bite with my lips…

“Hey…you tease Hotstuff, you pay the price.”

We kissed very passionately and with all the love in the world.

“Fuck, I love you, Sunny.”

“Fuck, I love YOU, my precious Blue!”


Thank-you for reading!

My love to all,


© 2016 Sunny Johansen

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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