Make This Last Forever Pt. 01

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This is my long-awaited sequel to “Remember This Moment Forever” which takes place ten years after the original story. What was originally intended to be one long story eventually grew so large that I decided to split it into four parts with a new story being posted at the end of each summer month (beginning with Part One in May and ending with Part Four in August). Each part is roughly the same length or even longer than “Remember”, so you can understand my need to partition them. If you’re looking for a quick fix in your erotica, this probably isn’t the story for you. While there is plenty of sex (hopefully very hot sex, in your assessment), this primarily is a story of love, loss, longing, hope, and fulfillment. Just so prospective readers know what they’re getting into, some of the tags for this individual story include lesbian sex, cunnilingus, anal sex, strapon sex, analingus, age-gap/mature sex, seduction, foot fetish, fisting, shaving, humiliation, coercion, blackmail, and drug use. If any of these subjects might offend you, I advise you to stop now before reading something that makes you uncomfortable and causes you to voice your displeasure all over the comment section. Without further ado, I am proud to present…


Make This Last Forever: Part One (of Four)


Dani gripped the steering wheel tightly between her fingers as her rental car raced down the highway. Though her driver’s license remained valid, Dani hadn’t operated a motor vehicle in years and she had been white-knuckling for most of this trip as she relearned how to drive. While driving. Despite her nervousness, Dani showed no sign of slowing and secretly she got a bit of a thrill from driving five miles over the speed limit. She was in no rush to arrive, but the cool spring air whipping around Dani’s hair through an open car window was a feeling she hadn’t experienced in far too long.

Rows of freshly planted corn blanketed the fields to either side of the highway; a sure sign that Dani neared her hometown. Fortunately, Dani had already passed the hog farms that comprised the other industry of this region; the stench had been overwhelmingly unpleasant. Dani glided along a curve in the road until her car directly faced the sun that hung suspended in the midpoint of the blue western sky. Dani pulled the sunglasses resting over the hair atop her scalp down over her eyes to shield herself from the glaring brightness of the sunlight.

Dani sang along to an old Velvet Underground song as she bounced her head to the beat. “There she goes again/She’s out on the streets again/She’s down on her knees, my friend/But you know she’ll never ask you puh-leaze again.” The song cut off just before the chorus started when a ringing noise reverberated from the speaker system. Someone had initiated a call to Dani’s phone and activated the Bluetooth connection between Dani’s smartphone and the rental car’s stereo. The contacts on her phone had apparently not synced with the car correctly since Dani only saw a phone number on the viewscreen rather than a name to identify the caller.

Dani fumbled with the buttons on the steering wheel trying to locate the correct one to press that answered the phone call. The technology in these cars had progressed substantially since the last time Dani owned a vehicle and she was still unused to all of the bells and whistles of the modern car. The ringing noise continued incessantly as Dani started becoming flustered.

“I’m going, I’m going!” Dani yelled at her car. “Jesus, just give me a second!”

Being careful to keep her gaze on the road, Dani glanced down at the steering wheel and noticed a button with the icon of an old-fashioned telephone handpiece on it. She depressed the button with her thumb and answered the call.

“Dani Meadows here,” she said as pleasantly as she could manage. “Who am I speaking to?”

“Dani? Hey, it’s me, Betsy!” a female voice greeted through the speaker system. Betsy’s voice sounded thin and tinny over the sound system but it was undeniably hers.

“Hey, Bets! How’s it going?” Dani answered jubilantly.

“Oh, I can’t complain,” Betsy replied. “At least not when the weather is this nice in LA. Just thought I’d check in since we haven’t spoken for two weeks. What are you up to?”

“Oh, just in the middle of driving right now,” Dani answered absentmindedly as she watched the neverending farm scenery pass by.

“Driving?” Betsy asked inquisitively. “So you’re actually going back? I thought you said the last time we spoke that you had decided against it.”

“I changed my mind,” Dani declared. “I’m going back home and attending my high school reunion and nothing will dissuade me.”

“Are you sure that’s the best idea?” Betsy said with uncertainty. “I’m worried you’ll just get hurt all over again. I love you too much to want to see that happen.”

“No, I really don’t think it’s the best idea and I’m sure you’re right,” Dani admitted. “But I’m still going. This might be the only chance I ever have to fix what casino siteleri has been broken.”

“Are you staying with Her then?” Betsy said with no small amount of disdain. The way Betsy emphasized the pronoun left no doubt who she was referring to.

“Yes,” Dani sighed. “It made the most sense. I had to take work off without pay so I could come down a day early. I’m not paying for a hotel room and meals on top of losing a day’s pay at work. Besides, maybe Pamela and I can actually patch things up between us? I mean, a daughter can always hope.”

“As long as you know what you’re getting yourself into.” Betsy said in a way that Dani knew she was frowning.

Dani could hear the palpable disapproval in Betsy’s voice. Betsy already was starting to sound like Dani’s mother rather than her future stepmom. She sometimes forgot that she was only six years older than Dani. Oh well, Dani loved her anyways. Certainly more than her actual mom.

“Just make sure you are prepared for disappointment,” Betsy cautioned. “I know how badly you want to make things right, but life doesn’t always turn out perfectly. How do you even know your friends will be there? Hasn’t it been almost ten years since you’ve even spoken with them?”

“I guess I’m just hopeful,” Dani said. “Even after everything that’s happened I can’t help feeling like life will turn out okay in the end.”

“Tom and I just don’t want to see you hurt again,” Betsy replied. “You’ve been through so much and you don’t deserve any more pain.”

“Thanks, Bets,” said Dani. “I really appreciate that. But I promise you that whatever happens I’m going to be fine so there’s no need to worry. How’s wedding planning going anyway?”

“It’s not,” Betsy replied with displeasure. “I’m starting to regret setting the date so soon.”

“Less than six months…” Dani teased. “Better get your act together.”

“How about I just get a wedding planner?” Betsy suggested. “You interested?”

“I would rock that shit,” Dani boasted. “But graduation is less than two months afterward so I’m going to respectfully decline.”

“Fair enough. So have you talked to Sandy recently?” Betsy asked out of nowhere.

“No, it’s been over a month now,” Dani answered regretfully.

“Oh, I’m sorry Dani,” Betsy said sympathetically.

“It’s fine,” Dani assured Betsy. “It’s getting better every day now. It’s just hard when you’re with someone for so long and are so attached.”

“I understand completely,” Betsy said. “But it sounds like everything worked out the best for everyone at least.”

“We’ll see about that,” Dani replied. “Hey, my exit is coming up soon so I should probably let you go.”

“Alright,” Betsy said. “Just remember how much we love you. Be sure to call me when you get back so you can tell me everything.”

“Everything?” Dani asked coyly. “You do know what I used to do with these girls, right?”

“Hey, I haven’t slept with any women since I met your father,” Betsy protested. “I love Tom and will stay faithful to him for the rest of our lives but I’m going to miss the hell out of having sex with girls. So yes, all the juiciest details please.”

“Won’t that be somewhat weird and inappropriate when my stepmom touches herself while talking on the phone with me?” Dani wondered teasingly.

“Oh, I would never!” Betsy huffed indignantly before calming herself. Dani could detect the smile in her voice as Betsy pledged, “Instead, I’ll save your stories in the spank bank for the next time don’t have your Dad around and I’m in the mood. Or wait, would you rather hear all about Tom and I’s sex lives?”

“Okay, I’m hanging up now,” Dani said quickly. “Tell Dad hi for me. Love you both.”

“Bye, love you too.”

“Seeya, Bets.”

Dani ended the phone call with the push of a button and a loud sigh. She knew Betsy meant well but Dani already felt reluctant enough about returning home without having to listen to the doubts of others. At least Dani finally had someone in her family she could talk to about these kinds of things.

Dani was an only child and up until a week ago she hadn’t been on speaking terms with her mother, Pamela Meadows. Dani’s father, Tom Meadows, had finally accepted and even celebrated his daughter’s queer lifestyle. But Dani wasn’t exactly going to him for lesbian relationship advice and Tom shielded himself from Dani’s sometimes difficult and confusing life by holding the highly inaccurate assumption that his baby girl never had sex.

Tom’s fiancé Betsy was close to Dani in age and a bisexual so her and Dani had an easy time relating to each other. In a different life, Betsy and Dani might have been best friends or even lovers with the way they instantly liked and cared for each other. Dani could always rely on Betsy to provide tough and honest advice to go along with her encouragement and support. Dani trusted her so much that she had told Betsy things about her past that Dani would never ever share with her parents.

Whilst momentarily distracted, Dani suddenly realized with canlı casino dismay that the exit to her hometown was only a few hundred feet away and she was in danger of passing right by it. Dani quickly swerved to the right lane, cutting off the car to the right of her. In a rage, the driver honked their horn at Dani with a series of loud, excessively long blasts. Dani whispered sorry timidly though she knew they couldn’t hear her. Dani escaped the incensed driver once she pulled off the right lane onto good old exit 408.

Dani was twenty-eight years of age having just celebrated her birthday a month ago. Her birthday festivities this year included several wild acts such as going to school and work, studying for an exam, staying up late (past ten!) watching old Simpsons reruns on the couch, and sharing a slice of grocery store cake with her cat. Dani felt like such an old woman sometimes even though she was in her twenties and still in school.

Dani had bright cerulean-blue eyes and dirty-blonde hair. Dani had recently changed her hairdo to a short pixie style cut that looked quite cute in Dani’s own estimation. She had worn her hair long ever since she was a little girl but Dani felt like its length just got in her way now. Dani would probably grow it out again eventually but for now she enjoyed having less hair to manage every day and less she had to clean out of the sink and shower drains. Yuck. Today Dani wore brown-colored flats and a jean skirt that ended just above her knees which had a light green short-sleeve t-shirt tucked into it with Dani’s college name and logo printed on it. Comfortable clothes for a medium-length drive.

Dani lived over three hours away in the capital city of her state where she currently attended a private university. Dani had nearly finished studying for her Master’s degree in Art History. Dani’s hometown was a very conservative medium-sized village of about 25,000 people that was called (no joke) Cornwell. Dani hadn’t visited her birthplace in over three years. She didn’t miss it.

Dani had been in engaged in a serious relationship for the last year and a half with an older butch woman named Sandy. Yes, Dani was a lesbian and not ashamed of it at all. At least not any more. Though Sandy possessed long, beautiful curly black hair and sometimes even wore makeup, she was a large, muscular woman with a gruff, blue-collar disposition. It was quite rare for Dani to stay in a committed relationship; Sandy was the first girlfriend Dani had ever dated for longer than six months. Sandy came into Dani’s life at just the right time when Dani desperately needed a stable, healthy relationship. Unfortunately, life got in the way as it tends to do. Dani and Sandy broke up a little over three months ago.


The relationship ended amicably enough at least, being a more or less mutual decision. Sandy worked as an engineer and foreman for an oil drilling company and had recently been offered a high-paying promotion and transfer to a new prospect near Ontario in Canada. The money was so good that Sandy essentially couldn’t say no. She would earn so much that Dani would probably never need to work again. Sandy’s company would provide her with her own car, her own condominium, and would pay for her moving costs along with a host of other benefits. It was insane.

After the offer had been formally presented, Sandy asked later that night if Dani would come with her. If Dani agreed Sandy told her that once they were settled in Ontario there was something she wanted them to do together. Sandy knelt to the floor on one knee and pulled a small black felt box out of her pocket. Sandy opened the box and circles of diamond stones at the center of a large ring glistened in the light of their apartment. Sandy had spent some serious money on this rock. She looked so scared that Dani’s heart nearly broke for her.

“Danica Meadows?” Sandy asked nervously. “Would you?”

Dani strongly considered saying yes to her girlfriend. She loved Sandy, she truly did. But was she in love with her? Did Dani want to spend the rest of her life with Sandy? The thought of being attached to someone for the rest of her days frightened Dani a little bit. What if things didn’t work out? Dani would be stuck in another country with no friends or family nearby and no support system.

Dani still wished to earn her degree and follow her dream of someday becoming a well-regarded writer and researcher who worked part-time as a tenured professor at a prestigious university. Could Dani still achieve her goals if she moved out of the country? The simple fact was that Dani liked where she lived and where her life was at right now. Those things weren’t necessarily due to Sandy. Dani had no desire to uproot herself and move to Canada, especially if she would be nothing more than a trophy wife and a kept woman.

Though it pained her terribly, Dani shook her head and whispered “I can’t” as she closed the jewelry box for Sandy. Then Dani started bawling. Sandy looked hurt of course and she told Dani kaçak casino spitefully that no matter what Dani’s answer ended up being she was planning to move to Canada anyway. Dani tried explaining her reasons for refusing Sandy’s proposal and Sandy seemed to understand though there were heavy tears falling among both parties. After talking for hours between hugs, kisses, and more weepings they decided together that the best thing for both of them would be to just end it. They clearly wanted different things from this relationship and this divide could never be reconciled.

Things were awkward between Dani and Sandy for the next few weeks until Sandy moved out of their apartment. Living with someone you just broke up with could be rather difficult though thankfully they both behaved like adults about their situation. Dani flew to Ontario with Sandy to help her move into her new place and to have a few last days with her.

The night before her plane flight back, Dani made love with Sandy for a final time. They did it in their typical fashion, a routine that had grown rote but in a way was comforting in its predictability. As usual, Dani began by licking Sandy and eating her pussy until the butch woman moaned as she came in Dani’s mouth.

Sandy would certainly miss this part. She doubted she could ever find as good a pussylicker as Dani. The things that girl could do with her tongue were obscene. Sandy knew some of Dani’s sordid history, though Dani didn’t really like bringing up her past. Sometimes Sandy couldn’t help herself from wondering how many women Dani had done this to before they met. Dozens? Hundreds? None of that mattered now though. Dani and Sandy were firmly committed to each other and had stayed faithful the whole time they dated.

They had lived together in Dani’s apartment for over a year now and Dani would lick Sandy’s pussy any time the lucky butch wanted it. Sandy enjoyed receiving oral sex for sure but it wasn’t exactly her favorite thing. Until she met Dani that is. Sandy had only had a few lovers, and none of them were as beautiful, sexy, and eager to please as her little blonde femme. Sandy reached the point where she begged Dani just about every day to eat her cunt and Dani would always oblige her requests. Dani would drop whatever she was doing without complaint so she could take care of her girlfriend. Talk about exemplary service. No one had ever treated Sandy so well. That’s probably why this was so painful.

Dani even had her hair cut just the way Sandy wanted it. Sandy liked Dani’s long blonde tresses and they acted as an excellent handle when Sandy was behind her but she thought Dani looked cute and sexy as hell as a pixie. All Dani needed were butterfly wings to complete the image. Sandy loved running her hands through Dani’s short, gorgeous blonde hair, especially at this moment when Dani sucked on Sandy’s clitoris while working the sensitive flesh between her teeth.

Sandy writhed and moaned against Dani’s mouth as Dani’s tongue flicked up and down between pussy lips that had become fat and swollen with arousal. Dani’s skilled and flexible tongue got Sandy off in less than three minutes and the flow of Sandy’s seepage increased substantially as she climaxed into Dani’s mouth. Sandy wailed as Dani sucked and slurped the come out of Sandy’s pussy and swallowed it noisily with groans of enjoyment. Dani truly loved the taste of female discharge. God, the way that girl used her mouth was simply incredible.

Once Sandy’s needs had been taken care of, she attached a strapon to her pelvis using a harness that clasped around her waist. Sandy entered Dani from behind as Dani sat on all fours in front of her on top of Sandy’s new bed. Though Dani was a lesbian through and through she couldn’t seem to get enough of Sandy’s girlcock. She wanted to fuck and suck on Sandy’s shaft all the time. It gave Sandy a crazy thrill to see Dani deep-throating her implement like you’d do to a man. It made Sandy feel powerful, dominant, in charge. Sandy suspected Dani didn’t enjoy sucking Sandy’s girlcock as much as she let on. But Dani blew her anyways because she knew how much Sandy enjoyed it and Dani wanted to make her girlfriend feel special.

Dani gasped and then groaned loudly as the entirety of Sandy’s black dildo slipped inside her with a single strong thrust of Sandy’s pelvis. The strapon was long and extra-thick, just the way Dani liked it. Sandy hooked her arms beneath Dani’s shoulders and pulled her up so Dani’s back pressed against Sandy’s large, sagging breasts and her plump, supple buttocks mashed against the thick muscle of Sandy’s thighs. Sandy clutched her girl tightly to her while Dani turned her head back to make out with Sandy as Dani rocked her body back against Sandy’s penetrating shaft.

Sandy roamed over the entirety of Dani’s form as she tried memorizing how Dani’s body looked and felt before they fell out of each other’s lives. Sandy’s hands took hold of Dani’s breasts, her arms, her belly, her thighs, and her bottom while Sandy’s cock took Dani’s womb with deep, invasive thrusts. Dani’s body felt so soft, slim, and delicate compared to Sandy’s large, rough, stone-chiseled exterior. She was like a beautiful, blooming spring flower in comparison to the iron thornbush of Sandy’s form.

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