Lust for A Sexy Mother, Sexy Daughter

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I picked up the buzzing phone absentmindedly, my thoughts on the contract before me.

“Ms. Benton.” I was so distracted I didn’t realize it was on my private line.

“Hi Aunt Becky, it’s Cheryl. I hope I haven’t called at an inconvenient time.”

“Well, hello you sweet young lady. It’s always nice to hear your voice, you are not interrupting and even if you were, I’d always take your call. What are you doing these days?” It was my best friend’s daughter. Her mother and I weren’t related but we had been very close and Cheryl had always called me ‘Aunt.’ She had always been special for me.

“I hear you are going to be in Albuquerque this weekend and I’d love to see you if you have time when you are free. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, and Mom told me you’d be here on business.”

“I’d love to see you, we can have dinner, talk and catch up. Will your mom join us?” I asked hoping to see my best friend also.

“No, she’s up in Santa Fe helping some friends give a show of paintings. You know how she loves to help others out.” Cheryl laughed. I loved her laughter; she sounded so much like her mother.

We talked for a few minutes and then hung up. When I was free I’d call and tell her where and when to meet me for dinner. I looked forward to seeing her. I sat staring out the window at another gray winter’s day. Chicago was white with snow and the winds howled off of the lake making the windows tremble. I was looking forward to going west and enjoying a little time in New Mexico, the sunny Land of Enchantment. I planned on taking a few extra days there after my business was finished. I had really hoped to spend some time with Pat.

I went back to work and finally finished the contract and gave it to my secretary to type. I was pleased with it and knew I’d probably get a nice bonus out of it. I’d present it to the company myself. I felt sure they would accept it as it was a good deal. With the economy down it made good sense for all concerned.

At home I slipped into my hot tub and turned on the jets and let it soothe away the tension of the business day. Beautiful Pat floated into my mind. She and I had been like sisters. We had met when our husbands were in the Air Force stationed in New Mexico. They got along splendidly and she and I became very close. We even looked so much alike we were often mistaken for sisters. Our tastes in clothes were very similar and we had our hair styled much the same way. Our coloring was very close and in a dim light few people could tell us apart.

I lay nude, soaking up the warmth of the bubbling water, and thinking of her, my clit began to throb and stiffen. I remembered the first time the four of us had gotten together. We’d had some drinks and the guys had gotten us really hot and very drunk. Before we knew it, we were nude and they were fucking us side by side on the same bed. I watched Tom fuck Pat while Andy slid in and out of me. We all came at about the same time, feeding our lust off of each other. There were no recriminations later and we found we had enjoyed watching each other getting fucked. It wasn’t too long till we swapped and Tom fucked me while Pat and Andy lay beside us lustily fucking away. There was no jealousy and we had a wonderful time.

Soon it got to be almost a forgone conclusion that when we got together we would swap. The guys loved it and Pat and I surely did. I loved watching Pat getting fucked and would reach out and touch her and stroke her body. We kissed from time to time and she was a really wonderful French kisser. The guys loved seeing us French each other while they fucked us. I know it really got me hotter. It was so damn sexy to kiss her.

The guys wanted us to make it together and I was more than willing but Pat balked at it. I could kiss and caress her breasts and lips but when my lips or hands moved down her body she stopped me. She would not let me make love to her. I had been really disappointed.

Both men encouraged her, even trying to get her so hot, with both of them making love to her, that she’d lose control and let me go down on her. I had made love to several other women and knew my way around a woman’s body and loved it. But for some reason she would have none of it. I made the best of it and kissed and licked her breasts, and French kissed her while the guys fucked her in all positions, sometimes both at once. She would kiss me back and even lick and suck my breasts. I wanted to make love to her, but she never would let me.

I let my fingers play over my hard clit and it throbbed under my touch. I moved down slightly and found the wonderful jet that pulsed against my clit and I moaned as it played over my sensitive nubbin driving myself toward a wonderful climax as I called Pat’s name over and over, seeing her naked body in my mind spread and waiting for my mouth to cover her pussy. My climax was so intense I almost fainted from the pleasure. The tension was completely gone when I got out of the tub. My knees were even casino oyna a little shaky!

After the day’s very successful business transactions in Albuquerque, I called Cheryl and asked her to come to the hotel for dinner. When she walked in the dining room door heads turned. My mouth dropped open too. It had been a number of years since I had seen her. At that time she was an attractive teenager, but a little awkward and shy.

Now a really stunning Cheryl walked into the dining room, poised, head high, light shining off of her long blonde hair that fell in soft waves around her shoulders. Her face lit up when she saw me, and she came toward the table. She walked like a model, her breasts jiggled invitingly. Damn she was so sexy! I stood up and we hugged and kissed lightly. Her lips seemed so soft and desirable.

I stood there looking at her and she was a stunning package, tall and slender with full breasts pushing up a naughty looking cleavage. Her stylish bodice was cut to show off quite a bit of her bosom but not too much, certainly enough to get lots of looks. Her waist was narrow and her legs long and shapely, her dress hemline was cut rather high, showing lots of leg. What a gorgeous young woman.

“My God, Cheryl, you have really turned into a beautiful woman. Stunning!” I said in all honesty, holding her at arms length, admiring her.

“Why thank you Aunt Becky. I try!” She laughed. “Mom helps me pick out my clothes and I have been to modeling school and had some success with that locally. This week the agency has asked if I would like to go to Chicago and a step upward. And! I’m seriously thinking about going.” She gushed excitedly.

Chicago! My ears perked up. I held her at arms length a moment longer, drinking in the beautiful young woman, then sat down and waved her to sit beside me. We ordered drinks and sat talking. She seemed so poised for a young lady her age. I knew she had a few problems growing up since her parents had divorced and she had taken it hard. Now all her problems seemed behind her.

My hand strayed to her arm several times as we talked and I stroked her arm. I was truly glad to see her. I asked about Pat and she filled me in on what had happened since I had last seen her. Pat was divorced again and lived alone. Cheryl had an apartment and seemed happy with that arrangement. She mentioned a female roommate.

We had a number of drinks and a fantastic dinner in the inimitable Spanish style of New Mexico. I had missed the spicy food and the local Mexican specialties. The food was absolutely delicious, the service impeccable.

We each had several drinks and were feeling no pain when we finished dinner. My eyes kept drifting from her beautiful face to her young breasts, so soft and inviting looking. But then hers went to my tastefully uncovered slopes too. I have nice breasts and love to display them too, for men and woman alike.

I invited Cheryl up to my suite. The rooms were very spacious, with a magnificent view of the towering Sandia Mountains. I called room service and had a pitcher of Margaritas sent up – my absolute favorite and, I found, Cheryl’s too. We kicked off our shoes and sat on the long soft sofa with a fire popping merrily in the corner taking the slight chill of the desert evening from the room. It was very romantic.

I wanted to get more comfortable and slipped into the bedroom and took my clothes off, leaving only my panties and slipped a sexy white silk robe on. Cheryl looked a little uncomfortable in her dressy clothes and I suggested she change and put on one of the hotel robes. She came back dressed in the fluffy robe and she had pulled her hair back and tied it into a knot. She looked so delicious. I was feeling no pain and the way she sat exposed her long legs clear up to her thighs got my attention. My eyes kept sliding upward trying to catch a glimpse of her panties. Her eyes roamed my thin rather revealing robe.

She asked about my husband and I told her he was fine, working hard and he had stayed behind to attend to his business. She smiled, and then giggled. I asked her what was funny.

“I was just thinking about you, Mom, Dad, and Andy all in the same bed fucking away like bunnies. That must have really been something to see.” She said with a twinkle in her eye and a naughty grin on her beautiful face.

I threw back my head and laughed long and hard. “Your mother has been telling tales out of school! Yes, we did have a number of foursomes. I’m surprised she told you, but we did enjoy it. There was never any jealousy between any of us. We made love to each other and had a fantastic time. A ‘swinging foursome’ as it was called. No recriminations either. Just good sex, never any drugs, usually some booze, but no drugs.”

We sat talking about it and she seemed interested in the details of what we had done. Her mother had told her a lot of what went on, but she was interested in my viewpoint. It was quite a stimulating conversation and I found myself canlı casino growing sexually excited reminiscing about what had happened, and what had not happened between Pat and I. I squeezed my thighs together and found my nipples were erect and tenting my thin gown. Cheryl’s eyes seemed drawn to them. The silk top gave faint glimpses of my nipples and the darker circle of my areolas.

She must have read what I was thinking from my hesitation about talking about Pat and I. “You two never made love together did you? Mom said you seemed to want to, and the men wanted you to get together, but she was reluctant.” She said looking at me with those big blue eyes of hers, so perceptive for one so young.

“No, she never would let me. I really wanted to. We looked so much alike that everyone got us mixed up, and it was as if we were sisters. Yes, I tried. I kissed her breasts, fondled her, we Frenched and she’s a fantastic kisser and could always get me really hot kissing her. The guys even ‘double teamed’ her trying to get her so hot she would let me make love to her, but she never would. If my hands or lips started down below her waist she pushed me away and wouldn’t let me go any further.”

“Then you really wanted to make love to her? Had you been with a woman before?” She asked softly, her large blue eyes large and sparkling.

“My, you really are inquisitive! I don’t mind though. If she discussed the foursomes with you, then I guess she wouldn’t mind my telling you my feelings. Yes, I had made love to several women at the time. We were in the service and when the men were away some of us got together and instead of going out and getting fucked and maybe getting pregnant or catching some disease, we would make it together. We were discrete about it and I learned a lot about making love to a woman. A couple of the women were very experienced in making love to women, and I was an avid student.” I grinned at her and noticed she had let her thighs spread a little more.

Her gown had slipped open in front and the slopes of her young breasts were exposed. She’d very obviously taken her bra off. I wondered if she were leading me on. What would I do if she were? The drinks had certainly lowered my inhibitions. What inhibitions?

“Mom said she really wanted to, but just couldn’t get up the courage. She was brought up by strict religious parents and that was a real taboo. God would strike you dead for even thinking about that! I guess, for her, adultery was OK, but not Lesbianism.” She laughed delightfully and the movement made her gown slid open a little more. I admired the slopes of her young breasts, soft and inviting looking with the sheen of good health. My clit tingled. I’m sure she could see where my eyes kept drifting. Hers kept going to my thighs and nipples too.

All this was getting me excited sexually. I love making it with a woman and the talk of Pat and I and how she wanted to make love to me, but never could bring herself to actually do it, got my blood hot and my clit throbbing. It all brought back the memories of the years past, and the images of her lying there beautifully nude, the men kissing and caressing her, her mouth on mine, my hands on her breasts cupping and squeezing them trying to get her so hot she couldn’t help herself. I remembered seeing her pussy wide open with one of the men’s mouths there, sucking, licking her wet juicy pussy, her clit pink and poking out. Damn it had been so sexy; I even remembered the taste of her delicious pussy juice on the men’s cocks as I sucked them when they slid out of her. That was the only way I could taste her pussy.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Cheryl said. “You have this dreamy far away look. Thinking about Mom?” She laughed, her tinkling laughter a delight.

“You are a mess! Know that? You must read minds. Yes, I was thinking of your mom. She had a beautiful body, her breasts so absolutely lovely. I loved to caress and kiss them. They tasted so delicious. I’d stroke them and knead them then suck on her nipples till they were hard and long. I could make her breasts swell with passion too. I so wanted to go down on her.

“The closest I was able to come was when one of the guys would pull out of her dripping pussy and I’d immediately wrap my lips around his cock and lick and suck her juices off of it. She tasted and smelled delicious. I wanted to make love to her in the worst way.” I grinned at her. “Your father and Andy knew that I wanted to taste her and they would pull out and then let me lick her pussy juices off of their cocks – feed me her juice. I think she knew what we were doing. I absolutely loved the taste of her pussy. I’d watch the guys go down on her, licking and sucking her open wet pussy. God it was so pink and inviting. It drove me nuts not being able to actually go down on her!” I said shaking my head, smiling wistfully.

Cheryl sat listening to me, reaching over to sip her drink from time to time. Her legs parted more and more till finally I could see her panties kaçak casino clearly. They were drawn up tight against her pussy and the cloth pressed into her crevice. As she moved, the light shifted and I could clearly see that it was darker, wet with her juices; she was excited by all of this.

I saw her glass was almost empty and moved to fill it. I turned away to get the pitcher and pulled at the belt so it barely held the gown closed. I turned back and bent over her. As I had intended, the belt slipped loose and my gown slid open fully, giving her a clear view of my breasts, belly and my thin panties.

She looked up at me and laid her drink aside. Her hands went under my robe and caught a breast in each hand and gently squeezed them, cupping and lifting them slightly. God it felt so wonderful. I leaned over and kissed her softly, lightly. Her hands never left my breasts, cupping and fondling them. I slid my tongue along her lips feather soft. Her lips parted slightly and her tongue answered mine. Without looking, I reached out and put the pitcher on the table and brought my hands to her robe and pulled it aside revealing her beautiful breasts.

They were the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen, lovely rounded cones of satin smooth skin. Her nipples were erect and pointed, the areolas puffy and swollen, pink and delicious looking. I have looked at many breasts, but hers were absolutely gorgeous. She could grace the centerfold of any top men’s magazine.

“God, Cheryl, you have the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen. Perfect!” I stroked them lightly feeling the soft skin, the firmness of them. There was no sag whatsoever. My clit throbbed almost painfully.

“Why thank you. Mom thinks they are beautiful too. She says I should become a centerfold. She says the girls make a bundle of money if you go with one like Playboy and it also opens up a lot of professional possibilities. She thinks I should get some nudes of myself and send them in. Your hands tell me you like them too!” She laughed lightly. Her hands continued to expertly stroke my breasts. Where had she learned this? She was good, very good.

“Your breasts are magnificent too. They look just like Mom’s too. She told me you two were almost twins in so many ways. I think yours are just a little firmer than hers. She probably can’t still pass the ‘pencil test’ and you obviously can!” She laughed looking up at me.

I pulled back and held my hands out to her. She stood up and I slid her robe off and gasped at her perfect body. Damn, she was definitely centerfold material, the men would get off looking at her, and the women would die of envy. I started to pull my robe off but she took it and pulled it off my shoulders, and let it whisper to the floor.

We moved together at almost the same time. Her soft hot body pressed against mine, her hard nipples making dents in my flesh. We kissed and her lips were soft and smooth. She slid her tongue out and stroked my lips. I remembered her mother doing the same thing to me when we had kissed. I answered her tongue with mine while my hands played over her back and moved downward to cup and stroke her shapely ass. Her perfume surrounded me, subtle and so thought provoking. I suddenly realized it was the same perfume her mother used. My heart slipped a beat at the memory of her mother’s scent, her body close to mine.

Cheryl’s hand went behind my head pressing my mouth firmly against hers, her other hand cupped my breast and squeezed and fondled it. Her fingers found my nipple and rolled it expertly and pulled it a little. It hardened and thrust out even more. This young lady knew her way around women. I’d have to ask her about her experiences with them. Whoever had taught her was good, very good.

Our tongues slid and probed, she was every bit as good a kisser as her mother, and that was saying a lot as Pat was a superb French kisser. She loved Frenching so much and I had wanted to take it to the ultimate end, her tongue deep inside my pussy, mine inside hers. I thought of that now, as I kissed her beautiful and very talented daughter. Our passions rose as we caressed each other and our lips and tongues meshed and experimented.

We pulled back to catch our breaths. “Wow, you are a wonderful kisser, Sweetheart. Your mom is a really good French kisser, and you are every bit as good as she is! I love to kiss a woman who is good at kissing back. You certainly are!” I said admiring her technique.

“Well thank you, you are a fantastic kisser too. I’ll have to tell Mom ‘Like mother, like daughter.’” She laughed.

“I don’t think that would be too wise. She might not like the fact that I’m making love, or I hope, about to make love to her beautiful daughter!” I smiled wistfully.

She gave me a sly little grin and kissed me again, her hand slipping down to cup my pussy through my thin panties. Her finger traced my slit pressing inward gently. Damn I loved it. I strolled her smooth back then slid my hands down inside her sexy panties tracing the crevice of her magnificent ass, till I felt her hot back hole. She thrust her hips back against my exploring finger. I slid it around and around her over her anus. She moaned into my mouth.

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