Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 02

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Isla and I had finally ended up in bed together. I’d wanted her virtually from the day she and her husband had moved in next door, but it hadn’t been easy to get to her. I knew she was interested because I’d seen her spying on me with Tina, my part time lover. It was clear that seeing us had turned her on, but it isn’t easy for a married woman to admit, even to herself, that she found watching other women kissing and playing to be arousing, and I understood that. So the next day I pandered to the voyeur in her and the exhibitionist in me and masturbated naked in my back yard, knowing that she would see and hoping it would spark an interest in me. It did, although she tried not to let me see her by hiding in the darkness of her garden shed and peering at me through the window, but I could tell that she was doing exactly the same thing – playing with herself in the assumed security of that shed.

I didn’t let on that I’d seen her, not at the time anyway, but a day or two later I invited her round for coffee under the guise of neighbourliness, and that was when I told her that I knew she’d watched me, and that I didn’t mind. She was a bit taken aback to put it mildly, especially when I let her know that I’d seen her too, but then she became more and more turned on at the thought. Soon we were doing it again, but this time at the opposite ends of the same couch. The step from there to the bedroom was almost a foregone conclusion.

Even so, it still wasn’t a done deal and I had to take things very slowly. We kissed and caressed and I played with her, but she didn’t make any attempt to touch me anywhere that mattered. I was beginning to worry that it might be all one-way traffic, but then she’d suddenly asked me if I would invite her for coffee again so that she could learn more about being with a woman. That was a bit unexpected, but too right I would, because then I figured we would get it together properly. I handed her the requested invitation, and then I’d expected her to come round “for coffee” the following afternoon.

We hadn’t arranged an exact time, so when she didn’t appear after lunch I wasn’t too bothered. But as time wore on and she still didn’t show up I got more and more frustrated, until finally I had to accept that I was being stood up and I eased my frustration by practising a little diy. I had been so sure she’d turn up too. Never mind, I thought, perhaps something had come up and she’ll be around tomorrow instead. But she wasn’t. In fact I didn’t see hide or hair of her for the next three days. Mind you, the weather wasn’t that good, so I kind of convinced myself that was the reason.

I talked on the phone about it with Tina (she knows I have other women and isn’t jealous because she has her husband), looking for a little sympathy and advice on how to get her back into my bed, but she gave it to me straight. Isla had chickened out. Giving in to her bi-tendencies had been more than her background could take, and she was simply avoiding me so that I’d work that out for myself without her having to tell me. I suppose I’d already known it, but it took Tina’s forthright words to bring it home to me. I would have to shrug and move on, but I knew I would miss the fun that Isla and I might have had.

But it seems that Isla is nothing if not unpredictable, for the very next day, as I resigned myself to having all work and no play, there was a rather hesitant knock on my kitchen door. I knew immediately who it was, simply because no one else would call at my back door, and I’ll readily admit to wondering how, or even if, I should answer it. But of course, I did.

‘Hello.’ She said, sounding very timid. ‘Can I talk to you?’

‘Of course.’ I answered, trying not to look thrilled to see her.

I ushered her through into the lounge, wondering quietly where she would choose to sit. To my surprise she sat at the end of the sofa, exactly where she had the last time.

‘Would you like a coffee?’ I asked, trying to sound upbeat by adding. ‘No strings attached.’

‘Thank you, yes. But first can I say sorry?’

‘You just did.’ I told her, turning away to hide the smile I couldn’t suppress. ‘Apology accepted, and now I’ll make some coffee.’

I think I could sense her smiling too as I made my way into the kitchen, but by the time I came back a couple of minutes later, the smile had gone and she was sitting with her knees together, looking very prim and very thoughtful. I guessed that whatever she wanted to say had been rehearsed a number of times over the last day or two. Even so we sat in silence for a few minutes. I let her stew.

‘Look.’ She said suddenly, half turning in her seat to look at me. ‘After I got home I thought about what happened, and I don’t think we should have done it.’

I sat and said nothing, hoping she’d go on. I thought I had an idea what had happened, it had been too much for her ingrained morality to handle all in one go and she was on a guilt trip. If that was the case, then maybe all casino oyna was not lost.

‘It’s not fair on either of us.’ She blurted. ‘I can’t start a full on thing with you. I’m married and you’ve got someone.’

‘And?’ I asked.

‘And?’ She echoed, thinking I meant “so what?”.

‘And there’s more to it than that, isn’t there?’

She went silent again. I don’t think I was following her carefully thought out script.

‘Didn’t you enjoy what we did?’ I prompted her.

‘Yes.’ She looked into my eyes and smiled wanly. ‘That’s the trouble.’

I raised my eyebrows in silent query.

‘Look.’ She said again. ‘I loved us watching each other and I loved it when you touched me and made me come, but you’ll want me to do the same for you and I don’t think I could do that. I’m sorry.’

I had the distinct feeling that maybe she hadn’t really come over just to apologise, that was a sort of cover for her being several days late due to her indecisiveness. I remembered the greedy way she looked at my pussy when we were masturbating together and I was pretty sure she wanted much the same as I did, if only she could let herself go. I rather guessed that she’d been struggling with her conscience since then and that in the end her conscience had lost out, and that was really why she had called round. I also guessed that she could quite easily be scared off again. If I was to get anywhere I would have to tread very, very carefully and seduce her all over again.

‘Then don’t, it’s ok.’ I told her. ‘Nobody should ever do anything they’re not comfortable with. Neither of us would get pleasure out of that.’ I was carefully keeping an “us” in it.

‘But if we did anything together you’d want your pleasure too.’

A promising choice of words.

‘Yes, and you’ve seen that I’m perfectly capable of doing that for myself, especially when someone is watching.’

She giggled, the first relaxed sound she had made. ‘So am I, especially when someone is watching.’ She acknowledged, echoing my words. I got the idea that the thought was starting to turn her on again.

‘There is one thing you can rely on.’ I told her, waiting for her attention before continuing. ‘If anything was to ever happen between us in the future, you can always call a halt, anytime, no problem. Remember that, just in case.’

She sat considering what I’d said. ‘Do you think something could happen in the future?’

That was one hell of a question and I took my time before I answered. I wasn’t going to say it wouldn’t, but I didn’t want to push things either.

‘I don’t know. I won’t hide the fact that I’d like it to, because you already know that. But only as far as you would be comfortable with. I mean, if you’d ever like us to just play in front of each other again sometime without anything else happening, then that’s fine by me.’ I smiled encouragingly. ‘I got a heck of a buzz from it the last time.’

‘I must admit that so did I.’ She paused, looking pensive for what seemed ages before she spoke again. ‘If that ever happened again we wouldn’t have to do anything else, would we?’

Things were definitely going my way. This was one day when I hadn’t worn a bra at all and I could see her keep glancing at my hardening nipples showing through my top.

‘We don’t have to do anything at all.’ I reminded her. ‘But it would be lovely if we could see each other play with ourselves sometimes.’ I chuckled, adding. ‘Without having to watch over the garden fence.’

‘Yes it would, wouldn’t it?’

Got her! Now to reel her in.

‘Are you in a hurry?’ I asked, knowing that she would understand exactly what I meant.

She paused for so long I thought I’d blown it.

‘No. I’ve got plenty of time.’ Her voice had that sudden thickness that comes with intense arousal.

‘Remember.’ I tried to reassure her. ‘Nothing that we’re not both happy with.’

She nodded, and then there was another long silent pause, but this time it was while I summoned up the courage to take that all or nothing step. If I began and she didn’t follow, then that would be that. She was obviously turned on, her lips were parted and I could actually hear her breathing, but that didn’t mean she’d join in with me. But I would never find out without trying. I crossed my arms and took hold of the hem of my top, looking straight at her to gauge her reaction.

‘Shall I?’ I asked, pushing as hard as I dare. She gave the quickest of little nods, staring at my hands and waiting for me to make the move.

I hauled my top over my head and dropped it on the floor beside me, watching her all the time. She swallowed hard and licked her lips, she clearly wanted to, but would she? I stood up and unbuckled my belt, reaching for my zip with my eyes fixed on her face. At least she hadn’t run out of the door. I pushed down my jeans, resting each foot in turn on the sofa to ease them over my heels, purposely letting her see my legs and the crotch of my panties. Now canlı casino they were all I had on, and still she hadn’t acted in response. I was going to feel utterly humiliated if I took them off and all she did was to walk out. I was pretty certain she wouldn’t, but I needed some indication that her reaction would be positive. I stretched a hand out to her, hinting for her to stand and do as I had done.

Isla reached up and took my hand, letting me raise her to her feet before releasing me and starting to unbutton her blouse. I think the phrase is “my heart sang”, and now I know why people say it. I felt such a quiet elation it was unbelievable. I was sure now that we would become lovers, even though she had stressed that she didn’t think she could go that far. But I had the beginnings of a plan based on the little movements she had made during her climax the last time, and if it panned out then she would find she wanted to go further than she had imagined.

I watched as she undressed, smiling encouragingly. She smiled back. It seemed that she was satisfied with the compromise decision she had finally made and she was gaining in confidence with each item she took off. Soon we both stood clad only in our panties; appropriately mine were as blue as my intentions and hers an innocent white. I hooked my thumbs into my waistband.

‘Sure?’ I asked, giving her a last chance to back out and praying that she wouldn’t take it.

She nodded and I pushed down my panties, stepping out of them with my eyes fixed firmly on the floor, trying to give her the space to follow my lead. When I straightened up and stood naked before her I was just in time to see her step out of her own and carelessly kick them away to the side. She saw me staring in surprise at her casualness.

‘Well, I’m not going to need them for a while, am I?’

‘No.’ I replied, adding. ‘I hope not anyway.’

She gave a tiny smile.

‘Like before?’ I asked after a moment or two.

She nodded and I collected the cushions from the chairs and divided them between us, making a little pile in the opposite corners of the sofa. ‘We might as well be comfortable.’ I told her with a smile, sitting back in my seat.

She sat at the opposite end and, just like before, we swung ourselves around to face each other, opening our legs and interlinking them with my left outside of her right and vice versa. Because of the extra cushions we were closer than before, not quite within touching distance but pretty close, and my heart was hammering away inside my chest at the thought of what might happen if I could just change her mind about nothing more than masturbation. It might happen, and it would if I had my way.

It’s strange. You’d think after all the talk we’d now be eager to get going, we were both certainly randy enough, but instead we both sat, stark naked and with our legs wide, each waiting for the other to begin. But hey, at least the wait gave me chance to take in the beauty of this petite blonde again. I mean she is stunning, well worth just looking at, so sexy, with pert little breasts tipped by lovely pale pink nipples and the most gorgeous shaven pussy. I was tempted to just launch myself along the sofa at her. God, I wanted that woman, but softly, softly and all that.

I don’t think she noticed me staring like a love struck teenager because her eyes were also fixed on me, taking in the same parts that I was gazing at on her and waiting perhaps to see me start playing with them. I forced myself to stop staring; it was time to concentrate on the seduction that I was hoping to pull off. I put a hand on my thigh and let it softly slide along towards my pussy.

I’ve already said how much I like being watched masturbating. I know it sounds odd, but I like that just as much as watching someone else do it. So this was going to be a double pleasure for me, and I hoped for Isla too. I forked my fingers over my labia and parted them, opening myself up to her gaze in the hope that she just might take the implied invitation to touch. Unfortunately she didn’t take the hint, but instead she just looked at me there, and then, with a quick glance at my face, she did the same thing, placing her hand over her pussy and holding her lips apart, letting me see its lovely pink interior. I hadn’t expected that reaction, but I liked it. For a little while we stayed like that, each of us openly gazing at the other’s shining wet pussy. I could hear her breathing deepen even more and I could see the lust in her face, but I wasn’t quite sure if the reason for that was her looking at me or knowing I was looking at her.

Nice as it was, we couldn’t stay like that forever, and so I started to stroke my pussy, running the two fingers up and down between my outer labia, keeping them apart but catching my clit and dipping just slightly into my entrance. I heard Isla’s breath catch at what I was doing and then she began to copy me, her slender fingertips tracing the inside of her slit. I could feel kaçak casino my own breathing getting ragged at the sight.

My fingertips seemed to settle on my clit of their own accord and I began to play in earnest with my eyes still pinned to Isla’s pussy, shining wet with her marvellous juices as she became hotter. Her fingers too soon found her button and we sat facing each other watching each other strumming, our gazes going from face to pussy. We caught each other’s eyes from time to time, smiling sexily at each other. It seemed to me that we were both so much more comfortable than the first time, maybe because Isla felt safe from things getting too far out of control, although I hoped that wasn’t the case.

She must have been pretty relaxed this time, because after a few minutes she closed her eyes and let her head rest back on the sofa, one hand rubbing urgently on her pussy and the other going to her breast, squeezing it and pulling tightly on her nipple. I listened to her little gasps and groans, sure that, although she seemed almost oblivious to my presence, she was truly enjoying the knowledge that I was watching her. Whatever it was doing for her, it was definitely working for me. It was keeping me so turned on I couldn’t take my eyes off of her lovely pale pussy, just watching her fingers going rapidly back and forth across her clit. Her entrance gaped wide, wet and slippery and so damn inviting. Once more I had to stop myself from pushing my luck. It seemed to me that she was going to come soon and I didn’t want to put her off. Just like the last time she was coming very quickly and just like last time I was not going to be very far behind her.

She didn’t announce her orgasm this time, but there was no need. Her gasps became more frequent and her body began to twitch and judder, her bottom almost dancing on the sofa, and then I saw her pussy pulse with little contractions as she reached the edge. Her eyes popped open, fixing on me in a strange unfocussed kind of way, and she was there. Her pelvis lifted from the sofa as she pushed herself up against her flying fingers, her other hand grabbed hard at her breast and she let out one long gasping sigh before she lowered herself back down, jerking and shuddering as her short powerful climax subsided. Her involuntary movements had brought her closer to me so that our feet were level with each other’s hips and our pussies only about eighteen inches apart. Her closeness was such an invitation, but we were only supposed to touch ourselves. I just hoped she was tempted as much as I was. Maybe she was, because she looked at me and smiled softly, and I smiled back through clenched teeth, my fingers now rubbing my button as hard and fast as they could.

Isla watched me intently trying to make myself come, her hand dropping back between her legs to tease me by very gently playing with herself. I stared at her, my eyes wide, my mouth dropping open, one hand tugging at my nipple and the other strumming my clit. I was getting closer and closer, partly because of Isla watching what I was doing, partly because of watching her and also partly because of what I hoped might happen between us. I could see her eyes glinting with excitement at watching me play, and I knew it was not going to be long before she would get her wish and see me come. I could feel it building, that warm pressure in my pelvis that would very soon burst out into an orgasm.

Once again her presence made my orgasm so much stronger than normal. It surged through me like hot lava, overloading my nervous system, making my muscles tighten and my toes curl. I cried out, a long gasping cry of pure pleasure as my hips jerked and quivered, bouncing on the seat of the sofa. I looked across at Isla, wanting her to somehow share my ecstasy, and saw her smiling tightly with excitement, her fingers now playing more meaningfully with her own pussy, chasing another climax.

Eventually my orgasm subsided and I slumped back, still making little noises, still shuddering from the little aftershocks that always follow such a powerful climax. I gently took my hand from my pussy, cupping both breasts as I looked down, deliberately letting myself slide forward a little so that my pussy and Isla’s were only inches apart. It had worked out so far just as I had anticipated. Any closer and her knuckles would have made contact with me as she played, and I didn’t think she was up for that yet.

I stared intently as she played with herself, not touching myself apart from squeezing and mauling my breasts, but just watching for her second climax. This was the key to my hoped for seduction. She looked back at me and smiled.

‘You don’t mind…?’ She gasped.

I certainly didn’t, I needed her to. I shook my head and she carried on, once again closing her eyes and letting her head drop back onto the cushions behind her. I let go of my boobs and reached forward to put my hands on her knees, softly stroking part way along her thighs and hoping that she wouldn’t object. She didn’t, she was too far gone for that, for her hips were already beginning to twitch under her approaching orgasm. I stared, waiting for my chance, waiting for her pelvis to lift as it had before.

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